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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh40 - Self-Hype Mode


Edited by Wiji and Noks

Afterwards, Shang Ting really left with the rocking chair. But when he left, he didn’t go with Shen Weilin, but with Ji Fengyu, Song He, Wang Feixia, Bei Hongli, Bai Yan, and Zhang Yuan instead. Le Yao had burned dozens of paper and pens as well, and then asked them to help record the birthday data of the soldiers after they arrived at Fuhe Mountain. e qs34

Ji Fengyu and Song He have been familiar with each other for a few years, so there was no need to doubt his participation. Bei Hongli had recovered after he was reunited with his wife and child, and treated Le Yao as his benefactor. Now, whatever Le Yao said, he would absolutely do it. Bai Yan and Zhang Yuan seemed to follow Song He blindly . Whichever side Song He went to, they followed. Apart from the fact that Bei Hongli didn’t like to talk much, the other people were forthright, and they all gave their affirmation to keep up with Shang Ting.

This was the fastest and most efficient method that Le Yao could think of so far. Ji Fengyu and the others would record the soldiers’ birthday data. Then, when they’ll bring him the data at night, he would use voice command to record it into the light brain with Leslie’s help.

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In the blink of an eye, Shang Ting and the others disappeared. Xu Yao, Tang Ye and Shen Weilin were left alone to talk about the current situation at Fuhe Mountain.

As for Le Yao, he was even busier. Xu Yao called Yan Jie, who immediately came over. Sitting in Xu Yao’s hover car, Le Yao wrote and explained to Yan Jie all the necessary information needed to make the eight characters calculation program. ckO1aZ

“There are a total of 10 Heavenly Stems: Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, Ren, and Gui. There are 12 Earthly Branches: Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu, Hai. The 10 Heavenly Stems and the 12 Earthly Branches are used to record the time we were born. The two of them are combined into sixty units. The odd numbers of the Heavenly Stems are matched with the odd numbers of the Earthly Branches, and the even numbers of the Heavenly Stems are matched with the even numbers of the Earthly Branches. There are sixty groups, from the beginning of Jiazi to the end of Guihai. “

“Wait a minute. I’ll let Mio process the information,” Yan Jie had become very confused, and felt that what Le Yao narrated was like a basic book of superstition! He had to get his smart assistant to help him record it.

“Don’t worry. Just don’t make mistakes.” Le Yao said, “If the day after tomorrow… No, it’s past midnight now. It should be tomorrow. If we are to set out as usual tomorrow, then we will have very little time. Nothing else can be done during this time, but at the very least, don’t stop making incense offerings for the undead soldiers. I think, if your intelligent assistant can really make this small program to calculate the eight characters, then even when the General and I go to Vodapei, there will be someone who can provide incense for the undead here.”

“But, Mr Xiao Le,” Yan Jie said, “Though Vodapei’s matter is indeed urgent, actually, it’s not necessary for the General to go there personally. It’s just that the General had a lot of experience in clearing insects there, so the General has always lead us there. Now, you being here is more important. Only you can solve the problem of our undead soldiers here. So, I think it’s better for you and the General to stay at Huaxia this time.”


Yan Jie thought that he still had a certain understanding of the General’s behavior. It would have been alright for him to go to Vodapei if he hadn’t known about the undead soldiers. But now that he knew, it was an issue impossible to ignore, and Yan Jie believed that their Commander wouldn’t disregard it.

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Sure enough, Xu Yao returned in the middle of the night after some discussion and told Le Yao, “The Commander has decided to let Tang Ye take the team to Vodapei, and let the two of us stay here to solve the issue around Fuhe Mountain first.”

Le Yao asked, “Has his body fully recovered?”

“There’s almost five days left until he fully recovers,” said Xu Yao. “In addition, Uncle Ming will be going with him this time, and I will also arrange another team for back up. When I used to lead the team, Uncle Ming would accompany me. There should not be any unexpected problems that they can’t solve themselves.” RDMWcF

Guan Xuefeng’s original words were: Xu Yao, you have said that you would always protect the people under your hands like an old hen. If one day you leave Huaxia, the Flying Wolf Division won’t have time to muddle through things. Just do as I say. Let Tang Ye lead the team with Mingshan’s help!

However, Guan Xuefeng was not completely assured. He also wanted another division, the Skyhawk Division, to provide two more regiments as support, but Tang Ye refused. Tang Ye thought that it was not necessary. Even if support was really needed, the internal support of the Flying Wolf Division was enough. 

It’s just cleaning up the insect tide, it’s nothing difficult to the extent that we need help from another division.

Like Xu Yao, Tang Ye was also dependable at handling matters, so Guan Xuefeng finally agreed.  3e5xuZ

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Thus, it was settled. Xu Yao and Le Yao would stay at Huaxia to find a way to get the undead Flying Wolf army out of Fuhe Mountain. And two days later, Tang Ye would lead the team to Planet Vodapei.

Of Tjb vgfk ajilrwjcr obg Kjcu Tf jcv Fcmif Zlcu ab ajxf klat atfw ab Nbvjqfl. Ds atlr alwf, tf tjv cba mibrfv tlr fsfr obg j vjs jcv j cluta.

Talking to a layman about the ‘Four Pillars of Destiny’ calculations was like saying the same thing over and over. Le Yao was worried about mistakes, so every time Mio finished sorting out the information, he would filter it one by one. Fortunately, the intelligent assistant was very powerful. He didn’t need to code them in one by one. After he had explained the basic information and talked about the rules of calculating the eight characters, a small program to calculate the eight characters was successfully generated.

“P’nf rfca qfbqif ab mbiifma ygjcmtfr ogbw atf kbbvr. Ktf mlccjyjg, gecf qjqfgr, rqlmfr, qjqfg qeiq jcv uief qbkvfg obg atf qglcafg jgf jirb bc atf kjs.” We Tjb geyyfv Of Tjb’r tjlg jcv rjlv, “Kjxf j ibbx ja ktja lr wlrrlcu. Po atfgf’r cbatlcu, atfc delmxis ub ab riffq.”  Rvnjfr

You’re too sleepy to even open your eyes. It looks like a sleepy kitten, cute but pitiful.

“You must remember the proportion I told you before. If we don’t have enough spice powder, we can use something else, such as pepper, star anise and cinnamon,” Le Yao yawned and rubbed his eyes. “If you have something to ask, wake me up at any time.” 

“Eat the gland nutrition and quickly go to sleep,” said Xu Yao.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Or, should I not take it? I’m afraid I won’t be able to wake up early tomorrow. Also, I need to draw symbols in the afternoon later,” said Le Yao. omu6SW

Tianyan talismans would be in high demand in the future, so it was better to start stocking up on them now. They were not easy to draw, and in addition, also took a lot of energy.

Xu Yao still insisted on feeding the gland nutrition into Le Yao’s mouth, and watched him swallow it before letting him sleep.

The next day was an extraordinarily busy day. The soldiers were arranged outside to break and collect branches, not to beautify the woods. The intelligent chef in the cafeteria was also very busy, but not in cooking for the soldiers. No, it was also cooking for the soldiers, but this time, the menu was very different from the previous one.

Before noon, the ‘Welcome to A Subversive Life’ chat group blew up again. UieokQ

Zhang Xuwei: General, are you there?

Li Chenfei: General, can you see them at night? Tang Ye said he could see them last night!

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Xu Da Yu: Yes, but you can’t see them for the time being.

Ke Yang: Can we see them later? o8YblC

Xu Da Yu: Yes.

Liu Yi: What can we do to help at this moment? I saw someone moving branches to the cafeteria today. Is it to make incense? Are the branches enough?

Xu Da Yu: Do your job well. When it’s time for you to help, I’ll call you.

This time, Zhang Xuwei and Ke Yang, as well as Liu Yi and Li Chenfei, would follow Tang Ye to Vodapei. When they were making preparations for the mission with Tang Ye on the battleship, they found out that the brothers who had fought together with them four years ago were still conscious. They were too excited to believe it at first. Now, they wanted to meet their good comrades and brothers, and let everyone know about them. But, since they were going to Vodapei soon, it was not suitable for the other soldiers to have too many mood fluctuations. They could only get excited in the ‘Welcome to A Subversive Life’ chat group. w6h12f

Yan Jie: Look, let me show you the ‘eight character calculation’ program I made under the guidance of Mr Xiao Le. When you click and input your birth time, it will calculate your Four Pillars of Destiny. But only I can view the result of the calculation. Mr Xiao Le said that it’s alright for me to know, but not to tell others at will.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

President Liu: @Yan Jie, What is its use?

Yan Jie: Mr Xiao Le said that calculating the eight characters is a basic skill of metaphysics. By knowing someone’s eight characters, we can determine a lot of information about the other party. The relation between yin and yang energy should also be based on it.

Liu Yi: Okay, but, I don’t understand that? tyc61e

Li Chenfei: I don’t understand that either :’)

Zhang Xuwei: Also… what kind of fairy wife did the General marry?!

Wen Qing: General, can you really see the dead?

Xu Da Yu…… Are you guys so idle? BhW2E

The crowd became as quiet as a dumb wooden chicken.

Le Yao, probably due to the tension of the situation in his heart, woke up after only sleeping for five hours, even though there was no alarm set and no one woke him up. It was now one o’clock in the afternoon, and Xu Yao was talking with Tang Ye and Uncle Ming in the study. Yan Jie was also there.

They all spoke in a low voice, not because they were afraid of being heard by Le Yao, but they were afraid of waking him up. Recently, Le Yao hadn’t been able to have a good rest. Xu Yao was worried, so he didn’t hold this meeting at the Command Center.

Unexpectedly, Le Yao woke up earlier than they expected him to. 9tvhQd

Le Yao awoke in the bedroom, and the door was closed. He couldn’t hear anything outside and thought that there was no one in the house. He looked at the time and found that he had only slept for five hours, but his mental recovery had been very good.

He became excited and suddenly started up his self-hype mode. Like a carp, he jumped out of bed and posed in a classic dynamic Superman action, while exclaiming, “Slept for five hours! Charged to 100%! Look at me! Biu biu biu biu biu! Xu Yao, fall into my bowl immediately! 

Tang Ye, Uncle Ming and Yan Jie: “…”

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After a moment’s silence, Xu Yao stood up and said, “The personality that has not released all this time must have slipped out. I’ll take a look first.” APSKNL

When the bedroom door suddenly opened, Le Yao was drinking a glass of water. His eyes widened in disbelief, and he started coughing on the spot,”Puff..! Cough, cough…”

You scared me to death!

“You… why didn’t you make any sound if you’re at home?”

“Didn’t want to disturb your sleep. Why did I never know that you usually suppress yourself so hard?” Xu Yao said, “Is it fun to amuse yourself?” Lw0rUx

“Just… forget it.” Le Yao scratched his head and asked, “Is the incense finished?”

“It’s still drying,” Xu Yao, with his thumb, gently wiped away the water droplets on Le Yao’s lips, “What am I doing in your bowl?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Le Yao: “…”

Xu Yao’s shirt, which had been washed so white that it seemed brand new, had three buttons open, and his sleeves had been folded up to his elbows. His sexy chest muscles and forearms were clearly visible, and upon being surrounded by Xu Yao’s hot breath, Le Yao couldn’t help but stand on his tiptoes and kiss Xu Yao on the mouth: “Doing this!” TwQt4f

Xu Yao: “…” 

This little wife has courage.

As soon as Le Yao saw Xu Yao squint his eyes, he hurriedly ran out of the bedroom. Then, he met Tang Ye, Yan Jie and Uncle Ming, all beaming at him with a smile on their faces.

“Slept for five hours! Charged to 100%!” said Tang Ye, mimicking Le Yao. URmgAo

Yan Jie continued, “Look at me! Biu biu biu biu biu!”

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Le Yao, without turning around, told Xu Yao, “Husband, later, they will be blacklisted from being our guests. Don’t ever let them eat here again, okay?”

Xu Yao replied, “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Tang Ye and Yan Jie quickly made pleading eyes to Uncle Ming. But Uncle Ming just laughed, and the teasing quickly stopped. amiWrA

In the afternoon, Le Yao casually ate something. He got a big bottle of cinnabar liquid and managed to draw two Tianyan talismans with it, before he went to the cafeteria to see the super large incense cones that were shaped like missiles

Missiles of barbecue flavor, stewed meat flavor, spicy flavor, scallion flavor, sauce flavor and seafood flavor, all lined up in a row.

Whoa, this kitchen had a bigger brain hole than him!


The author has something to say: 

Xu Yao: Le Yaoyao, what are you printing?

Le Yao: Isn’t it written on here? Assorted cones, the best gift for dead friends during the Ghost Festival, LV incense cones. Comes in a box?

Xu Yao: … GZLsUI

Translator's Note

to follow blindly: to take him as one’s only guide, leader

Translator's Note

Yan Jie’s intelligent assistant, like Xu Yao’s Leslie

Translator's Note

The Four Pillars of Destiny, as known as “Ba-Zi”, which means “eight characters” or “eight words” in Chinese, is a Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour.

Translator's Note

Chinese idiom: dāi ruò mù jī, which is used to describe someone being stupefied due to fear or shock

Translator's Note

sound of a gun shooting

Translator's Note

Chinese web slang that became popular due to a chocolate milk advertisement. It is a way of expressing favor, a gimmick to attract attention and curiosity from an interested party, in a sense of ‘You are my favorite dish, so come fall into my bowl quickly!’

Translator's Note

Chinese idiom: nǎo dòng, which means being highly imaginative, to the point of over-exaggeration

Translator's Note

Louis Vuitton
Yep, it’s branded incense cones >.<

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