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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 4)Chapter 6


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker
[Very slight NSFW]

Zhou Yun Sheng took Xiao An Chun back to their temporary cave. While on the road, he inquired about other’s situation, but unconsciously revealed a bit about himself. Poor Xiao An Chun spoke several times and thought that he had covered-up well. idOchj

His original name was An Chun and he was a medical student. Before his crossing, he had worked as the assistant to the chief physician at a hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. He claimed that he was apprenticed to the healer of his original tribe, so he knew how to identify herbs.

Medical science on the Beastman Planet was primitive. There were healers, but not in every tribe. When people were sick, they preferred to go to the Shaman and ask him to recite a spell or ask for a bowl of holy water from the beast god. There was no healer in the Bayan tribe. Xiao An Chun was eager to spread the techniques of traditional medicine from China, but he never had a chance.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Male god, if you are sick or injured, you can come to me. My medical skills are unparalleled on this planet.” Xiao An Chun proudly bragged, spit flying.

He hadn’t had such good conversation in a long time. The females of the tribe isolated him, and the males lusted and fantasized about him. No one wanted to converse with him. Of course, even if they did, they wouldn’t understand what he was talking about.


However, talking to the male god didn’t give him the feeling of breeding ducks and chickens. Although the other party seldom responded, as long as he smiled or looked at him with encouragement, Xiao An Chun felt like a spring breeze and was overjoyed. He felt that the male god understood everything.

“Good, if I feel uncomfortable anywhere, I’d definitely look for you.” Zhou Yun Sheng did not hate Xiao An Chun’s clamoring. He understood the misery of a solitary exile to the primitive planet.

Zhao Xuan, however, was no longer willing to listen. He bowed his back and tapped at his lover to remind him to not only talk to others, but to take care of his husband’s feelings too.

Xiao An Chun, being fiercely stared at by the golden lion, shut his mouth and raised his hands, surrendering. It made Zhou Yun Sheng laugh repeatedly. He bent down to kiss the big lion’s furry ears and kneaded his chin with tender love in his eyes. RV5qja

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Zhao Xuan was satisfied. He hooked his tail around his lover’s ankle and brushed the tip up his lover’s long leg until he reached his cock, and poked it lightly behind his skirt.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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He shivered at the thought, his red cheeks almost burning, and he didn’t dare to look forward.

After two hours, they finally reached their destination. Zhou Yun Sheng jumped off the lion’s back and invited Xiao An Chun to dinner. It was already dark, and the food would have been long distributed before he got home. He would only be able to eat some wild fruit to fill his stomach. Xiao An Chun didn’t want to go hungry, so he quickly agreed. 621gl9

“Male god, don’t move. I’ll handle it.” With a soft mouth and short hands, he stopped Zhou Yun Zheng from handling the dinosaur meat. He took out two pieces of flint to make a fire. He also made a simple grill and placed more than 100 kilograms of meat on the fire, huffing and puffing. In his opinion, although the boy was several centimeters taller than him, he was very thin and was under the care of the big lion. He must have no power in his hands to tie a chicken, so just let him do the heavy work.

Zhou Yun Sheng found it a little funny, the corners of his mouth silently curving up. When Xiao An Chun almost threw himself into the fire, he lent him a hand.

“I was scared to death!” The meat was so heavy that Xiao An Chun could barely carry it. His head almost ended up burning in the red charcoal. As he patted his chest, he thanked the male god. He pulled out a little of the red wild fruit from his hide pocket, smashed it to pieces with a clean stone, and sprinkled them over the dinosaur meat. The meat sizzled with the fruit, as if there was oil.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes gleamed, and he asked, pointing at the fruit, “What is this?” ba9IAf

“Ah, this is peppercorn, a kind of herbal medicine. It can also be used as seasoning and it smells good on the roast meat. It’s a little spicy and I don’t know if you’re used to eating it or not, so I only sprinkled it on one side. The other side doesn’t have any.” Xiao An Chun took out a piece of crude salt wrapped in leaves from his skirt and spread it over evenly. He wasn’t used to the food that was distributed in the tribe, so he often hid and went out to hunt for food. Naturally, he carried many spices with him.

Although the Beastman Planet was in an alien space, but there were plants from Earth that were also present here. There were also plants here that didn’t exist on Earth. As long as he encountered a familiar, edible plant, Xiao An Chun would collect it, especially peppercorns, black pepper, cayenne, and other seasonings. Those were his top priority.

Zhou Yun Sheng raised an eyebrow. He watched with interest as the quail pulled one spice after another from his hide pocket and sprinkled it over the meat, layer by layer. The fragrance of delicately cooked meat permeated the air. Even Zhao Xuan, who had been sleeping by his feet, opened his eyes and stared intensely at the grill.

Previously, they had been prepared for a tasteless barbecue, but now Xiao An Chun had given them a huge surprise. It wasn’t that they couldn’t make good food, but they couldn’t pass on anything that exceeded the native’s level of culture. Therefore, they ate what the natives ate, and their lifestyle should also match up. undPJd

But Xiao An Chun was different, he wasn’t bound by interstellar law. No matter what he brought to the planet, the Empire couldn’t control it. Although he came from Earth, it was a lower civilization than the Empire, and belonged to a different category of legal protection. He could change everything around him with his knowledge.

Now, he was improving his new friends’ diet, which made Zhou Yun Sheng’s affection for him instantly break through the horizon. Even Zhao Xuan no longer disliked him for disturbing their two-person world.

An hour later, the meat finally finished roasting. Zhao Xuan bit off the freshest piece and placed it in his lover’s mouth.

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Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t mind the saliva at all and ate it slowly. Seeing that Zhao Xuan wanted to bite off another piece of meat and feed it to him, he quickly waved his hand and refused. “You eat it yourself, you hunted hard today. Love you.” He kissed the lion on his wet nose. PXAMNe

Zhao Xuan shook his mane with excitement and walked around his lover, resting his two forepaws on his shoulders. He kept pressing his lips to his lover’s forehead, the tip of his nose, cheeks, and other places. His gestures were very invasive.

Xiao An Chun looked enviously at the couple hugging and playing together. Previously, the combination of beast and human left a heavy taste in his mouth, but when he saw them together, he did not feel nauseous at all. Instead, he thought that they were a heaven-made match.

How much did they love each other? A mere glance, a shallow kiss, and a gentle smile explained everything.

It would be good if only he could also find such a partner for himself, where they could depend on each other. He sighed silently. joPWGJ

Zhou Yun Sheng was full after eating only a piece of meat the size of his palm. The rest went into the silly lion’s wide mouth. Seeing Xiao An Chun tear a small piece of meat and stuff it into his mouth, he sat down and asked for the names and sources of the various spices. Xiao An Chun was a native now, and what they learned from him could naturally be applied in all aspects of life. He was Zhou Yun Sheng’s cheat.

Xiao An Chun was flattered that the male god liked his handicraft, thus not only did he describe them in detail, he also gave the male god a bag of crude salt.

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“You know where to get salt?” Zhou Yun Sheng readily accepted it and continued to ask for more information. Salt was important to living creatures; without it, people would lose strength and slowly die.

“It was exchanged from the mermaids who live by the sea. A red crystal can be exchanged for a bag of salt, so it’s very expensive. My tribe sends warriors to the seaside every six months to buy salt. I heard that they needed to climb several mountains, swim across several lakes, and cross over a prairie to get there. It took two to three months to get there and back and it’s very dangerous. Every year, many warriors die en route.” Xiao An Chun’s wide eyes showed fear and anxiety. o8GjxE

Zhou Yun Sheng kept the information in his mind and continued to ask, “Where can we get the red crystal?”

“Red crystals are rare minerals found in a mountain west of the forest, occupied by the most powerful tribe in the eastern continent: the Renault. Red crystals must be exchanged for food, salt, animal skins, and even females. The Renaults were the first tribe to discover that the red crystals could be used to enhance the power of beastmen, so their warriors are usually over sixth class, and they are the real rulers of the eastern continent. All the scattered tribes must obey their command.”

Xiao An Chun felt that the male god was somewhat lacking in knowledge, so he explained it in detail.

He thought that the male god had such a powerful lion to protect him. Everything that he needed was brought to him by the big lion, so no wonder he was so unsociable. Xiao An Chun guessed that in their original tribe, he certainly hadn’t needed to worry about anything. He looked at his fine skin and soft body, which was smooth like jade. e0qddJ

“The lion is an ancestral beast, so you have no need for red crystals. Male god, you don’t have to go to the Renault tribe. The people there are all ruffians. Whenever they see beautiful females, they will try to snatch them away. If the male god needs salt, I’ll bring it to you later. Never look for red crystals to buy salt.” Xiao An Chun repeatedly told him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled and nodded, extracting the important information from his words. His understanding of the continent became more and more profound. The beastmen here had grasped onto a unique cultivation system and were classified according to strength. The red crystals were the key.

However, as Xiao An Chun said, it really had nothing to do with him.

“Salt is so precious, it must be scarce in your tribe. Keep it for your own use. I’ll find a way.” He rejected Xiao An Chun’s proposal and planned to go to the seaside with the foolish lion in a few days, or to look for salt mines inland. ZiVwJt

Xiao An Chun said that it was alright. From the male god’s firm tone, he increasingly felt that he was a good man. He went back with a full heart and brought a large piece of the dinosaur meat with him.

It’s nice to see ZYS interacting (somewhat) nicely with someone (other than ZX) rather than face-slapping tf out of them lol

Because I have a bunch of chapters stocked up, I’ll be doing extra releases following my VPOHE standards: 3 kofi’s per chapter!


Translator's Note

His name originally is 安陙, but his nickname here is 小鵪鶉 (which means quail), and they both sound the same ([(小)Xiao] An Chun)

Translator's Note

天朝大国, from a reference to the Chinese imperial court

Translator's Note

種雞同鴨講的感覺 -> miscommunication, stupidity

Translator's Note

吃人嘴軟拿人手短 -> to benefit others, give them face, reciprocity

Translator's Note

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