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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch11 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 11

Translator: Jostena

Editor: Callis AN30z

Because Yuan Kunpeng’s skill was far better than Mu Ruiling’s, Mu Ruiling couldn’t break away at all and could only lie on the cold floor and wait.

She was angry for a moment and desperate for a long time.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After waiting for more than an hour, two maidservants came into the house with a basin of cold water, helped her to the couch and straightened her up a bit. Not to mention changing her clothes and pants or even covering her with the quilt, they left her naked and went on their own way. Mu Ruiling had just suffered a cruel and inhuman cruelty. It was when her body was extremely weak that she could make no effort to fight the cold. It was not long before she felt her body turn bitterly cold and her eyelids gradually became heavy.

In her confusion, she remembered that when she visited the General’s Palace in the past, Yuan Kunpeng treated her like a jewel with a meticulous attitude, and when she compared with the current wanton humiliation and trampling, she could not help but cry bitterly. After crying all night, the next day, a steward sent her a silver ticket of twelve thousand, saying that the carriage was prepared and ready to send her back to Mu Household. 6C1XE7

“What do you mean by that?” Mu Ruiling was shaking the silver ticket and had a ferocious face.

What did Yuan Kunpeng mean when he seized herself and gave her another thousand and twelve pieces of silver? Prostitution?

“This is the general’s surprise fee for this girl. If the girl thinks its too small, the maidservant will go back to the account room and ask him to give you more money. But two thousand more is enough, there is nothing more.” The steward looked scornful and regarded Mu Ruiling as a prostitute.

Miao Ruiling was so angry that she wanted to split the man in half by lifting her sword. However, the other party, armed with martial arts, evaded from the door and took the silver ticket with him.


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Mu Ruiling was angry, desperate and confused. She covered her face and screamed even more bitterly, as if she had gone mad.

Yuan Kunpeng had just returned from the barracks and was walking along the bamboo path. He was shocked to hear the scream. Think that something terrible happened in the palace, he rushed to check it out. He found that the initiator was Mu Ruiling, and scolded her. “Bad luck”.

“I heard you don’t want my silver ticket? Let me give you two ways. First, you can go back and marry Zhan Chenyang. You aren’t a virgin anyway. As long as you don’t tell him about it, he will never know of it. Second, I will take you as my concubine.” sIt83l

“You will take me for a concubine?” Mu Ruiling showed a disbelieving expression.

“If you were a concubine, you would be praised. My Yuan Kunpeng’s backyard has always refused to accept dirty women.”

Mu Ruiling gnashed her teeth, lifted her sword, and swung at him. She shouted fiercely, “I’ll fight you!”

Yuan Kunpeng slapped her, which made her body fly back. Regardless of whether she was injured or not after she hit the wall, he said while sneering: “Mu Ruiling, don’t face me, if you hadn’t seduced me intentionally, how could I look at you differently? If you want to pretend to be a chaste and virgin girl, pretend to be a little bit like that. Don’t mess with a man before you get married. Maybe yesterday I would have asked you for your first time to give you a proper wife’s title, but now you… “ jgI wt

He paused, shook his head and sneered as he pushed the door leaving.

But one is a pair of worn shoes. Yuan Kunpeng never picks up other people’s worn shoes to wear. Even if you ask for money, I’ll walk away without paying.” Even the idea of a concubine was completely dispelled.

Even from childhood, when had Mu Ruiling ever suffered such a great humiliation? She could no longer restrain herself from spitting out a mouthful of blood. But who would pity her now? Not to mention asking a doctor for treatment, there wasn’t even a person who would glance at her.

She sat on the ground for a long time, waiting for the sharp pain in her chest to ease slightly before she packed up and quietly left. She knows that her rape must have been widely known. How could she still have the face to see people? She could only hope the news wouldn’t reach her fiance’s ears. dTixVZ

Due to Yuan Kunpeng’s ruthlessness, she suffered serious internal injuries and found an inn to recover slowly in. Half a month later, she pretended to return home as if nothing had happened.

Along the way, she always doubted whether Yuan Kunpeng knew what she did to him and thought it was impossible. Otherwise, he would never let her leave the General’s Palace alive. He couldn’t hide anything in his heart, so he could not endure not taking revenge on the spot. So why didn’t he get affected by the drug? Mu Ruiling suspected that he had deliberately feigned insanity with alcohol in order to occupy herself that day, so he secretly forced the liquor out of the body with internal qi, and along the way, the toxin was also forced out, which was a mistake.

When he heard that Yuan Kunpeng alienated himself because of his jealousy, Zhan Chenyang was relieved and warned, “Since he was not satisfied with me because of you, you should hang him for me. Don’t let him be estranged from Mu Household and Biyun Village. We will always use him in the future.”

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Mu Ruiling’s heart bled, but she laughed forcefully: “Are you not afraid that he will take advantage of me?” yF4kt

“Ling’er is so smart that she could retreat completely even after being captured by Yu Canghai. How can Yuan Kunpeng, that brainless crude man, take advantage of you? I believe in you.” Zhan Chenyang was confident of his fiancee’s means.

Mu Ruiling’s laughs were becoming more and more difficult, clenched her hand in her sleeve into a fist, almost crushing the joints.

They thought she was extremely smart, capable of making fools of others. But they never thought about how miserable the fate of “smart, but overtaken by smart” would be when other people had absolute ability and disdained to play with her.

Mu Ruiling thought a lot along the way, and had great doubts about her previous self-perception. However, she dared not show her thoughts to her fiance and father, so she could only hold it down and swallow blood. burQqB

After Mu Ruiling left, Zhou Yuncheng also prepared to leave. He collected several jars of strong wine from Yuan Kunpeng’s private storehouse and ordered his servants to carry them onto the carriage.

“During these days, how satisfied was Master Yu with the play? Master Yu was the first to use Yuan as a gunman.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“General Yuan’s words are not right. If Yu doesn’t find you, where can you still be a gunman and would just turn into loess as early as possible. To tell you the truth, you didn’t want to listen. You don’t know what happiness is in your life. If I were you, I would rather be a gunman, rather than a cold and stiff body. Don’t you think that’s the reason?” Zhou Yunsheng smiled and jumped on the carriage at the end.

Yuan Kunpeng could not speak because of his choking. He nodded his head frequently when he saw Ah Qi. He said frankly, “The Sect Master is right. General Yuan meeting the Sect Master is lucky.” He laughed angrily. “Well, Master Yu’s saving grace, Yuan wrote it down and we were destined to reunite.” He waved his hand and dismissed the others. KSd4p2

Zhou Yunsheng exhorted, “Help me take good care of Ah Qi, and I’ll pick him up in five years.” Then the coachman was ordered to leave.

Zi Xuan stood on a tree not far away, following him like a ghost.

Zhou Yunsheng did not hide his appearance this time, dressed in the unique clothes of the survivors and swaggered through the market. He also ran to inns, restaurants, brothels and other places with complex human resources, fearing that others would not recognize him.

Zi Xuan’s eyes overflowed with anxiousness. He wanted to rush out to persuade him several times, but he forced himself to hold back and silently took care of the enemies who came to his door. 0nMuzZ

Unless necessary, Zi Xuan was unwilling to kill people. He just pressed their acupuncture points, threw the people aside, and then went on his way. Although he had been traveling for many years, he did not know the dangers of the nation because of the reputation of the teachers and the deterrence of the high-powered martial arts. Therefore, he did not know that his practice was very undesirable. Without worrying about their lives, these people would only become more and more angry and unscrupulous. After being ordered many times, they joined hands to kill him and frame Yu Canghai, so that the senior monks of Shaolin Temple would find trouble for Yu Canghai.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Although Zi Xuan was young, his place was quite high within the temple. The monk of the “Zhi” generation in Shaolin Temple is only one of his masters. The rest of the elders are also the “Jue” generation masters. Wherever Zixuan goes, he has to call them “Shi Shu”, so Zi Xuan is the next abbot nailed on the board.

If the future abbot was killed, would the Shaolin Temple give up?

In the past, these people never dared to easily move their brains against the top hand of Wulin, but after several rounds of confrontation with Zi Xuan, these people gradually realized that he was seriously injured,  his internal strength was poor, and he did not want to see too much blood spilled. So, they had grown arrogant and decided to use someone else to do the dirty work for them. 6LziyU

No comments for this chapter because we were still too affected by the shocking atmosphere of these chapters but we’ll be cheerful soon once ZYS and ZX get together! Hope you guys liked this week’s update!

I might be updating the MCEA chapter on Mondays from now on because I can only translate on Friday or the Weekend.

Translator's Note

This just means that he’ll never compensate her for what he did if she was never a virgin to begin with. This may be a problem to some of you but remember that in the past, Women must only be with their marriage partner so her being suggestive towards other men even though she’s technically already given herself is not something that many will accept back then. (Although her being an evil girl who wanted his life has a lot to do with it too…)

Translator's Note

烈酒 [liè jiǔ] -> a type of strong wine that can be referred to as spirits which is just a high concentration of alcohol.

Translator's Note

It just means to use him to take revenge or to be the one doing the dirty work.

Translator's Note

Loess is a predominantly silt-sized sediment that is formed by the accumulation of wind-blown dust. Ten percent of the Earth’s land area is covered by loess or similar deposits. (So he just means he’ll turn to dust which means death.)

Translator's Note

Abbot -> a man who is the head of an abbey of monks.

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