Guide on How to Fail at Online Dating

Guide on How to Fail at Online Dating 网恋翻车指南

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Author: 酱子贝
Total Chapters: 117 + 2 extras
Genre: Comedy, Completed, gaming, Modern, School
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Translators: Zryuu, Juurensha. Editors: Juurensha, Divetus, Rega
Release Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday


The cousin that Jing Huan has been closest to since he was a child was labelled as “the other woman” in a certain popular online game: only after devoting herself did she know that the other party was a jerk with a girlfriend.

After several days of being bullied online by people in the game, his cousin went abroad in a fit of anger and sorrow.

Jing Huan couldn’t take this lying down; he decided to take revenge for his cousin using the same method as that guy — buy a character in game and kill that slag guy thousands of times online.

With his strength and skill as the Great God when the game was first launched, wouldn’t he be able to kill that guy and force him to quit the server in minutes?!

He went online, eager to fight, but made a discovery after conducting a round of investigations — this slag guy was the number one DPS server-wide, number one on the expert ranking list, number one on the wealth ranking list, number one on the popularity ranking list, and number one on the fame ranking list.

Conclusion: can’t screw him over.

Jing Huan felt despondent. He was just about to give up when he personally witnessed his dormmate’s online relationship end right after meeting each other in real life. The other party had sent fake photos and changed their voice, and had even cheated him of his money, triggering his dormmate so much that he was almost admitted to a hospital.

Jing Huan felt enlightened as a sudden realisation dawned on him. After comforting his roommate, he moved the high-priced voice changer back to his rented house overnight.

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  1. Looks interesting, my genre of story with fantasy and qt, looking forward to this! Kudos to translator-San Zryuu and all the editors. The release is sporadic but since its 38 chapters I guess it should be fine

  2. Woah! Looks so good!

    Gaming and comedy! Remind me with YBPGVW and I will definitely trying to read this! Thank you for the translator from picking this up~ ❤❤

  3. aaaaaaah, a gaming novel <3 *-* thanks for translating ~<3 I really wanna translate this novel into Portuguese and post on my Wattpad account. Can I? Obviously, I’ll credit ^^ <3

  4. Hello, I made an account just to say thank you for translating this novel. Your translations are top-tier and I especially love the way you add sounds like -ba and -ah in the translation. I can imagine their tone and expression because of that and it’s so cute. Thank you guys so much for your hard work and I will always be up to date with CG novels in the future as well. Long live, CG team

  5. Someone tell me a spoiler ,is seme really a slag man in RL ?

    Because i dont like this type of seme and want to know before i start read it ,,thank you!

  6. Aahhh, I will be so sad when this is finished! This Novel was a great thing to look forward to those past few months and it’s gonna be weird not refreshing the page every monday hahaha-

    But one day I will come back and read it all over again!!

    But for now, eight chapters left >o<

  7. Hello! This one is really interesting and love to read. Can I translate this into My Mother Language (Mother) from this english translation. I just want to share this one since it is too cute. Hope you can allow me to.😀

  8. The story is nice and really funny but no yaoi thank for traslating ^_^

  9. This is so adorable and real, one of the best ones I’ve read. Totally worth it. This is also one of the few that I couldn’t keep aside and patiently waited for every single update. Otherwise, I just forget about it and read again after a few months. Love you dmlations <3

  10. Hello! I love this story, it’s funny and engaging! The translation work you’ve done is great! I’ve been meaning to ask if there’s a posibility for me to translate it to Spanish? With links to this, of course!

  11. The amount of times I threw my phone down from second-hand embarrassment is an obvious indication of how hilariously cute this story is. But fr don’t catfish online lmao

  12. Hello I’m lillack from Indonesia, and I like this novel so much. now at this time the person who has obtained prior permission want’s to drop the novel. So because of that I want to take back the permission of the novel, can I translate this novel to Indonesian and post it on my wattpad account? Of course I’ll put you on credit 😊

    I’ll wait for your reply 😁