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Game, Live StreamChapter 52.1


As soon as her voice fell, the black worm rushed towards them in the water!

Although Xiao Tangqiu didn’t know what would happen if he was bitten by the worm, he didn’t want to know the consequences were so he quickly dodged. It was very difficult for him to move in the water, but fortunately, the black worm obviously didn’t know how to move in water. It struggled around in the water without. 5qKDIZ

According to Xiao Tangqiu’s guess, the black worm was most likely the girl’s weapon or prop and it could also be a skill card or a special skill card.

Whatever it was, it proved that the girl wasn’t a newbie who had entered the replica for the first time. She was probably an old player who had experienced several instances or else she wouldn’t have been the first to successfully kill a newbie and seize her identity so smoothly. Moreover, she managed to conceal it for so long without being discovered. As for the others, they should all be new players who entered the instance for the first time. Otherwise, how could only one person succeed so far?

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At the same time the black worm launched an attack, the girl took out a whip out of nowhere and hurled it at Xiao Tangqiu.

God knows if it was because of her great strength or if the whip was made of some special material because the wall behind him was shattered by it after he dodged to one side! GurZgS

The girl cracked the wall of the house with her whip!

Xiao Tangqiu and Tang Mianmian were shocked but what surprised them the most wasn’t the fact that the wall had been shattered, but that what emerged after the wall was torn apart wasn’t steel and iron but a dark abyss!

Even if they destroyed the house, as long as they couldn’t find the key, they would never be able to leave this room!

Seeing the two men’s faces filled with shock, the girl burst out laughing, “It seems that you’ve also discovered that if you can’t find the key, you’ll never be able to leave here…” Even if it was difficult, ordinary escape rooms could be violently dismantled by physical force but this strange and mysterious room was inescapable with that method. Even if they tore down the house, they would never be able to escape. J0SBbW

Suddenly, Xiao Tangqiu sneered, “Although we can’t get out, you can’t either!”

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Hearing that, the girl’s face suddenly became cold. He knew at once that he was right.

“Although you’re dead and have become evil spirits, you will still ‘die’ again…” Xiao Tangqiu said coldly. “On the previous roller coaster event, two of you also ‘died’ as well, so that means that you can also ‘die.’ Even if you’ve found other people to take your place, as long as you can’t find the key to leave, you will still die!”

As soon as Xiao Tangqiu finished speaking, Tang Mianmian suddenly cried out. God knows when the other man quietly lurked behind Tang Mianmian and while the latter wasn’t paying attention, he grabbed his neck, trying to strangle him to death. 5aK F3

“Go to hell!” The man’s eyes showed resentment. “As long as you are dead, I can live!”

“Fuck your granddaddy! Laozi isn’t going to be your sacrificial lamb!” Tang Mianmian screamed and grabbed the man’s neck with one hand. The two men squeezed each other’s neck with all the strength they had.

The girl looked at Xiao Tangqiu with resentment and said, “Even if I die here in the end, I want to watch you die first!”

The whip in her hand flew toward Xiao Tangqiu but this time he didn’t move away fast enough and was severely lashed. Fortunately, friction was greater in water so it weakened the force of the whip. In spite of this, Xiao Tangqiu almost vomited blood. iXvmp0

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Xiao Tangqiu laughed coldly, “You must be an old player who has experienced several instances. How does it feel to die in this D-level instance? I bet you never thought that you would fall in this kind of low level instance!”

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“C abaji bo rfnfc qijsfgr lc atf ijra yjamt fcafgfv atlr mbqs jcv kfgf jii vfragbsfv?” Wljb Kjcudle vbvufv ktlif agslcu ab oluta yjmx atf qjlc. “Szmfqa obg sbe, atf batfg rlz qfbqif kfgf jii cfkylfr. Gbc’a sbe offi jrtjwfv?”

“Let me guess, you were the only old player in the last batch, and the other six were newbies, so you were arrogant for a moment and looked down on this instance. But in the end, you not only lost your own life, you also caused the whole group to go down with you!” Xiao Tangqiu laughed. dM1LSG

The girl lashed at him furiously. Even though there was friction in the water, Xiao Tangqiu’s clothes were still torn into strips. He also had several more bloody wounds on his body that oozed out fresh blood.

“No, the group didn’t die because of you… You died as early as in the third event… Isn’t that ironic? At the beginning of this instance, you killed the girl and replaced her when everyone wasn’t aware. But now you’re back in this escape room again and the result is still the same. You can only die in here… “

“You thought that you’ve changed it all, but in fact everything nothing has changed. It really is a cycle of cause and effect and retribution doesn’t feel good…”

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“Shut up! Shut up!” Di9j8Z

The girl was completely outraged. She poured all her strength into the whip and lashed it at Xiao Tangqiu, hitting him with all her strength!

Right now!

Xiao Tangqiu’s eyes sank and his body immediately tilted, dodging the whip and revealing the man behind him who was still choking Tang Mianmian’s neck. The whip fell violently on the man’s back!

“Ahhh!” KslTcM

The man let out a scream. A bone-deep wound instantly appeared on his back as he fell to the ground screaming in pain.

But the wound on his body didn’t shed blood. Instead, there was a thick black gas.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Mianmian was finally saved. He gasped for air but accidentally took a big gulp of water. That was when they noticed that the water level in the room had already passed their mouths.

“You dare to fool me…” dOLsaJ

Only then did the girl react. It turned out that Xiao Tangqiu kept provoking her just now in order to distract her attention so as to lead her to kill the man with her own hand.

In an instant, she became even more angry and pounced violently on Xiao Tangqiu.

Xiao Tangqiu knew that he had completely infuriated the enemy and made her crazy, but under the circumstances earlier, he could only do so.

……But what should he do next? xWiNer

Xiao Tangqiu didn’t want to die with this girl at all. He tried to dodge, gritting his teeth while he launched his special skill card for the last time.

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“Indeed as expected of the streamer and his buddy! This is definitely true love! I ship this CP!”

“YOOOOOOOO~ What deep, true friendship!” 5X6Cy

“I’m crying, I’m crying! Once again, I’m shedding tears for other people’s love story!”

“What is this beautiful friendship?! When the fish cries, the water knows. But who knows when I cry?”


…… lbYD0k

Xiao Tangqiu, “……”

Is! Now! Really! The! Right! Time?!!!

How did they see that Tang Mianmian and he were lovers?!!!

……Hello? CvBYg6

Did anyone want to give some advice or props?

As Xiao Tangqiu once again fell into despair over his live channel, a comment  suddenly drifted past his eyes.

“Then again, how exactly is the streamer supposed to find the key? I remember that the clown gave a hint just now, but I still haven’t figured out what that hint means. “

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…… jzdbxv


Yes! The clown gave a hint earlier!

Xiao Tangqiu’s fuzzy brain was suddenly clear and bright. That’s right! The hint!

“The key is in the most dangerous place.” Z5fBXz

The most dangerous place.

Where was the most dangerous place?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although the house was full of dangers, there wasn’t a specific place that was the most dangerous. The “most dangerous place” probably didn’t refer to a specific corner of the house, but to the moment when the house completely became the underwater chamber.

When this house was completely transformed into a water dungeon, they would never be able to escape from this room. So once the time comes, this entire house would become the most dangerous place! AeSHFt

The “most dangerous place” shouldn’t be a place prompt, but a time prompt!

Blessings can lead to misfortune and vice versa. Perhaps after danger comes the opportunity to live.

And the most dangerous place may be their only way to escape from the underwater chamber!

Xiao Tangqiu finally understood. At this time, the water level in the house was high enough to reach the top of an adult man’s head. He had to try his best to float in the water while avoiding the girl’s whip. vUGha

Even though he tried hard to dodge, he was lashed several times.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The girl was completely enraged by him. The whip in her hand showed no mercy at all. Almost every lash was capable of splitting a person’s flesh. If it weren’t because they were in the water and the current slowed down her attack speed, Xiao Tangqiu would have been killed with one blow.

Although Tang Mianmian rushed over several times to help, he only had a multi-functional Swiss Army knife in his hand. Every time he went closer, he was whipped into the corner in an instant and was in a sorry state.

His heart grew more and more urgent and he was dodging faster and faster, not only because of the madness of the girl, but also because the water level in the room was rising higher and higher now. If they couldn’t find the key, he and Xiao Tangqiu would both die here! jFzfyw



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