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At present, Le Yao’s idea was simple and even a little bit amazing. Duty with dead soldiers. The problem was how they would manage them when they didn’t exactly know the number of ‘people’ who were on duty, and how ‘they’ would correctly report to their superiors when ‘they’ discovered any enemy. Currently, the only one who could see them was Le Yao. What about the others? No one could see them in the evening, and it took a lot of energy to draw the Tianyang talisman so Le Yao couldn’t draw too many talismans each day. pYKmte

But Le Yao’s idea was still worthy of respect.

Xu Yao hadn’t expected that there was such a warm love within Le Yao’s soft shell. Le Yao was not that kind to everyone. He was fierce towards Jiang Xinduo and Le Tianyu. But to those who were good to him, he showered them with kindness overflowing with warmth.

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“It will  not be easy to manage them for a long time. If you really want to have dead soldiers on duty, there will be a lot to do in the future,” Xu Yao rubbed Le Yao’s hair and in a rare serious tone said, “Do you still want to manage them?”

“Yes.” Le Yao said, “It won’t be as long-term as you think, but still, wouldn’t it be good for me to do what I can? For example, they can help set up a patrol, and lower the temperature or something. As you should know by now, where there are dead spirits, people will feel a cool breeze. If the temperature becomes very high for a period of time, just put a dead spirit beside the soldier on duty outside. I promise they won’t feel particularly hot.” XIzSA2

“First of all, I will have to make sure that the soldier doesn’t faint from fear.” Xu Yao continued with a smile, “Let’s go. Let’s not talk about this. I’ll show you something fun.”

“What is it?”

Xu Yao didn’t answer the query.

Xu Yao and Le Yao took an aircraft and flew southeast for about 25 minutes, where they hovered over a cluster of protruding rocks. There was no light in the area, so Le Yao relied on the lighting provided by the hover car to look at the stone surfaces below.


At that moment, all they could hear was the sound of waves beating against the rocks. It was warm and cozy inside, but it was a little scary to see the outside. Le Yao couldn’t swim, so he got scared every time he saw the sea.

In his last life, because of his legs, it was inconvenient to participate in sports, thus he was unable to learn how to swim. Moreover, the original body also had some bad memories of water, hence he also did not learn how to swim.

Needless to say, Xu Yao must have been able to swim, as he seemed to be familiar with this kind of environment. He found a relatively flat stone, jumped onto it, reached a hand out to Le Yao and said, “Come here.”

Le Yao refused. rThQCA

It was not fun at all! It was dark and scary!

There was the sound of surging waves all around them. If he fell from this ten thousand feet high rock, Ji Fengyu’s house would never be replaced in this life.

Xu Yao asked with a smile, “What are you afraid of when your husband is here?”

Le Yao’s reply: “Do you still need to ask? It’s too dangerous.” pmugVa

If there was a big wave, it could easily sweep people away. Le Yao felt a little flustered as he looked down. The main reason was that although the stone selected by Xu Yao was bigger and flatter than the others, it was still not large enough for the two of them, and also looked like an awl. Even Xu Yao’s feet were not stable standing on it.

“The fun thing is near the base of the rocks, you can’t see it without coming down,” said Xu Yao.

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When Le Yao looked at the place where Xu Yao had pointed to, he saw that it was all black, and that he could only vaguely see  a heap of rocks, more in number than that on the other side.

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We Tjb atgfjafcfv, “Ktf rbecv bo atf tbnfg mjg klii rmjgf atfw jkjs. Jbwf vbkc delmxis. P’ii ub jibcf lo sbe vbc’a mbwf vbkc.”

Of Tjb rjlv, “Qjla! Cgf sbe regf sbe mjc mjamt wf?”

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“Don’t worry, believe in me.”

Le Yao was not at ease at all, but he still spread out his hands to Xu Yao and jumped down. In fact, the hover car was levitating in a position that allowed him to place his foot on the stone, but he would never be able to control his balance on such a sharp stone by himself. cOsyZ9

Fortunately, Xu Yao caught him and then hugged him.

On this stone, two people had turned a full circle whilst they hugged each other.

Le Yao was nervous about his legs which were hanging in the air because Xu Yao was still holding onto him. He grabbed Xu Yao’s clothes and said, “What are you doing? Put me down!”

Xu Yao’s said, “If I put you down, can you jump by yourself?” TCYc6p

Le Yao replied, “No!” I wouldn’t even be able to think about it!

Thus, Xu Yao carried him on his back. The feeling of the two people standing together on a needle like stone made Le Yao want to scream. If it wasn’t for his fear that Xu Yao’s ears would be damaged and he would directly throw him into the sea, he would have definitely screamed until all creatures within three miles around had heard him.

“You should be quiet or else we won’t be able to see them,” said Xu Yao.

Le Yao made a very small ‘en’ sound beside his neck. Then Xu Yao jumped forward like the plum blossom pile. Every time Xu Yao jumped, Le Yao felt like his heart was on a roller coaster, as the distance between one stone and the other was very large, and the stones themselves were narrow and uneven. When Xu Yao succeeded in landing the next stone, he was able to put his heart down, but this up-and-down cycle would continue as Xu Yao jumped again. M50wHZ

It was quite magical. Before he could even close his eyes, Xu Yao had already jumped to the next stone.

Finally, Xu Yao stopped.

Le Yao suddenly saw a light in the sea near one of the rocks. At this time, Xu Yao had gently put him down and told him in a low voice, “Look at that stone.”

Le Yao nodded, and then after about two or three minutes, he whispered, “Wow!”  ild5dc

Something had jumped out of the sea! It was about the size of two adult palm put one after the other. When it leaped out of the water, it was just like a big shiny golden butterfly! Amazing!

Xu Yao whispered into Le Yao’s ear, “Do you see it?”

Le Yao nodded wildly, and couldn’t suppress his excitement, “What is that?”

Xu Yao said, “It’s a moon-flying fish. This kind of fish will lay their eggs on the rocks, and then, in order to prevent the eggs from dying, they will jump out of the sea to ‘water’ the eggs. They shine when they leap out of the sea, but this light can only be seen at night.” Eg n2W

Le Yao’s eyes were glued to them. He observed that the fish looked like a butterfly, but it had a tail longer than that of the usual butterfly. When they leapt out, the ‘wings’ would keep flapping, trying their hardest to ‘water’ their eggs. He would have never discovered this place without Xu Yao.

“Is it good?” Xu Yao asked.

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Le Yao replied, “It’s amazing. Are those two a couple?” He had seen two moon-flying fish ‘watering’ their eggs in turns.

Xu Yao whispered in Le Yao’s ear, “Yes, just like us.” AedlMZ

Le Yao: “…” 

He suspected that he had just heard love talk!

When they went back to the hover car, Le Yao was not as nervous as he was while coming. Previously, his attention had mostly been on the ‘fun things’ that Xu Yao had wanted to show him. On the way back, his attention was all on Xu Yao.  The smell of Xu Yao’s pheromones, his strong arms, and his low, sexy voice when he answered his questions…

He couldn’t blame himself for lowering his guard so quickly. This man really was too excellent. MCe4LN

Le Yao couldn’t help but tighten his arms and hold Xu Yao closer. Then he sniffed at Xu Yao’s neck like a little dog.

Xu Yao took him back to the hover car and put him down on his feet, “What did you smell this time? If you say the smell of salty fish again, I’ll throw you into the sea.”

“No, it was the smell of war and smoke.”

Xu Yao was a little surprised by what Le Yao said, because this was the first time he had heard someone describe his scent like this. Since childhood, others had said that the smell of his pheromones was very strange, and that they couldn’t tell what it was like. And precisely because of this, when Le Yao had said before that his pheromones smelt like a salty fish, he felt particularly crazy! av Uws

Anyways, he liked what Le Yao said just now.

“Your pheromones smell very special. It’s different from that of other people. It’s very strong. I definitely know it’s you whenever I smell it,” said Le Yao.

Xu Yao asked him, “Do you like it?”

“I like it,” said Le Yao. dIuQUa

“I will not throw my clothes around starting tomorrow,” said Xu Yao.

Hearing this, Le Yao turned his head to the window and said, “Oh.”

Then both of them stopped talking, since making any sound seemed as if it would destroy the warm atmosphere. Soon, Le Yao began to feel sleepy. Maybe it was because he had eaten the gland nutrition before he had come out. He couldn’t resist the sleepiness, so he slept on the sofa on their way home.

Xu Yao carried him off the car and didn’t wake him up. nCYzLU

Le Yao loved cleanliness. So, Xu Yao would take a bath at night before he went to sleep. When Xu Yao called out to Le Yao, he just moved a little and didn’t wake up. Xu Yao saw that he wasn’t pretending to be asleep, so he didn’t disturb him any more. Le Yao must’ve been too tired, so Xu Yao just laid beside him and slept.

The next day, Le Yao woke up normally and didn’t seem unwell. Xu Yao was relieved. He put the dirty pajamas in the bathroom and said to Le Yao, “That’s a reward?”

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Le Yao was a little embarrassed and nodded in acceptance.

Xu Yao asked, “I see that your incense is almost finished. Today, you should make some wet incense. When I come back, I’ll help you squeeze it. Can I add two points for this?” ByLb0A

Le Yao thought, and replied, “Yes.”

Xu Yao lit a cigarette and said, “Okay, that’s a good decision.”

Le Yao: “…” 

Huh? What’s a good decision? zv4Cdk

Xu Yao felt very happy when he left after breakfast. He handed over the little red flower agreement that Leslie had previously printed to Le Yao.

Before Le Yao could even see it, Xu Yao grabbed his head and kissed him on the lips, “I can’t come back for lunch this afternoon. Wait for me in the evening.”

Le Yao touched his mouth and said, “Okay.”

Then the hover car flew away.  0od9Db

Le Yao read the agreement in his hands. His eyes, which had previously been smiling and curved happily, suddenly widened and shouted, “Xu Yao! You old bastard!”

Ah ah ah ah ah ah! He had actually changed his ‘three hundred’ into ‘three’!

Uncle Ming was startled and rushed over to see, “What’s wrong, Mr Xiao Le?”

Le Yao asked, “Uncle Ming, is the General a reincarnation of a fox spirit? How come he is so wicked minded?” 3vDni4

Uncle Ming chuckled, “Do you mean that the general is clever? That must be true then. Otherwise, how could he possibly manage so many soldiers at such a young age?”

Le Yao: “…”

Later, Xu Yao received a message.

Le Yaoyao: It’s bad behavior to change the agreement without the consent of your spouse. Two little red flowers will be deducted! Cheating your spouse’s feelings, reduce three little red flowers! You now have a total of: - 4. 4cZuBR

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Le Yao: Hahaha it’s deducted!

Xu Yao:… ytjX8K

Translator's Note

Change aircraft to hover car

Translator's Note

Kind of technique, in most cases that means you are elevated twelve or fifteen inches form the ground.

Translator's Note

In case you confused, XY haven’t help LY with the incense, so he just have one.

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