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Forced to Marry the Enemy PrinceChapter 2.2


In the blink of an eye, someone moved quicker than the arrow. Zhan Lue’s figure flashed by and he didn’t have the intention of getting involved with the experts. He flew up and stepped on the arrow in mid-air, and then used the strength to jump up again. His qinggong was extraordinary and he quickly stepped on the city wall, leaping up suddenly.

Everything happened too quickly. The arrow fell down in mid-air, but Zhan Lue grabbed the lucky Xian Sheng. All of the archers in the city tower pointed their arrows towards him, but the man clutched Xian Sheng’s throat while placing his arm over his waist, turning to the other side. Meanwhile, he stared at his side in alertness while saying casually, “So it’s the Eldest Princess of Liang Country, Your Highness Xian Sheng. I am lacking in my manners.” WT8MNa

Xian Sheng specially wore a male outfit, but because of his beautiful appearance, it made it seem like he was a girl trying to disguise as a male. Plus, after being a princess for so long, his maid was already used to calling him that. Seeing this, the maid said angrily, “Let our princess go!”

The man pressed his fingers against Xian Sheng’s neck. His fingers were rough but full of strength. He rubbed against the fatal spot and this forced Xian Sheng to lift his neck, trying to breathe.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhan Lue said, “Your Highness is a genius. I bet you guys value her a lot.”

Xian Sheng’s heartbeat was thumping rapidly. It wasn’t just because of fright, but because of what he said. “What do you want to do?” bxgy9p

“I provoked you guys today because of you.” Zhan Lue looked down and his gaze landed on his slender neck. He subconsciously applied more strength on his fingers, but he said in a considerately gentle tone, “I originally wanted to capture the city tower’s military counselor back to work for the Jin Country. However, looking at this, it seems impossible.”
Everyone was shocked and they were stiffened. They all understood the hidden meaning behind Zhan Lue’s words. Since he couldn’t make use of him, he could only kill him.


Zhan Lue clutched Xian Sheng’s neck, so it was difficult for him to breathe. He said, “Although Your Highness has unrivaled martial arts skills, if you kill me right now, how likely do you think you can get away safely just by yourself?”

“Princess is smart.” Taking in the faint medicinal scent of Xian Sheng, Zhan Lue said in a low voice, “Therefore, I won’t kill you. I will bring you back.”


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Xian Sheng led the Liang army to victory despite having fewer soldiers than the Jin army. The military was on his side and no one dared to make any sudden moves. Xian Sheng knew that if he died, then everyone could do as they wish without worry. Maybe they could kill Zhan Lue.

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Xian Sheng slightly furrowed his eyebrows due to pain. He bit his lips and said, “You’re the one committing suicide!”

“You want to kill me?” Zhan Lue raised his eyebrows and said, “You clearly don’t know your capabilities.” ABtkbR

“Zhan Lue!” It was Third Brother, Xian Yu, who came up the city tower. He raised his arrow and bow, glancing murderously at Zhan Lue. He said each word clearly, “Let Sheng’er go.”

Not only didn’t Zhan Lue let him go, but he tightened his grasp around him. Xian Sheng clearly had difficulty breathing, but Zhan Lue said casually, “Why doesn’t the Third Prince try? See if I’m quicker or if your arrow is quicker.”

Xian Yu’s eyes become bloodshot right then. “Let Sheng’er go. I’ll be your hostage.”

“Princess is beautiful and a genius. Why would I exchange her for you? Third Prince, you’re valuing yourself too much.” 9wCNq4

Xian Yu’s expression became unwell.

Zhan Lue brought Xian Sheng over. Seeing his ‘sister’ furrow his eyebrows and him trying hard to breathe, Xian Ning said, “She has an unwell body. Loosen your grasp on her a bit.”

Zhan Lue also noticed how weak Xian Sheng was. When he took her hostage, he was basically dragging him like a soft and strengthless doll. While admiring his enemy’s pained expression, he slightly loosened his grip. Air came in and Xian Sheng breathed heavily, greedy for more. He coughed repeatedly. Seeing Zhan Lue bringing him down the city tower, he immediately asked, “What? You flew up here, but you can’t fly down now?”

“Princess is extremely right.” Zhan Lue said sincerely, “I’m scared of heights.” SvuyaY

“…” Xian Sheng’s lips trembled. He glanced at his Third Brother and indicated for him to make a move and pay no attention to himself. The latter gradually moved out of the way, however. He said, “Zhan Lue, let Sheng’er go. I promise you can safely leave the city.”

“Do you take me to be a three years old child?”

Walking to the stairs, Zhan Lue’s arm around Xian Sheng’s waist tightened. The man who held him hostage actually lifted him up single-handed, so he could walk downstairs conveniently. Xian Sheng’s two feet were above the ground and he clutched onto the man like a large-scale hanging ornament. Xian Sheng’s entire body hurt from rubbing against the man’s armor. He said, “What are you guys waiting for? Quickly kill Zhan Lue!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The stairs on the city tower were narrow and it was hard for Zhan Lue to move around. This man was so arrogant. If tens of thousands of arrows were shot all at once, he’ll definitely die GAF2Yk

The precondition was that they were willing to sacrifice Xian Sheng.

Xian Yu’s expression changed, but he still didn’t move. Zhan Lue observed his surroundings silently and then said, “Princess, why must you be so extreme? You’re the key to them winning against us. If you’re not there to command them, even if I die, within two days, Jin Country’s flags will be all over the capital.”

Xian Sheng said, “If the common people of the capital get to die with Crown Prince Zhan Lue, it’s also an amazing matter.”

Zhan Lue laughed. “Princess really knows how to compliment people. I am extremely happy.” qU2ynu

Xian Yu had enough of him talking in his ‘sister’s ears.’ He said angrily, “Quickly get out of the city and scram!”

Zhan Lue wasn’t nervous or afraid. Even more, he was in the mood to comment, “I like listening to the princess’s words, but not yours.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xian Yu cursed, “Dog Zhan, why are you being slow for? If you want to leave, leave quickly!”

Zhan Lue finally got down the city tower. Xian Sheng stood on the ground as Xian Yu and Xian Ning, as well as a bunch of archers came down too. They all surrounded Zhan Lue like an impenetrable wall. Zhan Lue was escorted to the city door and then he said, “Thank you very much for enthusiastically bringing me here. I really feel apologetic.” n4ZLM5

“Are you that shameless?!” Xian Ning said, “Leave the princess!”

Xian Sheng looked at his Elder Brother and he knitted his eyebrows tightly. From his perspective, he wasn’t that important. This was a good chance to take down Zhan Lue right now. Naturally, it’ll be best if they could capture him alive. If not, they could do some things with his corpse.

“Brother…” He called out and the fingers on his neck tightened. Zhan Lue said in his ears, “Sh. Be good. Otherwise, my hands might slip and hurt the princess.”

Xian Sheng breathed with difficulty and he could only watch as Zhan Lue continue to bring him out of the city door. q0Hezr

The moment Zhan Lu disappeared from their line of sight, the Jin army had been raising their weapons in alertness. Up until the Liang army moved to the two sides and they saw their red windbreaker Crown Prince did they take deep breaths. He could’ve jumped down from the top, but he chose to take the stairs. Look at this great fanfare.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xian Yu stopped and then mocked, “This grand Crown Prince, you’re already out of the city safely. Princess is just a weak woman, so can you let her go now?”

“No.” Zhan Lue said, “I am actually not afraid of heights. It’s just that princess is too beautiful so I couldn’t help but carry her for a while.”

The moment he said that, sounds of weapons withdrawing rang. The Liang people said angrily, “You’re being too excessive!” b4smph

Zhan Lue chuckled and then held Xian Sheng. He was quite tall and then he flew back towards the horse carriage, passing through the Liang army easily. “With a beauty in my arms, I’m going to go enjoy life now!”

“…A great definition of a pervert!”

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