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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch16 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 16

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Shirubame, Callis & Dragon 2hVQZp

Zhou Yunsheng had not avoided people when he went to attack the Shaolin Temple. Therefore, within a few days, his oath spread across the rivers and lakes.

People who had insulted Zi Xuan for following the Demonic Master’s bad example previously, turned their tongues and said that he deserved to achieve the position of senior monk. He had even been able to reform Yu Canghai, that ruthless murderer. It was a good example of cutting meat for eagles and feeding tigers. Privately, of course, they did not stop criticizing the relationship between the two and gradually spread some ugly rumors.

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The surviving children of the Seven Families confirmed that the rumors were true and immediately took up weapons and headed to the Shaolin Temple.

The Demonic Master’s martial arts was too strong, and his means were too fierce. They couldn’t help themselves. Now that he had laid down his butcher knife, they simply wished to quickly send him to the West to enjoy himself and help him to become Buddha as soon as possible. Wh83fa

Such is the case with the world. No matter how precious the golden basin or how pure the water,  it could not wash away the blood once it had stained both hands, nor could they wash away all kinds of kindness, resentment, love and hatred. When a man lays down his weapon, he will not be able to idle for the rest of his life, but had to kill more ruthlessly.

Zhou Yunsheng went up the mountain with great vigour. But when he came down the hill, he disappeared and soon quietly reached the General’s Palace.

Yuan Kunpeng was playing chess with Ah Qi in the pavilion. He had already lost nineteen sets in a row. He looked at the young man who seemed slightly happy, and displayed a doting look in his eyes. When he wanted to place the chess pieces on a checkerboard, he suddenly saw a man in white clothes descending from the sky and landed steadily on the treetops, his clothes waving in the wind.

“Sect Master!” Ah Qi hurried over, and because he was so excited, he almost fell off the high steps. Fortunately, Yuan Kunpeng came forward in time to catch him in his arms. Only in this manner did he avoid the danger of a bruised nose and swollen face. MWvtpC

“General Yuan seems to be safe and sound.” Zhou Yunsheng flew into the pavilion, smiling and cupped his hand in greeting.

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“What are you doing here?” Yuan Kunpeng unconsciously held the youth in his arms tightly and said quietly. “At the beginning, we made a deal. Even if you want to quit now, you can’t take Ah Qi away.”

Ah Qi was held tightly in his arms and his cheeks flushed. He tried to break away from his large hands, but they were like a pair of iron grips, he could not shake them off even the slightest bit. He could only open his mouth with tears in his eyes, “Sect Master, how could you make such a vow? Do you know that this news spreading all over the nation now? Countless people are threatening to kill you. Even those who are not from this nation also want to make a name for themselves by taking your head. The monk is so dull that he took your life as a joke. Can’t you just leave him? Maybe you and him really, really…”

It was difficult for him to talk about those dirty rumors, and his cheeks were getting red as if they’re bleeding. F9IDEm

Yuan Kunpeng couldn’t hold back. He scraped the youth’s nose with his rough index finger. Seeing Zhou Yunsheng’s eyes sweep over like a knife, he couldn’t help laughing.

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“P’w cba tfgf ab ajxf Ct Hl jkjs, yea lo Xfcfgji Tejc lr ecjyif ab ajxf mjgf bo tlw, P mjc jikjsr ajxf yjmx ws kbgvr.” Itbe Tecrtfcu abbx tlr rfja jcv ibbxfv vbkc ja atf sbecu wjc klat j rboa fzqgfrrlbc.

“Ah Qi is worried that I would not take care of my life. I only said that I would not kill anyone, but I did not say that I would not kill with a knife.” As soon as his voice fell, Ah Qi understood and looked at Yuan Kunpeng with clear eyes without blinking.

On the day when Yu Canghai came to his door and Ah Qi became more and more attractive to him, Yuan Kunpeng had the feeling of being a full-time gun for hire for the Sect survivors. ufPkYR

Lf klqfv tlr ojmf jcv rlutfv: “Vjs la. Qtja jgf sbe ublcu ab wjxf wf vb?”

“Rest assured that you will not suffer.” Zhou Yunsheng broke the bracelet he wore since he was a child, took out a volume of silk books hidden in it and threw them on the chessboard.

Ah Qi’s face changed dramatically, and he hurriedly tried to stop him: “Sect Master, this is a sacred relic of the Sect, how can you give it to outsiders?”

Yuan Kunpeng, the outsider, glanced at him gloomily. He really wanted to take him into his arms and rub him until he felt better. On the contrary, he was not interested in the so-called sacred relic. VW7tMJ

Zhou Yunsheng explained, “This is the ‘Wuji Xin Jing’, which Zhan Chenyang and Mu Ruiling tried their best to get their hands on. Not only is it an ancient skill, but there is also a treasure map hidden in the title page, which can be shown only by searing this paper over the flame for a moment. It is the wealth left by the five extinct clans in ancient times. Our survivors are descendants of the five clans. They have never used it because they live in peace and contentment and were self-sufficient.”

Only then did Yuan Kunpeng show his surprise and wondered why Yu Canghai would hand over such destructive things to himself. Ah Qi was sweating, his eyes red, as if he would cry at any moment. He knew he couldn’t influence the decision of the Sect Master.

“What are you crying about?” Zhou Yunsheng took out his handkerchief and rubbed it over the teenager’s face. He sighed, “The clan has ceased to exist. What’s the use of these dead things? Therefore, it can only be used to seek justice for the people who have died in vain, and to buy peace for the people of the world.” Then he said to Yuan Kunpeng, “General Yuan, I hope you can become a good emperor in the future, so that people in the whole world will never lose their homes and become separated. “

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ah Qi was touched by his last words. He covered his eyes with a handkerchief and sobbed quietly. hABgek

The Sect people had already lost their homes, and had experienced all kinds of hardships. Instead of trying to save the people, he wanted to save the whole world. The Sect Master was so broad minded and generous.

When Yuan Kunpeng saw him crying sadly, he took no account of ‘Wuji Xin Jing’ and the wealth of the survivors, and took him into his arms to comfort him with a gentle voice.

Zhou Yunsheng looked at the silk books that nobody asked for with quite a bit of irony. He waited until the teenager’s crying faded. Then he slowly opened his mouth: “General Yuan, after you take out the treasure I want you to bury 800 Jin of black powder in the same place. It’s of great use to me.”

“You are…” Yuan Kunpeng understood his intentions just after a moment’s thought. He thought that this man was so fierce that he planned to blow up all the nations to the west! BG3d8d

Well, this was very good. As a matter of fact, this method was refreshing. He had long seen that the rampant rivers and lakes were not happy with him. It was only due to the tightness of the front line that he couldn’t spare time for them.

Ah Qi forgot to cry, and his eyes were wide open. He seemed very excited. He immediately forgot the words praising the benevolence and righteousness of the Sect Master.

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“I’m not going to kill them myself, but I can’t stand them running to their death. Amitabha Buddha, human greed, I cannot stop it.” Zhou Yunsheng put his hands together, his face was full of empathy, with narrowed eyes, and then he became evil again.

“Don’t forget to send soldiers to guard nearby. The fish should not be let out of the net.” The implication was to kill all but one. 3Cb9xu

Yuan Kunpeng laughed and promised to read the silk books.

Zhou Yunsheng drank to his heart’s content and said casually: “Now you have to put the book over the fire for a moment and show the treasure map for Ah Qi to copy. Whatever parts you do not understand, Ah Qi will teach you. I’m going to use this authentic work as bait. Once you have great success, I won’t ask much for it. I only hope you can give me and my people a place to live on a fertile grassland outside the fortress.”

As for the fact that forging the text will cause those people to explode at some point, he did not say anything.

Even Zhan Chenyang knew when to stop, and Yuan Kunpeng should also understand that. If he was too greedy and gave up his life in vain, he couldn’t blame him for not being a hero in troubled times. He just couldn’t complain about others. DJx9rX

He gave him these secrets not only for trading, but also to test him. If he could keep his heart steady, he would live in peace and stability. If he was suspicious, and intended to take revenge on him, he could kill him easily without the help of others.

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After giving the two gifts and digging a huge pit, Zhou Yunsheng quietly left after a few days’ rest at the General’s Palace.

He posted extensively, saying that he wanted to announce the truth of the seven tragedies. Please come and testify. There was no time and place on the posts, which made it difficult for people to figure it out. People were hesitant at first, but they found that the Demonic Master had swaggered out of the nation again, causing many people to chase him and shout about killing.

Sure enough, he dared not break his oath, but ran away without returning their attacks. He almost died of encirclement and suppression several times. He was described to be in a very awkward position. S2dlR3

When people saw this situation, they felt more and more that he was a tiger whose teeth had been pulled out and claws had been removed, only existing for the sake of being slaughtered. Not to mention the fact that the surviving children of the seven families pursued him relentlessly as their desire to kill him was high; even an ordinary passerby wanted to get involved.

Nowadays, there was a consensus in the Central Plains Wulin that whoever killed Yu Canghai would gain both fame and wealth and make a smooth progress in life.

In Shaolin Temple, Zhishen read his old friend’s letter, and his face was slightly better.

The letter stated the current situation of Yu Canghai and speculated that he would die in seven days. How could a man be able to make enemies with the whole world? If he couldn’t bring out evidence to wash the stigma, sooner or later he will be crushed by his enemies. ydgwR9

At the beginning, when his disciple asked him to make such vows, Zhishen had already foreseen his future, but he did not expect for the day to come so quickly. The Demonic Master who killed so much like that deserved everyone’s criticism. What his disciple did on that day was at last a merit of compensation.

Zhishen put his hands together and chanted “Amitabha Buddha”.

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Here’s the link to the story behind ‘cutting meat for eagles and feeding tigers‘ : https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/97984775.html 5c9xdM

When YKP looked dotingly at AQ:

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When YKP held AQ in his arms:

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Jostena: For some reason I don’t want that cute and innocent boy to be with this brute… every time I remember him I recall what he did to the FL xrdJ4C

Dragon: I… agree. If I saw someone rape my enemy brutally, I would definitely stay away!

Callis: +1

When ZYS acted religious:

Jostena: ZYS acting realigious seems creepy to me… I think I felt a shiver run through my body -_- deGRbs

When ZYS turned evil again:


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Callis: lol “became evil again”

Shirubame: +1 mwUht5

Jostena: He was always evil XD

Translator's Note

Its been used many times and it could mean nation, world or even just to say ‘all over the place’.

Translator's Note

舍身喂虎、割肉喂鹰 -> it refers to a story which you guys can go read if you’d like because I’ll put where to find it at the end (it’s pretty interesting too) and it just means that to become a Buddha, it is necessary to go through life and the endless line of giving.

Translator's Note

He means to use other people to kill rather than kill with his own hands.

Translator's Note

Means to be used as a weapon.

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