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FOG [e-sports]Chapter 36


Chapter 36

After the last best-of-one match against Team FS, Yu Sui packed up his peripherals a little slower than usual. 9ktRFS

Chen Huo and NSN’s youth trainee had already packed up their peripherals and headed backstage. Puppy noticed that Yu Sui was acting a little different than normal and slowed down as well. He watched Yu Sui, lowered his voice and said, “Before the match, weren’t you being so ruthless and indifferent? In the game, your play was absolutely airtight, so what’s the matter now?”

Yu Sui’s expression was no different than his usual one. He sat in his seat and slowly coiled the keyboard cord. He asked, “What could the matter be with me?”

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“Other people can’t see it but I can see it a little. Mainly because I’m familiar with that look in your eyes right now…” Puppy looked at Yu Sui and nodded. “Yes, that’s it. The day you sent Luo Luo to NSN, you had the same expression. .”

Puppy commented, “Your expression is particularly natural, but your eyes look unfocused.” 7kuB3x

Yu Sui smiled. He unplugged his mouse and got up to head backstage.

Puppy used his mouse pad wrap up all his peripherals. He caught up with him and couldn’t help saying, “You know, we didn’t only want to save FS. We also wanted Ji Yanhan to owe us one, have him send out an announcement to clarify what had happened back… …”

“No need.” Yu Sui walked towards the backstage lounge. “I’m already long used to it, and something like this isn’t worth throwing the game.”

Puppy was speechless. “If this isn’t worth it, then what is?! You’re so used to getting insulted that none of their poison gets to you anymore?”


“You really deserve to be called a f*cking slag man by the fans!” Puppy walked behind Yu Sui and kept grumbling, “You’re really f*cking cruel. Cruel to others and even crueler to yourself.”

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“I have something I’ve always wanted to ask since my debut.” Yu Sui asked curiously as he walked. “Why have they always called me a slag man? I was only fifteen or sixteen at that time. If I’m so cruel, why is it that they just call me a slag man? Shouldn’t they be calling me a wolf-hearted dog-lungs bastard? Slag man seems too gentle.”

“Your situation’s special.” Puppy glanced up and down at Yu Sui. “Look at your figure, look at your face, look at your nine-figure salary at such a young age…”

Puppy said, completely unreconciled, “There are a lot of things that if we did, we’d be wolf-hearted, dog-lungs bastards. But if you did, you’d be a slag man. Understand?” qaXZTy

Yu Sui clearly understood, nodded and added. “Ah, that’s right. Don’t forget, I’ve also been the top medic in the league since my debut.”

“I’m not praising you and there’s no need for you to add on to it.” Puppy wanted to smash the peripherals over Yu Sui’s head, “…I’m so angry.”

“The crucial point though is…” The two turned into the backstage corridor. Puppy said, “When you’re being cruel, you really are cruel. But when you’re being gentle, you really are gentle. It makes your fans and the people around you, both love and hate you. They can’t hold onto you but they also can’t let you go. If this isn’t a f*cking slag man, then what is?”

Yu Sui laughed mockingly at himself. aMd tZ

It was he whose heart had been moved, it was he whose first kiss had been unknowingly snatched away, it was he who had liked someone for so long and it was he who still had no idea up to now if Shi Luo was even bent, but it was he who was dubbed as a slag man.

Puppy saw the young man wearing a mask and sunglasses standing outside the door of Free’s lounge and he slowed his steps.

Yu Sui stopped when he saw the person before him. He put always his joking expression. “…You go ahead.”

Puppy took Yu Sui’s peripherals for him and made his way to their lounge. dEBJkz

Shi Luo heard the movement and turned around to look over at them. He raised his hand to take off his sunglasses. Yu Sui said, “Anytime now, someone could come backstage to do the interview and record video material.”

If they found out Shi Luo had gone to watch the game, it would create a commotion online. What more if they find out he actually went backstage to Free’s lounge. If he was actually photographed here, it would cause no end of trouble. Both of them were clear on that.

Shi Luo no longer took off his sunglasses. He put down his hand and for a time, said nothing.

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Ktf akb rlifcais rabbv ojmf ab ojmf.

Te Vel ibbxfv ja Vtl Oeb, rajcvlcu atfgf lc oeii yjaaif jggjs jcv tf ofia j rfivbw fzqfglfcmfv qjlc lc tlr tfjga.

He really was a slag man.

NSN had arranged a training match with another team that night. As soon as Free and FS’ game was over, Wawa took with him their youth trainee that Free had borrowed. Shi Luo was worried that if he left now, he’d be seen by the fans emptying the stadium and so he hid backstage. Unfortunately, he happened to walk to the door of Team Free’s Lounge and unfortunately, he happened to run into Yu Sui. 0BGA3r

Under the mask, Shi Luo’s lips moved slightly, hesitating whether it would be better to say something.

At this time, almost all the fans must have gone already. He could probably leave now too.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

His current relationship with Yu Sui was too subtle. Every time they meet, they’re put into a difficult situation. Shi Luo kind of wanted to escape. Without waiting for him to speak, Yu Sui cleared his throat. “I…”

Shi Luo looked at Yu Sui. PAe5i9

While he stared directly at Yu Sui’s hesitant expression, Shi Luo was glad he hadn’t taken off his sunglasses.

With the protection of his sunglasses, Shi Luo could look at Yu Sui whichever way and how ever much he wanted, without worrying about exposing too much of his emotions.

Yu Sui pursed his lips. “Today, I…”

“I didn’t drive over here.” Yu Sui unconsciously riffled through his trousers pocket and then he looked at Shi Luo. “Will you be returning to IAC in a while? I can pick you up tonight or tomorrow. You set the time.” KyJInG

Shi Luo was startled, and suddenly remembered what Yu Sui had said before.

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After successfully passing the qualifiers, he was going to come pick him up from IAC.

Unexpectedly, no mishaps occurred. Everything happened as planned. Shi Luo actually felt a bit like he couldn’t believe it.

He said he was going to pick him up so he really was going to pick him up already? Tv8Vj4

Tonight or tomorrow…then, that means it’s right away, right?

Shi Luo was so lost in thought that for a moment he was completely motionless. Yu Sui couldn’t see his expression behind the sunglasses and he frowned uncertainly.

Someone passed behind Yu Sui. He heard a voice behind him and he leaned back slightly towards Shi Luo, blocking the sight of Shi Luo from anyone passing behind him. Shi Luo took a tiny step back.  “Either’s fine…”

Yu Sui nodded. EW29Nx

Silence descended upon the two once again.

Shi Luo felt that the atmosphere was getting more and more awkward. Just when he was about to say that he was going to go, Yu Sui asked again, “Do you have…a lot of things? If you’ve got a lot, should I bring my suitcase along?”

“No, I haven’t got a lot.” Shi Luo paused. “Just some clothes and shoes and my IAC team uniform. My two large suitcases…can hold everything.”

Yu Sui nodded. “Okay.” 5MywaR

The corridor was quiet again.

Yu Sui looked at Shi Luo. “So, tonight…”

“Let’s go for dinner?” Chen Huo suddenly burst out from the lounge. He had his peripherals bag with him and he looked Shi Luo up and down. “I’ve been wanting to ask. Is this a staff member? He’s been outside our door all this time!”

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Shi Luo took off his mask and stared incredulously at Chen Huo. ZoBnTq

Chen Huo choked. “Sorry, Shi Ge. I’m going blind. Sorry sorry sorry sorry.”

Puppy glanced at Chen Huo like he was as an idiot. He looked at Yu Sui and Shi Luo and noticed the not so harmonious atmosphere between them. He tried to probe out. “We’re going to dinner. Shi Luo, you probably haven’t eaten yet, have you? Should we eat together? You can pick the place.”

Shi Luo put on his mask again and nodded half a minute later. “Okay, we can eat wherever.”

Everyone waited for a moment. After confirming that all the fans had left, they exited the stadium and got into the team car. bgCVhI

In the end, they all went to eat hotpot.

When Shi Luo entered the private room, he took off his mask. Yu Sui looked down at his phone, all the while not taking a seat. Wittingly or unwittingly, Puppy jostled Yu Sui until he was close to Shi Luo. On the other side, Zhou Huo was also a slick person. His eyes did a sweep of room and his mind cleared up. With his right hand, he pulled the absolutely clueless Chen Huo to sit in the inner side and with his left hand, he pulled out a chair and sat down. In this way, Yu Sui and Shi Luo were forced to sit together.

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Everyone quickly ordered food. At lunch, they were afraid being overly full would make them sleepy and it would affect their play. So basically, everyone just had a couple of bites to eat. They played the entire way through until the evening by which time, their stomachs were already rumbling with hunger. Once the dishes were set, no one talked. Aside from Yu Sui and Shi Luo, who didn’t eat much, everyone else had their heads down, eating like crazy. No words were spoken as each concentrated on their own food. It was half an hour later before they began to slow down, groaning in satisfaction.

“It’s finally over!” Chen Huo sighed. “Seven games in a row… I haven’t played this kind of wheel battle in a long time. Turns out the qualifiers was like this!” ylF3pH

It was also Puppy’s first time playing in the qualifiers. He shook his head and said, “I’m even beginning to suspect that it was designed to test the players. See if their physical condition can f*cking cope. It will eliminate anyone who’s sick, weak or injured.”

Yu Sui slowly ate some vegetables while looking at his phone. Old Qiao frowned. “Why are you still looking at your phone? What’s there to see? Have you gotten addicted to seeing people insult you online?”

Yu Sui put away his mobile phone. “I wasn’t looking at the forums. I think it’s safe to presume that everyone’s cursing me out right now. They must have added another one on my tally of sins… Murdering my master and wiping out my ancestors.”

Yu Sui didn’t guess wrong. Once the qualifiers ended, all the major e-sports forums piled on the abuse. There was another charge levied on Yu Sui’s head: in the qualifiers, he was an ungrateful bastard who kicked his benefactor in the teeth and didn’t know how to treasure old relationships. He personally put an end to any possibility of promotion for the team where he made his debut. 7m5CxM

Actually, under that situation, if Free had played normally, even if there were sprayers, there were only a few. If they really had sent FS to play the rematch, naturally, Team Windbreaker’s fans would curse at him. Only, Yu Sui’s identity was special and the sprayers were taking things very personally. The details surrounding his departure from FS were still unclear and the fans, especially, FS’ old fans still haven’t let Yu Sui off. Now FS has been relegated to the secondary league. Team FS’ fans automatically turned all their attacks onto Yu Sui once again.

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It’s all this traitor’s fault!

Everyone in Free wavered before that last game. It was for FS, but it was also for Yu Sui.

Old Qiao looked at Yu Sui with a complicated expression on his face. “So, tell me, why’d you do it? It can’t be that you’re actually fine seeing them fall?” ACmkOZ

“Of course I didn’t want that.” Yu Sui put down his chopsticks and took a sip of warm water. “During the start of the game, when I saw the team logo in front of the opposite team’s names, I almost thought that was my team logo.”

Chen Huo slapped a hand against the table and laughed. “As it happens, so did I!”

Team FS’ mark, uniform and emblem, were all very familiar to them.

They didn’t recognize any of Team FS’ players who came to play today. But when they went up against that FS, seeing that logo, these three probably thought they were seeing things. The ones they were killing weren’t their opponents, but their own younger selves. jUb37w

“Just now, I didn’t just play a match.” Chen Huo took a sip of cold beer. “… Laozi f*cking destroyed his old home.”

Chen Huo’s eyes suddenly turned red after saying this.

Puppy was holding a piece of tripe between his chopsticks. Hearing this, he grew silent and put it back on the plate.

Chen Huo shook his head and smiled. He wiped the corners of his eyes with his thumb, and looked at Yu Sui. “Whisper, our old home is gone, and we were the ones who personally destroyed it.” yfvOwr

Yu Sui’s expression was as usual. He raised a glass of warm water. “Let’s drink.”

Old Qiao’s eyes were slightly red. He raised his glass as well. “Me too.”

The four of them clinked glasses.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

From out the corner of his eyes, Shi Luo watched as Yu Sui’s Adam’s apple bobbed slightly. He felt conflicted. v4mTyN

After today, FS no longer existed in the league.

Today, what was once the former e-sports holy land has completely disappeared.

“Hey, if the old doesn’t leave, the new won’t come.” Zhou Huo looked at everyone’s expressions and broke the tense atmosphere by calling out. “Hurry and eat, it’s going to be another busy day tomorrow. Yu Sui, you’re going with me tomorrow to swap documents. You have to update the information of your players. Especially Shi Luo’s. His transfer contract is more complicated. Eat up and get to bed early. Tomorrow, you better not dawdle in bed and delay proper business, alright?”

Chen Huo nodded. He wanted to wash his face. He got up and said, “I’m going to the toilet.” LXKu9i

Puppy quietly said, “Come back straight away. Don’t pick fights in the bathroom.”

Shi Luo, who’d been keeping quiet all night, was suddenly stabbed for no reason.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Huo snorted and said as he walked out, “Relax, I’m not a medic.”

Yu Sui was stabbed as well. He drank a mouthful of warm water, pretending not to have heard it. OogK4I

Old Qiao couldn’t help laughing, only Zhou Huo was completely clueless. So, after making sure everyone was full, Zhou Huo pressed the service button and waited for the waitress to get the bill.

Not long after, Chen Hue returned, a strange expression on his face. He sat down and said, “Hey, I have something to tell you…”

Puppy looked at Chen Huo warily. “What’s this? You didn’t actually pick a fight did you?”

“Of course not!!” Chen Huo looked offended and he hesitantly said, “Inside the next room is FS. Seems like they’re having a farewell dinner. Guess who…Ji Yanhan’s there too.” oyQ4g2

Chen Huo had hardly finished speaking, when Shi Luo’s eyes instantly turned bright.

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Puppy and Old Qiao looked at each other and sighed. They carefully advised, “If the bathroom doesn’t have any surveillance…then fighting there should be no big deal?”

Old Qiao hesitated. “Although I wasn’t a medic before I retired, that doesn’t mean I can’t fight…”

Chen Huo gulped. “I’m not gonna hide it from you guys. I really did take a look to make sure. There’s no cameras in the bathroom, none outside it either.” eyrMn2

Shi Luo heard this and felt relieved. Without saying a word, he began to rotate his neck, massage his wrists and stretch out his shoulders.

Zhou Huo looked at everyone, alarmed and fearful. “What’s wrong? You’re not planning to touch that high-voltage wire, are you? Don’t play with me! We’ve just been promoted. If all of you get banned and the team gets disbanded, where will I go? IAC?!”

The waitress came, and the little girl looked timidly at these imposing and seemingly unfriendly faces. “Um… Did someone ask for the bill?”

Yu Sui nodded. “Here.” apvQU

Zhou Huo looked apprehensively at everyone. “You guys, say something! Don’t scare me!”

“Of course, we won’t be picking a fight. What do you think? We’re all professional players. What if we get photographed and can’t play anymore?” Yu Sui signed the bill and looked up at the waitress. His tone was gentle and completely harmless. “Do you keep rat poison here?”


T/N: Seriously, they should just avoid hotpot restaurants all together. What’s wrong with a nice old barbeque, right? Hmmm, rat poison, seems like a fitting poison for Ji Yanhan. updhXg

Translator's Note

Meaning he didn’t give any chances to FS. He didn’t do anything that could possible be seen as throwing the game

Translator's Note

AKA a scumbag

Translator's Note

In the dictionary, this is a cruel man with the heart of a wolf and the lungs of a dog, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

Translator's Note

A tactic that refers to multiple attackers taking turns attacking the same defender

Translator's Note

This is a set expression. I was tempted to use ‘patricide’ but it doesn’t convey the whole meaning.

Translator's Note

Technically, he debuted at Knife Edge

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