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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch9 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 9

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Callis & Dragon 5rLWBA

Mu Ruiling and Zhan Chenyang were still discussing how to seize Wuji Xinjing. Right then, a white pigeon rustled down on the windowsill and chirped. Mu Ruiling took off the tiny bamboo tube attached to white pigeon’s leg and handed it to Zhan Changyang.

Zhan Chenyang sucked out the paper inside with internal force, squinted at it, and raised the corner of his mouth slightly after a few moments.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“What’s the news?” Mu Ruiling looked over and sighed, “Your opportunity is coming. When he dies, you can accept his power and become the lord of the Southern Frontier. Once you win the secret martial arts and practice them into absolute perfection, it’s just around the corner to become emperor.”

Zhan Chenyang laughed happily. AcSQPT

Yuan Kunpeng’s expression changed from surprise, at first, to despair and fear; and now to rage. Although he couldn’t see the words on the note, the conversation between the two showed that they were looking forward to his death; and had even planned on how to steal his power.

To ascend the throne was to be emperor. What a good man to be emperor! If he died, Zhan Chenyang, under the banner of taking revenge for him, could easily instruct his own men to fight for him. It really was a wolf’s ambition.

Yuan Kunpeng clenched his fist and restrained the impulse to jump down and kill them.

“The people sent by Mengjiang are probably not Yuan Kunpeng’s secret defense’s opponents. In order to be safe, you’d better send a few death men along to ensure that Yuan Kunpeng does not survive tomorrow.” Mu Ruiling’s mind was poisonous and decisive. After burning the note, he inevitably gave a warning.


“Okay, that’s what I’ll do.” Zhan Chenyang spread out a piece of rice paper and wrote several lines in a hurry. He placed it inside the bamboo tube and let the carrier pigeon take it away.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They sat for a moment and heard ugly drums coming from outside of the house. Then they put out the candles and left, hand in hand.

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A quarter of an hour later, the two men hiding on the beams got into the partition, opened the tiles, quietly flew out, and restored the tiles to their original state. And then they flew away like ghosts.

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So, Zhan Chenyang was able to receive the news that Mengjiang, the leader of the northern border, was going to assassinate Yuan Kunpeng. . If this proved unsuccessful, he planned to step in and send himself back to the west. Yuan Kunpeng thought of all kinds of past events that he talked about night after night with his counterpart. He felt nauseous and angry at the same time. And Mu Ruiling, in such a light and breezy tone of voice, talked about ensuring he could not live tomorrow, how vicious her heart was! Before, he was really blind to have seen her in a good light!

Yuan Kunpeng swallowed his old blood silently and said goodbye to Zhou Yunsheng with a slight arch of his hand.

He kept a cooperative relationship with Xiyin Pavilion, and spent a lot of money every month to buy information about local farmers. Zhan Chenyang was the person who led him. PJMWLC

Not only had he never disclose that he was the owner of the information pavilion, but also raised the price of intelligence every month. He kept paying from his own countless gold and silver treasures.

Was this called a “good brother”? At last, Yuan Kunpeng saw it. He remembered that the deputy general had collected a lot of gold for delivery to Xiyin Pavilion. He couldn’t bear it. He wanted to fly back and stop it immediately.

Paying money? Fuck! Now he just wants to make Zhan Chenyang take a thousand knives, frustrate his bones and raise his ashes!

“General Yuan, how are you going to deal with Zhan Chenyang?” Zhou Yunsheng blocked the other’s way. lnUwZm

“Naturally, he will be lured into the barracks, and all arrows will pierce his heart.” Yuan Kunpeng gnawed his teeth as he spoke.

“Isn’t that too cheap of a way for him to die? I have a better way to play. Would you like to listen?” Zhou Yunsheng smiled and acted evil.

Yuan Kunpeng thought for a moment and invited him saying, “If Master Yu has a better idea, Yuan would naturally cooperate. Master Yu has come to the South for the first time, and may not have a place to settle down. So, we should go back to the General’s Palace to discuss it slowly.”

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He held millions of troops and was not afraid of the Yucang Hai’s enemies coming to pick things up. One kills one, two kills one pair, it was good to kill all the Jianghu people who offended the military. xGY8hC

In other words, with the vicious poison spouted by Zhan Chenyang and Mu Ruiling, the so-called seven tragedies were likely to have been committed by them. The guilt was then planted onto the head of the Sect Master, in order to arouse public anger, and then unite many masters to destroy the survivors just to obtain the martial arts mentality of this person. Only Zhan Chenyang and Mu Ruiling could do such a thing, to cut the grass and eradicate the ‘evil’ and leave behind nothing.

Yuan Kunpeng’s impression of the two people now was quite contrary to the one he held previously. On one hand, he sighed at the Holy Sect in his heart, while peeping at the man beside him with the same pity.

Zhou Yunsheng, pretending to not know, turned his head and glanced at a big tree and took the lead in sweeping towards the direction of the General’s Palace.

After they left, Zi Xuan emerged from the lush branches and leaves with a thoughtful expression. qKCR8s

He couldn’t see the scene in the house, nor could he hear the conversation between them. But it was supposed to be related to the annihilation of the survivors that had made Yu Canghai spend so much time exploring at night.

Were the seven tragedies actually the work of Biyun Village and Mu Household? But why must it be planted on the head of the Holy Sect Master? What about the whole picture?

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The two martial arts masters were well-known in the martial arts community because of their generosity and kindness. Zi Xuan couldn’t imagine their fierce hearts. But compared with the two, he preferred to believe in Yu Canghai. Trying to suppress the surging truth, he followed him tightly, threw himself into the inn opposite the General Mansion, rented a room with several copper plates, and sat down to adjust his Zhenqi. Several times, he was so passionate that the Zhenqi went against the currant and the Dantian was broken. If he did not control it again, he would go into the devil’s path.

However, when he tried to meditate, his heart could not be calm for a long time. He speculated about the love and hatred between the man and Mu Ruiling, and wondered what Yuan Kunpeng was doing with him. Would he attract some beautiful singers to have fun like the guests in the brothel? Had he known that, he shouldn’t have left the man, or he would have known his every move and thought from the moment it happened. I2LdWm

Chagrin, regret, fear, confusion, all kinds of emotions in the chest stirred, but finally turned into a pornographic scroll in the mind and slowly unfolded.

In the scroll, he crushed the man on the windowsill and made him cry.

Suddenly, a Buddha trumpet came from the depths of his heart, which sounded in his ears, making Zi Xuan’s soul shake dramatically and his mouth spray blood. He stared at the bloodstained wall without focus, and it was only half an hour before he raised his hands to hide his grim face, twisted by pain.

Buddha, please forgive your disciples for their sins and show them a way to live! APvIe9

He prayed devoutly with his hands together, but failed to achieve even a little redemption of virtue.

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The next day, as usual, Yuan Kunpeng went to the barracks to inspect, but unexpectedly in the middle, hundreds of masked assassins emerged suddenly to surround him.

Fortunately, he was prepared to break out of the siege under the protection of his secret guards, and with the thousands of archers who were lurking around to shoot arrows, the assassins were killed.

No matter how skilled the martial artists were, they couldn’t compete with all kinds of arrows. Most of the masked assassins died instantly, and some of them were seriously injured. They broke the poison sac and killed themselves immediately. VyHipL

Yuan Kunpeng ordered people to examine the corpses, but he did not find any useful clues. He pretended to return to the General’s Palace in great anger. At the same time, Zhan Changyang received the news of the assassination failure, and under his indignation, a sword split the desk in two. He waited for several days before he arrived at the General’s Palace to offer his condolences. However, he found that Yuan Kunpeng was accompanied by a young man with a feather fan and a silk scarf.

The youth was the descendant of the Mohist family. Although young, he was helpful and resourceful. He was the counselor that Yuan Kunpeng sought with all his heart and soul. After only two or three days in office, he had gained the trust of the army.

Zhan Chenyang boasted of his brilliance, but when he talked with the young man, he was always questioned, often displaying his foolish side. This caused him to become the laughingstock. He found that his position had been replaced by a teenager. Yuan Kunpeng did not attach as much importance to him as before. Instead, he became increasingly estranged. He persuaded him repeatedly to go back to accompany his fiancee, as if he had the strong desire of driving people away.

Zhan Chenyang could only promise with a smile. When he left the General’s Palace, he looked back at the bronzed plaque hanging on the top of the roof beam, and suddenly felt that it was too high to climb. 50rNHl

After a few days of hard thinking, he decided to use the beauty trick and let Mu Ruiling go to the door to find out the truth.

Yuan Kunpeng’s attitude has changed so rapidly that he worried whether his private actions had been exposed.

Mu Ruiling wished she could just end him with a cup of Duanchangsan poison. Yuan Kunpeng had to be settled in the way of surplus and vicissitudes of life. But Yuan Kunpeng’s subordinates are not as foolish as the other survivors. If Yuan Kunpeng died after her visit, they would surely let all the suspects be buried with him. These marchers were rude and heavy-handed, preferring to kill a thousand by mistake rather than let go of one. It was especially useful to deal with such people by the deep-minded Mu Ruiling, which was exactly the case with the so-called “One Force to Drop Ten“.

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Our reaction to the fake ML sucking out the paper from tha bamboo tube:

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Translator's Note

死士 [sǐ shì] -> men of sacrifice; Death Men, a Chinese word, refers to the brave man who died. Most of the deceased were chivalrous swordsmen, who worked hard for the nobles and nobility(emperors) for glory and wealth, mainly engaged in assault and assassination tasks. (I called them death men because it sounds a bit cool and fits a bit XD)

Translator's Note

送自己歸西 (Sòng zìjǐ guīxī) -> Send Yourself/himself to the West mean that they are sending him to death/ killing him.

Translator's Note

挫骨揚灰!(cuò gǔ yáng huī) ->  Describe that hatred is extremely deep or sinful.

Translator's Note

墨家 (mò jiā) -> The Mohist family was considered by many to be a branch of Taoism. The main ideas of Mohist school are: equal love among people (universal love), opposition to aggressive wars (non-offensive), advocation of economy, opposition to extravagance and waste (saving), attaching importance to inheriting the cultural wealth of predecessors (ghosts), mastering the laws of nature (will), etc.

Translator's Note

一力降十會 (yī lì xiáng shí huì) -> The analogy is that all the tricks in front of absolute strength are useless.

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