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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil (Extra 2)Ch10 - The Monk and Master of the Demonic Sect


Chapter 10

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Callis & Dragon KVpGT3

Mu Ruiling set up a good table of wine and dishes, and invited Yuan Kunpeng to dinner. She poured wine frequently during the dinner, intending to make him drunk.

The reason why the previous assassination failed was that Yuan Kunpeng had been prepared for it. Soon after that, he began to alienate her fiance, saying that he had no doubt about her fiance, and Mu Ruiling herself did not believe it.

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The biggest question now was: How much did he know? What was in his mind? Only with these answers could they manage to cope.

Although Biyun Village and Mu Household were prestigious in the nation, they were not comparable with Yuan Kunpeng, who held a million troops. If they made such a strong enemy, they would be in danger of extermination in the future. With this concern, Mu Ruiling became more enthusiastic. zXYK4b

Meanwhile, Zhou Yunsheng at a temporary general’s residence, was laying on a gorgeous soft couch, humming a tune, holding a white jade pot and pouring wine into his mouth, with a languid look.

As he recovered from the heat and cold, he was wearing a single gauze dress with a wide open front, revealing a white smooth chest, and the black hair cascading down his ankles, which flowed down to the couch over his shoulders and spread all over the floor.

The strong blue color made his skin color appear brighter than snow, his lips red like fire, and his eyes like water.

He was a little drunk, his pale cheeks flushed, his slightly closed corners of his eyes were stained with tears, and two smears of peachy pink. His flawless face became more and more beautiful.


The soft couch was facing a window. Zi Xuan was hidden in a tree, not far away. He stared at the man dimly. His meridians were impacted by his turbulent qi, which felt like a knife was slicing into the flesh all over his body.

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But compared with the pain of his body, he could not bear to let the man leave his sight. If he didn’t see him for more than an hour, he would feel uncontrollable fear and panic. However, when he saw him, the fear and panic would multiply. This man lay soft and askew on the couch, black hair let down, drunk and hazy, and bewitching, just like that.

He looked at the past as if he had been cursed. In addition to looking at him and reading about him, where can he remember what Buddha and salvation were?

Sensing that the monk’s breathing roughening, Zhou Yunsheng pulled up a strand of black hair and wound it around his fingertips. He played slowly and wondered how long he would be able to stand it. gZ68dp

He could wait for him, but there was also a deadline. If the other party did not wake up before the deadline, he must take some extraordinary means to play. Zhou Yunsheng continued to pour wine with two low chuckles. He poured the last bit of wine into his mouth before stopping. He tapped his mouth and slowly enjoyed the aftertaste.

Just then, a young man in a white Confucian shirt, elegant and quiet temperament, pushed the door in, waved his hand to dismiss the two maidservants who accompanied him, then knelt down on the couch behind the door, and simply asked: “Master, when shall we go?”

The youngster’s name was Ah Qi. It was the youngster from the Sect who had planned to wear a robe dyed with tracing incense to attract the pursuers for Zhou Yunsheng. Now, he has changed his identity to the leader of Yuan Kunpeng’s army division.

“Where do you want to go? I have sold you to Yuan Kunpeng. You can’t go anywhere without working for him for five years.” Zhou Yunsheng pinched the boy’s slightly fat cheeks,  his words were full of jokes. Instead of bringing people around and letting them be hunted endlessly, he preferred to find them a safe haven to live in seclusion until all the enemies were settled. HiMlDN

Tears filled the eyes of the teenager, and he said in fear, “Lord, what about five years later? “

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“Five years later, I will come back to pick you up.”

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Pa’r j asqlmji mjrf bo qfbqif yflcu rbiv jcv tfiqlcu bea. Vb rliis. JdMZGz

Zhou Yunsheng shook his head and laughed, but his heart was touched and rubbed the teenager in his arms.

Zi Xuan never knew that Yu Canghai’s eyes could be so gentle and his smiles could be so brilliant, like a carefree child, as he rolled over to play and tease with that person, so intimate.

He must have looked at it for a while, then suddenly his face sank. He flew away, returned to the Inn and spit out a mouthful of blood in a bucket.

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Noticing the monk’s departure, Zhou Yunsheng did not reveal anything unusual. After releasing Ah Qi, he asked, “Can Mu Ruiling run into you in the palace?” lHUMpk

“We met as soon as we came, but she didn’t remember who I was.” The teenager, with a fierce face, made a knife of his fingers and mimicked  slicing his neck. “Why doesn’t Sect Master just kill her?”

“Because I want her to feel like death is better than living.” Zhou Yunsheng smiled.

When the teenager realized it, he moved his worshipful eyes at him and immediately lowered his voice: “Sect Master, only now did Yuan Kunpeng ask me for a pill to dispel Ecstasy Powder. Did you tell him that Mu Ruiling wanted to lay hands on him?”

Teenagers learned medicine from elders when they were young, and this child was gifted in pharmacy. 2oB6W5

However, Duanchangsan was highly toxic and had a quick attack. He had no time to develop an antidote at all. He was aggrieved for a long time. When he arrived in the Central Plains, he saw the living Sect Master and broke away from despair.

Ecstasy Powder was not a poison, but its effects were very strange. It could make people hallucinate and obey the prescribers’ orders. It took half an hour for the effects of Ecstasy Powder to be activated and no one would be able to detect it. When Mu Ruiling entered the government, Yuan Kunpeng must have found all kinds of articles on her, and then asked Ah Qi for antidotes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Whatever Mu Ruiling planned to do, don’t think about succeeding this time!

Zhou Yunsheng, with a sneer on his lips, held Ah Qi under his armpit and flew to the main study to see this play. 9xF0o1

In the Warm Study, Yuan Kunpeng became “drunk” and his head shook a few times before he fell on the table.

Mu Ruiling whispered in his ear, “Kunpeng, are you all right?”

“Drink! Keep drinking!” Yuan Kunpeng suddenly raised his head, slapped the table and shouted.

Mu Ruiling was shocked and settled down before continuing to ask, “Kunpeng, why are you alienating Zhan Chenyang these days? What did he do wrong?” The person who had lost his mind, no matter who was next to him, would talk to them endlessly, and after finding out the news, the poisoner could also use words to guide, so that the other party lost the corresponding memory. sSgqFd

It was for this reason.

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Yuan Kunpeng lay back again and said vaguely, “He robbed my woman. Why can’t I alienate him? I want to kill him!”

Mu Ruiling’s face changed slightly. She felt both disgust and dislike, and was inevitably proud of herself in her heart. She became more and more scornful of this man’s bad nature.

She took a few sips from her glass and wondered how she would explain the reason to Zhan Chenyang when she returned. If he knew that Yuan Kunpeng intentionally alienated him because of his possessive desire, would he be jealous? Thinking about it, she laughed to herself. f4x6dR

Yuan Kunpeng was so excited by her triumphant laughter that he thought ruthlessly, it was foolish of him to think about such a bitch, wanting to only catch sight of her, as if he had shit in his eyes and planning to protect her for a lifetime. No, I can’t make her so proud!


Yuan Kunpeng was very angry. For a long time, he held a lot of bad thoughts. He simply pounced on Mu Ruiling with his breath smelling like  liquor and held her tight. Mu Ruiling thought that he had lost his reason and listened to what she said. So, he was unprepared to let her go, but he didn’t get up and also pressed her acupuncture point. Then, he reached inside the hem of her skirt. After two or three strokes, he tore open her thin clothes, pulled down her trousers and plunged the purple-red giant into her private place.

Mu Ruiling was so frightened and confused silly that she was stunned until  the pain hit her, before shouting for help. When no one arrived, she begged bitterly.

Yuan Kunpeng hated her deeply. In his movements, he felt no pity. He raised her legs and then entered her even harder. He kept spitting out all kinds of filthy words, which made Mu Ruiling suffer physically and mentally, and cried. a6ed15

No matter how deep-minded she was, she was no more than a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl who was imprisoned in the Holy Sect by Yu Canghai at the beginning, and who had been deceiving others again and again through careful seduction. How had she even endured such a terrible encounter? Until now, she suddenly realized that not everyone would let her play at her disposal. There was always a reason for the phrase “Play With Fire And You’ll Burn Yourself”.

But she knew it was too late to regret, so she could only cry and beg for mercy.

Yuan Kunpeng did not listen. The louder she cried, the more excited he became. He wished he could stab this person under him.

Zhou Yunsheng stood on a tree opposite the Warm Pavilion with Ah Qi in his arms, accompanied by two secret guards of the General’s Palace. 0cKwhl

He covered Ah Qi’s shining eyes, laughed and scolded “beast”, then sat cross-legged and waited to see what would happen.

Mu Ruiling was a practitioner of martial arts. She had a strong body and did not pass out despite being violated so fiercely. She started to scold him, when she saw that begging for mercy was useless. As a result, she was tossed more severely. Over time, she learned to be obedient. She clenched her teeth and said nothing. After half an hour, Yuan Kunpeng just looked up and shouted. At once, he felt relief.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“You’re not a fucking virgin!” As soon as he pulled out his limp dick, he slapped Mu Ruiling hard and said with a sneer: “Previously, you pretended to be so pure, clean and ignorant of the world, but you have already been spoilt by others. Damn it, let Lao Tzu be in a bad mood for nothing!” s124Ul

Afraid of getting a dirty disease, he repeatedly rinsed his private place with strong liquor, then rolled up his clothes and put them on. He wiped them casually, pulled up his trousers and left.

Why would he care about who wasn’t a virgin or clean and whatnot, but he did it to insult Mu Ruiling.

Mu Ruiling wanted to curse when he left her body. She was dizzy from the slap to her face before her mouth opened. Her cheeks were red and swollen.

She knew that noble families were different from their nation. They valued women’s chastity very much, but at the same time didn’t want to be so serious. It was unreasonable to cancel their previous love for her just because she wasn’t a virgin! UY7T 8

She had always been resolute and resourceful, so even after being humiliated to the end, an idea slowly came to her mind to use Yuan Kunpeng’s love and guilt to control him and get some benefits for her fiance. In the future, Yuan Kunpeng’s value would be squeezed clean by them. Then, she would cut off his limbs and penis and put him in a coma.

She wanted to reprimand him and then pretend to be weak and pitiful. Then, she would catch up and play with him. But before she could carry out all these kinds of plans, Yuan Kunpeng slapped her in the face. Not only did he not hold her to comfort and accompany her, but he also disliked her being unclean?

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His heart was as rigid as iron, and Mu Ruiling almost died of anger.

She lay on the cold floor, her lower body in a mess. She could not move because her acupuncture point was still pressed, so she could only wait helplessly. She wanted to howl, curse and scream, but her mouth was full of anguish and grief. sl70m

Zhou Yunsheng then released his hand covering Ah Qi’s eyes and turned to the two guards saying, “Your general is a real beast. “

The Secret Guards were indifferent and stood firmly in their position.

Ah Qi blinked and whispered, “This is called “The Wicked Have Their Own Wicked” General Yuan is bad, but there are reasons for his actions. He is simply bad because of it.” Unlike the Sect Master, you were deceived by that woman and let her bounce around.

How could Zhou Yunsheng not know that the teenager was slandering him inside his head and flicked his forehead while joking: “Good fellow, Yuan Kunpeng’s heart just fell to pieces too soon. Now you think I’m kind, but when you see Mu Ruiling’s fate tomorrow, you’ll know what real revenge is. The good part is yet to come.” FS6iqW

“What are you going to do then, Sect Master?” Asked Ah Qi expectantly.

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Zhou Yunsheng raised his index finger against his lips and smiled weirdly.

Here’s the second chapter and another will be coming soon as well! I know a lot of you guys were probably triggered by the rape scene and the sexist way he spoke to her but remember guys that this is based on the ancient times and even if she is powerful and stuff because of martial arts they still look at her as only a woman. I mean have you guys forgot abotu how most of the harem novels are cultivation ones? Don’t feel too bad guys….

When ZYS’s hair spread all over the floor: aBAoX0

Dragon: Recently, i have been reading ghost/ horror novels, so this visual became creepy and scary OwO

Jostena: Like the girl coming out of the well (¬‿¬)

When ZX forgot about Buddha and Salvation:

Jostena: Damn ZX you really entered the darkness really quick XD SiZuWK

Dragon: What Buddha? I can see only ZYS. Hmph!

When YKP shouted at MRL for not being virgin:

Callis: This is so sexist wtf

Jostena: It’s in ancient times settings so what can we expect… dN9nQi

When YKP was ‘disinfecting’ his little guy with wine:

Dragon: too late, buddy. Children, remember protection comes before the act and not after. After, you can only cry

Jostena: Thank you for the great advice, Dragon Sensei! XD

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


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      And I think rape kind of… showing off your power while destroying someone future completely.

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