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Game, Live StreamChapter 60.2

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Xiao Tangqiu silently moved away, but Shen Yuan immediately followed… if he moved any more, he would fall to the ground so Xiao Tangqiu could only stiffly lie there.

This kind of small bed was stiff and uncomfortable to sleep on, but it was much better than sleeping on the floor. Those who slept on the floor couldn’t stretch out their bodies to lie down because the area inside the room is too small. Over a dozen people sleeping couldn’t fit at all and they could only curl up and sit to sleep. There’s no need to mention how miserable it was. YnX45L

Xiao Tangqiu glanced silently at Tang Mianmian, who was curled up asleep in a corner, and a trace of guilt rose in his heart. Suddenly his neck felt itchy as a slightly warm breath sprayed onto his neck.

His neck was extremely sensitive so he immediately became stiff, but the one behind him seemed to find it interesting and began to move closer while blowing into the back of his neck.

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Goosebumps were about to break out on his skin, and he immediately started struggling. But no matter how he refused, the one behind him continued to follow his neck and blow.

How could this amnesiac be so childish! 1 7eyM

Xiao Tangqiu was angry so he suddenly turned over. His whole body pressed down on Shen Yuan to try to stop Shen Yuan’s prank by using his own weight. Unexpectedly, Shen Yuan didn’t cry out from being pressed down but stretched out his arms. He closed his eyes after embracing him and hummed softly, “It just so happens to be a bit chilly, Jiujiu is so warm.”

Xiao Tangqiu, “…” No matter how cold it was, he shouldn’t use him like a quilt!

He immediately struggled, but the quality of the bed was so bad that even a slight movement made it creak. It sounded very discordant, as if it might fall apart at any moment.

Xiao Tangqiu stiffened and was afraid to move. eJdOSV

Shen Yuan just fell asleep holding Xiao Tangqiu against him like a squirrel holding a pine cone to sleep.

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Xiao Tangqiu was in a dilemma. He wanted to go down but was hugged tightly by Shen Yuan. But if he just laid on Shen Yuan and slept all night, he would definitely crush Shen Yuan… Forget it, it’s better to wait until Shen Yuan relaxed in sleep and then quietly get down.

With that thought, he closed his eyes… As a result, he slept until dawn.

Yu Fuling woke up first because she discovered that the man she had knocked out had woken up and quickly awakened the others. lLDXWG

Tang Mianmian woke up immediately. He saw Xiao Tangqiu and Shen Yuan sleeping together on the bed and couldn’t help but curse, “What kind of freaking posture are you guys in?”

Xiao Tangqiu also woke up, and he quickly tried to get up. But Shen Yuan didn’t forget to protect his treasure even in his sleep and dragged him back into his arms.

After , the man cried out in fear, “You, who are you? How could you be in my house!”

Yu Fuling was afraid that his yelling would attract the attention of other villagers and decisively covered his mouth with her hands. SDWQod

At that moment, the old lady also woke up. The moment she woke up, she opened her mouth and cursed, “You will be punished by the mountain god!”

The next moment, she saw the man whose mouth was covered by Yu Fuling. Her expression immediately changed, “What do you want to do to Taro? Let go of my son!”

Taro? Son?

Xiao Tangqiu was very surprised. He did not expect that the villager kidnapped by them was actually the grandma’s son! But thinking back carefully, the man was pacing at the village gates and the direction he looked at seemed to be where the grandma had gone up the mountain. 3weWih

Upon seeing the grandma, the man called Taro started crying. Yu Fuling’s hand let go in disgust. Fortunately, he didn’t make loud noises, but just cried and said, “Mother… you didn’t die… that’s great… ”

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“No! This is not good!” The grandma’s expression changed, “Everything was ruined by these outsiders! The mountain god will deliver punishment! Taro! How can you be so weak!”

Wuwu… I just don’t want my mother to die like that…”

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“Kjgb, sbe jgf rb mbkjgvis atja sbe klii yf ijeutfv ja ys batfgr!” 3tZ9Ls

Vtfc Tejc olcjiis kbxf eq. Lf bqfcfv obuus fsfr, jcv atf olgra atlcu tf vlv kjr ab wjxf regf atja Wljb Kjcudle kjr ralii tfgf.

Coafg olcvlcu atja Wljb Kjcudle kjr ralii lc tlr jgwr, tf cehhifv Wljb Kjcudle’r cfmx klat tlr ojmf yfobgf olcjiis gfifjrlcu tlr tbiv bc Wljb Kjcudle.

Under the eyes of everyone in the Reincarnation Team, Xiao Tangqiu could only stubbornly pretend that nothing had happened. He turned to look out the window and pretended to look at the scenery.

The top of the bed was facing the only window in this room. The window was made of paper and did not block the light at all. When the first rays of light shone in through the paper window, Xiao Tangqiu looked through a gap in the window and saw the scene outside… dmPjWQ

The sky had not fully brightened, but many villagers had already left their houses and were holding hoes to prepare for work. They obviously still live the lifestyle of rising and going to bed with the sun.

Of these busy villagers, none of them were elderly, all of them were young and strong. Even the oldest villagers looked like they were only in their fifties.

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The sun was about to come out.

Xiao Tangqiu looked up at the sky. Just as he was about to turn around to tell everyone the news, his vision went dark and a strong sense of dizziness came… What’s going on? MOsrj2

He didn’t have time to speak before he passed out.

When Xiao Tangqiu woke up, he discovered that he had actually returned to the abandoned tunnel!

He was startled and quickly looked around. Fortunately, everyone was here beside him this time.

“What happened? Why did I suddenly faint?” dkCiSM

“Where is this? Wait… tunnel?!”

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The others also woke up and discovered that they were in the tunnel where they first arrived. They were shocked.

“Qiuqiu! Are you okay Qiuqiu?” As soon as Tang Mianmian opened his eyes, he leaped towards Xiao Tangqiu without thought but Duan Hongzhen stopped him halfway through, “What are you doing? Let me go!”

Duan Hongzhen raised an eyebrow, “You should get some better aesthetics, okay. You want to compete with our captain?” qIsAQp

Tang Mianmian silently turned his head and saw that Shen Yuan also called Xiao Tangqiu’s name and rushed over, “Jiujiu!”


Obviously he came first, whether by calling his name or by rushing over, or even by knowing him… Clearly he was here first!

Shen Yuan stared straight at Xiao Tangqiu, “Jiujiu, are you okay?” nYAvw0

Xiao Tangqiu silently avoided Shen Yuan’s burning eyes, “…I’m fine, but why are we back in this tunnel?”

Shen Yuan frowned, “I don’t know, did you suddenly appear in this tunnel before?”

Xiao Tangqiu shook his head, “No, I was on the subway as soon as I woke up…”

“Ah! There are tracks ahead!” StlhXR

Just then, a newbie man yelled in pleasant surprise.

“There are tracks! Does that mean there is a subway here?” The other newbies were also excited. If there was one, did it mean that they could leave this damned place by subway?!!

Xiao Tangqiu remembered the ghost subway from before. Could it be…

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Dang dang dang dangq4wNYF

The sound of a subway moving in the distance sounded extra distant in the empty tunnel.

“It’s the subway! It’s really the subway! There are subways here!”

“Hurry! Hurry up! We can soon leave this damned place by subway!”

The newbies were excited, but the nitpicker put a damper on their cheer in one sentence, “Do you think there will be a normal subway in such a cursed place?” T3BUbQ

Duan Hongzhen also sneered, “Taking the subway back, are you going back straight to hell on the ghost subway?”

Dang dang dang dang

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The sound of the subway was getting closer, and Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help shouting, “Let’s go and see!”

Shen Yuan immediately made a decision, “Go!” y80Swd

As soon as Xiao Tangqiu and Shen Yuan ran, the others naturally followed. The remaining newbies looked at each other for a moment and chased after them despite their confusion.

Xiao Tangqiu rushed in the direction of the sound. He was eager to know if this subway was the one he had seen before. He soon saw the track discovered by the newbie. A subway appeared at the edge of the track!

“A black subway… it’s the one I saw yesterday!”

Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help yelling out. 5xDKZE

A dark shadow appeared at the edge of the track. The shadow became clearer and clearer, it was a black subway!

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“Black subway? I have never seen a black subway! Aren’t all subways white or silver-gray?” Tang Mianmian was stunned.

“Should we find a way to get on?” Duan Hongzhen asked.

Xiao Tangqiu frowned. He wanted to get on, but the question was… how to get on? Was it possible to hop on while the subway went passed them? Wasn’t that looking for death? F3IOL6

As he was thinking, the subway started to decelerate, just like a general subway deceleration before a station. A few seconds later, the black subway stopped in front of them and the doors silently opened.

“What does this mean? Is it inviting us on?” Duan Hongzhen raised an eyebrow.

Tang Mianmian looked around, “No matter how you look at it, there’s no platform here, right?”

They were just standing in a section of this abandoned tunnel. S9AvVM

“What platform does a ghost subway need?” Xiao Tangqiu’s eyes darkened. “Let’s get on!”

After speaking, he stepped first into the open door of the black subway.

The newbies looked at each other, obviously very hesitant. But if they didn’t get on, they could only stay in this abandoned tunnel. The ghost subway it was!

When the last person got on, the subway doors silently closed again. KUrPtz

Soon, the subway started running.

Xiao Tangqiu looked around and realized that the subway was empty other than the 20 of them.

“There’s no one…” Tang Mianmian also realized no one was on the subway. “But in comparison, it’s scarier if there was someone!”

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“Where will the subway take us?” One of the newbie men asked in fear. OTzirP

“Where is the next stop?”

Compared to the previous panic, Xiao Tangqiu was able to observe the interior of the subway calmly this time.

Other than the absence of passengers, it looked no different from an ordinary subway. The inside of the compartment was spotless, and the outside was the tunnel speeding pass.

But unlike last time, they boarded the last compartment this time. Xiao Tangqiu thought about it and said, “Let’s go to the front of the subway.” FsotzM

Shen Yuan and Tang Mianmian naturally had no objections. The newbies hesitated and followed them. After all, they only had two choices, stay here or go forward.

They passed through a few empty compartments and reached the middle. They were about to go forward, but the subway suddenly started to slow down.

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Within seconds, the subway stopped.

“What’s the situation? Arrival at a station?” Xiao Tangqiu looked out but discovered that there was an extra platform outside the glass of the window… Clearly there wasn’t one earlier! y8kK2X

The others were also startled. They were always looking out of the car window, after all, and there was always only the dark tunnel outside. They had never seen this platform before!

“It’s just like……”

Tang Mianmian said dumbly, “…It’s like the platform suddenly appeared the moment the subway stopped…”


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