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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh6 - Xiao Le Superstition


Editor: Noks, Wiji

After chatting with Le Feishan for a long time, Xu Yao still didn’t see Le Yao come downstairs. He thought of when Le Yao had said that he had taken the cinnabar for a surprise. He was curious and wanted to see what would be done with it. But this old man had kept talking on and on, long enough to cross from the east to the west. So, he finally lost patience and said to Le Feishan, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to go up and take a look at Le Yao. The weather is not good at Planet Huaxia. I can give him some advice while he is arranging his things.” pe4zjD

Le Feishan smiled and said, “Ok, go. The second bedroom facing South after going upstairs is his bedroom.”

Xu Yao didn’t need Le Feishan to tell him, because he had just smelled it. Le Yao might be taking a bath or just coming out of the bath, so the scent of his pheromone had suddenly become a little stronger, and it seemed to have drifted into his nose. It was like the fragrance of jasmine, with the sour and sweet flavor of lemon, so sweet yet so fresh.

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That was the sweetest aroma he had smelt in his life, a scent that only came from Le Yao. He had been determined to marry him when he had first smelled it at the marriage center.

Xu Yao stood in front of Le Yao bedroom’s door, smelling the fragrance, with no rush to immediately enter. Instead, he sent a message to Yan Jie who had been left on the hover car with a communicator. uE2O76

A 1: How about it?

B 32: See it yourself.

Yan Jie’s reply was very fast. After that, he sent an encrypted video.

Xu Yao knocked on Le Yao bedroom’s door instead of rushing to open it. RLdQE4

Le Yao’s hands and feet were very adept in mobility. At this moment, he not only hid the runes he had made, but also swept the ground clean. He let the intelligent robot sweep the residue to the garbage box. He then took it to the toilet and flushed it. He also took a quick shower and kept the ventilator open all the while to disperse the smell of white wine in his room. The only thing he hadn’t done was to pack up. So when he heard a knock on the door, he had just taken the suitcase out and put two sets of clothes in it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

‘Tick!’ The smart lock was flicked over, and Le Yao opened the door. He looked at the person in front of him who had a confused expression, “What?”

“You opened the door without asking who it is?” Xu Yao stood at the door, with his hands in his pockets and looked down at his little wife, whose hair was still a little wet. “And why are you wearing so little? What if there’s a bad guy?” he asked.

“Is the smell of my pheromones strong enough to shake all the alphas within a hundred miles? If there is a bad guy, it’s only you.” Le Yao asked him to come in, then closed the door, “And, I’m dressed just as usual, where’s the little coming from?”  sTQEyd

A white short-sleeved T-shirt and beige casual cropped trousers were not a little, okay?

Xu Yao coughed, “Didn’t I say to come down quickly? Why is it taking you so long?” He took a quick look at the room, but didn’t see anything uncommon. Moreover, Le Yao hadn’t finished packing his clothes in the suitcase.

“I don’t know what to bring.” Le Yao asked, “Is it convenient to buy things there? Is the currency the same as Planet Tarot too? What else do I have to bring besides my clothes and shoes?”

“There’s everything over there, but there’s no General’s wife,” Xu Yao then sneaked his hand to the back of Le Yao’s neck. His fingers lightly scratched his neck. It felt smooth and smelled so fragrant. He felt as if a few feathers had tickled his heart. 3tAkjb

“Hey!” Le Yao suddenly dodged the fingers, “Don’t touch, it’s itchy!”

The gland on the neck was one of the most sensitive places on an Omega. When he felt Xu Yao’s hand caressing his gland, it was like he was hit by electricity, a crisp and numb feeling, which scared him. Xu Yao didn’t force himself to continue. As soon as Xu Yao saw Le Yao step back, he took his hand back with a smile, strode to his bed and lay down on it.

Xu Yao was tall and strong. This time, the whole bed was almost occupied by him. Le Yao originally wanted to bring  the clothes he wanted to fold to the bed. Where else could he fold them when Xu Yao was occupying it? He had to take his clothes and sit on the sofa.

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Vfflcu atlr rmfcf, We Tjb ifjcfv bnfg rlvfkjsr, klat tlr tfjv bc tlr tjcv, jcv ibbxfv ja Of Tjb obg j ibcu alwf. “Cr ojg jr P xcbk, sbe tjnf yffc gfrlralcu atlr wjggljuf jggjcufwfca. Qts vlv sbe revvfcis jugff?” IAbTYj

“Qtja mjc P vb fzmfqa ab jugff?” Of Tjb rjlv jr tf obivfv tlr mibatfr, “Ktfgf lr cb ifuji lctlylabg atja mjc yf erfv veglcu j tfja msmif, rb P mjc’a frmjqf atja. Dfrlvfr, fnfc lo P vlv frmjqf, tbk mbeiv j raevfca ilnf klatbea lctlylabgr? Po sbe tjv gfoerfv, P wluta tjnf gfrlrafv j ilaaif ibcufg, yea sbe vlvc’a vb atja. Qts vlvc’a sbe rjs cb?” 

Although there was another choice,  Le Yao had still hoped that Xu Yao would not refuse, because it was the only way he could go to Planet Huaxia more easily. But he was curious. After all…

“My reputation is not very good,” Le Yao suddenly said.

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“Isn’t that obvious?” Xu Yao smiled. shmzRk


“It’s because of your handsome face, all right,” Xu Yao’s face hadn’t turned red upon saying something so embarrassing but Le Yao’s heart beat faster.

“…” I knew there were no good words to be expected from this scoundrel!

Le Yao filled the suitcase and then closed it with a ‘bang’. Everything needed was packed. He had found that the original body had a lot of clothes, so it was impossible to pack them all and take them away. Instead, he had found several small bags to put the underwear, socks, hats and scarves into, and had organized them in an orderly manner. MZQVxC

During this entire period, Xu Yao watched Le Yao pack his things up and didn’t speak again.

Le Yao realized that Xu Yao seemed to like to observe him, and not in a secret manner, but in a blatant way. When he had seen enough, he would avert his eyes. He didn’t know what he was going to do. He still hadn’t figured out why Xu Yao had decided to marry him. It was reasonable to say that there would’ve been many choices available for someone of Xu Yao’s social status and other external conditions. Moreover, although Xu Yao behaved foolishly, he could tell from his eyes that he was not a person without good vision.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Le Yao could tell that Xu Yao’s ability was very strong, but he couldn’t guess exactly what Xu Yao wanted to actually do. This thought process caused him to space out for a while.

‘Dong Dong’, there was a knock on the door at this time. mvzP6

“Le Yao, can you open the door for your mother?” Jiang Xinduo said, “Mom has bought you a lot of things.”

“Here we go,” Although Le Yao was reluctant to open the door, he had to at least show her some face. He saw that Jiang Xinduo’s left and right arms were ladened with various bags from well-known brands.

“This is…” Jiang Xinduo was shocked to see a person sitting on the bed. When she was heading upstairs, her husband had said that there was only Le Yao and Xu Yao there. But the person sitting on the bed didn’t look like the General she had imagined at all. This person looked so casual and young, and even though she was an elder, he did not get up to show some courtesy. His face was very handsome, sharp and charming. 

With a slight hook of his mouth, he seemed to show a glint of arrogance in his eagle-like eyes, so damn attractive! i2YyVD

“This is Xu Yao,” Le Yao said.

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“It turned out to be General Xu,” Jiang Xinduo immediately adjusted her facial expression and added with a smile, “He’s really a good-looking man.”

“Mom, why don’t you just go in? You’re blocking the door,” Le Tianyu anxiously went upstairs. He was curious about Xu Yao’s appearance, but he was even more afraid that he would be scared silly because of him, so he did some mental preparation before coming upstairs. As a result, when he stood at the door, what the hell did he see?

Le Tianyu couldn’t control his face like Jiang Xinduo. His expression instantly became a little stiff from shock. oT7itm

Damn it! Why was he so different from what he had seen on the internet before? He had just heard his mother say “It’s General Xu”, and there was only one man in Le Yao’s room aside from Le Yao right now! This man was very handsome and attractive. He was not at all as scary as the picture he saw on the internet!

Le Tianyu’s heart suddenly turned jealous. It was difficult to say exactly how bad he felt at this moment. From childhood until now, people had said that he had a better character than Le Yao, but when it came to appearance, they all said that he was far from Le Yao’s beauty. He refused to have a face-lift because of their remarks! Thus he could only struggle to do better than Le Yao in other places, and fight for more recognition. But ultimately, he was still mad with envy!

He had thought that since Le Yao was matched with the ruthless General Xu Yao, he would at least be able to find a better husband than Le Yao’s, but looking at this now, was it still possible? Le Yao’s husband not only had a high position in the military, he also looked extremely handsome!

Jiang Xinduo hurriedly pushed the bags into her son’s arms, “Le Tianyu, give these things to your brother quickly.” She went into Le Yao’s bedroom, put another bag on the sofa, and said with a smile, “Please don’t mind, Mr Xu, Le Yao is a little spoiled in our family. Before, he would always complain to me about the harsh environment on Planet Huaxia. I was afraid that he would not be able to get used to it when he goes there, so I brought his brother to buy him more clothes and other things.” Rb0ncz

Xu Yao smiled back, but the smile did not reach his eyes. He said, “Thank you for your consideration. But in fact, it is not necessary, because I will be returning to Planet Tarot every two or three months from now on. I’ll let Le Le come with me to buy enough of everything he needs.” Xu Yao held out a hand to Le Yao, “Baby, come here.”

Le Yao: “…”

Knowing that what Xu Yao did was intentional, it still felt like he was slapping himself in the face. So embarrassing. Le Yao walked over reluctantly, grabbed his hand, and in the next second he was half cuddled within Xu Yao’s arms.

Xu Yao’s hand caressed Le Yao’s face and said, “Because Aunty is here today, I’ll give you a guarantee. Once you stay with me, I promise that no one will dare to bully you, and no one will make you unhappy, do you understand?” Z1SGiN

His low voice was a little arrogant and domineering. Since Le Yao knew that it was all a temporary play, he resisted the impulse of shooing off this wolf’s paw from his face and smiled brightly at Xu Yao, replying, “Un.”

Jiang Xinduo and Le Tianyu’s expressions became even stiffer than before. What the hell had they just seen?

When they came, they were originally very happy that today was the last day Le Yao would be staying here. They even wanted to give Le Yao goodbye presents. Although they spent a lot of money, they were relieved whenever they thought that Le Yao would suffer with the fierce looking General. But who would have thought that there would be such a result?

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Le Yao was usually like a firecracker, easy to explode, honest and said everything on his mind, but he seemed so obedient in front of Xu Yao. As for Xu Yao himself, it seemed that not only was he not fierce at all, but he also liked Le Yao very much. u0wfZ2

But they had only met for the first time today, hadn’t they? What was going on?Was it all just a farce?

The cook had prepared a rich dinner downstairs. The uncle of the Le family, who had promised to come, did not end up coming for some reason. Le Feishan sat on the main seat, and the pairs of Le Yao and Xu Yao, Jiang Xinduo and Le Tianyu sat on both sides respectively. Obviously it should have been a very comforting family dinner, but the atmosphere was slightly strange.

Le Yao didn’t have an appetite, but still ate a few mouthfuls. He asked Xu Yao, “Have you finished your meal?”

Xu Yao said, “Do you want to go immediately after dinner?” 9mr2wB

Le Yao nodded and then looked at Le Feishan, “Dad, can you give me some money? How can you call me your son? How could you let me go out empty-handed?”

He wasn’t being cheeky. He just didn’t know what would happen in the future. Just in case, it would be safer to get more money.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Of course, Le Feishan would not let Le Yao go empty-handed. After all, Xu Yao was still here, and he also needed to keep up his image. So he transferred a million to Le Yao on the spot.

This amount was a lot for an ordinary family. But, for a family like the Le household, this money was like a drop in the bucket. It was not even enough to buy a good private hover car. But it was better than nothing. Le Yao accepted it and left the house with Xu Yao. 3vQYMl

He took all the things Jiang Xinduo had bought to him, but he didn’t take them for nothing. Before he had taken a bath, he  had hidden his bad luck talismans in various secret places around his bedroom.

Le Tianyu had been thinking about taking his bedroom for a long time. He wanted to know whether Le Tianyu would move in or not after he left. As long as Le Tianyu moved in, Jiang Xinduo would inevitably go in from time to time. The luck of these two people would ultimately be affected by the talismans.

“By the way, can I drive my hover car there?” Le Yao suddenly remembered that he had his own big hover car, so he asked Xu Yao. WqXP5l

“Of course, the spaceship is very big, you can bring it to Huaxia with you,” said Xu Yao.

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“Then I’ll take it away and bring it.” After that, Le Yao didn’t even ask Le Feishan, but went directly into the hangar. He controlled the hover car and told Xu Yao, “Let’s go separately to your residence. You fly slowly, I’ll follow you.”

“Ok.” Xu Yao wanted to take this opportunity to see the video that Yan Jie had sent him, so he didn’t object. He talked with Le Feishan again, and then they turned away and left under the eyes of Le Tianyu’s incomparable resentment.

Xu Yao sat down on his hover car and opened the video. 07DxIG

In the video, he watched his little wife lock the door like a thief, and then take out from the cupboard, the cinnabar and a bottle of white wine, before immediately dashing into the bathroom. After a while, he came out of the bathroom with a small bowl in his hand. He went to the window and looked around. After he was sure that he didn’t see anyone, he put the small bowl on the tea table. Then he knelt down devoutly towards the window and kowtowed three times.

After kowtowing, he held up two fingers and turned around three times to the left and three times to the right. The entire time, he was also reciting something. At the end of his chant, he held his fingers and pointed them up, left, right and down. After doing that, he sat down on the sofa and began to draw something on the small square paper on the tea table.

After he finished drawing, he started the sweeper robot using voice control. At the same time, he folded the small square paper into triangles one by one, and then he hid the triangles in various secret places around the bedroom. After that, he took the rubbish from the robot into the bathroom and took a bath.

There was no waste of time throughout the whole process. He was just like a busy little hamster. 5R3cY9

But Xu Yao was a little confused.

What did he do?

Yan Jie had used his super-light, super-quiet stealth robot to take the video, and he had watched it n number of times in the afternoon and still felt speechless. He couldn’t help but wipe his face, “It is said that in ancient times, there was a kind of behavior called the ‘Dance of God’. Some people tried to use the spiritual power of God and their own mental power to make something come true. He couldn’t be… “

“If there was any spiritual power, human beings would not have been forced to move to Planet Tarot within 15 years. He’s a little superstitious.” After a while, “Let’s play it again.” yCQWBm

Yan Jie: “Why?”

Xu Yao: “This God’s dance, it’s fun to watch.”

Yan Jie: “…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The author has something to say:

Le Yao: Xu Yao, your face is too attractive! I’ll hit you in the face! Hit you in the face!

Xu Yao: Hmm, you can beat me here!

Le Yao: Rogue, humph! H0tKD8


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