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Game, Live StreamChapter 59.2

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Although this guy has been picking faults with them, Xiao Tangqiu did not expect that he would actually hit the mark. Next, they were likely to encounter a ghost here and a ghost there… After all, this instance was called Hundred Ghost Night Walk. Even if it’s not as exaggerated as actually having a hundred ghosts, it’s probably going to be close.

Yu Fuling and the others ignored the guy, but Duan Hongzhen asked with interest, “Where? Why don’t we go take a look.” RlM934

Yu Fuling habitually looked at Shen Yuan, “Shen-ge, shall we go and see?”

Shen Yuan looked at Xiao Tangqiu, “Jiujiu, do you want to go look?”

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Xiao Tangqiu glanced silently at Shen Yuan, then glanced at Yu Fuling uncomfortably, and said weakly, “Go then…”

Shen Yuan nodded, “Go then.” 6JkATh

Yu Fuling, “…”

What was this? Their beloved captain turned into a microphone?!!

…And he was even happy being a microphone!

Xue Junli spoke decisively, “Let’s go and see.” ALkO9b

“Hey! Don’t think you’ll scare us like this!”

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Xue Junli and others ignored the provocation from the newbie and turned towards the hill after Yu Fuling. The ten plus newbies suddenly hesitated. Should they continue to follow the Yu Fuling or should they stay, maybe find another way out?

The conflicts of these newbies naturally won’t be taken to heart by Xue Junli. They now only had one focus: to find the “people” hidden in the fog.

The crowd followed behind Yu Fuling and climbed up a small hill. Just as they reached the middle of the hill, the surrounding fog became visibly denser. zKm1rZ

“The fog is so dense, visibility is too low.” Duan Hongzhen tisked.

Xiao Tangqiu quickly took out his nuclear flashlight and played the role of being the light. With the light of the flashlight, they could finally see the road ahead.

This small hill seemed to be barren. Although there were overgrown weeds, there were no green plants growing. Maybe it was due to a lack of people, but the weeds were almost half as tall as a person.

They struggled through the waist-height weeds under the guidance of the flashlight and followed Yu Fuling to the place she was looking for. WEdXMv

“We’ve arrived.”

“Is it here?” Xiao Tangqiu looked around with a flashlight. “But there is nothing here…”

Not to mention people, there wasn’t even a ghost; only weeds on the hill.

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Yu Fuling frowned slightly, “This shouldn’t be …” nd5DHF

Aera atfc, Vtfc Tejc revvfcis cjggbkfv tlr fsfr, “Ktfgf.”

Lf tjv pera rqbxfc, jcv fnfgsbcf’r ujhf lwwfvljafis vjgafv abkjgvr atf vlgfmalbc bo tlr rluta. Pa aegcfv bea atja atfgf kjr j teuf gbmx lc atflg yilcv rqba, jcv yftlcv atlr teuf gbmx, atfgf kjr jmaejiis j ktlaf-tjlgfv biv kbwjc tlvlcu!

This old woman was very thin and almost inhuman looking. Her limbs were as thin as a skeleton, her hands and feet were only a layer of wrinkled skin around her bones, and her face was covered in wrinkles like orange peels.

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Her hair was completely white, her back hump was very severe, her clothes were rough and torn, and she could barely cover her body, which had her curled and shivering in the cold wind at night. qSOzDo

After seeing Xiao Tangqiu and others, the old lady shivered even more. She was already very thin and small, when she curled up, she became even smaller. From a distance, she almost looked like a little child.

Xiao Tangqiu had a fright, “Is that a human? Or a ghost?”

Tang Mianmian also cried out, “How can a normal old lady stay on this hill alone in such cold weather?”

Xiao Tangqiu is also very suspicious, but usually, they only trembled from seeing ghosts, how could a ghost tremble when it saw them? Was Shen Yuan so famous that even the ghosts in the instances knew his name? Was he known as the Ghostly Terror of the City of the Abyss? 3d1qFw

Shen Yuan spoke lightly, “She is a human.”

This was definitely a judgment full of authority. Since Shen Yuan said that this old lady was human, then she would not be a ghost. At least not yet.

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Xiao Tangqiu took a step forward and asked, “Grandma, it’s so late, why are you here alone?” Was this old lady going to be the first NPC they encountered in this instance?

Seeing Xiao Tangqiu approaching, the old lady shivered even more and she shrank into a ball, unwilling to answer. mQtJTh

Yu Fuling saw this and showed a kind smile to the old lady, “You don’t have to be afraid, grandma. We are not bad people. We just saw you alone here and were afraid you might be in trouble, so we came to check.”

Probably because Yu Fuling was a girl, the old lady lowered her vigilance a little, but she still shook a lot. She shivered and said, “You… you guys hurry and leave!”

“What’s wrong? Are you in trouble?” Sai Lulu asked.

The old lady shook her head desperately, “I’m not in any trouble… you outsiders, leave quickly!” 1FPREJ

Yu Fuling and Sai Lulu glanced at each other and spoke at the same time, “Grandma, if you are in any trouble, just say it. Rest assured, we will help you.”

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“Yes! Grandma, don’t be afraid!”

The old lady shook even harder, “No need for your help! You outsiders! Hurry up and leave! I’m begging you!”

Seeing the old lady almost burst into tears, everyone was surprised. Wasn’t this supposed to be where an NPC gave them a task? They wanted to accept the task, but the NPC ended up not wanting to give it to them? gGX 3Y

Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but stare at Tang Mianmian. What’s going on? Had the conditions for starting the task not been triggered yet?

“Grandma, there are wolves and wild beasts in these hills. Are you sure you want to be alone here?” Duan Hongzhen raised an eyebrow and said.

“You outsiders, just go! Hundred Ghosts Town is not where you should come!” The old lady was very stubborn. She didn’t seem to hear the howling and unidentified beasts coming from far away, or maybe she had heard it, but turned a deaf ear.

“Hundred Ghosts Town?” Xiao Tangqiu froze, “Is this Hundred Ghosts Town?” K THZi

“Leave!” The old woman’s expression became fiercer, and even bared her teeth, trying to drive Xiao Tangqiu and others, “Go! Get lost!”

Xiao Tangqiu was conflicted, what should they do now?

Just then, a scream suddenly sounded from not far away.

The heart shaking scream broke the deathly silence of the barren hill, but it became even more creepy. tpzMGr


Shen Yuan became alert, “There!”

He looked at the nearby hilltop and everyone immediately rushed in that direction.

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Xiao Tangqiu also quickly chased after them. Because the scream came from nearby — only about a dozen meters — they got there soon, only to see a terrible scene. WsdvEU

A wolf was pressing down an old lady, constantly biting her body. The old lady kept struggling and rolling around, screaming again and again.


“Save her!” Yu Fuling was about to rush forward but was stopped by someone.

The old lady they had met before rushed right in front of them, grabbed Yu Fuling, and at the same time blocked them by spreading her arms out, angrily shouting, “Outsiders! Leave!” N42zmG

Her weak and thin body exploded with amazing speed and strength. She stopped Yu Fuling and Duan Hongzhen who were about to save the other woman, her eyes wide, “Go! Leave!”

Xiao Tangqiu was shocked. The old lady’s behavior was not like stopping them to save them, but more like stopping them from saving the old lady being bitten!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The others were obviously also shocked. Was there some kind of grudge between these two old ladies?

“Aaaaah! Save me! Save me!” The old lady on the ground couldn’t bear the severe pain of being bitten and screamed. 07uBQY

The old lady who stopped Yu Fuling yelled, “Junko! For Ichiro! You have to bear it!”

Junko? Ichiro? These two names …

Xiao Tangqiu couldn’t help but hesitate. He looked again and realized that the old woman on the ground was wearing a kimono, a formal kimono.

“Chiyo… I can’t stand it! Save me! Save me!” JS1Inq

The old lady on the ground struggled frantically and started crying and begging, “I’m your little sister! Save me! Save me!”

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“Junko! Just endure some more! It’s almost… almost over…”

The old lady who stopped them seemed to be unable to bear looking anymore and turned her head.

Yu Fuling and Duan Hongzhen rushed forward. Duan Hongzhen threw out a knife, and it instantly pierced the left eye of the wolf! wASIX1


The wolf howled in pain and was about to run away in agitation, but Yu Fuling was instantly behind it and cut off its head, completely beheading it!

The blade fell, the head dropped!

When Yu Fuling sheathed her Tang sword, the feral wolf was dead, but the old lady on the ground also didn’t seem very optimistic. She was miserably bitten, her intestines burst out from her belly, and her organs spilled everywhere. vRmKhH

“Save… Save me…” The old woman was vomiting blood while begging for help, but they could all see she wouldn’t survive.

Yu Fuling glanced at the old lady, then shook her head silently. Although they had special healing items, this degree of injuries was too much… In this case, only the transfer module from the City of the Abyss could save her.

The old woman’s eyes gradually dimmed, and she knew that she would soon die.

“Junko! Junko!” KARm2I

The first old lady loudly cried and rushed up. She collapsed beside the seriously injured old lady and wept.

“Big… sister…”

The old lady in the kimono spat out one last word before going limp, her last breath gone.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Junko!” Ct5drL

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian glanced at each other. What happened? Just now, it was the old lady named Chiyo who stopped them from saving her sister. Why was she showing such a grievous appearance now?

Shen Yuan stepped forward, calmly breaking the eye contact between the two.

Xiao Tangqiu, “…this, Captain, what do you think is going on?”

Shen Yuan snorted, “I don’t know.” FPHqT3

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  1. This is OOT to this chapter but… I just remember that Qiuqiu has broadcasting skill… So his interactions with Shen Yuan… 🤣🤣🤣 Oops the captain is now too silly to know what to do, he only knows Qiuqiu… -_-

    Is this Junko a sacrifice for something?? I’m curious with how she called them ‘outsiders’… Okay I read too much Card Room -___-

    Thanks for translating, EllaBells!