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FOG [e-sports]Chapter 40


Chapter 40

Yu Sui didn’t lose his composure as the operations department systematically dismantled this black pot that he’d been shouldering all these years. He didn’t lose it as his old fan cherished the memory of his difficult six-long-year career. But right now, seeing his account from two years ago on his gaming client, Yu Sui found it a little difficult to bear. fOy4cN

This account was his very first account in the game.

Yu Sui was only fifteen at the time. If he used his own credentials to apply for a game account, he would have been subjected to the underage safeguards and he would be limited to two hours of play a day. Therefore, Yu Sui secretly used his father’s ID card when he registered an account.

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After playing for less than three months, he was contacted by almost all the domestic clubs. Later, he joined Team Knife Edge. According to the rules, after officially registering as a player, the league would assign him a player-specific account. Yu Sui had already invested more than 20,000 yuan on this account at that time. He’d been using a limited edition no longer available skin on this account and felt it would be a pity. He wanted to continue to use his own account. By special approval of the Chinese Regional League, they modified his account information and upgraded it to a player account.

After that, Yu Sui took this account to FS with him. With it, he won the domestic region championship, won the world championship, and won the world championship again. tmIenR

This account truly carried a lot of glory. Despite lying unused for a long time, it was still the only medic account to climb to the top of the national server. It was still the account that has maintained the number one position in the national server for the longest time. It was still one of the accounts that has won the most number of championships in the FOG league.

Two years ago, after the transfer was confirmed, when the person in charge of the Sacred Sword Club discussed the details with Yu Sui, the person in charge and the league headquarters both had specifically asked Yu Sui if they needed to apply for a cross-region transfer of his account.

Transferring accounts over to another region was a complicated affair but this was, after all, Yu Sui’s account. The league thought it over and felt that it was only right for Yu Sui to be accorded this respect.

After all, this account was also the greatest living legend in the game. Its significance was simply out of the ordinary.


But Yu Sui refused.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Sui directly asked the local division to reclaim his account.

At the time, the person in charge of the transfer on the domestic league side had been very surprised.  He felt that this young man was really cold-hearted. Such a precious account was actually so easily cast aside. Yu Sui didn’t bother to explain.

That day, Yu Sui wasn’t certain if he could ever return to the domestic league. aXVT47

He was nineteen years old then. Two years later, he’d be twenty-one. The number of players who retired by that age weren’t few. The road before him was uncertain. He had no way to know for sure that he’d be able to keep on fighting.

If he retired within two years, Yu Sui refused to bury this account in the European division.

Fortunately, he was now back.

After the successfully applying for the creation of a new team, Yu Sui immediately asked the league to return his and his teammates’ old accounts. He had been waiting for this moment. csRbxp

Who said that Whisper was an experienced and steady young man? In his heart, he was still a second year middle schooler.

He needed to come back and he needed to get back his youth.

Yu Sui looked at his game avatar in the login interface and his eyes turned red.

This account that he hadn’t thought about casting aside two years ago was the account he applied for with his father’s ID card when he was fifteen, the account he used for four full years, the account he used to win two World Championships. How could he not feel distressed over it? zW2Eac

In the game’s friend’s list interface, many of his friend had the official label of [Reclaimed and Decommissioned] attached to them. The first item on previous game records list was still from two years ago. It was a passerby game where he and Shi Luo had been teamed up. They won the game. Now as he clicked open that record, all the details of that game were still fresh in his mind.

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“Okay, we haven’t slept for 20 hours. Time to rest.” Zhou Huo couldn’t bear to keep looking. He urged, “Everything for today will be pushed back. Rest first, rest.”

Zhou Huo helped Old Qiao up. “Go to bed, go to bed. Hurry up. Shi Luo… Do you need help unpacking?”

“No.” Shi Luo quickly wiped the corners of his eyes and stood up. He said, voice hoarse, “I’ll do it myself.”

Zhou Huo nodded. “Okay, all of you get up. You’re gonna die if you still won’t sleep. Go, go, go.” OBnjKW

The five of them got up and went back to their rooms to rest. Zhou Huo also couldn’t hold out any longer. He went to the guest room specially prepared for him to sleep in when in the base.

The sun was riding high in the sky, but they were all fast asleep.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At the same time, on the Internet, everyone had yet to recover from the incident with Ji Yanhan when they were blasted by another piece of news.

At the tail end of the 2019 transfer period, the Free Club and the IAC club made announcements one after the other. IAC Team’s FOG division active player, striker Evil, after thorough consultation and agreement, will be transferring to Team Free as a starter striker. Ude26K

In the early morning, when all five of FS’ former members went online one after the other, some of the older players began to vaguely suspect that this was coming. But seeing the official announcement, they still couldn’t help but be excited. Doesn’t this mean they’re all back?!

Naturally, there were still controversies. Setting aside the fact that Yu Sui and Shi Luo’s fans haven’t had time yet to reconcile, many people were still doubtful whether Yu Sui and Shi Luo could play in a team without ill feelings.

It was true that everything before had been a misunderstanding. Shi Luo was different from his other teammates. It was also true that he had zero communication with Yu Sui during the past two years. The best evidence of that was when Shi Luo had played that game with Yu Sui during the live broadcast and Shi Luo failed to recognize Yu Sui. If the two were as good as ever, why was the atmosphere when they met unexpectedly so subtle? Just what was the situation with these two people now?

Over the night, Yu Sui’s fans formed a group to blast Ji Yanhan’s Weibo in anger. After his Weibo account was cleared out, everyone turned to other social media platforms. They went through everything related to Ji Yanhan like they were steamrolling through them. Despite this, their anger was still unsated and so they also blasted all the other lesser executives of Team FS. After killing their enemies with their own hands, they suddenly received word that Evil had transferred to Team Free. Yu Sui’s fans and Shi Luo’s fans met unexpectedly and they felt somewhat awkward with each other. 87mXQf

Immediately shake hands and make peace? That still a little hard to swallow. Continue to quarrel? It wouldn’t be conducive to harmony within the team.

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The fans on both sides did not know what to do, so they worked together to attack Ji Yanhan in turn. Afterwards, they continued to face each other awkwardly.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, everyone at the Free base gradually woke up.

Puppy slept the least. He was the first to go downstairs, order takeout and then sit dazedly on the sofa. Zhou Huo then woke up. He handled some of his business affairs and then looked around on the Internet.  When he went downstairs, he ran into Puppy. “How many people?” ld7Amb

“It’s too early.” Puppy rubbed his eyes. “Each of them can sleep better than the other… By the way, didn’t you say there were some transfer documents that I needed to sign?”

“Yes.” Zhou Huo took a documents pouch and handed it to Puppy. “Your new live broadcast contract is also in it. If you want to read it then read through it. If you don’t want to, you can just sign it. The legal department has already read it for you. ”

Puppy sighed. “I’m gonna read through it myself. Once bitten by a snake, tens years in fear of a well rope, right?”

Zhou Huo laughed. “Alright.” phkTb

At the same time, on the second floor of the base, Shi Luo opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling.

He really was at Free now.

Too many things had happened during the past two days. Shi Luo felt that he had been hotly pursued and attacked by all sorts of incidents, hurrying him up to here. He originally thought it would drag on for a longer time yet. But now, he unexpectedly found himself in Free already.

Shi Luo picked up his mobile phone and looked through it. His WeChat was bursting at the seams. He didn’t feel like going through each of his messages so he simply went on Weibo and searched for information pertaining to himself. NZF3VA

After looking through it for a full half hour, Shi Luo put his phone aside.

Everything else was okay, but his fans were still worried; worried whether he can actually fit well into Free.

After all, the other three players on the team were teammates who had fought through thick and thin for the past two years.

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No matter how you looked at it, he seemed like an outsider. hiST0f

Speaking of being an outsider, Shi Luo has had a lot of experience being an “outsider”.

When he was young and with his mother; he watched as she crossed over by herself into her splendid life. She Luo felt like an outsider.

Later, when he was sent to the Ke Family, he didn’t just ‘feel’ like an outsider, he truly was one.

And then when his mother remarried and completely cut off all contact. Wherever Shi Luo went in this wide world, he always felt like an outsider. K912Zz

Until Yu Sui accepted him into FS.

At that time, Shi Luo actually still regarded himself as an outsider. Unless necessary, he wouldn’t take the initiative to talk to people other than Yu Sui. The others were very busy and had little time to pay attention to him.

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However, Shi Luo didn’t resent his teammates. His teammates just didn’t have the time to pay attention to him. They held no hostility towards himself. At the time, Shi Luo was actually very satisfied with this kind of relationship. He didn’t much like getting close to other people in the first place.

But they were all just human. Later, they came into contact more and more, and before they knew it, they got closer and closer. tH6DN

When he had gotten into that fight, it had been Old Qiao who, afraid that he would cause more trouble but also afraid that he would be caught on tape, had covered his head with a jacket and dragged him out of the hotpot restaurant.

It had been Chen Huo, who openly laughed at him while secretly warning him not to do anything stupid that might destroy himself.

It had been Puppy who normally stayed calm and collected and helped him out of predicaments.

Even if he constantly quarreled with Chen Huo, in the end, was there actual enmity between them? They both just had loose tongues. hX0QLe

In fact, if that incident hadn’t happened back then, Shi Luo probably would have been like most everybody. After joining the team, he would have gradually became friends with the others, regardless of the distance.

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It’s was a pity Heaven didn’t allow it. Before anything, they were forcefully broken apart.

It was reasonable for the fans to worry whether he would be able to properly assimilate into his new team.  Shi Luo had also anticipated this long before.

Shi Luo didn’t care at all. 8dNHu3

No matter how bad, can it be worse than IAC?

Shi Luo looked at his mobile phone once again. He opened his personal Weibo. His private inbox was filled to bursting.

The fans weren’t just worried about Shi Luo’s relationship with his teammates, but also about his relationship with Whisper.

After all, Whisper was not only the captain, but also the boss. If they can’t get along harmoniously, Shi Luo definitely wasn’t going to have an easy time of it. SFgjcR

As he was reading through the messages, a new one that had been blocked before because of his full inbox, suddenly came in. A small fan of Shi Luo’s was very worried. [Evil, we know that Whisper is a responsible captain, but after all, it’s been so long. You keep on insisting on crossing paths him, but can he really treat you like before?]

Shi Luo muttered, “How would I know?”

If this had been two years ago, he could have gone to Yu Sui’s room and forced him to say, ‘you’re going to be nice to me, you’re always going to be nice to me. Go on. Reply to this fan and tell her that you promise.’

Now…… l3yCJb

Shi Luo laughed at himself.

Back then, he got away with a lot of things.

Thinking about it now, it was truly a miracle that Yu Sui was able to put up with him back then.

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What Zhou Huo had asked him in the car last night was still ringing in his ear. Did you like Yu Sui back then? 2HRa76

Shi Luo had been telling the truth. He truly hadn’t understood.

The only thing that was certain was that had they not been separated two years ago, he would have understood already.

Unlike now, where everything has turned into a total mess.

Now it was no use talking about these things. Separation was still, after all, separation. He had grown up. Yu Sui was already twenty-one years old. 0T8igU

Both of them are no longer seventeen and nineteen-year-olds. How could they possibly reinstate that kind of pure, completely unobstructed contact?

Shi Luo had learned a lot of lessons growing up. Nevertheless, the one he constantly reminded himself of was: Don’t ever have expectations of anyone.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

No expectations, no harm.

This was also the reason why he stayed with IAC for two years. DYdjfa

Shi Luo got up and washed up. It’s been two years. Now…he’ll treat Whisper as his boss.

After washing up, Shi Luo put on a change of clothes and prepared to head downstairs. He pushed open the door.

In the corridor, the lights were dim. Yu Sui had the team uniform draped around his shoulders. He was leaning against the wall opposite Shi Luo’s room. He had his eyes closed and was dozing off. Who knows how long he’s been waiting there for.

Shi Luo was stunned. 6MsPpY

As a boss…you shouldn’t be waiting for your players like this, should you?

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Translator's Note

Probably means he’s still in that angsty, fired up age

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