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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch15.2 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 15.2

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Shirubame, Callis & Dragon Ga5rB6

“Amitabha,Thank you for your advice.” He clasped his hands together and his expression turned indifferent once more.

The master of Zen Hall nodded and smiled, then turned back and continued chanting.

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Outside the gate, Zhou Yunsheng was surrounded by Buddhist monks. But he was at his lover’s temple so it was not good to kill. He acted with great restraint and only pushed the men who had attacked him and made them fly back. Walking slowly into the entrance, Yu Canghai shouted, “Zi Xuan, I’ve come to pick you up!”

Several elders and the hall masters knew that he was a skilled practitioner. They urged their disciples to step back, ripped their monk’s clothes and set up an eighteen Arhats array, vowing to kill him here. cfBkhv

He wiped his lips and laughed scornfully. With a flick of the fingertip, the elder who took the lead in rushing over flew several feet, and when he pushed his palms forward, the remaining seventeen people felt a crushing wave of air smashing into their bodies, making them vomit blood.

Such unfathomable martial arts were only heard of in ancient legends.

Zhishen waved his sleeve and drew the eighteen people back to him. As soon as he stretched out his arm, a thousand-handed Tathagata pressure pressed over his palm and made him curse “evil beast”.

Zhou Yunsheng laughed as he delivered a slap to his face. Iig4dd

A huge roar accompanied by dust swept through the temple, lifting off trees, bricks, tiles and other objects.

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The two can be called the world’s top players. A simple palm could also create such a great momentum. All the people present are horrified, and they quickly protected themselves with their internal force, so as to avoid being caught in the wind. When the sands and rocks gradually dispersed, the two men still stood in the same place. The difference was that the Demonic Master was smiling and his eyes were bright, while the abbot’s mouth was bloody and his face was gray. It was obvious that he had suffered serious internal injuries.

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Even the abbot is not his opponent, who can control him? If he were to kill them today, they would disappear from the world. Considering this, all the monks felt cold in their hearts. When they saw him marching towards the temple, they all stepped back and showed their timidity.

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At this moment, the master of Zen Hall came up and spoke in a warm voice: “Benefactor Yu, Zi Xuan Shishu asked the poor monk to give you a word.”

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“Shishu can’t see you.” The master of Zen Hall went down the steps and supported him back to Daxiong Palace and placed him on the praying mat.

“Why can’t I see him?” Zhou Yunsheng smiled. R2pgPd

“Shishu almost died because he had gone into the devil’s path. Before that, his blood and Zhen Qi were countercurrent and almost made him explode. If he sees you and then his demons rise again, then no one can suppress them. Also I ask Benefactor Yu to remember that for the sake of saving your life, Shishu put his life in danger. Don’t meet him again!”

Zhou Yunsheng was silent for a moment, and then shouted in determination: “No, I must see him!” With a scornful laugh he said, “You’d be right to ask me to save his life. I have a deeper inner strength than him, which can help him to breathe out and control his Zhen Qi. With your little inner strength, even ten people working together may not help him eliminate hidden dangers, but I can. If you don’t want to let him die, just give him to me!”

The knowledge of having “weak internal force” made several elders show embarrassed expressions. The master of Zen Hall was silent for a while.

He’s right. Looking at the facts, the only person who can help Zi Xuan suppress the Zhen Qi was him. If he did, then Zi Xuan can recover immediately as before, which was far better than abandoning his martial arts and retraining. KgR9kV

But he was the devil of Zi Xuan’s heart. God knows if Zi Xuan would go mad when he sees him, and then lose his reason completely.

The hall was silent. Zhou Yunsheng did not have the patience to wait for an answer, so he moved in the direction of the master of Zen Hall.

They didn’t wish to see him, and the same want for him. Today, he would not stop at anything from taking the monk away.

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At this moment, a deep voice came from the void: “Amitabha Buddha, Benefactor Yu, please leave quickly.” ldDSuY

“Zi Xuan?” Zhou Yunsheng was stunned. He couldn’t believe that after the entanglement, the man was driving him away with such indifference. He gritted his teeth and went on, his steps getting faster and faster.

The Zen Hall disciples rushed to obstruct him but were slapped away by him. He was so angry that he did not restrain his power at all. He hit a few disciples who were weak and they almost died.

“If you don’t come out, I’ll slaughter the Shaolin Temple today!” He shouted.

The monks were forced to retreat, knowing that he must have the strength to put those cruel words into action, and their faces could not help showing sadness. 1jku62

Zi Xuan was silent and sighed a moment later: “This poor monk and Shaolin Temple advance and retreat together. If you slaughter the temple, this poor monk will only fight with you to the end.” The words paused for a moment, and the tone of indifference and alienation released a hint of suppressed tremor. “But if you can make a vow, the poor monk may see you. “

“What vow?” Zhou Yunsheng was eager to ask.

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“Put down the butcher’s knife and become Buddha. If you promise the poor monk that you will never commit crimes again in this life and keep this vow for ten years, then the poor monk will see you about ten years later.” By that time, all that should be forgotten will be forgotten, and all that should be dissipated will disappear. Just like morning dew and flowers, they can only exist in a moment, they can’t last forever, and can’t say goodbye.

Zhou Yunsheng was stunned at first, then looked up and laughed at the irony. The louder he laughed, the more tears he unconsciously shed. bgiv9

Is this really his lover? With his constant love, together in life and death, depend on each other for eternity? He made him swear never to kill, but in his present situation he was forced to die. However, he was so light and indifferent that it seemed to him that his life was just a dust storm that could be erased with a slight flick of his sleeve.

Zi Xuan was stirred up by his miserable laughter. He instantly operated the fundamental law of Zhenyan to stabilize his mind. His eyes became red and darkened, but eventually he stabilized himself and his eyes turned into a pool of stagnant water. He asked, “Will the benefactor agree?”

Zhou Yunsheng laughed and said aloud, “Well, I promise you! I swear that I will lay down my butcher’s knife and become a Buddha. I will never touch anyone’s life, otherwise I will never meet you in heaven and earth.”

He felt his chin was cold and wet so when he touched it, he found out that he was crying. He sneered at his weakness, then walked away without hesitation. The love in his eyes turned into frost bit by bit. EwZJd0

When he stepped out of the temple gate, he turned to look in the direction of the Dharma Cave and said in his heart: It’s time for you to understand what it is like to lay down the butcher’s knife in the world and become a Buddha. I will destroy your innocence and beliefs one by one.

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The words “heaven and earth, generation after generation, never to meet each other” was like a spell that striked Zi Xuan’s mind, and he could no longer restrain himself from spitting a mouthful of black blood.

He covered his heart and felt as if it was being dug out, and the pain was overwhelming.

He regretted it, nearly the moment when the man’s voice had just dropped! i2Rj05

However, there is no remedy for regret in the world. He had no room for change except to act in the right direction.

In a trance, he recalled a Buddhist saying: in life, in the midst of thorns, your heart will not move, you will not move, you will not hurt; if your heart is moving, you will move, hurting your body and bones, you will experience all kinds of pain in the world.

Now that he has sunk into the sea of suffering, only forgetting was the real salvation.

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Translator's Note

罗汉 -> refers to capturing a thief or killing an intruder so they’re basically just surrounding him and having made up their minds to kill him.

Translator's Note

Tathagata -> an honorific title of a buddha.

Translator's Note

師叔 (shishu) -> means uncle and he calls him that because Zi Xuan is supposed to be the next in line to be abbot so he is higher than him in rank basically. It sounds weird in english so I’ll keep it in pinyin.

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    Thanks for the great translation ♥️♥️

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