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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch19.2 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 19.2

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Dragon, Shirubame & Callis Vw4Ucd

“People like us naturally do not pay attention to the origin, but other people are different.” The oldest man pointed to the inner hall and sneered, “If you want to invite a martial arts master such as Abbot Zhishen to come out, without a grand reason, they can’t put on face either. We can kill people at will, but they can’t do the same. They have their own face and can’t act wilfully.”

“That makes sense!” The rest echoed.

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After a short silence, another man asked curiously, “Will Abbot Zhishen make a move? He hasn’t asked about the outside world for more than ten years.”

“Yes, he should. It is said that there is a mixed relic in the treasure of the survivors, which has long been lost in Buddhism.” The elder pointed to the tallest Pagoda in Shaolin Temple and said, “The pagoda is called the Mixed Yuan Pagoda, which has existed since ancient times. As its name implies, it is for the purpose of placing the Mixed Yuan Sarira. Nevertheless, Sarira was lost in the catastrophe and has not been found for more than a thousand years. Now that the treasure has come out, even if it is just a rumored news, the Abbot Zhishen would not miss it in vain. Naturally, he has to explore the truth.” 4USLKM

“Even the survivors have such treasures. Isn’t it like three-year-old babies crossing the market with gold bricks in their arms and inviting people to lay knives? Being exterminated is their fate.” The people laughed and talked cruelly.

The little monk’s eyes were red and his fists were clenched. He wished he could rush up and bite these people’s throats, but he had to endure the impulse desperately.

After about a quarter of an hour, an old man with a strong Qi came out side by side with Zhishen and said aloud, “Many thanks the Master for his great help. In the future, we will surely return both hands of the Buddhist monk Zhibao.”

“Amitabha, good, good.” The wise man had his hands together with an expression of compassion. “Eradicating the guardian of the devil, it is the responsibility of my Buddhist self. Yu Canghai is so vicious and his murders are so numerous, that sooner or later this news should be published.”


Mu Jinsong laughed more and more brightly. After thanking Zhishen again and again, he complacently left.

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The little monk squatted down quickly, pulled out a mound of mud and rubbed it, pretending he was playing.

A group of people passed by in a hurry, not even giving him a glance from a corner of their eyes. They showed no guard against him. Instead, a disciple brother shook his head and reprimanded him, saying he was “naughty”.

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In the afternoon, he went to Dharma Cave with his lunch box as usual. He touched the edge of the bowl with his fingertips, found the porridge hot, and quickly pulled out his finger in pain. Without saying a word, he threw it at Zi Xuan’s forehead.

Zi Xuan did not flinch. After wiping off the porridge water, he should surely look at the person who made it. There was no anger or doubt in his eyes, only a pool of stagnant water.

When the little monk saw that he was not even interested in questioning him, and after just a glance  began to chant sutras, he was almost angered to unconsciousness.  Z8SdpY

People all over the world believe that Shaolin Temple was a rare place to be cleansed, but now it seemed to be a sham.

The so-called eminent monk is no better than you. He could act against his conscience after being lured by wealth. He even puts on an appearance of being compassionate and righteous, which is even worse than those real villains!

“Did you know that the Sect Master has washed away the grievances of my Holy Sect and is ready to retire from the world?” He was ready to leave the Shaolin Temple, so he did not conceal his identity with his words.

“But because he has the ancient skills and hidden a treasure map, those people in the world turned black into white in order to seize the treasures. They said that he planted stolen goods to frame Biyunzhuang and wanted to join hands to kill him. Your good master has lived for more than a hundred years. Wouldn’t he be able to see through this? But he did not break their mask, and instead agreed to Biyun village’s solicitation, to personally deal with the Sect Master. Look at the faces of your Central Plains people, hypocritical, greedy, vicious, even monks do not have good men! While you kill innocent people indiscriminately by yourselves, what qualifications do you have for the Sect Master to lay down his butcher knife and become Buddha?” 7gOvaz

The more he spoke, the more agitated he became, pointing to Zi Xuan’s nose and scolding him:  “The Master feared that you would go become the devil in the fire. He ordered me to watch over you when I entered the temple, but you pushed him to his death. Ten years, ten years of bullshit, the Sect has already made numerous enemies in the world. What’s the difference between making him swear not to kill anyone and letting him pull out his neck to be killed? You are sitting here reciting Buddha’s sutras and chanting Buddha. How many times a day do you think the Master has to go through assassination attempts? This time, the top masters of the Central Plains Wulin have come out. Now, the chances are even higher, and when his internal strength is exhausted, sooner or later he will be killed by you! Bah! You black-hearted, hypocritical monk, go to the West with your wooden fish in your arms.”

Little Shami wanted to spit on him but dared not to. He stamped hard and ran down the hill, vowing to go to the Lord.

Zi Xuan wiped away the sticky porridge water from his face and continued to knock on the wooden fish. His face was not visible, but his mood began to fluctuate.

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He knew that Yu Canghai had cleaned up the stigma, but he didn’t expect things to turn around so quickly. UVeabB

Ancient skills and treasures, these two things could really make people go crazy. He made such a vow, which was equivalent to unloading all his weapons and armor, walking naked in a sea of fire, not only would be cut all over, but also burn to ashes.

Zi Xuan pounded on the wooden fish, trying to drive away the various beautiful and evil expressions on the face of that man which kept appearing in his mind.

The other’s brows were raised, his eyes shined like sparkling light and the spring tide He opened his lips gently and hummed, and protrudes a gentle kiss on the tip of his tongue. Every subtle expression, every graceful line, was so clearly engraved in the bottom of his heart that it could not be forgotten, let alone erased.

However, Zi Xuan did not have time to describe these memories in detail, for the face turned to ashes in the raging flames, then disappeared without a trace. gafIDR

He was in such a mess that he knocked the fish into pieces by mistake and made a loud bang.

A sudden and unprepared state of mind burst out of the gate and made him immediately spray blood and faint.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After three days, he woke up, finding himself lying on a stone bed surrounded by Zen hall’s children. They were systematically reciting the Sutra of the Fallen.

“What about Master?” He sat up half-way, his drooping eyelids covering his bloodshot eyes. ixSw f

“Master went out on business, and he will return in a few days.” Zen hall’s master was vague and idiomatic.

Zi Xuan nodded, put on a set of monk’s clothes and cloth shoes calmly, and walked out of the cave.

“Shishu, where are you going? Don’t forget you’re still forbidden from leaving!” Zen hall’s master rushed to catch up.

Zi Xuan did not answer. He seemed to be walking very slowly but in fact, in a flash, he had opened the distance and left a group of disciples far behind. COz0vx

Only at this moment did he suddenly realize that he could not watch Yu Canghai get injured.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When the face of the other party burnt to ashes in his mind, his soul seemed to tremble from intense pain, and the overwhelming fear was endless.

A voice urged him to hurry to Yu Canghai as soon as possible to ensure his safety.

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When Zhishen agreed to kill ZYS:

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When the cute little monk acts like he saw nothing: sDw xf

Shirubame: Clever little one!

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When the little monk reprimands ZX:

Shirubame: Yaass you go boy S7WGUE

Jostena: He’s saying what we’re all thinking!

When ZX finally decides to go find ZYS:

Dragon: At long last, that dumbass

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Jostena: IKR! This is what we’re all waiting for! RZ51NM

Callis: ZYS should give him a taste of his own medicine

Shirubame: Giving ZX major side eye right now.

Translator's Note

舍利子 -> Sarira is Buddhism relics left after the cremation of Buddhas or saintly monks.

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