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Fei Pin Ying QiangCh53.1 - If You Love Someone, Then Let Them Go (II)


Li Xiuqi packed up his brushes and ink. As he was preparing to take a break, he suddenly heard a knock at the door. Someone said from outside, “Brother Li, are you sleeping? It’s me.”

Li Xiuqi said, “Brother Cao, come in.”   vJakRo

Chuckling, Cao Manjin entered the room with a pot of wine. Li Xiuqi furrowed his brows a shade. After Cao Manjin took a seat, a deep sigh escaped his lips, a grunt following suit. He poured some wine.

Li Xiuqi said, “It’s late into the night. Our meals have already been digested, so drinking wine now will be adverse for our health. Brother Cao had better drink tomorrow.”   

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“I’m not drinking for myself. I just find it unfair for you.”  

Li Xiuqi fell silent. fldxpP

“Who in the estate doesn’t know that His Highness was preparing the position of adjutant for you, Brother Li? But now, His Highness has given the position to someone from the inner courtyard. We can’t say that His Highness is making a mistake, but…”  

Frowning, Li Xiyuqi said, “Brother Cao should mind your words. Don’t mention that this position was prepared for me anymore. From the start, we are His Highness’ aides and advisors. Naturally, it is our duty to strategize for His Highness. If we only care about things like official positions, then what use is keeping us here for His Highness?”  

“Brother Li, don’t be riled up, don’t be riled up. Drink, drink,” said Cao Manjin, not at all bothered.  

Discontent, Li Xiuqi looked at him. However, he no longer refused the wine and drank a cup.


After Li Chen left for morning court, Qi Yunruo managed the accounts in the small study of the western side room. He watched as his figure shrank into the distance. Lowered his head, disappointed. It seemed reality proved different than what he had imagined life would be like after returning to the estate. On the day Qi Niqun had left Ink Lotus Courtyard, Qi Yunruo felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart. His Highness did not stop him from moving out of Ink Lotus Courtyard’s main wing.

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At that moment, a young servant girl rushed in and said, “Sir Qi, Her Highness has invited you over.”  

Qi Yunruo grunted his in acknowledgement, looking at the servant girl.  

“It’s about the reconstruction of Her Highness’ personal storeroom. May your honored self come discuss it with her.” The young servant girl bowed.   BIjFw8

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“Alright,” said Qi Yunruo, nodding. He led Lulan and Yu Zhi to the inner courtyard, following along the lake.  

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Qi Yunruo looked at him. Thought for a moment. “You are Eunuch Qian?”  

“Yes, it is this slave.” Once Eunuch Qian had stood up straight, his face carrying a smile. “Word has it that Sir assumed office as the adjutant of the estate, so this slave immediately wanted to approach your honored self and kowtow. This slave will make things clear: this slave manages this place. In the future, your honored self will find it more convenient supervising this place.”   dlR0Bw

Still looking at him, Qi Yunruo said, “Eunuch Qian can discuss these matters once Lakeside View House has finished construction. Presently, things are complicated. Eunuch Qian should expend more effort.” 

“This slave thanks Sir.” Eunuch Qian saluted once more, a smile on his face.  

Qi Yunruo made his way to the front of Winter Plum Courtyard. Granny Cheng had personally come to receive him. Also present, Granny Song said, “The rest of the concubines have already arrived.”   

In a soft voice, Qi Yunruo replied, “Thank you Granny Song for telling me this.” Then he frowned. Stopped in his tracks. “Does Granny think it’s suitable for me to enter?”   RpyJ7G

Granny Cheng said with indifference, “There’s nothing unsuitable about it. Sir hasn’t done anything wrong, and your honored self did not take the initiative to come here.”  

“Mm.” He nodded.  

He wore his official robe, an egret sewn on a background of red. The moment he had entered the main chamber, Qi Niqun took a light sip from her teacup. Qi Yunruo had only taken two steps past the doorway when he said, “Greetings to Princess Consort and the other concubines.”   

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qi Niqun glanced at him. “Are there any regulations regarding the reconstruction of the personal storeroom?”   dKd6Dv

“There are.”  

Two years ago, Qi Niqun had Qi Yunruo come meet the secondary consorts. Now, he was no longer the weak dowry escort. Rather, he had become a true official belonging to Prince Chun’s estate. A sigh escaped Qi Yunruo’s lips. “The day after tomorrow is a good day to start the project. Tomorrow, an official from the industry bureau will arrive to measure the dimensions and draw out the blueprint. After that, the workers will start their work.  To avoid having the workers see Princess Consort, Drawing Brows Courtyard will be tidied up in the afternoon. May Your Highness go there during the day. Wait until the workers leave before returning to Winter Plum Courtyard.”  

Indifference to her words, Qi Niqun said, “Then let’s go with what the adjutant says. Right now, you’re the one in charge of the prince estate. From now on, when there are any problems, hopefully Sir Adjutant will help us without a problem.”  

“If it’s within my authority, I will definitely do so.”   nA1SJV

Qi Niqun nodded. “In the future, Sir Adjutant will be managing the estate. These sisters here will naturally have things for you to do. Today, everyone take a look… Another thing is, just now when you had mentioned Drawing Brows Courtyard, I originally thought to tidy it up for the new secondary consort. If the imperial edict comes now, it’ll be inconvenient.”  

Consort Ji’s expression spoke of bewilderment and uncertainty. “A new secondary consort? Has one already been agreed on?”  

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Consort Wei kept silent. Her gaze shifted between Qi Niqun and Qi Yunruo.  

Qi Niqun continued to say, “Sir Adjutant, these matters originally should not be told to you. However, Sir Adjutant’s status is special. There’s no harm in you telling His Highness my original plans for Drawing Brows Courtyard. His Highness is young and vigorous. It’s the best time to have children. If there’s only old people in the prince estate, it’s fine to bring some exquisite and young women from the outside. We don’t know what the new secondary consort’s temperament would be like. If His Highness would like, this concubine can inquire about it secretly during social events.”   yZOiaj

Consort Wei did not reveal even a trace of a smile on her face. Consort Ji’s expression grew worse and worse. The others, including Concubine Ying and Tertiary Consort Li, all lowered their heads in silence.  

Qi Yunruo’s expression did not change. “I will pass this on to His Highness.”

Qi Niqun grunted in acknowledgement.  

Consort Wei used Xiao Qiao’s hand as support as she left. Mu’er was still asleep. She looked at her son. Leaned against her chair for a short while, when her ears caught a clatter.     NZlsRQ

Frowning, Xiao Qiao shut the windows and door. Consort Wei watched as the eyelids of Mu’er moved before growing calm again. A wave of relief washed over her that he didn’t wake because of the noise, expression growing neutral. Xiao Qiao said, “Consort Ji is too much.”  

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“It’s getting harder and harder for her to keep composure.”  

Near whisper, Xiao Qiao said, “This slave has heard that before His Highness left the capital, Consort Ji wanted to work with the princess consort in eliminating Adjutant Qi. However, Adjutant Qi had left with His Highness.”  

A smile graced Consort Wei’s lips. “Let them fight. No matter what, I’ll be here watching…” Opposite from them, the racket grew louder and louder. There was even a scream of a maidservant. Consort Wei’s gaze fell upon Mu’er. Indeed, he was woken up by it. She clenched her teeth. Firmly said, “It looks like I must move out!”   rq5bhA

In the wing opposite of Consort Wei’s, Consort Ji said with rage, “Cheap thing! Why are you screaming?!”  

On the face of a pretty maidservant slid a long cut. Scared witless, Pei’er stood at the side. Consort Ji was angered to the point of laughing. “Why are you dressed so nicely? If you worked in the other wing, then His Highness could see you when he visits his son. But His Highness would not come here. So your plan has failed!”   

The maidservant knelt by Consort Ji’s feet. She didn’t have the chance to wipe the blood from her face as she sobbed. “This slave hasn’t planned anything. Today, this slave just put on these clothes after waking up. This hairpin was given to this slave before by Your Grace.”

Consort Ji kicked her away. Sneered. “I rewarded it to you? You just want me to promote you to a concubine! Too bad! Unfortunately, I, your master, haven’t grown so old that I would need to promote a servant girl. Pei’er! Tell her to never appear before me again.”   01v7yZ

With a trembling voice, Pei’er said, “Yes…” She removed her ring from the hand that was hidden beneath her sleeve. Dragged the sobbing maidservant, Yan Hua’er, outside.    

But Consort Ji was still furious. She swept her cold gaze through her own maidservants. The crowd of girls dared not make a sound. Consort Ji said, “If any of you have delusions of being promoted to a concubine, leave now. Don’t dirty my eyes.”  

Apart from the women who had followed Prince Chun out of the imperial palace to his own estate, such as Concubine Ying and the others, they were all maidservants. Consort Ji was the first woman that had a status in Prince Chun’s estate. Yet, they only had a short year of sweetness. For this reason, she couldn’t accept that she had lost favor. Couldn’t accept that the prince liked other people. But people like Ji Huan, Wei Qiang, Qi Niqun, and Qi Yunruo just had to keep appearing. Just had to keep stealing away His Highness’ attention from her. Consort Ji truly wanted to kill them all. Really wanted His Highness to only have her. Other than herself, there was also her son, and he was His Highness’ eldest son. At present, he was quick-witted with his speech, lively and adorable… If he was conferred the position of heir… Consort Ji’s heart thrashed against her chest. In any case, the princess consort had yet to give birth to a son.  

After Qi Yunruo had left Winter Plum Courtyard, Qi Niqun rubbed at her forehead as she sat. Granny Song said, “Don’t tell me a new secondary consort is actually coming?” XFljH9

Qi Niqun said, “Have Qi Yunruo ask.” It was unsuitable for her to ask the prince. If it was true, what kind of reaction should she have? Did the emperor actually hate her? If not, then she would be believing the person who had spread the rumors, and would perhaps inspire the prince’s dislike.  

Once Qi Niqun had returned to her courtyard after her dispute with the prince, she had regretted it. She shouldn’t be like this. Shouldn’t reveal the jealousy of a shrew. That man did not like jealous women. She had to be like her mother, who gave her father two of her personal maidservants as concubines, and permitted her father to take Concubine Liu, whose father was a steward, as a concubine. She herself must not be jealous. She had to wait for Qi Yunruo to grow jealous. Wait for the prince to spurn him. As long as the prince’s attention returned to the inner courtyard, then she could get the prince to look at her again.  

She must have a son.

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Consort Ji is truly crazy. That, or she’s wicked to the core… gJBxM6

Next chapter, some angsty fluff (is that even a thing?:blobidea:)

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Translator's Note

撞. This can mean “bump into” or offend. In this case, it’s closer to offend. However, they don’t mean it in the same sense the word is used in the modern age. Back then, men outside of a married woman’s husband cannot see the woman normally. So for the workers to see the princess consort would be “offending” her. That’s why, I used the word “see” instead.

Translator's Note

For those of you who have forgotten, this is Consort Wei’s name.

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  1. I think Consort Wei is the most dangerous one. Unlike Qi Niqun and Consort Ji she can wait (and probably scheme) patiently; besides, she’s unhappy with her position, not being the legitimate wife. Little Qi has enough on his plate – complicated accounting issues, the prince’s dissatisfied aides, crafty eunichs – he doesn’t need another headache. Li Chen should really take time to comfort and reassure him a bit.

    Thank you for the translation! ❤

  2. Ohh new chapter just as I finished reading the last one (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃ I want to hug little Qi, He and the Prince have to reconnect. No more schemes I say, knowing there will be more schemes.

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