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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh33 - Adverse Drug Reaction


Editors: Noks, Wiji

Upon reading the ‘three’ flowers on the agreement, Le Yao  sent a million scornful curses to Xu Yao in his heart, and then quickly came up with a plan to counter attack. After that, he didn’t let himself idle. He took out the wet incense, pinched all of it into incense cones so that Xu Yao wouldn’t even have an excuse to help him, and then took out his light brain. rLdGCq

He checked online for 3D architectural designs specifically created for 3D model printing. There was software available for drawing these kinds of architectural designs, some applications that helped simplify original designs, and there were also many kinds of 3D templates for the desired model. As long as one selected a template, filled in the color and adjusted the size, one could make anything. Le Yao chose a set of two-story villa templates, filled in the color, selected the size, and then also selected templates for chairs, beds, wardrobes, and other furniture required for the interior decor of the villa.  After doing this, he burned the deck of playing cards that Xu Yao had given him, with a ‘Conscription Condition’ attached.

Ji Fengyu saw the extra ‘document’ when he received the set of playing cards.  He read it and didn’t say anything for a while.

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“Could it have been the General’s idea?” asked Wang Feixia  after reading the note.

“I don’t think so,” Song He continued, “Xu Yao seems to be a very straightforward person. If he was the one who came up with this idea, he would have mentioned it whilst he was drinking with us. But since he didn’t say anything before, it means he didn’t want to use Brother Xiao Le’s special abilities. At least, not at that time.” DmuQkE

“It was Le Yao’s idea,” Ji Fengyu said, “He had done this more than five hundred years ago, but he hadn’t raised many ghosts at that time. Including me, only three spirits were raised.”

“You?” Wang Feixia looked at Ji Fengyu in surprise, “You should be his friend, not his soul soldier, right?”

Ji Fengyu said, “One thing you should know is that not only do I think of him as my best friend, but I also recognized him as my ‘Master’. Although I didn’t help him do anything meaningful before, the reason for that is because he didn’t give me any chance. If he really needs my help, I am bound to do so. You know, after my death, he was the only one who gave me food, clothes, helped me get rid of my resentment, and even wanted me to reincarnate. No one in my own family was that nice to me.” 

“Where are the other two soul soldiers now?” asked Wang Feixia. BVYGdp

“They reincarnated while Le Yao was still alive,” Ji Fengyu sneered at himself and continued, “I still haven’t gotten rid of all my grievances.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Brother Xiao Le is really particular about it,” Song He said, “It’s not a small and easy matter to raise souls, let alone enough for an army.”

A Master raised soul soldiers, while these soul soldiers would work for him and listen to his command. The Master was in charge of food, residence, and their future, as well as being responsible for the elimination of their resentment and so on. If all the soul soldiers were reliable, it was good karma to do so. But if there were some unconstrained ones, the Master would be in trouble because if the soul soldiers made mistakes, the ‘fault’ would be accounted to their Master.

That was to say, even if Le Yao really wanted to raise soul soldiers, he would have to find some loyal and good spirits. 4oXEtQ

At present, the number of ‘good souls’ that Le Yao knew well were very small.

Wang Feixia said, “Count me in. All these years, I have been wandering around doing nothing. I want to be reborn but I cannot. I’m dying of boredom. I need to find something to do. Moreover, it’s not good to live without food.”

Although the fancy house they lived in right now was actually Ji Fengyu’s, it was made by Le Yao. The house was also good to live in. Let’s not just mention the house, who knew how many ghosts envied the set of playing cards they used to play poker every day.

Song He said, “Needless to say, I must be included. The things that Brother Xiao Le has promised to give us are all very good.” JeBFng

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It was very clearly written on Le Yao’s note. 

Once the conscription is successful, each ‘person’ of the requisitioned person will receive  an offering of fragrant food incense every day, and get gifts every New Year’s Day. If there are any special requirements, those can also be met according to the situation. If the performance of the person is good, after a month, you can get a sixty meter square house with one room and one hall.

Although they had no body and they were not afraid of any wind and rain in the human world, they were still afraid of struggling in the underworld. It was highly possible to be blown away by a strong wind, and they wouldn’t even have a place to hide from it. Surely no one would like that situation. There were too many undead who wanted to have a home, after all, they had been human before they became a ghost. Every undead wanted to have a home, a stable life, even in the underworld.

Ktf atgff utbra ygbatfgr qbcvfgfv bnfg atf lrref obg rbwf alwf, jcv atfc vfmlvfv ab tfiq Of Tjb ‘gfmgela rbei rbivlfgr ab wjxf jc ecvfjv jgws’! HzDrMy

Of Tjb tjv pera vglfv atf lcmfcrf mbcfr ys atf alwf We Tjb olclrtfv tlr kbgx. Pa kjr cba fnfc vjgx ktfc We Tjb mjwf yjmx tbwf, jcv la kjr jirb j ilaaif fjgilfg atjc atf qgfnlber vjs. Lf ygbeuta klat tlw j yfjealoei rwjii qjqfg ybz, jcv tjcvfv la ab Of Tjb jr rbbc jr tf mjwf lc.

“This is for you. See if you like it or not.”

“What is it?” Le Yao was curious about the box, but when he remembered the matter of the ‘three flowers’, he immediately pulled back his happy face and said, “Old thief Xu, I refuse your one-slap, one-sweet date!”

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Xu Yao said with a smile, “Did I punish you earlier? It’s too late to get angry. Didn’t you see it in the morning?” XZ3sUz

“Don’t make excuses for your mistakes!” Le Yao argued back, “And don’t tease me again!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Xu Yao scratched Le Yao’s chin like he would to a kitten. Then Xu Yao walked away, changed his clothes and put them directly in the bathroom.

Le Yao took advantage of this time to open the paper box and see what was inside. He was surprised to see a beautiful small crystal jar that could be grasped with one hand. The small jar was a little smaller than a tennis ball, plump, and had a delicate cap. There was a small moon-flying fish engraved on its surface. Le Yao took the jar into his hands and looked at it attentively from different angles, and found that the little thing was shining brightly.

Though he didn’t know what this small jar was used for. t1FsXO

Xu Yao came out of the bathroom and asked, “Do you like it?”

Le Yao said, “I like it. Where did you get it?”

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Xu Yao replied, “An old retired sergeant of the Flying Wolf Division went to work as a crystal manufacturer. He made this. When I went to see him last year, I saw this little thing and thought it was very good, so I had the cheek to  go there and ask him to make one for you. I saw that you usually put your cinnabar solution in some bowl. The bowl is too simple and isn’t suitable to be used by a General’s wife.”

Le Yao whispered, “That is a mask bowl, of course it can’t be compared with this crystal jar.” a8e2vD

But the ‘three flowers’ matter wouldn’t be ignored! Hmph!

Le Yao coughed and said, “Thank you, I’ll use this jar. But we still have to change the Red Flower Agreement.”

“Here!” Le Yao handed the light brain to Xu Yao and went into the kitchen.

-New version of the Little Red Flower Agreement- QecwA6

  1. Put dirty clothes in the bathroom for a month or 30 days in total, will get a reward of one little red flower.
  2. Do good deeds for a month or 30 days in total, will get a reward of two little red flowers.
  3. Don’t smoke or lie for a month or 30 days in total, will get a reward of three little red flowers.

Save three little red flowers, you can eat me!

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Note: The maximum reward per month shall not be more than three. In case of any violation of the agreement, the little red flower will be deducted according to the violation deed, and the flowers will be calculated immediately!

Husband:                              Wife:

Date: Y6aeGb

Le Yao, who had just finished preparing the ingredients for dinner, was suddenly hugged from behind and pressed into Xu Yao’s chest. Xu Yao gently nibbled Le Yao’s ears and said, “Why do you always avoid that matter? Don’t you want to do it?” 

Le Yao felt ticklish and shrunk his neck, “I want to, but… it’s a little…” He turned around and said, “If I tell you the truth, you can’t laugh at me, okay?”

Xu Yao nodded, “Hmm? OK then, what is it?”

“I’m afraid of pain,” said Le Yao awkwardly, “I read on the internet that all Omegas say it’s a disaster if you’re not in estrus, so…” kOAiWG

Xu Yao asked, “So you want to wait for your estrus?”

Le Yao lowered his head and said, “Yes.”

Le Yao’s white neck darted into Xu Yao’s sight without warning, and suddenly, his nose was full of  attractive fragrance.

“Hm?” FXAW3J

After he answered, Le Yao felt a bit nervous. According to normal calculations, the effect of his inhibitor should be over and he should have entered his estrus period. But there had been no reaction recently, so he guessed it was related to the illegal drugs he had taken before.

He wasn’t afraid of not being able to enter his estrus period, but what if he was suddenly caught off guard and couldn’t bear it? Still, he thought it would be nice if he could be marked by Xu Yao.

Xu Yao almost had the impulse to say that he was hurt, but when he saw that Le Yao really didn’t want to, he decided that he must endure. He nibbled again on Le Yao’s earlobes and said, “What did you cook for dinner?”

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Stunned by the sudden change of topic, Le Yao who was slightly distracted, didn’t respond for a while before saying, “Big Plate Chicken 79vA a

Xu Yao smiled, “I haven’t eaten dinner yet. You cook it and I’ll take a bath.”

Le Yao nodded.

The noodles, which look wide and flat, were made by the intelligent chef,. After putting the noodles into a big bowl, adding the cooked chicken and potatoes, and then pouring the soup, the dish was ready. Considering Xu Yao’s big appetite, Le Yao had cooked a lot. After he finished cooking, Le Yao found himself in Xu Yao’s line of sight. He was confused and nervous after the conversation they’d had, so he vaguely passed the ‘three flowers’ agreement to him. Anyway, he was done with making his changes to it. 

It seemed that Xu Yao was not picky about that day’s dinner. If the food was delicious, he liked it very much. He ate about four-fifths of the Big Plate Chicken by himself, and also ate a lot of noodles. After eating, he lit a cigarette as usual, and then saw that Le Yao had gone to take the gland nutrient. Since they had bought the nutrient together, he recognized it as soon as he saw the package. 1yXY4k

“Do you want to go out for a walk?” Xu Yao asked.

“Sure,” Le Yao said, “Can we go to the cold shed? I didn’t go shopping this afternoon. I’m going to buy vegetables at night in the future, it’s too hot during daytime.”

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“How about we buy them later? I can purchase them from the cafeteria when I come back from work.”

“That’s not good. Picking vegetables is a fun thing to do.” sUdToM

If he didn’t buy them at the cold shed, then the price would be two or three times more expensive when buying at the cafeteria. 

How nice was it in the cold shed. You could pick vegetables every day and the price was cheap.

“The hotter it gets, the worse it will be to go out,” said Xu Yao. “If it’s not fun at home, you can go outside with me after breakfast. I’ll head to the command center, and you can go to the cold shed. If you think picking vegetables is fun, you can pick them every day.” 

“It’s not fun picking vegetables every day,” Le Yao yawned and shook his head lightly. 5v761I

“What’s the matter?” Xu Yao approached him.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“It’s alright. I just feel a little sleepy. The gland nutrition I take has a side-effect of sleepiness. I’ll try to eat it just before I go to sleep…”

Before Le Yao  had finished speaking, he fell down involuntarily.

Xu Yao quickly caught him. He held Le Yao in his arms and tapped his cheek lightly, but Le Yao showed no sign of waking up. qdVRUG

The author has something to say: 

Le Yao: Oh, no! I’m miserable! I haven’t picked today’s dishes! Wait for me, vegetables!

Xu Yao: I am more miserable. Since I changed ‘three hundred’ to ‘three’, I have more names, such as ‘Old thief Xu’, ‘Big dog Xu’ and ‘Old dog Xu’… ne81ya


Translator's Note

The undead, the soul soldier

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

Means ‘give one slap, give a sweet date (jujube)’ ; the implied meaning of this proverb would be ‘to severely punish someone and give them something good afterwards to keep their spirits up’

Translator's Note

‘have the cheek to’ means to have the rude or disrespectful nerve to do something, most usually (but not always) towards someone older or more experienced in the same matter.

Translator's Note

大盘鸡; Dàpán jī, literally means ‘big plate chicken’ is a type of chicken stew, a popular dish that originated in Xinjiang, China. The dish was served on a big plate by restaurateurs along the Xinjiang highways as a quick fix for hungry truck drivers who often arrived at an odd time of the day. Its rich flavor and heartiness quickly made the dish a favorite of the region and the dish then spread to the rest of China.

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