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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh58 - Very Angry


Edited by Noks and Wiji

For the next few days, Le Yao frequently saw the Jiang Family members in the news online. News such as the wine party attended by the old master of Jiang Family, or how many scholarships Le Tianyu received, or Jiang Xinduo taking Le Tianyu to Old Davis’s house again was trending. umXvUx

The funniest thing was that these people would intentionally give close-up photos of the small wooden fish carving. It seemed that they were afraid that the people outside wouldn’t know that they also had the good fortune pendant. Their vanity was atrocious.

“We can’t do anything about that. By now, many people in the business world are aware of this small wooden fish carving. The Yang Family’s recent good fortune has been witnessed by everyone. So this small wooden fish carving has become more and more well-known. Everyone takes it to be a precious treasure.” Yan Jie added, “I heard that many businesses are now selling this kind of wood-carved fish, which is being called Xiaoling fish.”

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“So, this is the disparity between people, ah.” Le Yao said, “Looks like the Yang Family is not like them.”

At first, when the Yang Family came to know that the Jiang Family had also gotten the small wooden fish pendant, Yang Hengtian had asked his younger brother to find Yan Jie and ask where he could buy some more of these pendants. If they could purchase them, they would buy one for each of their family members and for all of their staff. It would be better if everyone had it. msH3hT

However, Yan Jie said that this kind of thing can’t be bought just anywhere, and that the Jiang Family’s wooden fish pendant might not have spiritual power as the Yang Family’s did. 

Yan Jie didn’t directly say that the ones the Jiang Family had were fake, but he told Yang Hengxi that the effectiveness of the pendant depended on the kindness of the people who used it. Only those with a good heart would find it useful. If they had a dark mind and thought about pitting other people all day was fine to carry the pendant, but it was not necessarily useful.

Yang Hengxi understood what was being implied as soon as he heard this explanation, and so he didn’t bring up the idea of buying ‘fish pendants’ anymore. Instead, his eldest brother, Yang Hengtian, donated 100 million yuan to lonely old people who needed help.

Yang Hengtian did not do good for ‘good’, but was naturally kind-hearted, and he understood the principle of gratitude very well. qzDWRY

“There is a reason why Yang Hengtian was able to convince a group of elders to let him take over the Yang Family at a young age. If there were figures such as Yang Hengtian amongst the young generation of the Jiang Family, they would not be facing their current situation. They need to realize how convenient Le Feishan has made their life for them,” said Xu Yao.

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“It’s a pity that we don’t have any relatives of the Yang family here. Otherwise, we could give them opportunities to improve their business,” Le Yao grinned, “Along with annoying the Jiang Family as well, hehe.”

“Don’t we have Yan Jie for a relative?” Tang Ye said, “I remember that Yan Jie and Yang Hengxi have always had a good relationship. Ah, by the way, doesn’t the Yang Family still have a third child? I remember he is an Omega, Yan Jie, do you have any ideas about him?”

“I … …” dNiu4X

“It’ll be of no use even if he has ideas,” Xu Yao teased.

“Brother Xu, stop it!” Yan Jie wanted to save face. He didn’t want Tang Ye to know that he wouldn’t marry a wife in the future, but have a husband! He still couldn’t accept it, he firmly believed that he would marry a beautiful wife! It’s better for a wife to be as virtuous as Mr Xiao Le and have good cooking skills as him!

Tang Ye was very curious and asked, “Why is it useless for him to have such ideas?”

“I remember that Yang Hengyu seems to have someone he likes,” Yan Jie replied casually.  cAxgin

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Pc ojma, Tjc Alf vlvc’a xcbk ktfatfg atf atlgv mtliv bo atf Tjcu ojwlis tjv j qjgacfg bg cba, yea tf pera vlvc’a kjca ab ifa wbgf qfbqif xcbk atja tf kbeiv tjnf j teryjcv lc atf oeaegf!

Tang Ye felt something was dubious but didn’t pursue this matter further. It so happened that Commander Guan sent a holographic call to Xu Yao just at that moment. He hurriedly pulled at Yan Jie to leave first, so that the old Commander wouldn’t see them freeloading a meal in Xu Yao’s  house and reprimand them again.

Coafg Xejc Wefofcu gfmflnfv atf ‘gfji’ rwjii kbbvfc olrt qfcvjca, jmmbgvlcu ab We Tjb, atf rwjiifg bcf kjr ab yf ulnfc ab tlr rqberf Tf Olcgjc, ktlif atf ijgufg bcf kjr obg tlwrfio. Ktflg cjwfr kfgf cba mjgnfv lcab atf qfcvjcar lc bgvfg ab rjnf atfw rbwf agbeyif. Pc mjrf Of Mflrtjc bg atf Aljcu Mjwlis fnfg defralbcfv tlw jybea atf vfugff bo foofmalnfcfrr vef ab atf mjgnfv cjwfr, atfs kbeivc’a yf jyif ab jguef rlcmf atf bcf tf bkcfv ibbxfv atf rjwf jr atflgr. We Tjb tjv rjlv atja atf ubbv obgaecf qfcvjca vlvc’a kbgx pera yfmjerf bo atflg cjwfr, yea jirb yfmjerf bo atf rqlglaeji qbkfg lcrlvf la. 

Thus, Ye Linran began to wear the small wooden fish carving. A1NQjK

At first, he didn’t believe in it at all. He always felt that if his insomnia could not even be cured by taking medicine, how would it be cured with a small pendant? He just didn’t want to brush off his lover’s kindness, so he wore it everywhere as a bracelet.

What he did not expect was that only after a few days of wearing it, his insomnia was gone! He even stopped taking all of his daily sleeping pills. The fact he could sleep until dawn was completely amazing. Thus, he told his husband that he would talk with Xu Yao and Le Yao so that he could personally thank them.

“Xu Yao, to tell you the truth, your Uncle Ye was very eager to talk to the both of you.” Guan Xuefeng smiled.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao said, “Uncle Ye. What can I help you with?” KbyxYv

“First of all, of course, thank you for the fish pendants you gave us.” When seen through the holographic call, Ye Linran looked a bit like a Beta, and not at all like the typical Alpha with a strong and tall body. He looked pretty and well maintained. No one could tell that he was older than 40 in age. He said, “I was so stressed and troubled because of my insomnia. You may not know how much this means to me, so I came to thank you personally. Xu Yao, is the little guy beside you Le Yao?” 

“Yes, it’s him.”

“Hello, Uncle Ye.” Le Yao smiled shyly. “You look very young.”

“Ah. Your Uncle Guan is indeed an old cow that eats tender grass.” Ye Linran also laughed, “Don’t you think that Xu Yao is also learning from your Uncle Guan’s fine tradition?” Xu Yao was nearly eleven years older than Le Yao. It was not that bad to say that their age difference was a lot, but it was not that small either. 4dhsCv

“This is certainly to my advantage.” Xu Yao coughed softly with his fist against his lips, “Anyways, the grass has already been eaten and can’t be returned.”

“What did you say?!” Le Yao stepped on Xu Yao’s foot and pointed at his face, “Husband, let’s talk about something else! Thank you!” Then he looked at Ye Linran awkwardly. “Uncle Ye, this man is speaking off the mark. Please don’t listen to him.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Pfft, it’s alright. There’s a worse one in my family. I’m already used to it.” Ye Linran said, “In fact, I also wanted Uncle Guan to contact you this time specifically to ask if this small wooden fish was difficult to make. My father also has insomnia, and I wanted to ask one for him. Your Uncle Guan has already told me that the one I have right now will not work for him, so I can’t give it to my father. So I decided to straightforwardly ask you instead..”

Le Yao said, “No need to be so polite, Uncle Ye. And it’s not that hard to make. If you think it’s useful, I’ll make another one for you.” Wiyt2r

“Thank you very much, Le Yao.” Ye Linran sighed with relief, “This insomnia is a really big problem, otherwise I wouldn’t be troubling you during this time. As a thank you for this, when you return to Tarot next time, you must come over to our house, and I will treat you very well.”

“You’re welcome, Uncle Ye.” Le Yao smirked, “I’ll let my old cow contact you when it’s finished.”

“Ha ha ha ha, alright.” Ye Linran grinned, “Xiao Le, you are so funny.”

“Are there many people who can’t sleep like this, Uncle Ye?” asked Le Yao. Y5SL d

“There’s quite a lot.” Ye Linran said, “If you didn’t have three little ones in you now, I would’ve wanted to ask you if you wanted to put this wooden fish up for sale. There are many people who can’t sleep well and can’t be cured with medicine, just like me. If you really sold this thing, there would be many people who would want it. My insomniac friends would definitely buy it.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In fact, Le Yao had only asked casually. He didn’t really want to make a living by relying on this thing. After all, his primary focus was to develop an underground business, not one on the ground. Tianyan talismans were in high demand, so at least one Tianyan talisman needed to be drawn every day in the morning. During the afternoon, he needed to teach the students how to enter the selfless state. In the evening, he had to study with Ji Fengyu on how to open a hotel for the undead. So, he didn’t have much time to consider making the Good Fortune Talisman into a business.

But within a few days, Le Yao changed his mind. It wasn’t because of anything special, it was just because he saw someone on a special forum say that his family’s old cow was far worse than Aldrich!

This forum was built by the second generation of a military family. Members of this forum belonged to all three generations of some military families. Le Yao was also amongst them, because the original owner had been added to it. He was idle and also curious about what they were talking about. As a result, he saw a clutter of information! ituwDH

[Hit in one shot: As expected, excellent people are matched with excellent people, and defective products are matched with defective products. General A and Le Tianyu are really handsome and virtuous together, unlike some other uneducated O and his ugly husband who are Huaxia people. They are too disgusting to even think about.]

[Purple bubble: Don’t say that. Some uneducated O married to Huaxia’s Emperor? It’s a merit to even be with such an ugly man. Otherwise, him staying in Tarot will even affect Tarot’s air…]

[King of the night: But I heard that Huaxia Emperor’s looks are very good.]

[Purple bubble: What?! Haven’t you seen the photos online? He is a deity.] dWpnDh

[K2: He’s a lot worse than handsome…]


A lot worse, your grandma!

After reading this, Le Yao ran to Yan Jie and asked him who General A was, because it was obvious that the people in the forum were referring to him when they said ‘O’, and that the ‘ugly man’ was Xu Yao. Damn, actually calling his husband that! Zu IF1

There was some information about Aldrich in the original host’s memory, but it was not very specific. He only knew that this person was the eldest grandson of Davis Family, and did not seem that bad. But Le Yao wanted to know more than that.

Yan Jie happened to know Aldrich, so he told Le Yao that he was Xu Yao’s sworn rival, and that he had never been able to get along with him ever since they were in the military academy.

That’s it!

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From then on, Le Yao regarded Aldrich as his number one natural enemy, along with those fools in the forum!  FaNolf

Later, he saw rumours on the Internet that stated that Le Tianyu was probably going to marry Aldrich. Le Tianyu was also dressed in a vest and was going round curves and skirting corners to discredit him and Xu Yao. 

Le Yao felt disgusted and secretly vowed to be better than these two people! Hmph!

Xu Yao said calmly, “Don’t be angry. In fact, I have to thank Aldrich.”

“What do you mean?” ZbRxAP

“If I’m not mistaken, it should’ve been him who asked people to manipulate our marriage information, so that we would have such a high marriage match rate and finally end up together. In fact, our marriage match rate is not that high. I thought that it would be very high, but in fact, it was really low when I did an actual comparison.”

“What’s his intention?” Le Yao asked, “Why did he tamper with our marriage?”

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“It’s possible that he is the one with the high marriage match rate with your original body, and he didn’t want to marry you. Maybe he just wanted to dig a hole for me. After all, your original character was a little…” Xu Yao continued, “Although it’s not good to talk about people behind their backs, I have to admit that if your original personality had come to Huaxia, it’s likely that both me and him would have had a hard time. In the end, I would have a high chance of falling out with the Le Family. Or, if I refused to be Le Feishan’s in-law directly, he would, inevitably, not be happy.”

“That’s insidious,” said Le Yao. “It’s a good thing you decided to marry me.”  RwhU7b

“Yes, otherwise where could I find such a good wife? And also these three little ones…” Xu Yao gently caressed Le Yao’s stomach. “Okay, don’t be angry anymore, otherwise it might hurt your body.”

“Aren’t you angry?” Le Yao pushed Xu Yao’s wolf claw away, but after thinking about it… He grabbed his hand again and put it on his stomach. His husband is very rare!

“What would I be angry about?” Xu Yao said, “Should I be angry because I have five times more soldiers than he has? Or should I be angry because I’m staying over here as a leader, while he has to listen to his superiors?”

“There are other reasons to be angry as well! You are better than him!” dkPLwR

Is Aldrich’s family that good? What’s the big deal? A good family background is nothing more than a deep backing. Thus, he could rely on his backers and their help whenever he encountered any problems.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

So, the next day, Le Yao contacted Ye Linran while Xu Yao was away, and told him that he wanted to sell the small wooden fish pendant!

He can’t overturn those three generations? Can’t surpass? Le Yao really didn’t believe it!

He would show this group of people what a real ‘bull force’ is! kTX1zY

The author has something to say: 

Le Yao: I am angry!

Xu Yao: What to do then? I can’t poke… HQypCu

Le Yao: There are babies. No evil!

Xu Yao: …

Translator's Note

xiǎo: small, tiny; líng: effective, became true, spiritual

Translator's Note

shàn ér shàn: good for good; doing a ‘good’ task to show-off one’s good nature. It means he didn’t do something good or benevolent just to look good

Translator's Note

Remember when Guan Xuefeng first come to see Le Yao and to inspect the division, they had a meal together and he only could eat faster because Tang Ye didn’t respect him as a superior and ate vigorously, thus lessening the portion of food for the old Commander

Translator's Note

Chinese idiom lǎo niú chī nèn cǎo: lit. an old cow eats young grass; fig. a May-December relationship; a romance where the man is significantly older than the woman

Translator's Note

zhān le biànyí; means advantage; or take ‘advantage’ from his wife. Well, I think he is teasing his wife who has already been eaten.

Translator's Note

imagine it as closed forum on internet

Translator's Note

chuān xiǎo mǎjiǎ; means to dress in a small vest; Chinese netizens, however, have given the term a new meaning, which is ‘a pseudonym ID used for various purposes’. The new meaning was borrowed from a famous line in a comic mini-drama acted by Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan in the year 2000. The line reads: “Don’t think you can fool my eyes just by wearing a vest,” which relates to a joke that only a fool thinks that a tortoise is a snake wearing a vest.

Translator's Note

Chinese idiom: guǎiwān mò jiǎo which means to speak in a roundabout way; to equivocate

Translator's Note

Remember that Xu Yao was called old cow, which can also be called a ‘bull’. But niúbī also means awesome and capable.

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