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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh105.1 - End (1)


Edited by Qiuxue and Noks

“Should we take Yan Jie to Xingdu with us and give him an opportunity to meet with President Yang?” GtBpSs

These past two days, Le Yao had been paying extra attention to Yan Jie. His ‘lovesickness’ seemed to be worsening, his every action now carried a trace of despondence and his entire being appeared to be dispirited. 

At the thought of this, Le Yao smiled and added, “Otherwise, if he goes on like this, I’m afraid that he won’t last until President Yang comes back to Huaxia again.”

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“I think it’s better for him to have some time alone and live separately from Yang Hengtian for a while. This way, he can fully understand his own feelings towards Yang Hengtian.” 

Xu Yao continued, “Also, I don’t think it will be long before Yang Hengtian comes back. After all, Yang Hengtian’s current actions are the equivalent of ‘marking’ Yan Jie. An Alpha’s possessiveness is somewhat strong and unreasonable. You can see that even when he was leaving, he still remembered to leave his ‘taste’ on Yan Jie. It’s quite obvious that he’s also concerned about this separation.” LaFdAI

“Then if it’s as you say, Yan Jie won’t be staying here for long?”

“It’s hard to say at this moment.”

If their relationship continued to develop at the current pace, Yan Jie would probably end up marrying Yang Hengtian in the future. Although Yang Hengtian would be spending most of his time in Huaxia over the next few months, there would always be a day when the project would finish. 

At that time, when this man returned to Tarot, he and Yan Jie would be separated once again. Then, what will happen if their relationship goes on?


Although there were a few ‘long-distance couples’ in the Flying Wolf Division, if they were given the choice to live together, who would be willing to stay apart for such a distance from their beloved?

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“Forget it. Let’s not talk about this anymore.” Xu Yao continued, “In any case, in less than two years, the time taken to travel between the two planets will be shortened greatly. As long as there are sincere feelings, they will be able to overcome this small matter of distance. Let’s talk about the new place I found instead.”

“What place?”

“A place to plant the Blessing Tree.” d9nyFO

“You already found it? That fast?!” Le Yao originally thought that it would take at least eight to ten days to find the right location. 

Xu Yao had previously mentioned that, after moving to the Second Station, he would begin searching for a place with abundant spiritual energy in order to realise his plan of transplanting a branch of the Blessing Tree on Huaxia. At that time, Le Yao had thought that it would be quite difficult to find such a place. After all, the Earth wasn’t small, ah.

Thinking so, Le Yao instinctively looked back at the memories from his previous life. 

He remembered that, even back then, there were very few places on Earth with sufficient spiritual qi. If he had wanted to find such a place, the first requirement would have been to look for an area with unpolluted surroundings, such as a mountain or a vast landscape of greenery. Otherwise, no matter how good the place initially appeared, it would gradually become stained with the ‘viciousness’ of humans, and the natural spiritual qi there would eventually vanish. UOMfJZ

Although it was true that there were many places in Huaxia where humans had yet to set foot, surely it was still difficult to find a place flowing with spiritual qi without seeing it directly, right?

It turned out that the place Xu Yao had found was a cave. 

The mountain itself, which contained the cave, was shrouded in a blanket of clouds, and appeared to have been left untouched for countless centuries! 

After listening to Leslie’s explanation, Le Yao discovered that the mountain had not always been as high as it was currently. It was formed during the last natural disaster when a strong earthquake displaced the local landform, and thus a mountain rose and a cave was formed within. zZ06jI

Now, it was called ‘Mian Yu Mountain’, for it mysteriously and continuously drizzled there for most days of the year.

“Our original area of residence is covered with ice and snow during the winter, and all the vegetation there hibernates over those months. Similarly, it’s too hot during the summer over here, so the local vegetation also has to go through a period of dormancy.” 

Xu Yao continued to explain, “Once this particular place reaches a suitable and habitable temperature, the surrounding vegetation recovers rapidly. And that basically happens during this time of the year, when there is constant rain. The plants will now grow very quickly. Then, by the time we leave to go back to the original camp, they will once again enter a state of dormancy.”

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“Vemt j qijmf lr gjgf.” Ktf vglhhif kjr ilxf j nfcffg bo rlix mbnfglcu atf ugffc wbecajlc, ulnlcu la j nfli bo wsrafgs. Ciatbeut atlr ijsfg mbeivc’a yf iloafv, atf afcvfgcfrr bo atf ‘nfli’ kjr jiwbra ajculyif ktfc ja mibrf gjcuf.  e cGuE

Gfrqlaf cba tjnlcu fcafgfv atf mjnf sfa, pera rajcvlcu ja atf yjrf bo atf wbecajlc kjr j gfogfrtlcu fzqfglfcmf. Ktf tfjga kbeiv cjaegjiis mjiw vbkc ktfc bcf rlwqis ilrafcfv ab atf rafjvs rbecv bo atf ragfjw—atlr kjr atf mjrf fnfc klatbea tjnlcu ab vb jcs rqfmlji wfvlajalbc.

“It seems that President Liu and Yan Jie can come here to gain some insights later. On that topic, I think President Liu and Brother Han Mo have made remarkable progress in the study of xuanshu recently,” said Le Yao. 

Although it initially was only a temporary idea to teach metaphysics, the whole xuanshu class had now gained more or less of an understanding about the topic of study. These students were very diligent in their practice and didn’t stop even if they were busy, going to the extent of reviewing the ‘learning materials’ in their spare time.

“Not too long ago, President Liu managed to successfully draw a talisman using spiritual power. At first, Yan Jie also seemed to be about to succeed but I think Yang Hengtian’s departure has disrupted his thoughts recently.” Xu Yao smiled and continued, “Although it is not a bad thing, he still became so anxious from failing to reach the final step.” a3Z2jn

“It’s still good for him. After all, it wasn’t easy to cultivate spiritual power, and now they have the ability to use it. So, it’s good progress,” said Le Yao.

In the past, their chance of success was very low for they needed to request and borrow power from the gods. But now, they could borrow it directly from himself or Xu Yao. It was so simple and easy.

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While talking, Xu Yao guided Le Yao over to the entrance of the cave.

It wasn’t that big or noticeable, but the interior surprised him, it was almost like the difference between Heaven and Earth when compared with its outside surroundings.  sAvLad

Standing at the entrance of the cave and looking down, Le Yao could see that the surroundings were illuminated by a faint light that seemed to be shining from the depths of the cave. Although he couldn’t determine its origin, the light was very soft and gentle, not hurting his sight at all.

Le Yao subconsciously brought the incubator a little closerhe actually hadn’t wanted to bring the three small ones with them on this exploration at all. But when they saw that both of their parents were walking away, the three little ones immediately craned their necks together in their direction and began to howl.

Their cries weren’t particularly loud, but their silent sobs were even more pitiful to hear. Le Yao had no choice but to bring them along.

Xu Yao simply placed his hand on the incubator. “Don’t worry, I already went to have a look into its depths when I came here last time. It’s not dangerous. Just be careful with your footing because we’ll be going down.” dLmafO

The Shenjun seal on the incubator was also powerful enough to keep them away from any sudden dangers.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Le Yao placed his own hand on top of Xu Yao’s, the one which was against the incubator. “What is there to be afraid of when you are here?”

At that moment, their eldest son clenched his little fists and flapped his little fat legs at his parents. After that, he gave Le Yao a long stare. 

“Wa?” 4x9NGK

“What is it? You’re so brave, Hanghang.” Le Yao smiled. “It’s time to enter the cave, and then our journey will soon begin.”

“Dada~” Xu Hang turned to look at Xu Yao.

“Hanghang~” Xu Yao also smiled while watching his eldest son.

“Dada!” When he saw his Big Dad looking at him, he called out again, this time with even more enthusiasm. sGd7HD

“That’s enough out of you two.” Le Yao was speechless as he watched the scene play out. “Do the both of you, father and son, like to show off in front of me that much?”

“A~” Xu Hang’s voice sounded out quickly as if to really answer: Yes!

Judging by the voice and the tone with which his son made the affirmation, Le Yao felt that the boy was very proud of himself, and he really couldn’t tell who their son had taken after.

But then again, his son could only take after Xu Yao. Le Yao was quite sure that he hadn’t had such a haughty character in any of his lifetimes as a child, but Xu Yao was different. After all, he had been very arrogant even during the time when he was imprisoned in Pusheng Lake, speaking and doing everything with a feeling of ‘I’m so awesome.’ WQzltj

When Le Yao stepped into the cave, he unconsciously smiled and shook his head lightly as if to brush away his wandering thoughts. Then he focused his attention back onto the incubator and his footing.

After entering, the path would gradually descend. Although there were no steps, the road was still easy to walk. Moreover, they were both, fortunately, wearing military boots with thick soles, further reducing the risk of their feet being hurt by the uneven rocks. 

Xu Yao held Le Yao’s hand, and between them were their three children. With the intelligent light on the incubator activated, they could quite clearly see all the surrounding objects within a radius of three meters. 

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The three little guys were also staring with their eyes wide open. They seemed to be curious about the new environment they were in. Just looking here, and then over there, their eyes wandered around curiously while their mouths were babbling and murmuring ‘baby words’ that only they could understand. inRw9b

“What is this light?” Le Yao asked. The soft light that could be seen from the cave entrance gradually increased in brightness as they continued to descend, but he still didn’t know its origin.

“There is some kind of stone at the bottom of this cave. If we go down a little bit more, you’ll be able to see that these stones look a bit like white jade, but they are much brighter.”

“How did you find this place?” Remembering the small cave entrance, he felt that it wouldn’t have been easy to notice such a hidden opening.

“When we calm our mind, we should be able to sense the fluctuation of spiritual qi in our surroundings, and naturally I could sense the abundant qi coming from within this cave,” said Xu Yao. vnrkom

“Un, I can also sense it. But it has to be within a certain range of me. I think this range…” Le Yao roughly estimated in his heart, “I think it’s within a hundred meters. Something like this is still too far away for me to sense. How about you?”

“Considering the harmony of our nightlife, I think I should refuse to answer this question, Madam.” Xu Yao smiled, “Why don’t you guess?”

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“I’ll give you a month’s worth of fun at night directly in return for not making me guess!” Le Yao grabbed Xu Yao’s hand. “Hurry up, say it!”

“I don’t know how far I can sense, but I had locked onto this position even before we relocated here.” gvZUSa

Le Yao: “…” Oh damn!

If he remembered correctly, the original camp was at least thousands of kilometers away from here!

Le Yao stared at Xu Yao for a while, then suddenly threw away the hand he had just grabbed in disgust. “Hmph! I won’t give you a month’s worth of fun. Touch me and you’ll be laid off directly for a lifetime.”

Xu Hang: “He he~” M FaK6

Xu Yao lowered his head. “Little boy, what are you laughing at?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Extending his little arms, Xu Hang seemed to want to grasp the transparent glass in front of him, motioning his desire of wanting to leave the incubator. But he couldn’t reach it no matter how he waved his hands. He could only continue to make grabbing gestures and pedal his legs restlessly.

Xu Yao could tell that his son wanted to come out, but it really wasn’t convenient, so he didn’t take him out in the end. Instead, he pressed a button which would play children’s songs, and then continued to walk further into the cave.

The distance from the entrance to the main tunnel was not very far. After less than four minutes of walking down the extended slope, and taking two turns, they arrived at their destination. uSLwBJ

Le Yao saw the ‘white jade’ stones that Xu Yao had mentioned earlier illuminating the space. The stones weren’t small at all. The array of stones before them were long and slender and the way that they circled the area resembled a fence, with the tallest stone almost as long as an adult arm’s, and the shortest one about half as tall as that. 

Their surface was very smooth, and the color was indeed a bit like jade. The light he saw being emitted reminded him of the famed luminous night pearls. However, Le Yao couldn’t be certain of exactly what the stones were. 

However, what attracted most of his attention was not these ‘white jade’ pieces, but instead, the open space in the center of the fence. This wide area looked just like it was a reserved planting land for the Blessing Tree.

“Did you follow the path until reaching this place last time as well?” Le Yao asked as he stood beside the white jade fence. garZq5

“Yes.” Xu Yao said, “The stones have been moved, otherwise they wouldn’t be in such a circular formation.”

“En. But it’s indeed easier to gather spiritual qi if you arrange them like this. So, when shall we head back to retrieve the tree branch?”

“There’s no need to go back.” And as Xu Yao said this, he opened his right palm to reveal a sapling of the Blessing Tree.

The sapling wasn’t that big, but its white color was the same as the fully-grown tree, the one he had seen in Xingdu’s Fu Ta Yuan. It had taken root.  cUnhyQ

Le Yao guessed that the most likely reason why the sapling could appear so quickly was that Xu Yao had used his teleportation skill. Xu Yao had said before that he would use spiritual qi as nourishment and it was obvious that the branch had persevered and grown into a sapling.

The roots of the sapling sprawled across Xu Yao’s palm. Le Yao reached out carefully to touch it, and found that it gently hooked his fingers, it was as if the sapling had its own consciousness.

Then, Xu Yao cast it into the air, watching as the sapling floated up and landed into the center of the white jade fence. Its roots quickly sank into the ground, and the color of the land touching its roots began to change rapidly. 

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All the soil inside the white jade fence rapidly disappeared from sight, before a small cold pool finally emerged. This little spirit tree was just like the Fu Ta Yuan version in Xingdu, it was also rooted in a pool of water. F8pWra

As it absorbed the spiritual aura from the surrounding environment, it quickly grew at a visible speed.

“Da, Dada~” The magical scene outside attracted Xu Hang’s attention from within the incubator. He excitedly clapped and shouted even louder, “Da!”


Xu Wei and Xu Li also saw the changes happening to the tree. Previously, they weren’t able to see it because of its short height as a sapling, but when the tree grew taller, it finally reached their range of vision. The emergence of a white thing with a shape they had never seen before made them very enthusiastic. TmbuNB

“Wu a~” Xu Li kicked her legs agitatedly, and she stared at the Blessing Tree with her big black round eyes. 

The tree still continued to grow. The height of the cave was only about seven or eight meters. Le Yao was worried that there would not be enough space for the tree to grow, but the tree finally stopped growing after reaching a height of about two and a half meters.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao said, “Tonight, let’s bring some of the undead over to test whether the tree has a purification effect.” 

“The Blessing Tree in Xingdu is so big, and yet this one is so small. Is it due to the lack of spiritual qi or maybe something else?” Le Yao asked this question in a serious tone. If it was really a matter of lack of natural spiritual qi, then they would need to think of another solution. fU7InF

“The trees in Tarot are also not all the same size. I went to a different Fu Ta Yuan and came to the conclusion that the size should be related to the number of spirits they have purified. They absorb resentment and evil spirits and turn it into spiritual qi, which also serves to provide nutrition for themselves.”

“That sounds quite environmentally friendly.” Le Yao looked down at the communicator to check the time. “Should we go back first? It’s going to be dark soon and we can summon Master Rong to have a look.”

“En. Also, the list of the undead who wish to transcend” Xu Yao didn’t manage to finish his words. He was interrupted by his own sudden but stern shout.

“Hanghang!!!” oeufvI

It seemed that Xu Hang’s patience in calling his parents had reached the limit. He slammed his steamed bun fists against the glass cover of the incubator and

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Bang! Bang! 

The glass cover reverberated loudly against the force of the pounding, due to which Xu Hang stopped his slamming action. Perhaps feeling that his fists no longer felt as painful as they did on the first time he hit against the glass, he continued to slam against it. Suddenly the God’s mark on his right hand started to shine! The spiritual qi was drawn and clustered into one hand and then

“Crack!”  jKSgHa

One of the glass layers covering the incubator had been damaged by him!!!

Le Yao was instantly dumbfounded.

The main story will be end in the next chapter… WnY86l

Translator's Note

绵 for silk floss; 雨 for rain; and 山 for muntain

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