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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 4)Chapter 13


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

Meanwhile, Kun’s wounds were recovering as the days went on. Xiao An Chun hadn’t realized that the herbs on the Beastmen Planet were not only bigger than those on Earth, but were also dozens of times more effective. He had thought that the wound would have no hope of recovering without any antibiotics, but the wound had actually healed and only formed a pink scar. kFq8dO

Xiao An Chun was very happy. He wrote the medical record on a slate with charcoal and carefully placed it into a large box. It was a box that Bai had made for him. The wood was very smooth and the craftsmanship was better than modern carpenters’; the claws of ancestral beasts were sharper than a scalpel.

Kun gently touched the scar. There was no gratitude in his eyes for Xiao An Chun, but the resentment had lessened. After all, he had taken good care of him and was very careful and considerate. He still didn’t believe that Xiao An Chun had cured him. He thought that the divine blood played a role, but it was too late for Eddie to see this with his own eyes.

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Thinking of Eddie, his heart immediately went soft. Just when he was about to say goodbye to Xiao An Chun, Bai’s roar came from underneath the tree, and a strange voice chimed in, seeming like it was saying hello to Bai.

There were still other beastmen here? Wasn’t it just Xiao An Chun and Bai?


He thought that Xiao An Chun had committed himself to an ancestral beast for activities, but, in fact, despised his willingness to degenerate. But then he remembered another self-degrading female, and his expression lit up with understanding. No wonder there were two houses built into the trees, there were another pair of partners that lived there.

In truth, he liked the treehouse very much. It was drier than a cave, the air circulated, odors dispersed quickly, and there were many strange things that were convenient to use. He wanted to bring the knowledge of how to build these things back to the tribe, but he couldn’t understand how to make them just by looking.

Kun secretly made up his mind. When he saw Xiao An Chun running out excitedly, he immediately followed. As they slid down the rope ladder, they saw a strong golden lion slowly approaching with a female in a fish skin skirt.

“Catch.” The female laughed brightly, raised his hand, and threw a fish skin pouch over. H7dXsU

Xiao An Chun was sharp-eyed and quickly moved to catch it. When he opened it, he was overjoyed, and jumped and shouted like a madman.

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Salt! So heavy, at least 50 kilograms, more than enough to last them a long time.

Bai was very happy too. He stood up and pushed Xiao An Chun down, carefully licking his cheeks and collarbone with doting eyes. Kun watched the interaction between man and beast, and was somehow a little uncomfortable. He could feel that Xiao An Chun wasn’t as dependent on him as he used to be, and stopped saying strange things to him.

Now, Xiao An Chun had Bai. No matter how hard his words were to understand, Bai would listen carefully and then nod frequently. He couldn’t use his mouth to respond, but his understanding gaze was what Xiao An Chun needed the most. Xiao An Chun liked him more day by day, transferring all of the enthusiasm that would have been Kun’s to Bai. AQxmIS

Because Xiao An Chun favored him when he was betrayed by his tribe, Kun’s heart was a little sour. But he soon suppressed the strange feeling and went forward to talk to the female that had just returned. Buying such a large bag of salt in one go, the other must have some means.

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His facade wasn’t enough to trick Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan, but it was more than enough to fool Xiao An Chun. Unfortunately, Zhou Yun Sheng kept silent, and Xiao An Chun wasn’t listening closely, so he couldn’t ask anything. Kun tried several times, and discovered that the golden lion hated that he tried to get close to the mysterious female. He already had killing intent hidden in his eyes that stopped him from moving.

They had built a simple kitchen with a stove under the treehouse. Four logs propped up the ceiling and each of the four beams, one in every cardinal direction, was covered with the dried saltwater fish that Zhou Yun Sheng had brought back. It tasted extremely delicious. Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan hid their faces and walked away as Xiao An Chun stood underneath the veranda and sniffed; the expression on his face was very intoxicated.

“Unexpectedly, the Mermaids also make salted fish. Should we have salted fish and eggplant in the evening?” He clenched his fist.

“What is eggplant?” Kun inquired curiously. ywug n

Xiao An Chun’s vagrant life was more nourishing and less precarious and hunger-stricken than he had expected. Their food was very rich, even better than the tribe’s. He hadn’t even heard of many of the ingredients. He could see that Xiao An Chun had no sense of belonging to the tribe, and unexpectedly hid things from them. Thinking of this, Kun eyes dimmed slightly.

“Eggplants are what you call ‘purple vegetables’. I told Eddie that it could be eaten, but he said that it was poisonous and wouldn’t let me pick it. He tore my hide pouch and trampled all of the purple vegetables to pieces.”

Speaking of this, a fire erupted in Xiao An Chun’s belly. He continued, “There are tomatoes, that is, what you call ‘red fruit’. They’re edible and taste great. Eddie also said that it was poisonous. I secretly picked a few, and he found out. He scorned me, saying that I wanted to poison the tribe’s warriors and wanted to get rid of me. I tried to eat one to show him, but he still didn’t believe, saying that it was just because of good luck that I didn’t die.”

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The Bayan tribe’s food was still in the stage of common distribution. The prey that the males caught and the vegetables that the females picked were put together and distributed by the Shaman and tribe leader. When the Shaman grew old and frail, Eddie took his place. He was very jealous of Xiao An Chun, and didn’t want the other to overwhelm him. So, even if he knew what he said was true, he wouldn’t accept it, let alone allow other tribespeople try. That would only prove that Xiao An Chun’s judgment was correct, and would win everyone’s trust and respect. 6hiT40

He kept several kinds of food that Xiao An Chun pointed out in his heart. When he’d kill Xiao An Chun, he would point them out to the tribespeople to make them worship him even more and make it easier for him to smoothly inherit the Shaman’s position. There were twists and turns that Xiao An Chun couldn’t even think of, and Kun was even more reluctant to think about it. In his mind, Eddie was kind, honest, and enthusiastic: a perfect existence. All of his actions were for the sake of his people, it wasn’t selfishness. If the food really was edible, he wouldn’t have stopped Xiao An Chun. What’s more, the ancestors of the Bayan tribe had said that the purple vegetable and red fruit were poisonous for generations. Were they all wrong? No, it was impossible, so it was just Xiao An Chun who was wrong. Eddie stopped him and saved the whole tribe.

With this in mind, he argued for Eddie, “Our ancestors had lived here for hundreds of years, do you know how many people died mistakenly eating the purple vegetable and red fruit? Those really are poisonous, you must not try it again. Although nothing happened last time, it might be because the fruit wasn’t ripe or it wasn’t too toxic. You always rashly do things, you should learn from Eddie.”

Someone died from eating eggplant and tomato? Were they clowning around?

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes were full of ridicule. He knew that in nature, the brighter the color and the more peculiar the shape, the more poisonous the species was. Perhaps the Bayan tribe’s ancestors depended on this to determine whether or not it could be eaten. They firmly believed that eggplants and tomatoes were poisonous. In order to warn future generations, they would naturally make up several alarmist legends, such as ‘so-and-so who ate this is dead’, you must not eat it’ and so on. These words had been handed down from generation to generation, and their credibility had strengthened as well, so that no one dared to try them again. d3CLcv

Compared to a female of unknown origin, their ancestors were more trustworthy.

The Bayan tribespeople were very reluctant to accept the unknown. They even forced several rabbits to eat sweet potatoes, which were plain and seemingly non-toxic, for a number of months before they dared to spread them. To be fair, the tribespeople were more cautious; In the heart of a villian, in the belly of a gentleman. Now, they also returned the favors they received with hatred.

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Why were they called the Bayan tribe? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to call them the White-Eyed Wolf Tribe? Seeing Xiao An Chun tremble with anger at Kun’s words, Zhou Yun Sheng said with a smile, “Okay, we’ll eat salted fish and eggplant tonight. We’ll also pick a few more tomatoes and let everyone have a taste. Anyways, we’re not afraid of death.”

Kun’s face turned green from Zhou Yun Sheng’s sarcasm. Xiao An Chun laughed immediately and dug up some wild vegetables with great joy. He knew that the male god was different from other people and had a special taste. NgtL12

Kun felt very restrained, and warned, “Don’t trust Xiao An Chun. He’s a little strange, and always likes to give poisonous things for others to eat. I remember once he boiled a bowl of black water for one of the tribe’s children, saying that it could cure diseases. As a result, the child had diarrhea for three days and nights and almost died. It was because of Eddie and the Shaman who fought so hard for him that he wasn’t killed by the angry tribe.”

He had already said enough. The female wasn’t stupid, so he shouldn’t believe the things that Xiao An Chun had said. He was a notorious troublemaker. In three days, there were two people threatening to beat him to death. Remembering Xiao An Chun’s ‘great achievements’, Kun shook his head and sighed.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t understand his pain at all, and unexpectedly even laughed. He could imagine Xiao An Chun being surrounded and beaten when it was clear that he was trying to save people. It was hilarious, this child never did anything with his brain. Zhao Xuan also huffed twice. His eyes held no suspicion, and were only full of laughter.

Kun couldn’t understand why it was so funny. From what he had said, weren’t their lives at stake? xFmtEh

Xiao An Chun, who had just returned, happened to hear his slander. The light in his eyes were extinguished, and for a long time, there was no sound. It wasn’t until Bai ran over and pushed his buttocks with his head that he went into the simple kitchen and removed the hide pouch hanging from a beam.

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“That wasn’t poison, it was life-saving medicine. Why can’t you believe it? The child was constipated and hadn’t excreted for more than a month. His skin was yellowed and his face grew speckles. His stomach was swollen and as hard as stone. If he hadn’t excreted, he would have died. I explained it last time, whether you believed it or not. Anyways, the male god would believe me, wouldn’t he?” He looked at the male god with big, beautifully watery doe eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng was still laughing. He waved his hand to tell Xiao An Chun to go. “What are you still doing here, distracted? We were waiting for you to return to make dinner.”

This sentence was worth more than a thousand words to him. Xiao An Chun gave a loud reply and rode off on Bai’s back. TXpst1

Kun couldn’t stand this group of people, so he wouldn’t persuade them anymore. Anyways, he would never eat the food that Xiao An Chun had handled. In order to prevent him from poisoning them, the females of the tribes had never let him close to the fire where they cooked the food. If he hadn’t pointed out several edible plant stems, he would have long since been expelled from the tribe.

“I’m going to hunt.” Kun broke off a branch and sharpened the front end with his claws to make a spear.

Zhao Xuan roared, his expression furious.

Zhou Yun Sheng dutifully translated, “In my territory, people of the Bayan tribe aren’t allowed to hunt. Either die or get out.” VwyLmQ

Kun’s gentle eyebrows rose in an instant, and he angrily said, “So the tide of beasts in the eastern forest was your doing!”

Zhao Xuan flicked Kun away with his tail. Fortunately, the male beastman’s tough skin and body was thick enough to withstand a fall. He hit a big tree and fell onto the ground. The skin on his forehead had torn, but it wasn’t a big problem. He used his spear to support himself, and his angry expression had been replaced by fear.

“You can choose between dying and leaving.” Zhou Yun Sheng repeated again. He was more tolerant of those who sought death.

Kun quickly drew back his emotions and apologized, “Sorry, I just offend you. I’ve been abandoned by my family, and had no other place to go. I don’t want to die or leave, I want to stay. I’m sorry.” With those words, he fell to his knees, placed his hands flat on the ground, and pressed his forehead to the back of his hands, making a submissive gesture. zYjGRs

This man was not only thick-skinned, but was also shrewd and could take temporary setbacks. He was a talented person.

With a sneer, Zhou Yun Sheng climbed up the tree with the silly lion to rest.

Kun knelt for a long time to ensure that the pair didn’t intend to drive him away. Then he slowly stood up, his handsome face twisted into an expression of hatred.

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If it weren’t for Xiao An Chun, who had scraped the blood away, how could he have been abandoned by his family? He also didn’t know who had made up for his shortcomings and became Eddie’s second partner. If he wanted to snatch Eddie back, he must build up enough merits for the tribe. IreJXp

Since the female could bring back so much salt, he must have red crystals. If he could get those red crystals and the building methods for the house, he could return to his place in his family. With this in mind, Kun was immediately relieved and felt calmed before he went towards the nearby lake. There were so many salted, dried fish handing in the wooden house, so it seemed that their staple food was fish. He could always fish for his own food.

Fish were spiny, smelled, and easily got stuck in the throat. Unless he would starve to death, Kun would never eat it. He hadn’t expected that he would one day have to live off of it. As he travelled along the road, he was constantly attacked by hunger pangs, and more and more resentment accumulated in his heart. He crossed the forbidden territory’s small stream, far away from the cliff where he had once lived. The flames of his anger grew ever higher.

If the golden lion hadn’t come, the eastern forest would still be the Bayan tribe’s territory. Why did they have to exchange precious females to hunt in the northern forest? Why did they have to engage in a bloody conflict with the Dada tribe? He wished that he could just kill the lion. Kun looked down to hide the murderous intent in his eyes.

But he knew that he couldn’t kill the golden lion on his own, so he could only use his wit. When he thought of it, his eyes glinted slightly and he suddenly laughed. Didn’t they firmly believe in Xiao An Chun? So all he needed to do was wait for Xiao An Chun to pick the purple vegetable and red fruit. He just needed to look on with cold eyes. xHndOp

When they were all poisoned, he could go into their tree houses and search for the red crystals and salt. Then, he could return with these two precious and extraordinary trophies and tie up with Eddie.

The more he thought about it, the more pleased he became, and the lighter his steps were.

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Kun is the worst kind of person! (#`д´)ノ


Translator's Note

he means the sex lol

Translator's Note

以小人之心度君子之腹 -> the idea of despicableness to speculate on the mind of a decent person.

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