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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh24.2 - You’re too Naughty (2)


On the way back to their house, Le Yao kept shaking his little dinosaur rattle and humming a tune from time to time.

The music was strange, but it was very pleasant to hear. xXe1UT

“You seem very happy?” Xu Yao asked.

“Happy? Of course. Isn’t it worth being happy to be able to help others with your own ability? Tomorrow I will be happier.” said Le Yao.

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“Because you can see me, make a fool of myself?”

Le Yao wanted to say yes, yes! But his face was very serious, “How could it be? Am I that kind of person?” muLA3B

Xu Yao didn’t answer.

When they got back home, they both lay on the bed. Xu Yao asked Le Yao, “Can I transfer the fish to other people before I throw it into the sea?”

“Of course not! Because you are not affected to the grievance and your yang energy is strong, so I came to you.”

“So that’s the reason. As long as there are people who aren’t afraid of the grievance, then we can change hands?”


“Yes.” said Le Yao. “But you can’t look for anyone else. Most people can’t resolve their grievances by themselves. At least I haven’t met the second person in here. You are the only one. General, you are so strong! Ghosts are afraid of you!”

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Xu Yao didn’t believe it. The little rabbit’s eyes were twittering. The bad idea was so clear showed in his naughty eyes. Wasn’t it obvious that he could see it?

The general then said with a forced face, “Okay. Tomorrow you can tell Uncle Ming what kind of fish you want.”

“Good!” said Le Yao. uNYdh8

When Le Yao went to sleep, he still had a smile in his lips from time to time. Xu Yao didn’t know what he was dreaming about.

Hmph, he was so happy that his heart was thicker than pig neck!

At this time, Leslie’s voice came from the communicator. Xu Yao chose to use the terminal to listen the message. After listening, he replied to each message with encrypted text. After replying, he found that Le Yao was slept so close to him, exactly between his body and his arm.

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Po la kjr yfobgf, tf kbeiv qert Of Tjb jkjs. Dea abvjs, tf atbeuta la kjr oeccs, rb tf pera tfiv tlw alutais lc tlr jgwr.

It seemed that Le Yao like it very much that he was humming and speaking something he couldn’t understand.

Listened to Le Yao’s hum and sleep talking, Xu Yao couldn’t help but sniff at his glands. So sweet, it made his lower body… Ugh, he had to count the stars in the sky for a whole night.

The next day, when Le Yao woke up, he felt that his neck was a little sore, but he couldn’t think of any reason. Later, he thought that something was wrong with his pillow, so he warmed his neck with a towel when taking a bath. After that, he felt a little better and ready to make breakfast. 4lJMpK

“Don’t make the breakfast. I’ll have the cafeteria deliver the foods, some meat and seafood. It’ll be here in a moment.” Xu Yao stood at the kitchen door and said, “You haven’t eaten the cafeteria food since you came here. There’s nothing to cook, so it’s better to ask for food delivery. I’ll bring you to the cafeteria if we have time later.”

“Ah? That would be great. I must remember going out to buy some vegetables too today.”

“Buy more eggplant.” Xu Yao said, “The eggplant dish you made is delicious.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“No problem!” As soon as Le Yao heard that Xu Yao said that the food he made was delicious, he was very happy. He said, “I’ll make other dishes in the future. I’ll let you taste them later. By the way, can I use your printing paper and crayon today? I think you have them all. I want to make a house for Rong Gui.” pMfP9g

“Yes. But how do I remember that… you still owe me something, hmm?”

“What is it?” Le Yao was a bit confused.

Xu Yao came over, pinched Le Yao’s chin and take a bite on his lips. He smiled, “I said I would bite you as a change of a piece of paper, right?”

Le Yao hurriedly covered his mouth and stepped back three steps, “I… I just use one!” BINmXQ

“That’s the principal. I’ll take another interest at night!”

Le Yao: “Roll! Are you a loan shark?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“How come you didn’t find out when you borrowed money from me?”

Le Yao: “Argh!!” Jn1HVZ

At the thought of being bitten again in the night, when Le Yao had breakfast, he wondered what to do about Xu Yao. Later, Xu Yao went out and was busy with work. Uncle Ming asked him what kind of fish he wanted, and he said he wanted the biggest and most lively one in the cafeteria!

In the morning, Le Yao had nothing else to do. So, he went to the cold shed to buy some vegetables and arranged it to the refrigerator when he came back. It was too hot in the afternoon so he didn’t go out. He spent his afternoon arranging the house for Rong Gui. Rong Gui was an old ghost from ancient times, so his house couldn’t be built too modern. It was estimated that Rong Gui couldn’t get used to it. Le Yao took some trouble to look for the ancient building design for Rong Gui.

Time went by quickly when he concentrated on his work. It was going to be evening again.

Le Yao cooked the eggplant, had a good meal with Xu Yao, and set off to the hospital again. rRaZ 1

This time, no one was at the door of Tang Ye’s ward.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Why is there no one here?” Le Yao asked.

“Yesterday you opened the door of new world to them. Maybe they haven’t calmed down yet.” Xu Yao was carrying a big bucket with a fish in it.

Are you sure you didn’t send people away because you were afraid of losing face? Le Yao’s heart hummed! O0d28T

But he said, “Okay, you can do it yourself. Now you pick up the fish and remember not to let it fall. Then when I have done the grievance transfer, I’ll tell you “go!” and you should run to the sea with the fish in your arms. Remember, you have to be sensible at this time, and you can’t just run, when you get out of the hospital, you have to shout out: ‘God! Please take your grievances back to the ocean! Take back the earth! Return Tang Ye to Qingming!’ Remember to shout it three times so that the gods can hear you. And your heart must be sincere. Then when you get to the beach, just throw the fish to the sea.”

Is it a lie? What’s with this nonsense?

But Xu Yao said without hesitation, “Okay. What’s the time limit?”

“There is no time limit.” said Le Yao. “It will be good if you deliver it before dawn. But remember, don’t change hands! If the evil grievance turn on others, it will be bad. Heaven can’t find you, but he will punish your brother, because he will think that he turned the grievance on others. It’s the matter whether your brother can wake up or not.” DgMlWc

Xu Yao’s tongue swept between his teeth, “I see.”

Le Yao said, “Come on! Let’s start. You pick up the fish and open the sterile cabin.”

Xu Yao hesitated a little, holding the big fish to one side and opened the sterile cabin by voice control.

Le Yao wanted to play a trick on Xu Yao, but after all, it was indeed true to turn away his grievance. So when the hatch was opened, he becomes serious. He used three incense sticks to worship the god in the sky and gently put the twigs on Tang Ye’s forehead. Then he took the twigs and made a sweeping action against Tang Ye’s body. He said: “The three saints get up early, and Le Yao comes to sweep away the grievances. He cleans his body and eyes. He has no disease in the whole year. He is happy every day. Grudge, grudge… ” Le Yao turned around and pointed the twigs on the fish, “Go!” XoUdcC

Xu Yao turned around and ran to the door!

Le Yao: Ah, ah, he really ran away!!!

He hurriedly walked to the window to see the bustle. Soon, he saw someone coming out of the main gate of the hospital. The light outside was not so bright, and he could not see clearly, but he felt vaguely that the man was holding something. After a while, he heard someone shouting, “God! Please take your grievances back to the ocean! Take back the earth! Return Tang Ye to Qingming!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Le Yao immediately laughed aloud, but he also wondered if Xu Yao would really run to the sea and shouting like that. So, he quickly called Ji Fengyu and asked him to eat incense. pmPjT4

When Ji Fengyu arrived, Le Yao said, “Hey Fengyu, go to the nearest seaside and see if my husband really threw the fish he hold into the sea.”

Ji Fengyu: “What do you mean?”

Outside at this time, there was a loud voice saying: “God! Please take your grievances back to the ocean! Take back the earth! Return Tang Ye to Qingming!”

Because Tang Ye was not awake yet, Le Yao laughed and said, “I just told Xu Yao that if he wanted to get rid of his brother’s grievance, he had to run with the fish and shout ‘God! Please take your grievances back to the ocean! Take back the earth! Return Tang Ye to Qingming!’ In fact, he can find someone to put the fish into the water bucket and bring it to the sea. As a result, he believed what I said. Did you hear him shout? Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh my God, that’s so funny, ha ha ha!” 7z8lZ5

Ji Fengyu didn’t smile. He just looked at his brother who was laughing hard with a sympathetic smile.

After laughing for a long time, Le Yao finally found something was wrong and asked Ji Fengyu, “Isn’t it funny? Why don’t you laugh?”

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Ji Fengyu said, “It’s funny, but I think you may cry later.”

Le Yao frowned, “What do you mean?” gzAWp2

Xu Fengyu: “Turn your head and look behind you.”

“What’s behind me?” said Le Yao. He turned his head and happened to see a certain general outside the window.

The general was holding the fish and just standing at the window on the platform which was less than 15 cm from the ward. Le Yao didn’t know what to do.

The general said, “Le Yaoyao, are you being naughty?” GdcPLA

Le Yao: “…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

No! Who was the man he saw going out of the hospital just now?


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