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Game, Live StreamChapter 53.2


Xiao Tangqiu felt his heart skip a beat. Sure enough, in the next moment, he heard the clown smile happily and say, “However, there are two entrances in the lucky maze. Only one entrance is correct and the other is wrong. Only the right entrance can get you out of the maze. Once you choose the wrong entrance, you’ll never be able to leave the maze.”

“Of course, even if you choose the right entrance, if you get lost in the maze, you’ll never be able to leave the maze either because you can’t turn back in the maze.” FKGIdy

“There’s only one chance to choose the entrance, so do you choose the entrance on the left or one on the right?”

Xiao Tangqiu, “……”

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Fuck! Sure enough! He knew it wasn’t that simple!

He and Tang Mianmian, two jinxes, couldn’t play this game of luck at all! KCk5MV

He wasn’t afraid of the dangers and traps in the maze but he was afraid to survive the obstacles by a narrow margin, only to find out in the end that they had chosen the wrong entrance from the beginning!

Tang Mianmian obviously wanted to go with Xiao Tangqiu. The two jinxes looked at each other and couldn’t help crying again, I want to reincarnate ah! After this bowl of Meng Po soup, I won’t be a jinx in my next life!

Xiao Tangqiu’s expression changed again and again. At last, he sighed and asked the clown, “Can we leave this amusement park as long as we get out of the maze successfully?”

The clown’s mouth opened wide, revealing a big grin, “Of course…”


What could Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian do?

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Seeing that the dawn of hope was just around the corner, of course they had to bite the bullet.

Xiao Tangqiu asked Tang Mianmian, “Left or right?”

Tang Mianmian didn’t even think before replying, “Men on the left, women on the right.” uoY9PJ

Xiao Tangqiu thought about it and said, “Let’s not be so casual. We only have one chance. If we make the wrong choice, we’ll be finished.”

Tang Mianmian suddenly had a light-bulb moment. “According to my many years of being a jinx, I usually subconsciously choose the wrong option, so why don’t we do the opposite and deliberately choose the option opposite to our first reaction?”

“I’m really too smart ah! My first reaction just now was left, so we should choose right! By the way, what was your first reaction just now?”

Xiao Tangqiu was silent for a moment, “…Right.” li2HfB

The two men fell silent at the same time.

There was nothing wrong with Tang Mianmian’s idea but both of them were jinxes. Under the circumstance that their first reaction was completely opposite, who should they listen to? According to who was more of a jinx?

Just then, Xiao Tangqiu suddenly had an inspiration, “Why don’t we ask the magical king of luck?”

Although both of them were jinxes, there was a king of luck among their teammates urlxPF

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But now things were different. The maze was attempted based on luck and intuition. Wasn’t this what he was best at?

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Soon, the other four people chose the door on the right, but they couldn’t enter immediately because they could enter the maze only after everyone had chosen an entrance. djRKt7

After hesitating for a moment, the geek confidently chose the door on the left.

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian looked at each other and went along with the geek’s choice.

The geek looked back at Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian and seemed to figure out that these two guys were taking advantage of his luck but he didn’t say anything. Although he didn’t believe Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian, in a dangerous and unknown environment, two companions were still slightly better than being alone, and at least there someone else to take the fall if he fell into a trap.

Finally, all seven of them were done choosing an entrance. gY Fn9

Xiao Tangqiu, Tang Mianmian and the geej chose the entrance on the left and the other four chose the entrance on the right.

“Good luck!” The clown whistled. In the next second, the doors of the two entrances opened at the same time, revealing the dark and deep walkway inside.

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The geek, who was originally confident of his choice, hesitated at once. He urged Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian, “You guys walk in front!”

Naturally, Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian had no problem with that. They didn’t expect this guy to have the courage to lead the way. Anyway, as long as he could make the right choice when encountering a fork, that was enough. I3BVuE

Seeing Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian walk in, the geek also carefully followed up.

After all seven entered the maze, the two doors closed automatically again.

At the same time, the clown’s last words also spread to their ears.

“Remember, don’t turn back!” bBdnji

“Also, don’t look back!”

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The maze was dark. God knows how long they had been walking in the dark before a little light appeared.

This was indeed a maze made up of mainly fences because there were green plants everywhere, which didn’t appear as dark and gloomy. Even the flowers dotted on the fences and the sunlight penetrating through the gaps made it seems as if the lush greenery was full of life.

Everything here didn’t conform to the atmosphere and theme of this amusement park and even felt out of place. The air seemed to be permeated with a fairy-tale innocence and beauty. DdFHmE

However, the more it seemed so, the more vigilant Xiao Tangqiu was. Compared with places that looked very dangerous, places that were calm on the surface might be even more dangerous.

Anyone who had a little intelligence wouldn’t be fooled by the calm on the surface of the maze. Needless to say, the geek who entered a game for the first time had been worried and scared ever since he entered the maze. He looked like he would faint at the slightest hint of danger.

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian were more familiar with the classic routine of the horror game – crisis hidden under the calm. The two exchanged a look and became extremely vigilant.

They walked forwards the entire time but nothing happened and they didn’t encounter the trap that they had imagined. In this way, they came to the first fork road. J6fd p

In front of them were another two roads, one on the left and another on the right, both of which look similar. They had to choose again.

“Left or right?” Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian discussed about it. At first, they studied the differences between the two roads. After finding no difference, they simply gave up choosing and went straight back to ask the geek.

The geek hesitated, “Right.”

“Are you sure? Once we have chosen, there will be no chance to change. We have only one choice and we can’t go back. ” Xiao Tangqiu reminded the geek faintly. hkE40W

The otaku swallowed a mouthful of saliva with some difficulty, “I still think we should go right.”

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian looked at each other and silently followed the geek’s choice.

The three chose the right path.

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After a few steps, they heard a rustling sound from behind. Xiao Tangqiu looked back. It turned out that the fence had automatically moved and closed off the path behind them. The path which they came from had disappeared. No wonder the clown said that they couldn’t turn around, because there was no way back! bTz7FI

Tang Mianmian murmured, “We really can’t go back…”

This meant that once they made the wrong choice and reach a dead end, they really couldn’t leave anymore.

The three continued to walk forwards, and the more they walked, the quieter they grew.

Even Tang Mianmian, the liveliest chatterbox, stopped talking. After all, no one knew whether something would suddenly jump out the next moment and no one knew when a trap would suddenly appear under their feet. It would be bad if they were distracted and didn’t find danger in time. kxMvTw

They were silent and vigilant the whole time, but their journey was smooth and nothing happened.

The three came to a fork in the road again, still one road on the left and another on the right.

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This time Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian didn’t even discuss the matter. They turned around to look at the geek. At the same time, they both asked, “Left or right?”

The otaku hesitated, “Left.” q0n5MU

Xiao Tangqiu nodded, and the three headed for the left.

More silence.

Nothing happened the entire way again.

They came to the third fork, still one road on the left and another on the right. iS3pr

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian forwent the conversation and glanced at the geek. They motioned him to choose a road with their eyes.

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The geek paused, “Right.”

The three headed for the right path.

The fourth fork in the road. wuUkbd

The fifth fork in the road.

The sixth fork.


Each fork had a road on the left and a road on the right. Every time they chose a road, the fence behind them would move and close off the road on its own. They choose, then walked forwards, repeating the same thing the entire time. Towards the end, they were almost numb to it. m0B2V4

The time the geek took to make a decision also grew shorter and shorter. In the end, his choice was entirely based on his intuition.



“Left.” PZ0sde



The journey was calm and smooth, without any accidents. The maze seemed as calm as its surface, as if it were just an ordinary maze.

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Although Xiao Tangqiu silently kept track of the forks they passed through, as they passed through more and more forks, he couldn’t help but wonder if they had made the wrong choice at the beginning. Perhaps, they had been circling around in the maze, so that’s why they couldn’t find the exit. XQCl p

Although there were only two roads at each fork, each road was quite a distance and the scenery on both sides of the road was the samel. Even if it was beautiful at first, one would grow numb to the beauty eventually.

Under Xiao Tangqiu’s repeated doubts, they finally reached the ninth fork.

Xiao Tangqiu gave the geek a look. The latter didn’t bother to speak. He returned the same look to him.

Left. J5jbyN

The three men walked wearily to the left in silence. They didn’t know how long they had walked in the maze. The passage of time in the maze seemed to be extremely slow and each road felt extremely long… Fortunately, the road after the ninth fork finally began to change.

At the end of this path, were the four people who chose the other maze entrance in the beginning!

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  2. I don’t normally comment, but i just wanted to say this maze scene reminds me of the fourth movie of the Harry Potter series in where Harry was in a maze, and man did that freak me out so reading this combined with the tale of where the husband was told to never look back and just to keep holding onto his wife’s hand really made me super scared for XTQ and TMM. Keep up with the good work Darling, can’t wait for more of your translations!

  3. Two options: One, the clown lied. (Under the assumption that the clown lies, can they even be sure they’d be able to leave the amusement park after they finish the maze?) Two, the clown didn’t lie, and the four players in front are no longer the four players they know.

    And yes, I’d be that person in a horror setting who makes everything worse by speculating too much lol and possibly setting death flags for myself

    Thanks for the chapter!