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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch20 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 20

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Shirubame & Dragon BO1H7f

At this time, Zhou Yunsheng was being chased by various people on horses who wished to kill him.

Like Yuan Kunpeng, several other vassal lords also gathered many experts from the Jianghu to seize the treasures. Some of them even went out in person and led heavy forces to encircle him. Zhou Yunsheng did not fight back against these people, but only defended and retreated.

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He was waiting for someone. Only when he reached would the game really begin.

The sharp cold wind was howling down from the plateau of Mobei, cutting on the face like a blade, making people feel painful and unbearable. The dark army was standing on the grassy slopes. Judging from their clothing, they seemed to have come from different camps. Hb0JA3

Several generals rode to the edge of the grassy slope, overlooking a big battle below. Though they tried their best to restrain themselves, their eyes were still full of horror. Their leader had not only sent heavy troops to encircle and suppress him, but also recruited several Wulin experts to help the formation. Before those masters came, they asserted that they could not capture Yu Canghai alive with only such people and horses, and could not plunder the array around them.

At that time, several generals thought that these people in the Jianghu had a strong breath. How could anyone stand against all these masters on their own? However, after three days and three nights, they realized the terrible power of Yu Canghai. He could come and go freely amongst the thousands of troops and horses. He could go through thousands of arrows without injury. If he hadn’t made that oath, the grassland in Mobei would have been bloodied.

As he thought this, the man waved his sleeve and a gust of wind accompanied by his Qi flew towards them. The general quickly turned over, got off his horse and rolled to one side. Looking back, he saw that his horse was standing still. After a few breaths, blood began to gush out from the middle of his forehead, and then slowly the horse split into two halves and fell on the ground. Its guts splashed around, and the smell was really bad.

Despite the horse being a shield, the ZhenQi did not reduce its strength at all. It cut off several soldiers’ arms one after another until it was blocked by a heavy shield. The soldiers with shields were pushed back by the inertia from the impact of ZhenQi. Although there are countless brothers behind them, they still withdrew several meters. When the ZhenQi completely dissipated, they knelt down. Looking down, the shield made of bronze was split into two parts. The fracture seemed to have been cut by a sharp blade, it was very smooth and even.


However, although the ZhenQi came from hundreds of miles away, it managed to impact a good army into disorder. If he himself attacked, the general didn’t know how terrible the casualties would be.

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He was not a man, he was clearly a walking weapon. Fortunately, he was influenced by the holy monk Zi Xuan and vowed not to kill any more. Otherwise, all of them would end here!

After silently thanking the Buddha in their hearts, the soldiers immediately beat their horses and retreated, going further away from the battle circle.

The war lasted for three days and three nights, and they watched from far away for fear of being affected. But even so, Yu Canghai’s combat power was continuing to refresh their perceptions. m2rY57

One person was fighting hundreds of experts alone, moreover, it under the condition of being constrained. If it was someone else, he would have become tired of coping with it all and end everything in a tragic death. However, not only was he not dead, he seemed to be doing quite well. On the contrary, the rest of them had exhausted their internal power and had to change the wheel fight, forcing a draw.

Zhou Yunsheng was also a little bored. He was going to hit a half step expert and was prepared to make him fly away, but his eyes suddenly darkened.

A familiar presence was coming towards him rapidly. It was undoubtedly Zi Xuan.

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The man for whom he had been waiting for, for three days, had finally appeared. He immediately suppressed his skill to about 30%. As soon as he did this, his face turned white and his movements slowed down. He pretended to be exhausted. 7DOexH

“Ktf vfnli mjc’a tbiv bc! Ofa’r jaajmx!” Ktf wjc cfjgfra ab tlw rtbeafv.

Ktlr rfcafcmf wbalnjafv jii atf qfbqif. Ktbrf ktb mbeivc’a ufa atflg lcafgcji qbkfg bea jirb gertfv bea jcv erfv jii xlcvr bo aglmxs wfjcr.

Itbe Tecrtfcu abbx bc atflg wbnfr bcf ys bcf. Lf ofia atja Il Wejc kjr nfgs mibrf. Ciatbeut tf mbeiv tjnf jnblvfv atf vjgx rkbgv yftlcv tlw, tf vfilyfgjafis yewqfv lcab la.

When Zi Xuan rushed in he saw the scene where the man was pierced by the blade. 04MXye

He slapped his attacker on the back, then twisted out the tip of the sword which was inserted in his chest. Blood gushed out of his mouth.

The cold wind, already full of fishy smell, seemed to become more and more acrid. Zi Xuan’s eyes turned bloodshot and his throat felt blocked. His heart, like the man, seemed to have been pierced by a sharp blade, and the pain was unstoppable.

His eyes were completely red with blood, and the vigorous ZhenQi came out of his Dantian  uncontrollably and washed his meridians over and over again. Enduring the great pain that felt like something was cutting his bones, Zi Xuan forced himself to rush into the fray. He hit the man who stopped him and quickly approached the man in the middle.

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“Huh? Is that monk Zi Xuan? Wasn’t he in closed cultivation?” A general standing on the grassy slope said in dismay. J8RGNT

“He came just in time. The war is finally coming to an end.” Another general sighed after a long time. Before that, he could have never imagined one person cultivating his martial arts to such a large extent.

The hundreds of Jianghu people at the bottom that were brought out by them were all top experts that could take on a hundred enemies. Yet they had been fighting with him for several days and still couldn’t win. Moreover, he was being merciful everywhere in battle. If he was not constrained by the oath, he would have killed without fear. How many people would be able to stand intact by then?

“Zi Xuan, why are you here?” Zhishen saw that Yu Canghai was seriously injured. He expected that he would not be able to support himself for a long time. He retreated to the war circle to watch around and did not intend to take advantage of other’s weakness. When he saw his student suddenly appear, his eyes showed surprise and his heart was filled with foreboding.

Zi Xuan stared at the man in the war circle. His heart vein was broken, and blood was gushing out. Even if he received acupuncture treatment in a cave, it would not be relieved at all. In this way, sooner or later, he would die from all that blood loss. iunTay

He knew that his life was at stake, and he tried his best to break through, but because of the oath, he did not dare to kill, which put him in a tighter corner. He avoided a thunder palm by countering it with a wind strike, and spit out blood at the same time. He laughed coldly: “You want Wuji Xin Jing? Here you go.” Then he took a silk book out of his arms and threw it into the air, and his palm was prepared to rip it to pieces.

“No, he wants to destroy everything! Save the book!” No one knew who shouted first. Hundreds of experts rushed towards the silk book in the air like locusts. In the meantime, they didn’t forget that they had come to fight each other and tried to block each other.

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Zhou Yunsheng knelt on his knees, covered the bleeding wound with one hand, and supported on the ground with the other. He spewed out a pool of black blood as soon as his head dropped.

The sword was poisoned! These people were really unscrupulous! g 1KZP

Zi Xuan disregarded Zhishen. He leaped into the air with the tip of his foot. With a few palms, he struck the people who were blocking his way. Then he climbed up on their falling bodies and held the silk book in his hand after two or three  attempts, then like an arrow from the string rushed to the dying man.

“Monk Zi Xuan?” Several people who were about to get the silk book were shocked by his swift and extraordinary physical prowess. When they saw his face clearly, they almost burst out in fear. His face was blue and white, his eyes were red, and his body was covered with thick green tendons, resembling a ferocious beast. There was no compassion in his eyes, only killing intent.

“You came.” Zhou Yunsheng pushed away the monk who was trying to hug him and raised his eyes to glance at him, which inevitably lead him to show a look of horror.

He just wanted him to see what the Jianghu was like, but he never wanted to make him go crazy and die. gDL31O

He managed to quickly calm his mind. He sent out two energy streams from 008, one to protect the heart pulse, the other to accumulate at the fingertips and go to the monk’s Dantian point.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zi Xuan did not evade it. He held the man firmly in his arms, and the ZhenQi that rushed from left to right in his Dantian devoured all the energy that the man entered. He had become a demon. No matter how he guided his spirit, he could not return to his original ways, so he simply reversed his Zhen Qi and wantonly indulged himself. However, he hadn’t expected that he didn’t die and instead his power increased dramatically. He was able to  get to Mobei from Shaolin Temple in just ten hours.

“You’re hurt!” Zi Xuan said in a hoarse voice. He wanted to send his ZhenQi into his body to protect his heart, but he dared not to act. His ZhenQi was now very different from other people’s, full of tyrannical energy. Even if it entered his body, he may break the man’s meridians.

He held him in despair, and dared not even touch him lightly, lest he should turn into ashes like a mirage in his mind and disappear. 4YD0bo

“Put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddha.” Zhou Yunsheng looked at him with a smile, and every word he spits out would spit out a mouthful of blood. “I haven’t broken my oath, so you see, I’m going to the West. Are you satisfied now?”

How can I be satisfied? How can I watch you die in front of me? If you can’t even grasp this life, what is the next life?

Zi Xuan’s mind has never been clearer, but it’s also a mess like never before.

He desperately covered the man’s bleeding wound. His red eyes were full of tears. His mouth kept opening and closing, but he could not speak. He could only squeeze out an animal-like cry from his throat. Hkjg0l

The fact that the man was about to leave him made him feel so confused that he almost crushed his back. However, he didn’t have time to grieve. He put the silk book he had taken back into the man’s arms and took him away from there.

“No, he wants to save the devil. Hurry up! “The others rushed to him at once, only to be shaken away by his fierce palm wind. The wind from the palm went on and on, and only after hitting dozens of people through the chest and abdomen was it stopped by a huge rock, leaving a deep print. It can be said  that even Yu Canghai was a little inferior.

Zhishen went to the stone to have a close look. After a long time, he read a sentence of Buddha with his hands together.

For his power to have increased to this point, he must have fallen into the devil’s way. It would be hard to recover. 4SPWAJ

“I thought I’d see you again in ten years. You’re still that monk, but I’m a dead bone. I didn’t expect to see you again before I died.” Zhou Yunsheng looked seriously injured on the surface, but in fact, he can keep himself warm for half a month with 008. But he would never say that, instead, he would constantly stimulate the monk.

“I will never let that happen.” Zi Xuan’s voice trembled. From time to time, he looked down at the man’s injury, only to feel that his chest was being repeatedly cut by an invisible blade, like his heart was tearing and lung aching.

He opened his front, wrapped the man in his arms, and rushed to the Shenyi valley as fast as he could.

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As expected, Zhou Yunsheng did not speak any more. He felt the silk book he had put into his hand, and wished he could spit out another two liang of blood. 0 vqxk

So fucking meddlesome. Come on, grab something else and don’t mix up my good layout! What am I to do now? Find a chance to give up the silk book? He had a headache and simply went to sleep like the dead.

When Zi Xuan saw that he fainted, he didn’t forget to hold the silk book tightly. The pain in his chest felt a little bit better. He secretly thought that he had done the right thing to help him keep the inheritance of his deceased family.

This chapter was a bit exciting with them finally getting together again! I also love ZYS’s evil plan of acting like he’s gonna die XD

We only have 6 chapters to go guys! I really hope that they’re not long so I don’t have to do them in parts again T^T ERcbDk

When ZYS was waiting for ZX:

Shirubame: Man I love ZYS

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Dragon: Me too! He’s perfect!!!!

When the horse died: ZXAHJm

Dragon: Poor Horsie ( ; ω ; )( ; ω ; )

Jostena: Yep that’s the only one I feel bad for

When the soldiers thank Buddha after ZYS’s attack:

Dragon: They thanked the Buddha for saving them but did not withdraw from this unjustified pursuit (>m<) hod XL

Jostena: That’s how these guys think XD

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When ZYS suppressed his strength in front of ZX:

Jostena: Damn ZYS is gonna act all pitiful XD

Shirubame: hehe byogWM

Dragon: Handsome saves the (fake) frail beauty attack (´ ε ` )♡

When ZYS looked heavily injured but he wasn’t:

Jostena: ZYS is so evil and I love it XD


Translator's Note

Means to change a fight going in circles or going nowhere.

Translator's Note

神醫[Shényī] -> This translates to Miracle doctor so it would be called the Valley of Miraculous Doctors but I thought the pinyin sounded better.

Translator's Note

兩[liǎng] -> A unit of weight equal to 50 grams.

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