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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh26 - Bold Idea


Uncle Ming and Yan Jie were getting ready to go to bed when they suddenly heard a noise of someone shouting in the yard next door. They were thinking about going out to have a look, but they also thought that may be the newly married couple were just fighting.

Sure enough, it didn’t take a long time for the couple to stop. It seemed that the great devil defeated the little angel and captured the little angel back to his house. GlzqOj

Then the next day, the general’s wife appeared in the military cafeteria for the first time.

The cafeteria and the hospital were in two different directions. The hospital was in the southwest of the living area, while the cafeteria was in the northwest. A place that could accommodate ten thousand people to eat at the same time everyday was certainly not small, but the biggest feature in the building was its strong invisibility. When people went to this place, all they could see was a forest. As a result, they could go directly into the wood and disappeared. So magical!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was later that Le Yao knew this cafeteria was actually a star ship that docked in the forest.

As soon as Le Yao went in, he smelled all kinds of pheromones belonged to other alpha. The smell was very shallow and not that bad when mixed together. But the smell was not as amazing as Xu Yao’s. His pheromone smell actually was as aggressive as the original, if the fishy smell on his body washed away. Like fire or smoke or something like that. Le Yao couldn’t describe what it was actually. Anyway, all he felt was a little yearning when he was with him. xF2Jua

Don’t ask him why he is so familiar with the smell, okay!

As soon as the two men entered, the soldiers turned around one after another, and then stood up in a “shua” sound and shouted together, “Good morning, General!”

Le Yao, who was observing the surrounding was startled and hurried to stand beside Xu Yao.

Xu Yao said: “Good morning. Sit down!”


The soldiers sat back to their seat and looked at Le Yao curiously from time to time.

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Le Yao chose a set meal with more than n eyes watching him.

Instead of waiting in line, the food here was prepared by the chef and placed in the intelligent food compartment. The food compartment was on both sides of each door, while the food was divided into three set meals: small, medium and large. When the soldiers came in, they could take whatever set of food they like.

Le Yao took a small set meal with half meat and half vegetables, while Xu Yao chose a large one. After taking it, the couple went to a single room. At this time, all the leaders that Le Yao had seen in the ward before were sitting together inside. They had black circle below their eyes and looked tired. DN cvq

The previous event of summoning souls might bring them a huge impact, and obviously they didn’t have a good rest in these two days.

“Good morning, General, Mr. Xiao Le.” Everyone in this room said that almost in unison.

“Good morning, everyone.” Le Yao smiled, “I’m glad to have breakfast with you all.”

“So do I!” Zhang Xuwei said, “We are so eager to learn from you, Mr Xiao Le.” EgfMBS

“Ah?” Le Yao was a little confused. “What do you want to learn?”

“That’s….” said Liu Yi, the head of the heavy mecha regiment. “Our brothers have listed some questions about what happened in these two days. Because we knew nothing about spirits and supernatural being, we need your help to understand the situation. Otherwise, we have no basis knowledge in mind.”

“That’s right.” Yan Jie said, “For example, when will the dead appear, what kind of reasons for them to hurt human beings, and so on.”

“Oh, about that… If you have any questions, you can message me or create a chat group for us. I can answer your question anytime and it’s better to remember. Otherwise, if you have many questions now, I can’t answer all at once.” Le Yao turned to ask Xu Yao, “What do you think, General?” kmw8Ch

Xu Yao continued to eat as if he hadn’t heard his words. The other didn’t even move their spoon, while his food was already half gone!

Under the table, Le Yao raised his middle finger and scolded “You are dead!!” in his heart. He then coughed softly and said, “Husband, what do you think?”

Xu Yao the big old wolf said happily, “Hm? All right. Yan Jie, create the chat group!”

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The subordinates who looked at the newly married couple: “…” 96omcb

Very good! The general was able to hold Mr. Xiao Le in his grasp. They were feeling reassured. In their eyes, Mr. Xiao Le was like the leader of the dead. But, as long as the leader listened to their general, everything would be alright!

As soon as Yan Jie finished eating, he created the group. Then he added the general, the vice commander, the dean and the deputy head of the hospital, and several key doctors to the group. As for the combat team, he also added the heads and deputy heads of the light and heavy mecha regiment, as well as the explosion-proof regiment, high-tech regiment, and so on. At last, there would be dozens of people in the group.

There was no brigade level organization in the Flying Wolf Division. Each regiment was directly below the main Flying Wolf Division.

Le Yao haven’t even met the other officers that added into the group. But these people all knew Mr. Xiao Le as a “lunatic” person. UsAXC6

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Le Yao was called “Mr. Xiao Le” in the group, and then he also noted that Xu Yao was “Xu Da Yu“. As for the group, its name was “Welcome to subversive life”.

Ktf cjwf kjr Tjc Alf lvfj. Of Tjb atbeuta atja la kjr j yla ragjcuf, yea fnfgsbcf firf jugffv klat la, rb atfs erfv la.

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They decided, that at noon when the sun was most intense, Le Yao would share the knowledge of the death to the group. Because Le Yao said that the dead were most afraid of the sun, so at that time, everyone felt more at ease in learning. If they learned at night, they were afraid of the unseen beings would come to them and mostly couldn’t sleep well all night.

The group was founded and they began the discussion after lunch. T75sVv

President Liu: Mr. Xiao Le, when we had breakfast, you said that everyone’s energy is different. Some people are full of yang and some are full of yin. However, people with yin energy are more likely to invite the dead to attach to themselves. Then I want to ask, can we artificially improve our yang?

In the end he was still a doctor. He looked the problem from the perspective of prevention.

Mr. Xiao Le: Yes. Appropriate basking in the sun, eat more leeks, and eat less cold food. You can also soak your feet at night, or drinking warm water after getting up in the morning which is good for improving the yang energy.

Yan Jie: Mr. Xiao Le, do you think I have enough yang energy? 9QOHz7

Mr. Xiao Le: Not bad. Most of the people I met in our division have a good energy, especially the general.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhang Xuwei: How can we have the ability to repel the ghost like the general?

Li Chenfei: Yes, yes, I want to know too!

Mr. Xiao Le: It depends on chance. The general was born at the most “yang” time, which is a non-human intervention, that is the so-called God’s fate. But don’t worry. Generally speaking, the dead will not approach human without reason, because just as human beings will have an impact on health after being possessed by the dead, the dead will also have some damage of possessing the human body. So as long as we don’t do anything bad, we will not encounter the dead. EceKBa

Dr. Zhao: Mr. Xiao Le, could you draw me a talisman that you drew for Mr. Tang before? I don’t know if it will work on me, but I have bad sleep these days.

Mr. Xiao Le: Yes, I’ll draw one for you later. It can be used for a whole year without any side effects.

Zhang Xuwei: Me too!

Ke Yang: And me! mW3vzs

Mr. Xiao Le: Okay, I’ll draw more for everyone. No need to worry and you don’t have to be nervous. At present, it seems that the Vice Commander Tang Ye has a very strong yin energy, which is troublesome. But there is no problem with others.

Tang Ye who was just recovered and allowed to use the communicator: “…”

I just wake up with a fucking wound, how come the whole world has changed? Why do I have so much yin?

Le Yao added some other answers and the discussion at noon was over. He put down the communicator, looked at the man whose legs were on the tea table while looking at a paper map of some unknown place: “General, why are you…” fitpbh

Before he finished speaking, Xu Yao had glanced over him lightly.

Le Yao quickly changed his words, “Husband! Why are you still here?”

Why didn’t you leave for work?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Last night, Xu Yao the great devil insisted that Le Yao must call him “husband” everytime he wanted to talk to him. The great devil threatened to eat the little angel until he got pregnant if he didn’t do it. Le Yao was so scared and angry. But he didn’t dare to let the ghost brothers step on Xu Yao. If something happened to Xu Yao, no one would take care of him when he was on heat in the future and then forced to do so… n Agf7

In a word, the past couldn’t be recalled!

“I bought something for you on the Tarot online shopping mall. Think about what else you want, put it in your own shopping cart, and I’ll check it when I come back in the evening.” said Xu Yao.

Le Yao’s big eyes brightened up, “Really? Will you pay for the freight?”

Xu Yao hooked his fingers and Le Yao hurriedly went to sit opposite him. But Xu Yao pointed the seat beside him, so Le Yao went and sat there. XJpWr2

Xu Yao suddenly slapped his leg.

Le Yao was shocked and said, “What are you doing? Did I say before, that if I could make your brother get better quickly, you would buy me handicraft materials? Did you add another condition now?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“I just bought you a 3D smart printer.” said Xu Yao.

“3D smart printer? Can it print out the house the way I want it to be?” Silly! Why didn’t he think of this thing before? sLoNZS

Xu Yao: “Otherwise? Who will take responsibility if my wife gets tired of making paper house?”

Le Yao quickly poured a cup of tea for Xu Yao, “Husband, here’s your tea! I made it with fruit and sugar this morning. It’s rich in vitamin and good for your digestion!”

Xu Yao took the teacup and said, “Little white rabbit.”

Le Yao only dare to scold him in his heart: Old fox spirit! 40Ucv9

After drinking tea, the old fox spirit took the map away. Before leaving, he told Le Yao, “If they want the sleeping talisman and you have time to draw it, then draw. Don’t make yourself tired. If something really happens to them, they just need to be awake. They could sleep normally all this time, if I didn’t discipline them, are they still dare to ask for the talisman?”

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Le Yao: “…” Just go to work already!

Oh, you don’t want me to be too tired?

Le Yao turned his eyes to Xu Yao’s back and thought: Did he worry about me? I don’t think so. Xu Yao is not that good! rY05Kl

But he just bought him a 3D smart printer… he didn’t expect it.

Le Yao felt that he was quite cheap. Just a 3D printer would make him fluttering, and his mouth always turned up with a smile, really no pursuit!

In the afternoon, Le Yao, who still had a smile in his mouth, didn’t choose handicraft materials in the online shopping mall while the iron was hot. Instead, he found a white shirt that was not suitable for wearing here and cut it. After taking some cloth from the shirt, he sewed an ugly little doll, and then stuck a piece of paper with the eight characters of Rong Gui on it. After that, he searched for an ancient building design again. Because it needed to be colored and finely made, he has been doing this for several days. But the result would be pretty good.

Le Yao took the pictures from all angles of the ancient building and saved them in his light brain. He thought that he would burn the house in front of Rong Gui’s grave later. ktlJu

Just after four o’clock in the afternoon, Le Yao added a proper amount of flour, eggs and water into the intelligent chef and selected the noodle function. He saw that the sun was blocked by large clouds and the outside was not so hot, so he went out and walked around near home. About ten minutes later, he found a very large stone and wanted to bring it home to process it as Rong Gui’s grave. But after several tiring pushes, the stone did not even move.

He wanted to use it tomorrow. What to do? He could only ask Xu Yao for help.

After thinking about it, he messaged his “husband” with the communicator. It was a bit awkward to say, so it was better to text him instead.

Le Yao: Husband, when will you come back? NiRl78

It seemed that Xu Yao was still busy. After some time, he replied by voice, “I may be a bit late today. Why?”

“I found a big stone for Rong Gui’s grave, but I can’t move it back to home.” said Le Yao.

Xu Yao: “Point the stone location to the communicator and wait a while.”

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Le Yao hurriedly ran to the side of the stone and set the position for Xu Yao. Ku9m1N

Xu Yao just finished the meeting in the conference room. Leslie told him the location information of the stone. He asked Leslie to send his mecha to solve the stone problem for Le Yao. So, Le Yao who was waiting beside the stone, felt surprise when a silver mecha approached him. This mecha was bigger than Liu Yi’s mecha, who robbed the gun from Rong Gui. It must be five or six meters high. Moreover, its lines were smoother and it looked more handsome.

Le Yao wondered if Xu Yao was inside, so he tentatively called out: “General?”

The mecha didn’t answer.

Le Yao: “…Husband?” jZwh68

Xu Yao’s voice came from the mecha, “Hmm. Stand aside and I’ll move the stone.”

Le Yao quickly stood aside to avoid the soil and dust, “Damn! This general is so great! I can’t believe that he would come here and move the stone for me!”

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The mecha bent down and opened its left-hand palm: “Come here and sit.”

Le Yao was a little nervous at first. But he was really curious, so he sat on the big metal hand. Then the mecha gently folded up his left hand, not hurting him at all, instead the hand protected him inside, and his right hand easily picked up the big stone. The mecha slowly got up and walked step by step toward the house. nxm9tv

Le Yao was raised to a height of several meters and could see clearly the leaves on the tall tree. He used his hands to touch it and laughed, “Wow, it’s so cool!”

“Hmm…” said the mecha.

Just a few strides were needed for the mecha to take him home. It gently put Le Yao down at the yard with the stone.

Le Yao was in a good mood and patted the lower leg of the mecha: “General, come down! I’ll make you something delicious!” 6y0Ukg

The mecha was as quiet as a chicken.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Le Yao jumped up and patted the leg again: “Husband, come down! Let’s eat mango shaved ice!”

Sitting in the meeting room, the leaders of each regiment looked up at the scene of general’s wife patting the silver mecha’s leg several times, through the external camera on the mecha. They couldn’t help but laughing.

Xu Yao also laughing and said, “Stop shouting. I’m not in the mecha.” Bruvcw

Le Yao: “…Why don’t you say it earlier? Just waste my feelings! Hmph!”

Bang! The general’s wife came inside the house and shut the door loudly.

After a while, he brought out a basin of water and then went to find a brush. He sat in the yard and brushed the big stone.

At this time, he suddenly heard a sound from the communicator, and someone sent a holographic video call. When Le Yao saw that it was his stepmother, he was pondering for a while before accepted it with voice control, because his hands were wet. 6LQA u

Jiang Xinduo stayed in the hospital for some time after falling from the balcony and finally left the hospital today. It was just that Le Feishan stayed at home today, and her play as “good stepmother” was back. When she saw that Le Yao was squatting in the yard, brushing stone against the sun, she suddenly looked distressed, “Le Yao, what are you doing over there? Are they asking you to do rough work? Isn’t it too hard for you?”

When Le Yao saw the familiar room at the video, he said, “What’s wrong if I do the rough work here? Don’t you just call me to show that Le Tianyu has moved to my room? I saw it. It’s fine to close the call already. As soon as I stay in that room, he wants to rob it for many years. Anyway, I’m not going back. He can use that ugly second-hand room!”

Le Tianyu bit his teeth secretly and said weakly, “I’m sorry brother, my room is really inconvenient. Then Dad agreed to let me move to your room, so I moved here. We all know you work hard there, so you are in a bad mood, right? Otherwise, you can tell Mr. Xu to divorce you. Or will you ask for Dad’s permission to let you come back?”

Le Yao said, “Hah! Save it! My husband was very good to me! Am I that stupid to divorce my great husband and became a widow? Something must be wrong with your head! Bye!” rqzKv8

The communication was cut off.


Suddenly, Le Yao remember that the silver mecha was still behind. He quickly turned around, and then found that the mecha wasn’t there anymore. He made a long sigh of relief.

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If Xu Yao heard what he said just now, the man must be so proud of himself! qcf0OD

I won’t tell him!

But the invisible mecha silently delivered a real-time video to the general, which did not attract Le Yao’s attention at all.

Le Yao continued to brush the stone. At the thought of Jiang Xinduo and Le Tianyu, he was so disgusted with that family. But he couldn’t fight back now, and even if he did, it was impossible for him to surpass the Le Family by his own ability. Le family was a military and political family with a profound background. Moreover, Jiang family has been doing business for several generations and has a lot of money. Otherwise, Jiang Xinduo wouldn’t dare to raise him like this. If he wanted to fight them, he couldn’t do it with his state now.

Unless… d5rBUR

Le Yao slowly stroked the stone with his slender finger. At this moment, a particularly bold idea flashed in his mind and his eyes widened.

He could establish his own dead army. He also could learn how to control the mecha from Xu Yao.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He wanted to be strong. He wanted everyone, if they talked about Le Family in the future, to think about Le Yao, not Le Feishan!


The author has something to say:

Le Yao: I’ll be the ideal puffer fish! What if one day the power of the dead army becomes so great? Then I’ll rule the planet! Hmph!!!

Translator's Note

大鱼 bg “Gj Te” kjr “ylu olrt” “ijguf olrt” bg sbe mbeiv vfrmlyf la jr “ugfja bg rluclolmjca qfgrbc”, rb sbe mjc rjs atja “We Gj Te” wfjcr “Dlu olrt We” ~~

Translator's Note

act at good opportunity or while the circumstances are favorable.

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