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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh86 - It Tastes Like Chicken


With He Yun Yi’s proof, the fact that Zergs could be eaten seemed to be irrefutable. But seeing that He Wei Ye was still somewhat doubtful, Ruan Tang smiled slightly and took out a preservation box from behind him. “Actually … I brought a sample over.”

Considering He Wei Ye’s degree of acceptance, Ruan Tang chose not to use the small bugs because it could be seen that they were still bugs even after cooking. Instead, he used the gigantic beetle’s meat. The glittering and translucent meat was stored in the fresh-keeping box. Without knowing where it came from, it looked ordinary and not at all strange. dWn2yF

But He Wei Ye knew that a Zerg corpse was definitely inside. Although the seductive aroma lingered on the tip of his nose, his heart was tormented. Eat and it was though he was abandoning his faith; not eat and he might miss an incomparable opportunity … He looked at those pieces of meat, His hands curled tightly into fists, and then he force himself to slowly open his hands. He picked up the chopsticks next to it, tremblingly picked up a piece, and sent it into his mouth.

When the meat reached his tongue, he couldn’t help but to close his eyes.  And then suddenly they opened wide, ‘How could–!’

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He couldn’t believe it. He grabbed the preservation box and stared at the white and tender meat inside. He couldn’t believe that the sweet and smooth taste in his mouth came from those hideous, destructive creatures that hid dangers within them.

Zergs … Zergs … TudLo8

He chewed this word in his mouth repeatedly, just like the previous few days and nights. But this time this word no longer tasted bitter and hopeless, but extremely sweet and delicious!

“Okay … okay!” He clenched his fists tightly, his spirit finally returning from disbelief. He slowly smiled, and then it turned into a loud laugh, “Ruan Tang, you are really the gospel of our empire!”

Now that they’ve determined that Zergs were edible, the big question now was how to convince the frontline soldiers to eat it.

This incident was very similar to the situation on the 19th Planet. Before Ruan Tang said that those monsters could be eaten, everyone kept a skeptical and negative attitude. But later, Ruan Tang used it during his live broadcast. The water monsters were made into delicious dishes, which they tasted and saw with their own eyes. It made people accept these water monsters. OHsW5Y

But now the soldiers were fighting in the frontlines and their lives were in constant danger. When would they have time to watch Ruan Tang’s live broadcast?

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If they were to only rely on Ruan Tang’s personal influence and the compulsory order from the military ministry, although some people may actually execute the orders, more people may be only feign compliance. It may even produce an adverse situation. The soldiers might think that the Empire had already abandoned them and thus fall into even deeper despair.

After all, the Zergs were different from the sea monsters. Although the sea monsters were also ugly and could cause harm to the people, at best, they could only wound you; they can’t kill you. The water monster were far less ugly and dangerous than the Zergs. Therefore, it was more difficult to accept that Zergs were edible.

When a terrible enemy, who could, at any time, take your life and devour you, stands in front of you and then someone tells you that you can eat this enemy, how thick would your nerves be and how much overestimation of your own abilities would you need to believe that without hesitation? js0Hym

Ruan Tang had already considered this issue and discussed it with He Yun Yi for a long time before he set off for the military. He looked at He Wei Ye’s furrowed brows and whispered, “Supreme Commander, I have an idea …”


Celtic planet.

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“Marshal! There are too many Zerg! We’re almost out of power!”

The red warning light flashed continuously inside the mech. He Yun Chen’s eyes were like a knife. He directly shot the laser beam between the beetle’s eyes and calmly ordered his men, “Retreat! Retreat to the temporary base! Base defense, prepare to provide cover! ”


Thousands of mechs flew quickly towards the temporary base. The defensive barrier immediately closed behind them, quickly snuffing out the scattered Zergs that pursued after them. JntH i

The semi-circular protective barrier enclosed the entire planet. The chasing insects hit the defensive barrier one after the other, making a dull “thud thud” sound. Every time they knocked against the defensive barrier, ripples would spread across its surface, but they still could not break through. But even so, everyone’s heart was still dark.

Power at the base was at a critically low level. Without a new source of power, how many days could this protective barrier last?

The various mechs landed in the base’s open field. The extremely clean mech armors were covered with grime and blood stains. The soldiers in charge of logistics immediately turned on the water hoses and started to wash down the mechs. That would do nothing against the scarred and roughened surface caused by the Zergs’ corrosive fluid and sharp limbs though.

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He Yun Chen stepped out of the mech cabin, his sweaty hair pasted against his forehead. His eyes were gray, and fine stubble covered his jaw. He looked very tired, but his body was still ramrod straight. His eyes were as cold as a knife. He seemed to be a sharp unsheathed sword, giving people an invisible sense of oppression. e9FNtu

“Marshal, our power reserves are seriously inadequate. I’m afraid that the protective cover will not last for long…” Li Kai hurried to He Yun Chen and reported to him the base’s current situation. His eyes were red and bloodshot, it looked like he has gone a long time without adequate sleep.

“I know.” He Yun Chen couldn’t help but rub his temples. Looking at all the pale-faced soldiers around him, he asked, “When will the next batch of relief supplies arrive?”

If it weren’t for his father’s immediate decision, letting the third army carry the supplies onboard the mechs to avoid the sneak attack of the Valens, these frontline soldiers may have already starved to death. However, despite this, the materials sent by the Third Army were not enough. The base supplied millions of soldiers every day. The amount they consumed everyday was simply astonishing. Hunger and lack of energy were the greatest enemies they faced now.

“Supreme Commander He has ordered for a new batch of supplies to be sent as quickly as possible, and it is expected that it will take two days …” T1rf97

Two days …?

He Yun Chen looked up at the Zergs blocked by the protective barrier. Lord knows if they’ll be able to hold on until the relief supplies arrive…

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“But fifteen minutes ago I received an encrypted message from Supreme Commander He. It was specified that only you would be able to view it.” Li Kai said, and then forwarded the encrypted message to He Yun Chen.

After undergoing biometric verification, he unlocked the encrypted message and when he read it, his eyes widened instantly. His eyes were filled with a strange expression, as though he had read something inconceivable. xZyzQ1

“Marshal?” Li Kai couldn’t help but call him when he saw that his expression had turned strange.

He Yun Chen immediately schooled his expression to return to its usual expressionless state. His eyes shone with determination and he asked Li Kai, “Are there any incendiary bombs in the weapons warehouse?”

Li Kai immediately checked on his light brain, and quickly gave an answer. “Yes, but there are only forty left.”

The explosive power of the incendiary bomb was tremendous. The maximum combustion temperature after detonation could reach 600,000 degrees Celsius.  Its destructive power against combustible targets were tens of times more efficient than ordinary demolition bombs. VnGaPk

He Yun Chen looked up at the Zergs crowding outside. He hesitated for a moment, and said, “Prepare to fire the incendiary bombs and burn all the bugs outside …”

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“Yes!” Li Kai immediately conveyed his order.

Soon, the cannon fort was set up and the incendiary bombs were ready.

Under He Yun Chen’s order, the protective barrier was quickly shut off. Without the protective barrier, a terrifying number of Zergs immediately flew towards the base. Fl6EP9

As soon as they flew into the base, dozens of incendiary bombs flew towards the charging Zergs, exploding in mid-air. In this eternally pitch black universe, it was as though daybreak came through, the rays of light were dazzling. The flying insects who had first rushed in turned into flaming lumps from the explosion. With sad and shrill cries they fell to the ground. Soon, a half-meter deep layer was accumulated.

When the flames slowly extinguished, a strange scent emerged from the scorched bugs. This smell was no different from poison in front of this hungry crowd.

Their stomachs convulsing uncontrollably. The hunger that had gone ignored while they were fighting came back with a vengeance, forcing some with weaker constitutions to retch violently.

Hungry. Ht9 lN

So very hungry.

“These fucking Zergs, even with their deaths they bring disaster!” Li Kai kicked the bug corpses, but also swallowed unconsciously.

So hungry …

He Yun Chen stepped forward slowly and picked up a scorched bug. He recalled the content of the message. He cut off the bug’s wings, feet and tail with the light blade. Steeling his resolve, he closed his eyes, and put the corpse in his mouth. 0rMfey

“Marshal!” Li Kai was shocked.

If it wasn’t for the trust he had in He Yun Chen, he would have stepped forward and wrung He Yun Chen’s neck to make him spit it out!

That’s a Zerg! The corrosive fluid in the Zergs could corrode even black steel! Black steel! That’s several times harder than normal steel. These days, the mech and warships destroyed by these Zergs were too numerous to count. No matter how strong He Yun Chen’s physique and constitution was, how could it compare to Black Steel? If he ate those things, his insides might just rot!

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When the supplies were delivered the day before yesterday, the Marshal insisted that he distribute the nutrient solutions to those who needed it most. He endured and refused to drink any. Had he gone insane from hunger? CIlFkD

Li Kai’s eyes were staring intently at He Yun Chen’s face. He was already thinking about how to rescue the Marshal.

Unexpectedly, after He Yun Chen swallowed the bug in his mouth, he bent down and picked up another insect. He cut off its feet, wings and tail in the same way, and then stuffed it into Li Kai’s mouth!

Li Kai was about to spit it out instinctively, but He Yun Chen covered his mouth.

“Eat.” He Yun Chen’s voice remained calm and cold. After Li Kai met his bottomless eyes, he unconsciously chewed the bug as per his order. MNi41

And then……

Li Kai :! !! !! !!

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After being roasted, this insect tasted like chicken! And because it was roasted well, it was particularly crispy! The more he chewed, the more delicious it was…

“Marshal, this …it’s delicious …” He murmured unconsciously. He’s been so hungry for nearly two days. Suddenly being able to eat such deliciousness, he even felt a little bit like crying. Te4Sd3

“A’Tang found that the Zergs could be eaten, especially this kind of flying insects. Although their attack is strong, but their defense is weak. They lack a hard carapace. You can use fire attacks to bake them … once baked, they can be eaten” As He Yun Chen said it, he couldn’t help shaking his head, a look of lingering astonishment on his face.

Who would have thought that these terrible Zergs that had driven them to their wits’ ends, would still be considered as dishes in Ruan Tang’s heart?

“Ah …” Li Kai had his mouth open in shock, feeling that his outlook on life had just taken a hard hit.

He Yun Chen raised his hand to his forehead, and then couldn’t help but laugh lowly, “Go and call the soldiers, let’s have dinner.” PRMbk


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The title ‘It tastes like chicken’ is more accurately something like ‘boom, crispy, tastes like chicken’, which is a set phrase online which was popularized because of Bear Grylls  (the Discovery Channel survival expert). He’d often find critters in the jungle and he’d cook it and then say that ‘it taste like chicken’.

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