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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh30 - Red Flower Agreement


Finally, the awaiting red flower agreement :blobaww::blobaww:

Editor: Wiji fmrG9b


Le Yao carefully took Xu Yao’s arm away and tried to pull his leg out from between Xu Yao’s, but he failed to do it after the second attempt.

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Needless to say, Xu Yao woke up after having  his arm and leg moved like this.

Le Yao looked up, and sure enough, the big man was looking at him with a face full of smiles. dBrUaI

“Go on.” Xu Yao turned sideways at the moment. He held Le Yao’s head and said, “Why don’t you pull it out?”

“Is it strange that I can’t pull it out? You’re deliberately holding me!” How could he compare his weak small arms and legs with Xu Yao’s strength? Le Yao glanced at the big fish awkwardly, and said, “Look, who’s being energetic this morning, hmm?”

“Don’t you have the spirit too?” Xu Yao smiled and without warning, he grasped Le Yao’s small fish, “Little cutie~”

“You!” Le Yao suddenly reddened as blood rushed to his face, and his legs were immediately tightly closed, “You, you…” 5b470P

“Hmm? Okay, okay, that’s enough. I have something to tell you.” Xu Yao scooped Le Yao in his arms and held his chin, “Help me draw more Tianyan talismans when you’re free in the afternoon.”

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“Ah? For what?” said Le Yao.

“It’ll be useful later. And remember, you don’t owe me any money. What you spend is your husband’s money. It’s natural for me to do it, so don’t always think about paying me back. Unless… you want to marry someone else in the future. Do you want to?”

Of course not! n5SuGM

Le Yao felt itchy, but he didn’t know whether it was his chin or heart that itched. Of course, he didn’t want to marry another man. First of all, he liked Huaxia star. While he was married with Xu Yao, he could stay there. And Xu Yao himself was excellent. Although sometimes he liked to tease him, he was still a very good person on the inside. He was trustworthy, otherwise it would have been absolutely impossible for Le Yao to introduce Ji Fengyu to him.

But this kind of thing couldn’t be said now! Otherwise, if Xu Yao’s lust exploded, he would be miserable!

Le Yao whispered, “…Who wants to marry again?”

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Xu Yao was so close to him, of course he heard what he just said. Xu Yao couldn’t stand the soft, little movements and faint, sweet smell of jasmine and lemon from his little wife. So, the big palm that held Le Yao’s chin suddenly tightened. The next second, Le Yao heard Xu Yao’s hot breath brushing against his ear. Xu Yao gently held his earlobe and said in a hoarse voice, “Baby, help me…” tYAxfq

Ct jt jt! Tbe biv wjc! Yiv obz rqlgla! Deiislcu wf jujlc!

Of Tjb’r tfjga kjr yfjalcu klivis. Fcvfg atf lcoiefcmf bo iera, atflg ygfjxojra kjr bcf jcv j tjio tbegr ijaf!

Qtfc We Tjb ifoa joafg ygfjxojra, tf qfmxfv Of Tjb’r ilqr jcv mjgfrrfv tlr fjgr: “Gbc’a obgufa ab tfiq wf vgjk atf ajilrwjc.”

Le Yao glared: “No drawing! My hands are sore!” KGwUp2

A man’s soft and doting laughter drifted in from the yard.

Le Yao stood at the door and watched the aircraft fly away. With his still red face, he looked down at his hands and said, “No, I have to find a way!”

He could tell that Xu Yao always teased him, so he had no choice but to play tricks back on Xu Yao. But it was too dangerous to go on like this, the man clearly had his own ideas about him! He had to think of an idea to prevent Xu Yao’s plottings  for a while.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After entering the house, Le Yao rummaged through the boxes and cabinets and accidentally found the gland nutrients he bought in Tarot star. He had been trying to adapt to the new environment ever since he had arrived. He was also occupied in making incense and burning offerings for his ghost brothers. His daily life was just buying vegetables, cooking and cleaning up the house. He had completely forgotten the important thing of eating the gland nutrient, throwing the idea to the back of his mind. That was not good. He had to eat this! WtFOPQ

Since he couldn’t go back to the past, he must live well here. And his gland matter was one of his biggest concerns right now.

After reading the instructions carefully, Le Yao took one of the nutrients. This nutrient was a tasteless liquid, and each serving was only 5 ml.

It was mentioned in the manual that there might be different reactions to the drug after consumption, such as a slight temperature rise, local fever around the glands, thirst, drowsiness and so on. But they would not have a significant adverse effect on normal life, and as long as he stopped taking the nutrients, the symptoms would disappear.

Taken twice a day, one in the morning and one after dinner. Le Yao put the nutrient in the kitchen cabinet, which he would turn to every day. nQPuzI

“Mr Xiao Le, welcome.” As soon as Le Yao came into the cold shed with his basket, the beta aunt inside greeted him with a smile. Le Yao now knew that this aunt, surnamed Yu, was one of the staff who specialized in the management of the cold shed. She was the wife of President Liu, the hospital dean, and an expert in botany. She usually gave technical guidance to the staff and customers, helped as a cashier, and occasionally worked in the field when she was free.

“Aunt Yu, how come there were so many leeks that were cut today?” Le Yao saw that the baskets in the cold shed were all full of leeks.

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“I don’t know. The canteen said it was ordered by the General, and that he said to eat more leeks.”

“Ah?” Le Yao was surprised. He went to the eggplant field in the cold shed and called Xu Yao. He whispered, “Husband, you can’t order the canteen to cook dishes with so much leek. Your soldiers are still young and vigorous. Many of them are still single, right? If you make them eat so much of this, that’s no different than killing them!” J8YfdL

“Didn’t you say that leeks could improve yang energy?” Xu Yao returned quickly.

“Yes it can, but it will also arouse their lust! They can’t eat too much okay, just the appropriate amount. Anyways, they have cut every leek in the cold shed. So we’ll have another meal today without leeks, how about some radish and cabbage?”

“No problem.” Xu Yao asked with a smile, “Are your hands still sore?”

Le Yao hurriedly pretended not to hear the sentence and left the eggplant field. He decided to buy some cabbage, radish and cucumber today. He also decided to come to the cold shed and buy vegetables at night in the future, as it was getting increasingly hotter during the day. Although the sunscreen suit not only blocked the sun light, but also had a certain cooling effect, it still couldn’t stand the camp temperature which was becoming higher. Amaton

How could we decrease the temperature here, hmm…

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Le Yao thought about it for some time, when he realized that it was really a waste of effort. His IQ wasn’t that high!

In the afternoon, he had just enough energy to draw two Tianyan talismans. Le Yao was too tired, but he couldn’t sleep. After washing his face and pumped up his spirit, he simply drew the poker cards in the light brain. This was Xu Yao idea. After drawing the design in the light brain, he just needed to pass it on to Xu Yao. Then he would let Leslie improve and fix the design pattern and print it out. It would surely look good.

When Le Yao finished drawing the poker cards, he laid down on the sofa. He pondered how to buy more time to mentally prepare himself, as well as improve their feelings, before doing any further intimate actions. It was better to make the atmosphere of their small house became more harmonious, loving and positive. tz1VxG

He used his fingers to pull back and forth on the light brain and happened to see the red peach blossom flower on the poker card. He suddenly had a brilliant idea!

Half an hour later, Xu Yao returned to his office from the training area. He took off his coat, sat down in his chair, and heard Leslie say, “General, Madam sent you a picture message.”

Xu Yao said: “It should be the poker cards. Look over the pattern specifications and correct the design. Madam should have given you some notes. Read it carefully, improve the design and print it out. Use good quality paper.”

“It’s not just poker, General” Leslie said. “Madam has given you an agreement.” e16bMi

“Agreement?” Xu Yao asked, “What kind of agreement? Show it to me.”

Xu Yao pointed the communicator at the wall, and soon a line of words came out.

-Little red flower agreement-

  1. Put dirty clothes in the bathroom, reward one little red flower.
  2. Do good deeds, reward two little red flowers.
  3. Don’t smoke or lie, reward three little red flowers.

Save three hundred little red flowers, you can eat me! erM6Of

Note: No more than six awards per day! In case of violation of the agreement, little red flowers will be deducted!

Xu Yao: “Ah.”

After a while, Le Yao received a reply.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

-Little red flower agreement- vHoeRF

  1. Put dirty clothes in the bathroom, reward one little red flower.
  2. Do good deeds, reward two little red flowers.
  3. Don’t smoke or lie, reward three little red flowers.

Save three hundred little red flowers, you can eat me!

Note: No more than six awards per day! In case of violation of the agreement, little red flowers will be deducted!

Husband:         Wife:

Date: NZ7xGk

Xu Da Yu: Sign it and send it to me again.

When Le Yao saw it, he was very happy that Xu Yao didn’t reject the agreement. So, he quickly took out the light brain’s pen to sign, and then sent it back .

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Xu Yao also signed his name after receiving it.

Leslie was puzzled. He thought it was not in line to his General’s usual style. “General, according to the agreement, even if you get the most rewards every day, it would take 50 days to achieve the goal in the agreement.” 09RTCo

Xu Yao said, “I know. Remove the word “hundred” from “three hundred” and print it out.”

Leslie: “…”

The author has something to say: ChroAf

Le Yao: Ye ye ye! Get at least 50 days for yourself! Hmph!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao: Before I get home from work, enjoy your time.



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        the sunscreen suit was not only blocked the sun light -> the sunscreen suit not only blocked the sun

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