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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 4)Chapter 14


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

[Full NSFW Warning] dyqClP

As soon as Zhou Yun Sheng entered the tree house, he was pushed down by the foolish lion onto the wooden floor covered in soft shark skin. The skirt was tugged away by his rough tongue, revealing his full hips and long, straight legs.

“Slow down!” He hissed, feeling that the foolish lion’s tongue couldn’t wait to part his buttocks and explore his hole. The tongue prickled and rubbed against his tender inner walls. It felt painful and numb, and he rushed out a warning.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhao Xuan’s eagerness had been curbed slightly. One of his forepaws pressed on his lover’s snow-white rear to keep him from turning over, and the other parted his closed legs to reveal his private area. He had already thoroughly licked his lover’s soft hole, and it was very slippery. Along his buttocks, two spheres were pressed to the ground; squeezed, making them look lovely.

Zhao Xuan pulled the tip of his tongue from his lover’s hole and licked the spheres along his buttocks, hearing his sensual moan. Then he flipped his lover over, gently licking at the shaft that was already standing straight up. rEB5Z2

Zhou Yun Sheng raised his hips and pushed himself into the lion’s mouth. One hand scrabbled against the floor, and the other dipped into his wet hole, fingers repeatedly squeezing in and opening it up. His two snow-white legs were bent apart and trembled from the intense pleasure.

“Hurry up, don’t dawdle.” Zhou Yun Sheng had reached three fingers, but his rear still felt incredibly empty. He saw that the lion was still licking his shaft and hoarsely urged him.

His lover’s enthusiastic response made Zhao Xuan growl, full of pride and pleasure. He released the member still overflowing with fluid, slowly pressed his huge body down, and a hot and hard object brushed against the waiting opening, piercing it inch by inch.

Zhao Xuan’s enormous member flattened against his entrance, leaving his lover with a feeling that was unbearable. Zhou Yun Sheng relaxed as much as possible, squeezing back while taking deep breaths and swallowing the foolish lion’s giant. The pain was gradually replaced by numbness and the feeling of an indescribable void. He gritted his teeth and folded his snow-white legs around the lion’s waist and pulled down hard so that their bodies slammed together. cVYT0W

The sense of emptiness dispersed in an instant. The foolish lion’s cock was so large that it pushed against Zhou Yun Sheng’s flat abdomen, the long and thick shape of it clearly visible.

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Zhou Yun Sheng held his bulging abdomen with one hand and gripped the lion’s thick mane with the other. He growled, “Move, you fool. Why are you still distracted? Waiting for a meal?”

Eat what meal? It was enough to just eat you!

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Zhao Xuan gave a low roar and quickly pulled out, two large sacks slapping against his lover’s snow-white buttocks, making a crisp pa pa sound. 8dM3dx

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Itbe Tec Vtfcu’r ifur tjv jigfjvs rilqqfv ogbw atf obbilrt ilbc’r kjlra, offyis rqgfjv bea bc atf oibbg. Llr kjlra tjv yffc yjaafgfv, tlr jrr tjv yffc gjwwfv lcab, jcv atf mtfgglfr bc tlr mtfra kfgf ilmxfv rkbiifc. Pa jii wjvf tlw ibbx nfgs wlrfgjyif.

But he still refused to admit defeat, only letting out moans, mocking the foolish lion for not having eaten his fill.

What Zhao Xuan loved most about his lover was his unyielding personality, especially in bed. His nose huffed, as if he was laughing. He suddenly rammed into him with the force of a jackhammer, quickly pulling out and then shoving himself back in, so that his lover screamed and begged for mercy. VnmCd3

Zhou Yun Sheng could never beg for mercy. He gripped the top of his shaft and forced back his desire to come. His hole, however, clenched down as the lion drove himself in and pulled out. His inner walls coiled around the lion’s cock, trying to wring him out.

The man and beast had an undulating rhythm. Halfway there, Zhao Xuan flipped his lover’s body around and drove into his body from behind with a squelch. He gave a particularly hard thrust into his lover’s hole, sticky and dripping with fluid, and they finally came.

After that, Zhao Xuan licked the white fluid from his lover’s body and drew out more of the slippery liquid from his red and swollen hole using the tip of his tongue. He swallowed all of the liquid into his stomach and was finally satisfied. He pulled his lover into his arms and closed his eyes for a nap.

Zhou Yun Sheng murmured quietly and slowly went to sleep. BI 5MY

An hour later, Xiao An Chun and Bai came back with a big bag of vegetables and fruit.

Kun heard Bai’s roar and returned to the treehouse with a large fish weighing hundreds of kilograms on his back. He untied his wet skirt and twisted out the water.

People of the Bayan tribe had often walked around nude in the daylight, and Xiao An Chun had long since gotten used to it.

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Zhao Xuan had never experienced a primitive tribe’s society. When he saw Kun naked, he immediately stopped his lover, who had climbed down and just reached the ground, and quickly covered his eyes with his forepaw. Then he roared angrily at Kun. mJwdfy

Kun was puzzled, but Xiao An Chun remembered and immediately explained, “The golden lion told you to quickly put the skirt on, so that the male god won’t see something he shouldn’t. Later, pay attention and don’t get too close to the male god. The golden lion drinks a lot of vinegar.” That last sentence was purely an expression of his own feelings.

Kun hurriedly wrapped the skirt around his body and apologized.

Zhao Xuan snuffed at him. While there was still dissatisfaction in his expression, there was no more fury. Zhou Yun Sheng removed several golden hairs from his eyelids and walked into the simple kitchen, as if nothing had happened.

“What is this?” He picked up a bright yellow fruit, as if curious. Gbf3YM

“It’s sour fruit and acidifies the teeth. We never eat it.” Kun took on a derogatory tone towards Xiao An Chun. They had told him many times that the sour fruit couldn’t be eaten, but he still picked it up every time he saw it. No wonder Eddie had to go out with him to look for food, it was to take care of him.

“You guys didn’t know how to eat it. Lemons, if used properly, can enhance the food’s taste by many levels.” Recently, Xiao An Chun had become more and more annoyed towards Kun.

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Looking at the past, he had thought that Kun was steady and mature, that he was a good man. It was only when he was close to the other everyday that he realized how stubborn Kun was. No one could refute what he believed.

Nevertheless, Xiao An Chun didn’t need those people’s opinions anymore, because he had the male god, the golden lion, and Bai, which was enough. He laughed happily when he saw that the male god had stuffed a lemon into the golden lion’s mouth. It was so sour that all the fur on the lion’s body stood straight up, but he still didn’t dare to resist. OqbVGR

Bai trembled, noticed that Xiao An Chun had directed a very mischievous glance at him, and quickly ran away. Xiao An Chun chased after him with a lemon, and the two pairs of man and beast heartily played with each other, leaving Kun out of place.

Kun stood awkwardly for a moment before he squatted down to study the kitchen stand made of yellow mud and stone. After observing for a half a day, he couldn’t see how it was constructed. He shook his head, carried the large fish he had hunted, and found a patch of earth to build a fire on and bake it. The fish was very large and needed to be constantly turned. Otherwise, it would be burnt in some areas and raw in others. It was difficult to master the temperature.

In the tribe, food was handled by the females, and the males were responsible for the hunting and eating things like roasted meat. It wasn’t as if Kun had never done it before, but he had seldom interfered in the female’s cooking. Being hit with the burning scent of smoke, he was a little upset. In addition, when he considered the fish fully cooked, the smell wouldn’t dissipate, which killed his appetite. He endured it silently, even with some anticipation, because Xiao An Chun was placing the cut purple vegetable and dried, salted fish into the tortoise shell to cook, and washed another shell to cook the fruit. As long as they ate this lunch, it wouldn’t be long before he could take their treasures back to the tribe.

As far as the method for constructing the treehouse was concerned, he would bring the Shaman over to take a look. He was so clever, and he should be able to learn quickly. With this in mind, Kun looked at the roasted fish and his grin grew wider. He was in a good mood. SyrdKg

Not long after, a strong fragrance that Kun had never smelled before permeated the air. He couldn’t tell what the scent was, he only knew that he wanted to deeply inhale, sucking it all into his lungs, and he uncontrollably salivated.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan stood side-by-side, their eyes shining with expectation. They hadn’t eaten elaborately cooked food in a long time. Xiao An Chun’s craftsmanship really wasn’t exaggerated. He could take simple ingredients and give them an extraordinary taste.

“It’s fragrant, but don’t be impatient. It’ll be ready soon. Be honest, otherwise you won’t get your share later.” Xiao An Chun patted Bai gently, seeing him stretch out his claws to dig into the tortoise shells.

Bai growled wu wu and nodded rapidly, as if he was acknowledging his mistake, which made Xiao An Chun laugh happily. HiB8bX

Now Kun was very tangled.

He had never imagined how sweet the purple vegetable and red fruit would be when they were cooked. They didn’t smell like poison at all. He covered his mouth and fled, trying to escape the fragrance’s temptation.

“Good, dinner is ready. Kun, are you coming?” Twenty minutes later, Xiao An Chun took the cooked food off the stove and placed it on a round table cut from stone. He had called Kun politely, but didn’t truly welcome him to join. After all, Kun was an outsider, and with him, the atmosphere of their reunion dinner would be destroyed.

Fortunately, Kun was very knowledgeable and pointed at the roast fish, indicating that it would be enough for him to eat. He swallowed the flood of saliva and turned the fish over, watching the two humans and two beasts gorging themselves and hoping that they would drop dead from the poison in the next second. But unfortunately, even when the fish had burnt, they were still fine, and their cheeks were getting ruddier, apparently overfed. UIFeQf

“So full, let’s go for a walk to digest the food.” When the table was cleared, Xiao An Chun invited the male god to a walk in the forest, and the two beasts followed behind them.

No poisoning? No, maybe it was slow-acting. He would continue to wait.

Kun stared at the backs of the group who had just left, his expression incredibly disappointed. After a moment, he cheered up again and tore off a piece of the fish to eat. In order to avoid being choked by fish bones, he ate very slowly. A fishy odor wafted up into his nostrils and made him nauseous.

There were so many wild beasts in the jungle, their meat more delicious than the fish, and the meat wouldn’t stink. Why eat fish instead of them? Even if the forest was occupied by the golden lion, it was temporary. It had fed the ancestors of the Bayan tribe in the past, and would feed countless generations in the future. It would always belong to the Bayan tribe. 0tl839

Kun tossed away a fish bone and smiled grimly. He had begun to imagine how he would be warmly welcomed by the tribe after dragging back the corpses of the golden lion and the Ice Flame tiger. He would have killed two beasts of high blood, retrieved a bag of salt and many red crystals, and reclaimed the eastern forest for his tribe. These merits were enough for him to replace the leader and become the top warrior of the tribe.

It was a pity that a daydream was only a daydream after all. When Kun had thought that the two men and two beasts had died from poison in the forest, they came back and showed no signs of poisoning at all. They said goodbye to each other and climbed up their tree houses to rest, ignoring Kun’s stiff expression.

Kun waited and waited from noon until evening, and from the evening to the next morning, when he saw Xiao An Chun slip down the rope ladder, looking very energetic. He finally realized that the purple vegetable and the red fruit weren’t poisonous.

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But how? Were the ancestors wrong? Kun clenched his fists and his eyes were very dark. L52V8Q

He kept telling himself that his ancestors were right. Maybe the amount of poison was too small and they couldn’t feel it. He’d continue to wait.

Bulge (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

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