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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh62 - The Nineteenth Planet


The 19th planet was a planet similar to Earth. It was also a blue color when viewed from space, but the Earth’s green color was replaced by gray-black. There was an introduction to the 19th planet on board the spaceship. It was said that about 88% of the planet was covered in water, the rest were all kinds of rugged mountains ranges. If it weren’t that this planet was a rare livable planet, they were afraid that no one would be willing to live in such a remote and barren place.

Alighting from the spaceship, Ruan Tang felt the remoteness and poverty of the 19th planet. First off, the star port was more than a little bit smaller than the capital star’s. If the Star Harbor of the Capital Star was the international airport of first-tier cities in the past, then the star port of the 19th planet was the small train station of previous third-tier cities. It was basically deserted with very few people around. P7tgx9

“Let’s go, there aren’t any suspended cars that can be reserved at any time, so I arranged for people to come pick us up.” He Yun Chen said to him, while automatically holding onto his hand.

Ruan Tang was slightly surprised and he looked at the harbor hall where there was almost no one around. He suddenly felt a little uneasy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The gravity here is a little different from the capital star’s. I am holding you in case you’re not able to adapt.” He Yun Chen explained.

Ruan Tang was still somewhat puzzled. When he got out of the harbor hall, he finally understood what He Yun Chen was talking about. The gravity of this planet was indeed a bit stronger and his physique wasn’t too good, so the added gravity was particularly heavy, even to the point of struggling. He relied on He Yun Chen’s support to slowly walk out. Fortunately, although his body was not as good as He Yun Chen’s, it was also genetically modified and optimized, so after a period of adaptation, he felt a lot better. gbCwF

Out of the star port, Ruan Tang saw a gray car parked outside. A tall, middle-aged man waved in He Yun Chen’s direction. Although he was wearing casual clothes, he stood tall and. With the way he carried himself, it could be seen that he’d been through the army.

“Uncle Kun.” After He Yun Chen approached, he greeted the tall middle-aged man. “This is Ruan Tang.”

Wang Kun nodded. “Hello, Mr. Ruan.”

“Uncle Kun, hello.” Ruan Tang didn’t know how to address the other person, but he imitated He Yun Chen and greeted the other. bLKuz0

“Please, get in.”

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The three people got in the car one after the other. This car was more than a little bit smaller than He Yun Chen’s private suspended car in the capital star. The space was narrow and small. Although it could fly, it was very slow. Basically, it was the same as those cheap compact cars from previous times.

“Your accommodations are ready, and we also found out a lot of news.” Wang Kun and Zhang Peng were the scouts under He Wei Ye. Although they had retired for physical reasons, their abilities weren’t lacking. They were very suitable candidates to scout out information. On the day Wei Zhuo uploaded the video, Wang Kun had already set off. Although they were only one day ahead of He Yun Chen, they had already heard a lot of things. Here, as long as they are willing to spend money, basically, nothing was secret.

Wang Kun found Ruan Tang’s original residence. But the house left by his father was already sold off by Cai Xin. Now it has become someone else’s home. But the person who bought the house happened to be their former neighbors. zdhIDF

As early as ten years ago, when Ruan Tang began to earn money in the capital, Cai Xin had already changed residences to draw a clear line between these “poor souls”, but before that, they had lived here for more than ten years. Most of their neighbors were still living here. When Wang Kun went inquiring from house to house, he found that Cai Xin was a little infamous here. Almost every family knew of her. Of course, they had nothing good to say.

He sent a video to He Yun Chen, and He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang watched the video in the back seat.

In the video, several neighbors still had a strong recollection of Ruan Tang’s family’s situation. From their tone, they were very disdainful towards Cai Xin. When they heard it was her Wang Kun was asking about, they suddenly changed their expressions and asked him, “You are you to her?”

Wang Kun replied, “I have no relation to her. I’m a friend of her son, Ruan Tang.” gusyl5

“Oh?” The neighbor looked at him up and down and saw his righteous bearing. He did not seem like a bad person. “What amazing thing did that bitch Cai do now?”

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“Ktf Eejc ojwlis lr nfgs ojwber lc beg mbecas. Ktfs’gf nfgs cblrs.” Ktf cflutybg rcffgfv. “Yglulcjiis, yflcu cflutybgr ktb tjnf yffc tfgf obg j ibcu alwf, fnfgsbcf kjr ufaalcu jibcu kfii. Coafg atja ylamt Jjl mjwf, atfgf kbeiv yf dejggfir fnfgs vjs. Ktf akb fivfg Eejcr vlfv ogbw jcufg. Qtja vb sbe rjs jybea atja?”

When Ruan Tang’s father, Ruan Liang, was still alive, he was a very capable person. He did not have a good physique and had no spiritual talent but he learned to do carvings and handicrafts. Because he was young and handsome and nimble-handed, he was also very popular with the customers. He often received good orders. His income was relatively high here, Ruan Tang’s grandparents were very proud. Whenever they met with other people, the would often boast about their son. The Ruan Liang of this time could be said to be young, handsome and talented. dCRkeM

He was single and making a good living. Everyone was naturally very willing to help introduce him to a potential wife. Only that he refused to entertain any of them. Later on, he brought back a very beautiful woman from who knows where.  That was Cai Xin. Ruan Liang fell in love with her at first sight, and when he took her back home, they quickly got married.

Since the raw rice had already been cooked, it wouldn’t do for others to say anything more. At most, they would whisper about how this Cai Xin’s origin was unknown, and that she was too spoiled. When she came to this place, he might have been feeling guilty about something, so he was very protective towards her. Every time he heard something said about her, he would be furious, quarreling with others, and soon he had offended everyone around them.

But even so, their marriage was not happy.

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“With one look, you could already see that that bitch Cai was no good. Every day, she would wear those gaudy and revealing clothes. She never worked a day in her life, she just kept asking for money. When Old Ruan goes out, she goes out too to who knows where and doesn’t come back until late at night. Later, she became pregnant but she didn’t stop. She was still running out every day. Because of that, she almost miscarried several times. When A’Liang scolded her, she would throw things!” gZjfR6

On the surface the family’s relationship appeared harmonious. Ruan Liang deliberately emphasized  to others that he was very open-minded and that he trusted his wife. He was very supportive of Cai Xin running out every day. But behind closed doors, the house was full of the sounds of quarreling. Everyone knew the sound of things being flung about and breaking.”

“His wife wore such revealing clothes then she’d be running around outside the whole day. When she returns, she just sleeps. Which man’s heart wouldn’t have some doubts?” Another male neighbor mentioned her, but also wore a contemptuous face. “In any case, at that time, we felt that that woman made A’Liang…wear a green hat. But when they had children, we couldn’t say much. The child was really unlucky to have such a mother.”

Since the birth of the child, Ruan Liang ordered her over and over not to go out every day and to stay to watch the child at home.

With the baby so young, how could he leave him alone? He needed to go out to work and Cai Xin would still run out. If he left such a small child alone at home, something might happen to him. 17XRrE

Cai Xin probably had a little bit of rare maternal instinct. She stayed at home for a while, but soon became bored and started looking for someone to play cards with at home. She paid no attention to the child and left him to his own devices.

“Xiao Ruan was only three or four years old and could already walk around. If his mother didn’t care for him, he would find something by himself to eat. Who knew that that bitch Cai was so devoid of human emotion, seeing that he could prepare meals, she made the four or five-year-old child do housework and prepare meals for her! How could she bear to eat that!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Fortunately, the child was sensible, and wasn’t led astray by her. He was planning to look for a job so that he could leave this blood-sucker.”

The neighbors were shouting and looked quite emotional. “Unfortunately, his parents gave birth to another one. The baby was diagnosed with illness after a few months. He was basically lying bedridden in the hospital, otherwise, he would have probably suffered the same fate, being made to serve his mother.” okEK8a

“Cai Xin said that she had been raising her two children all by herself after her husband passed away. Is this true?” Wang Kun asked.

“Hahaha, how is that possible? That bitch Cai wasn’t working when her husband was still there. It was even more impossible when he died. How could she raise her children?” The other person seemed to have heard an incredible joke and laughed heartily. When A’Liang died, Xiao Ruan was around twenty. The younger one was just born. He used to study craftsmanship with A’Liang in his teens and had already started to work. When A’Liang died, he would take his brother, wrap him in a quilt every day and go out to work. He didn’t dare ask his mother to look after her child.”

“That bitch Cai would play cards every day, or go out to pamper herself. She didn’t care about them and didn’t even save money for them to go to school. She’d take out money to spend on herself. When Old Ruan was around, she sucked his blood dry. When he died, she sucked her son’s blood. Xiao Ruan went to school using the money from scholarships. But that wasn’t the end of it. Cai Xin stole his money. If he doesn’t give it, she would go to his school and create a scene. She caused such a good child to fail in his studies, until he had no choice but to go out and work.”

The neighbor shook his head. “She did such wicked things!” tX0mWE

“What about Cai Xin?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“What else does that woman know to do besides play games? It doesn’t matter if she’s not at home, she doesn’t care about the children. If it weren’t for the family’s eldest son, the younger one might not have survived. But their younger son was really weak, he would be sent to the hospital almost every day. I didn’t see their family much after that. Xiao Ruan went out to work and sent money every month. He was probably doing well. It didn’t take long for that bitch Cai to sell their house and move to the new city.” Pointing at the distant hills, “just across the mountain, it is our wealthy area. Her days were probably too good, but the younger son didn’t leave. He still lives in the hospital here.”

“Thank you.” The video ended here.

According to the information on the video, Cai Xin was a completely unqualified mother. She only indulged in pleasure and didn’t look after her children. Using Ruan Tang’s money, she lived free and unfettered. She had long ago moved on to better things. Who knew how comfortable her life had been? Otla L

The car quickly stopped in front of a house. Here was the rich area mentioned by the neighbors in the video. It did indeed seem to be much better. Although it was not comparable to the capital star, it was relatively clean and tidy, much like the villas of former third-tier cities, except with worse greenery.

“This is where Cai Xin moved, but she sold the house a few days ago.” Wang Kun said, “She is also very well-known here, but…”

He looked as though he was too embarrassed to say something. He hesitated before continuing to say, “…she was a social butterfly.”

“Before she left, she also deliberately showed off, saying that she was going to the capital to live a life of comfort with her eldest son.” 6hSXkw

Cai Xin’s borrowed money in the tragic video should be the money she got from selling the house. Even the house was sold, it seemed that she was determined to rely on Ruan Tang, otherwise she wouldn’t have bragged about living a life of comfort with her son.

It really was their first time seeing such a shameless woman…

Wang Kun chose the cleanest house in this area and rented it for He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang. From out the window, you could see the continuous dark gray mountains and large rivers. Almost all the houses on the 19th planet were built on the side of the mountain. There was really too much water on the planet. It was prone to high tides and flash floods. It was said that there were many dangerous creatures in the water. It was only safe to live high up.

“Uncle Kun, where did they say that Ruan Yu is?” After putting the luggage in the room, Ruan Tang impatiently asked. YN csr

“The hospital in the old city, but they don’t allow strangers to visit. Zhang Peng has been guarding there the entire time. You can rest assured about his safety. We will go to the government office here to get your proof of kindship. With this, there is no way for the hospital to stop us.”

He nodded immediately. “Okay, let’s go!”

The three immediately set off for the office building where the local government was located. The size of the office building here was of course not comparable to that of the Empire State Building. It was just a slightly larger three-story building. Swallows may be small but all its vital organs were there. All the operational functions were complete and available. Ruan Tang and Ruan Yu were true brothers by blood, and with He Yun Chen there, they very quickly came out with the certificate.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The three men took the certificate and rushed to the hospital. As soon as they entered the hospital, they heard angry shouts. zkxXA3

“Hasn’t anyone managed to contact Ruan Yu’s family yet? The patient is in critical condition. This can’t be delayed any longer!”






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