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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch21 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 21

Translator: Jostena

Unedited hf0mn4

After the war, the grassland was in a mess, and the grass that reached half a human’s height fell down. There are pools of blood and broken limbs everywhere. The strong smell of blood swept around in the cold wind, which attracted the wolves within a hundred miles. Seeing that the army had not been dispersed, they stood on the grass slope waiting and roared. The “whine” sound and the many scattered green animal eyes in the night made people shiver.

Several generals from different camps looked around, only to feel flustered, beating the horses and shouting, “Leave quickly, what are you doing? Run forward!”

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The soldiers promised loudly and rushed to the camp a few miles away with torches. Hundreds of experts also went back to report to their masters.

They thought that this battle would be won. After killing Yu Canghai, they came to fight for the ownership of Wuji Xinjing, but they didn’t expect to fight him for three days and three nights and just barely come to a draw. They saw that he was about to be killed, but a monk appeared and saved him unhurriedly. Q8sTgU

I’m afraid that the Sutra will fall into the hands of Shaolin Temple. All the people thought about it and made the same decision – we can’t let Shaolin Temple take the lead; we must kill that monk Zi Xuan together! Since he saved the devil, he must have fallen into the devil’s way. He should be condemned to death!

In the barracks of the southern army, dozens of experts attached to Yuan Kunpeng’s command are using their skills to heal their wounds in their tents. In the open space outside the tent, there were several cold corpses, whose chest and abdomen were pierced by one hand, showing the inside ribs.

Yuan Kunpeng and several deputy generals stood by the body and checked it. After a while, he asked in a deep voice, “These people were killed by the holy monk Zi Xuan?”

“That’s right, General.”


“It’s really strange these days. The devil keeps his hand everywhere, but when the monk comes, he will be the one to kill. It’s really a reversal of heaven and earth, and it’s hard to distinguish the right from the wrong.”

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Yuan Kunpeng motioned for the guard to cover the body with the white cloth, shook his head and sighed that Yu Canghai was black in heart, turning a well-known monk into a demon monk who killed people without blinking. Now he clearly sees. The oath he made, and the sword wound he took in his chest were all holes dug for Zi Xuan, waiting to lead him to jump in.

Now, he’s afraid that Zi Xuan will never be able to stand again in the Wulin of the Central Plains.

However, Yuan Kunpeng did not like him at all. Instead, he was very resentful. Cbo47q

If he comes, why rob the silk book? To make a complete mess of their set up. According to the original plan, no matter who wins the silk book today, it is bound to cause round after round of competition, just like the insects and demagogues kept in the pot, fighting each other until only the most powerful one survives.

No matter which alliance gets “Wuji Xinjing” in the end, there is only one ending, that is, being bombed to the West. This process is so tragic that it can help him eliminate many powerful enemies. But now it’s destroyed because of Zi Xuan’s “a stroke from God”. What will Yu Canghai do next?

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Therefore, for Zhan Chenyang, seizing Wuji Xinjing is the last chance. If he succeeds, he will gain the position of Yuan Kunpeng, and then he will become a top official. If he fails, he will surely end up dead. On the premise that his life could not be saved, he did not dare to expect any ancient miracles, huge wealth, and ascend the throne to become emperor. Even his fiancé who he loved as treasure at the beginning, and at this time he gave her up without hesitation.

“Mu Ruiling, Yuan Kunpeng has arrived at the camp. You wash up and go serve him.” After adjusting his breathing, he looked at the woman who was sitting under the lamp and embroidered a brocade bag.

Mu Ruiling’s movements were clumsy. Hearing this, she pricked her finger and felt pain.

These days, in order to keep Zhan Chenyang’s heart, she no longer goes out to wander, no longer socializes and meets guests, instead, she studies needlework like other girls. In the end she still fails to avoid being sent out in the end. aQIxkg

If Yuan Kunpeng is still as infatuated with her as before, she will still be able to survive without Zhan Chenyang. However, Yuan Kunpeng obviously treats her as a prostitute, and she suffers more when she goes. She was the daughter of heaven since she was a child. Because of her outstanding appearance and excellent martial arts, she always thought that she could make the best of both sides. But when she came to her senses, she found that the world was so big that she had no place to stand.

She became more and more aware of Yu Canghai’s obedience and indulgence to herself. She lowered her head and sobbed for a long time, which messed up her makeup.

Zhan Chenyang was upset by the sound of her intermittent sobs and sneered, “Both the front and back acupoints are rotten. What kind of virgin are you? Go out and cry, don’t get in my way!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

That day, after the young palace leader of Baishui palace and others left, she didn’t know why a servant girl suddenly appeared in the room. Seeing Mu Ruiling, who was naked and in a mess, she immediately shouted and said that there was a philanderer in the house, who collected the future mistress. Vo0vq2

Mu Ruiling’s paralyzing powder have not been completely removed, so she can’t move if she wants to stop them. She can only lie in bed and cry desperately. Most of the Jianghu people living in Biyun villa have feuds with them. They can’t help but watch general Yuan’s face. When they hear the shouting, they could avoid suspicion by going there. They all run up and down looking at her in a mess for several times. They have a lot of lust in their eyes.

Zhan Chenyang and Mu Jinsong are the last to arrive, which makes Mu Ruiling, who is crying fast, get wrapped up in a quilt fast and they ordered people to clear the scene. However, from that day on, their attitudes towards her changed. Zhan Chenyang became more indifferent and vicious, and that Mu Jinsong also avoided her. Obviously, they regarded her as a disgrace. After returning, they detained her in the backyard and had several common women her rules, and she was not allowed to show herself again.

Mu Ruiling once existed as a bright moon, but now it has become a puddle of mud. Anyone can step on it, and even some people don’t even want to step on it, lest they dirty their shoes and socks. This is Yuan Kunpeng.

He had not seen any woman for several months in a row. He saw the curtain lift, Mu Ruiling was wearing exposing clothes, and he quickly looked at Qi Dou sitting opposite him. meqIC4

“Who allowed you in? Get out!” As soon as he flicked his sleeves, the wine glass on the table shot at Mu Ruiling and hit her high chest, which made her fly out of the tent. It was a serious internal injury.

Yuan Kunpeng remembered that day’s entanglement with Mu Ruiling, and he began to feel uncomfortable all over. He had to hide his face with his hands to avoid Qi Dou’s bright eyes.

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Qi Dou didn’t care. He handed over his glass and said with a smile, “The Lord has done a good job. It’s right to deal with such a woman, or you will be calculated against sooner or later.”

Yuan Kunpeng listened to this saying as if he had been injected with chicken blood, straightened his bent back, put down his masked hand, took a big gulp at the edge of the cup he was offered, and giggled, “Don’t worry, Ah Qi. I will be clean in the future. Those women will go back to where they came from. I will never see them again!” F5BXO3

“The Lord is a man of great talent, both intelligent and brave. His only weakness is his desire for beauty. It’s not easy to say that now. In the future, if you can carry it out all the time, you will become a king.” Ah Qi said with a smile, but he did not associate it with himself, which made Yuan Kunpeng very lost.

Mu Ruiling, struggling with the sharp pain in her chest, and moved away step by step.

Before she came, she was worried about being spoiled by Yuan Kunpeng, but after she came, she found that if she had no use value, she would be abandoned by Zhan Chenyang, and her fate would be countless times more miserable than now.

It turns out that she is in such a difficult and dangerous situation. The first step is the abyss, and the second step is the mire. How can she survive in the future? HN6iMk

Warning: The next part is a bit dark.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

She looked up at the bright stars, but her heart was dark. Before the tears of despair came down, suddenly someone rushed out of the corner and took her into the stable. He said with a laugh: “Little Whore, it seems that general Yuan is tired of you. Anyway, this body is empty. How can I not make the best of it! ”

“Brother, hurry up, brothers are waiting!” A few more people came out and held down Mu Ruiling, who was struggling desperately, and hit her mute acupoint.

Mu Ruiling’s heart was as dead as ashes. She could not move when he held her tight. She wanted to bite her tongue and commit suicide. However, one of them was very quick. He broke her jaw step by step and sneered: “If you want to die, you have to wait for my brothers to feel better before you die. Ruiling fairy, when you first wandered in the Jianghu, you were courting around with your beauty. All disciples of any sect have your admirers. You don’t know how to refuse. Instead, you’ve caught other people’s appetite and told them to go through fire and water for you. You play with people so much that you don’t expect to be punished in the future? Now you come to this end. You can’t blame anyone else. It’s all your own fault! “His words are full of resentment. It can be seen that he was once played by Mu Ruiling, and now he wants to get revenge. Pt1h3S

The last glimmer of light in Mu Ruiling’s eyes disappeared, and the scene of her horse riding in the Jianghu came to mind.

At that time, she was so gorgeous and heroic that she always thought that all people were chess pieces in her hands, which should be arbitrarily manipulated and utilized. However, she never thought how easy it was for people to calculate. If you are not careful, you will lose everything. By the time she finally realized her mistake, the sins she had committed had been rewarded one by one, and there was no way back.

She closed her eyes and tears came out.

At the same time, Zi Xuan held Zhou Yunsheng and stepped into the Shenyi valley. He went straight to the valley master’s room and orders the medicine apprentice, who is at the door, to report immediately. 3a4Av2

“Monk Zi Xuan? Why are you here? “The valley master hurriedly arrived, surprised.

One is still sleeping, the other is holding the other carefully, reaching out to test their noses from time to time, with obvious fear on his face.

Feeling the slight heat coming from his fingertips, Zi Xuan sighed and said, “Save him.”

This is an order, not a request. arT5N

The valley master hesitated for a moment, and arched his hand and said, “What is the identity of the monk?” He looked at the pale and transparent face of the man because he lost too much blood.

Zi Xuan unties his skirt and wraps the man more tightly.

He felt that the body temperature of the other party was rapidly disappearing. Just now, there were only some body warmth reflected in the cold. His time seemed to be short.

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“If you can help me, I will help you. Enough with the nonsense.” He couldn’t help being grumpy, his eyes, which had returned to normal, were red as blood again, and the murderous intent stirred inside was creepy. m GxrM

“Look and do what you must do. Take his pulse.” Zi Xuan glanced at him, his eyes sharp as a sharp knife.

The valley master hurriedly took back his sight, examined the man carefully for a moment, shook his head and said, “This man not only has his heart pierced, but also has been poisoned by the ‘QianJi’. The toxin is directly introduced into the whole body from the heart, which means that Da Luo Jinxian cannot be saved even when he goes down to the earth. Holy monk, please look for someone else. I am afraid there is nothing I can do.”

Zi Xuan’s expression remained the same, but his hands trembled slightly. His blood red eyes stared at the man for a long time, then said, “Save him!” ”

If there’s nothing that can be done Shenyi valley, where can he take him? Put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha? Joke, a big joke! exH1pR

He wanted to smile, but suddenly he burst out a mouthful of blood. He saw a few drops of blood on the side of the man’s face. He quickly reached out his fingertips and wiped them off for him, lest he would be dirtied.

Suddenly, the valley master was sprayed on half of his body. He quickly stood up and backed up for a few steps. He was shocked and said, “Monk, you seem to be possessed by the devil. I will check for you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Don’t worry about me, save him! No matter what you pay, you must save him! “Zi Xuan grabs the opponent’s wrist, so powerful that he can crush the opponent’s bones.

He didn’t know how helpless his expression was. Tears filled his eyes, which looked like tears against the red eyes. j3 ZVq

The valley master has been looking at him for a long time and has already understood the importance of the person on the couch to him.

He has been possessed by the devil and may explode at any time. The only idea in his mind is to save the man. I’m afraid that it’s more important than his life.

Remembering his kindness, the valley Master said with clenched teeth, “I’ll try my best.” Then he opened the medicine box handed by the medicine apprentice and used the 18 needles of soul searching to stabilize the life of the man.

Seeing the man’s face return to normal at a speed recognizable to the naked eye, Zi Xuan just covered his chest with severe pain and inhaled the air bit by bit, as if he were dead. J1OYon

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Translator's Note

留手 [Liú shǒu] -> To keep your hand is to hold back your power or to not kill.

Translator's Note

Demagogues mean a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument.

Translator's Note

大罗金仙 -> Da Lou Jinxian is an online novel about the MC becoming an immortal so even he as a Golden Immortal can’t be saved from this poison is what he means.

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