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Game, Live StreamChapter 55.1


At that moment, Xiao Tangqiu’s mind collapsed. Why was it him? Why was it him, again? Why was it always him? Did he look like such a pushover?

…Alright, it really was like that. LiZ5XE

In short, he was shoved to the ground by the geek, his back felt a sharp pain and his green egg was taken.

“Give it back!” Xiao Tangqiu hadn’t even gotten up yet when the geek’s egg smashed into his face.

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After the geek stole Xiao Tangqiu’s green egg, he threw his blue egg at Xiao Tangqiu’s face so hard that Xiao Tangqiu saw stars.

Although Tang Mianmian didn’t understand the situation, he still automatically rushed toward the geek, “Bastard! Give the egg back to Qiuqiu!” QsxLZk

However, the geek, who had seemed to have weak fighting power, suddenly erupted in his potential. After grabbing the egg, he turned and ran, actually running faster than Tang Mianmian.

“Bastard! Don’t run! Fucking stop for me! Stop!”

Xiao Tangqiu endured the pain on his back and climbed up. He heard the clown’s ridiculous and comedic but death inducing voice, “Dear lucky players, time is running out. The time limit for you to open the egg is only ten seconds. Ten, nine, …”

“Stop chasing!” Xiao Tangqiu immediately yelled at Tang Mianmian, “Hurry and open your egg!”

GqgV d

If they couldn’t open the eggs within the given time limit, then they would explode regardless of whether there were bombs in their eggs!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Mianmian could only unwillingly stop and hurriedly study how to open the egg so that the clown couldn’t trick them again at the last moment. There was a seam in the middle of the egg that it would open smoothly along.

Xiao Tangqiu took a deep breath, there’s practically no time at all to prepare himself. Just as he was about to open the seam, he suddenly heard a loud noise –

“Boom!” db4wXg

His mind blanked with the violent explosion. After a while, he slowly recovered his ability to think… Did the bomb in his egg explode?

Did he die?

It turned out that people could think in the process of dying…

His ears hurt so much. They seemed to be bleeding. Did the noise deafen him… upLgao

At this moment, it felt like time had frozen.

…Wait! That’s not right! He hadn’t opened his egg yet!

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Xiao Tangqiu sobered up in an instant. The blue egg in his hand was still intact and hadn’t been fully opened yet. He didn’t know if he should be relieved, the one blown up wasn’t him.

Dea atfc tf atbeuta bo atfgf yflcu jcbatfg ybwy jcv tf mbeiv bcis mbcalcef ab cewyis bqfc atf fuu. Rb wjaafg ktja, rbwfbcf firf kbeiv yf yibkc eq… Qbeiv la yf tlw? vAZS8r

Lf bqfcfv atf yief fuu. Ktf cfza rfmbcv, rbwfatlcu wfajiilm jcv mbiv ofii lcab tlr tjcvr.

Lf ibbxfv vbkc ab vlrmbnfg j xfs.

A key?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Tangqiu stared blankly for a few seconds before reacting. Was this the key the clown talked about for leaving the theme park? 2Xjp 6

He didn’t die?

He actually didn’t die?

Wait, what about Tang Mianmian?!

Xiao Tangqiu quickly came out from his confused state and raised his head to look for Tang Mianmian. Tang Mianmian was holding the two halves of the red egg and his expression was blank. HlG7jK

Tang Mianmian also didn’t die in an explosion. His red egg was empty with nothing inside.

Xiao Tangqiu suddenly came to a realization and he turned his head to look at where the geek had stood, and it was as expected — there was only a messed up green egg and a body that had been blown to pieces.

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It turned out that among the three eggs, only one had the key and only one had a bomb.

That geek got blown up but Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian were still alive and fine. L4sP98

Tang Mianmian was stunned and took a long time before asking Xiao Tangqiu, “There was a big noise… Did we both get blown up? Are we in heaven now?”

Xiao Tangqiu didn’t say anything before jumping at Tang Mianmian and grabbing him in an embrace, “Didn’t die! We didn’t die! We both lived!”

Tang Mianmian was still stunned, “We both lived? How is that possible… there were two bombs…”

“We’re both alive!” Xiao Tangqiu was so excited that he burst into tears. At this point, the clown’s voice rang again. vzxrb0

“Congratulations to the two lucky players who luckily lived to the end!”

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The moment Tang Mianmian heard him, he began yelling, “Fuck! There can’t be another hidden event, right? Is there an end to this!”

The clown appeared before them with a grin, “All the games are over!”

“It’s over? Is it finally over?” Xiao Tangqiu didn’t know how to react for a moment, but soon he realized something, “We only got one key…” It shouldn’t be that one of them still had to stay? brqDCy

The clown grinned, “As long as you have the key, you will be able to leave!”

“We can leave together?” Xiao Tangqiu was immediately excited. With a single key, he and Tang Mianmian could leave together?

“No, wait, didn’t you say that there are two bombs?” Tang Mianmian still hadn’t processed it. He stared at the geek’s body and asked the clown dumbly. “How come only one blew up?”

The clown grinned, “I said this in the beginning, don’t trust the clown’s words!” a3k5gX

…They were lied to again! Those words were actually just to trick them?

No, not only that…

Xiao Tangqiu suddenly remembered that when Tang Mianmian had given him the egg and also before the geek to grabbed his egg, the clowns had suggestively asked them several times, “Are you sure?” People without resolve might easily have been swayed by the suggestive words from the clown, wasn’t this another kind of “deception”?

If the geek was not deceived by the clown and insisted on opening his own egg, then he could’ve not only lived but also gotten the key to leave. But unfortunately, a single misstep led to eternal damnation. The clown had warned him from the beginning… UMTbJo

“Don’t believe the clown.”

At this time, the clown’s comical and flamboyant painted face showed a big smile, “The time is just right! Congratulations to the two lucky players for successfully passing!”

Just as he finished speaking, the bell tower nearby rang out the hour.

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“Boom!” Wy5uGi

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian looked up at that moment to see the hour hand on the clock tower pointing to six.

It’s dawn.

When the first beam of sunlight shone onto the theme park that was originally hidden by the night, they finally saw the whole theme park. At the same time, everything in the theme park disappeared and turned into dust in an instant.

The body of the clown also suddenly disappeared, leaving only a comical and colorful mask, “…We welcome you to visit again.” nUDVf

Meanwhile, both Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian heard the familiar sound of the system voice.

“Congratulations to dear players on completing the D-class mission Death Playground. The mission objective is to escape from the Death Playground, the time limit is 1 day, the player gets 500 points…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The mission is complete, leaving the instance…”

When Xiao Tangqiu woke up from the transfer module, he forgot to press the button to open it out of excitement. As a result, he almost cracked his head open against the lid of the transfer module. He rubbed the painful bump on his head and quickly press the release button. dsTGme

When he climbed out of the transfer module, it happened to be on the side where Tang Mianmian also climbed out at the same time. The two men immediately hugged and cried. Almost! They almost didn’t make it back!

Tang Mianmian, with his developed lacrimal glands, burst into a flood of tears instantly, “I was scared to death, I thought we were dead for sure this time! I thought we were going to be blown up for sure!”

Xiao Tangqiu also felt a rush of belated and lingering fear. When the clown said that there were two bombs in three eggs, he thought that either Tang Mianmian or he would definitely die today. When the geek snatched the egg in his hands, he thought that he would die for sure, why else would the geek steal his egg?

He never thought that there was a bomb in the egg that the geek had snatched, and that the egg the geek forced on him had the key. If the geek hadn’t been deceived by the clown, the one who got blown up would’ve been him. YEH2xC

If that geek found out from the underworld, he might even be angered back to life!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It could be said that the geek was truly the king of luck. Not only did he get an egg on his first try, the egg just happened to be the one with the key. On top of that, he had perfectly evaded the three rounds before… That kind of luck was really teeth-grindingly enviable!

However, Xiao Tangqiu thought about it some more and calmed down. No matter how good the geek’s luck was, he was now blown to pieces.

Although luck was also a kind of strength, it’s not good to only have luck. To get confident in getting by just by flukes and luck was absolutely not a good thing; how the geek ended up was their example. tBfJsX

The two of them cried for a while before they hurried back to District D.

As soon as he entered the room, Tang Mianmian immediately rushed toward the sofa in the living room, not even willing to make it to the bedroom. He wanted to sleep, “I’m tired to death. I have to sleep for ten days and ten nights.”

Xiao Tangqiu reminded Tang Mianmian, “We only get seven days of rest after finishing a D-level mission.”

Tang Mianmian whined with his eyes closed, “Then three days and three nights…snore, snore…” XykVLd

Seeing Tang Mianmian fall asleep as he spoke, Xiao Tangqiu could only shake his head helplessly. It’s not like his own situation was any better. His nerves were strung up for the whole day so now that he could relax, he almost couldn’t hold on anymore.

A wave of exhaustion hit him and he couldn’t help but yawn. Nevertheless, he still planned to take a hot bath before going to bed, so he turned into the bathroom.

Xiao Tangqiu was half-way through his bath when he heard someone knock on the bathroom door.

He thought it was Tang Mianmian at first and shouted, “I’m still taking a bath, wait for a few more minutes.” bmCIid

However, the knocking on the door didn’t stop, actually getting more forceful instead.

T/N: Sorry, sorry, I meant to upload this a few days ago but I kept getting caught up with other things IRL and didn’t have time to go over it again for edits and such. I hadn’t planned for picking up this novel and it was a bit overwhelming to make time :blobsweats: BUT! I shouldn’t have such a full schedule going forward so the coming chapters should be much faster. Thanks for your patience!

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