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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh61 - Scallion Pancakes and Fried Prawn Dumplings on Eggs


The next day, Ruan Tang got up early, packed his things and put it in the smart suitcase. The size of the smart suitcase was similar to that of previous suitcases’. But with many, many more functions, such as fingerprint unlocking and smart follow mode, which allowed the user to completely free up their hands. It was very convenient and easy to use. Ruan Tang packed a few changes of clothes and a few clean towels. Afterwards, he couldn’t think of anything else to include. He Yun Chen said that although the location was remote basically everything you’d need was still available. The items were just a little lower in quality.

After packing up his luggage, he began to prepare for the morning’s live broadcast. Because the spacecraft they were going to take would take off at noon, he could only do the broadcast this early. He had promised the audience a lucky draw and he also wanted to take this opportunity to thank the audience for their support and so, Ruan Tang decided to make a deluxe breakfast set for everyone. tgdcSm

So for today’s breakfast, Ruan Tang planned to make a traditional scallion pancake and relatively newer type of dish, fried prawn dumplings on eggs. Of course, he also prepared a special drink – the super delicious strawberry milk.

Ruan Tang purchased the required ingredients on the Star Network and after the ingredients were delivered, he started the live broadcast.

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“Hello everyone, I am your anchor, Ruan Tang. Today, I want to bring you scallion pancakes and fried prawn dumplings on eggs.” He smiled and delivered his usual introduction.

[Ajun 5456: God, why is the broadcast today so early! I was still muddled from sleep when my light brain vibrated with the notification. When I saw that it was for the live broadcast, I immediately got up! ] fXeQUH

[Ami Tofu: Me too! I was in the middle of washing my face! ]

[Green Dreams: Why do you all go to work so late? I’m already on the road! ]

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: Prawn! ! The fried dumplings last time were delicious already. Would the addition of prawns make it even more delicious? My mouth’s already watering. (ˉ﹃ˉ)]

[Southern Yuwen Liquor: What I care about is how many lucky viewers the anchor will draw today?]


“There are a lot of lottery prizes today, so everyone can rest assured. Now, I am going to make the scallion pancake.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The most important ingredient in scallion pancakes was, of course, the scallions. Ruan Tang took out a lot of scallions and cut them into small pieces. He then minced some shallots. He placed the scallions into a large bowl and pour boiling hot oil over it. The scent of the scallions immediately burst out. The viewers who hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, felt their stomachs rumble with hunger.

He had already planned to give the scallion pancakes and fried prawn dumplings on eggs to the audience so Ruan Tang had a few big lumps of dough prepared in advance. Now, he could just take them out and use them.

He first sprinkled some dry flour on the chopping board to prevent the dough from sticking. He picked up the rolling pin and rolled out the dough into a thin rectangular sheet. He then spread the chopped scallions evenly across the surface of the dough, sprinkled shallots over it, and added a pinch of salt and pepper. PiTzYv

Afterwards, he rolled the dough from top to bottom, rolling it into a strip. He then cut the strip into short, even lengths. He pulled both ends of the dough open and stuffed one end into the other, making the long rectangular shape into a small sealed package. This was to prevent the chopped scallions from leaking out. He then kneaded these small doughs into flat round cakes, put them into the hot pan, and slowly fried them on low temperature. After the bottom turned slightly yellow, he turned over the dough and continued to fry the other side. Soon, a crispy scallion pancake was finished.

[Can’t stop hugging trees: Wow, I just got up and I smelled something heavenly when I came in! I’m just in time to eat it! I’m so happy I could die!]

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[Lazy: Ouch, it’s hot~ But it’s so delicious!]

[Salted fish: It feels so good to eat this steaming pancake early in the morning!] zi1ZDS

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Ruan Tang coated one of the scallion pancakes with sweet bean sauce, allowing the audience to choose according to their own preferences.

“Next, let’s make the fried prawn dumplings on eggs.” He took out a rested dough and shaped it into a strip. He then divided it into small pieces and then rolled it out into dumpling skins. If you look closely, it was easy to see that this time his dumpling skins were bigger than when he made pork dumplings.

Then, he took out some fresh and tender bamboo shoots. He washed it until it was completely clean and then he peeled off the hard outer layer, leaving only the crisp and tender bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots were put into a pot of boiling water to remove the natural astringent and earthy taste. Ruan Tang took out the kitchen knife and cut the blanched bamboo shoots into small cubes. v5xLqV

Next, he took out a plate of fresh prawns. He took off the head, peeled and deveined them, then set it aside. He blanched a piece of pork belly and then chopped it into minced meat. He mixed this with the bamboo shoots and seasoned the mixture with salt, sugar and soy sauce. After mixing well, the stuffing for the fried dumplings was ready.

He began to shape the dumplings. He put the pork stuffing in the center of the dumpling skin, then he placed a prawn on top of the stuffing. He folded the dumpling skin in half and pinched petals-like folds along the edge. Ruan Tang deliberately exposed the tail of the prawns. He did not completely close the dumpling shut. It made the dumplings look particularly big.

Ruan Tang took out a new pan, and while the oil was still cool, put the prawn dumplings in one by one. He set the dumplings around the pan, making it look like petals. He slowly fried the dumplings until the bottom turned golden, the originally translucent shrimp tail gradually become a clear apricot pink. At this time, he added a small bowl of water to the pan and closed the lid. He let it steam for 5 minutes.

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While the dumplings were still sizzling in the pan, he took another bowl and broke two eggs in it. He added salt and pepper and a small amount of water, and it beat it until the mixture became uniform. He then slowly poured it into the pan and covered it with the lid to continue cooking. NIeMjL

Once the water in the pan had completely evaporated, he opened the lid and sprinkle it with chopped green onions. The fried prawn dumplings on eggs were finished.

The dumpling skin was steamed until it was translucent and appeared shiny and white. The rosy filling was faintly visible. The shrimp tail that hadn’t been enclosed in the dumpling appeared crystal-like – glittering, translucent and full of elasticity. The bottom of the fried dumplings were golden and crispy. It was also wrapped in a thick layer of scrambled eggs. It adds a bit of mellow sweet taste. Dipped in vinegar and chili sauce, it was unbelievably tasty. As soon as you bite down on it, the delicious juices escapes from the meat filling. Once your teeth meet with the shrimp, it creates an even more wonderful reaction. The delicious taste was simply intoxicating.

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: Oh, it’s delicious! ! My goodness! ! ]

[Qiu Qiu is not cute: looking at the nutrient solution in my hand…crying without tears / (ㄒoㄒ) /~~ ] OVqcBL

[Yu Jintang: My mom asked me why I suddenly started drooling…]

[Little Swallows fly: Aaaahhh, asking for a prize! Asking for a prize! This fried prawn dumpling is so delicious! ]

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Ruan Tang laughed at the lovely reaction of the audience and said, “There’s also a good drink I’d like to recommend to everyone.”

As he said that, he took out a large bunch of fresh strawberries. He removed the leaves and stems and cut them into small pieces. He then crushed them into mush with a spatula. hb3We2

He poured the strawberry puree into a small pot. He added a little water, white sugar and lemon juice. He stirred it slowly on medium-low heat and then removed the floating foam. After it cooled down, it was now a delicious strawberry sauce.

“This strawberry jam can also be eaten by itself or used when you make cakes or desserts. It can also be served on bread.” He said, “As for bread, I will make it some other time. Later on, it will be made available along with jams on the shopping site. Those who are interested can try making it at home.”

[Happy Lotus: Wow, I  just wanted to say this! More power to the anchor! Bang! Bang!]

[Wine and dimples: Long live! The anchor is such a good person!] 1osnyp

[Edi Yun: I will love you for 10,000 years! Sending crystal flowers!]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He took a transparent glass cup and spooned two tablespoons of strawberry jam into it. He shook the cup a little and let the strawberry sauce spread flat on the bottom.

He then added two tablespoons of whipped cream. The red and white colors looked very pleasing and beautiful. The cream was bought directly from the shopping site. Now, all kinds of semi-finished products launched by the Academy of Sciences were being sold on the site.

He filled the cup with pure milk and then topped it off with chopped strawberries. The strawberry milk was now done. The color was soft and fair. It looked very enticing to young girls. 9gEtnS

[KinlinKing: My goodness, it looks so beautiful! It’s definitely very sweet~]

[52yx (~O~): Can we really drink this? I’m a bit reluctant!]

“Of course, you can drink it. This is strawberry milk. Let’s have a taste.” Ruan Tang learned how to make this strawberry milk from a Korean chef. From the exquisite appearance to the sweet taste, everything about this strawberry milk as impeccable. Sweet and tart, nutritious and appetizing — it was the perfect accompaniment to the meal.

[Mr. Cui. : Such a delicious drink! sweet!] 4931Oe

[Misty Stars: After putting in the strawberries, there’s no longer any trace of the milk’s raw taste. It became really delicious! ]

[Yue Yuhua: Yes, yes! When you stir everything together, the taste becomes very good!]

“Okay, now we can start the lottery. Today I made ample preparations so there will be twenty lucky viewers. Everyone will have a scallion cake and two fried prawn dumplings on eggs and a cup of strawberry milk.

[Gold coins fall down: God! Twenty places! Anchor, chose me! Choose me! ] sntr9S

[Shi Luo: Seeking to win a prize! Seeking to win a prize! ]

[Corgi Median Theorem: this corgi wants to win! Issuing a mourning emoji QAQ! ]

Ruan Tang opened the lottery and tried to choose IDs familiar to him. Although doing it this way was a bit unfair, it can’t be helped…he was biased.

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“Congratulations, Gold coins fall down, Little swallows fly, Ajun 5456, Can’t stop hugging trees, The good old days and future dreams, Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor … To the 20 lucky viewers, the delivery will be sent later. Please remember to check and receive. In addition, a lot of things have happened recently. I may need to take some time to deal with it. The live broadcast this evening and tomorrow will be suspended. After the live broadcast is resumed, I will prepare something delicious for everyone.” Ruan Tang explained apologetically and gave a deep bow to the audience. h3PRg7

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: I was immersed in the joy of winning, when I was hit in the face with a bucket of cold water… Anchor, you have to come back soon! Without your live broadcasts, I am listless the entire day! ]

[The good old days and future dreams: Yes, yes! Anchor, we will be waiting for you to come back! ]

[Big faced cat: Anchor, go and handle matters. We will be waiting for you!]

The audience was very understanding, knowing that Ruan Tang had recently encountered a lot of bad things.  Besides, it was only two days, they could afford to wait. pOYTsK

“Thank you, everyone!” Ruan Tang got the support of the audience, and he felt warm all over.

After closing the live broadcast, Ruan Tang continued to make the scallion pancakes and prepared to send the prizes to the winning viewers.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At this time, he heard a suspended car quickly approaching. He went to the door to see who it was and saw the familiar silver outfitted suspended car.

“Chen Ge, how come you’re here so early?” He saw He Yun Chen alighting from the car and immediately opened the door to welcome him in. ngIof

“I saw your live broadcast and came over for breakfast.” He Yun Chen was unusually honest. He smelled the delicious aroma coming from the kitchen and he smiled. “It seems that my timing is perfect.”

When Ruan Tang heard this answer, he couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s right, it saves me from having it delivered to you.”

After the two had had enough to eat and drink, it was just about time that they needed to set off. Ruan Tang told Xiao Bai to look after the house and then left home with He Yun Chen.

The suspended car was very fast, and it was not long before they arrived at the interstellar port, where a huge spaceship was docked. hxvjZE

“Let’s go.” He Yun Chen parked the car. His car had a military license and he had the privilege to park at the lot specifically designated for the military at the Star Harbor. So there was no need to scramble for parking space with the people outside.

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Even so, there were still a lot of people in the Star Harbor. Almost all of them were in a rush and there were always people moving back and forth between the two of them. Ruan Tang wasn’t the type to push others aside. He would let the others pass first and soon he was separated from He Yun Chen by a short distance.

Going a few steps forward, He Yun Chen looked back and found that Ruan Tang had been pushed to the back. He couldn’t help but frown slightly. He pushed the crowd away and grabbed Ruan Tang’s hand. He stood to Ruan Tang’s side, slightly behind him and used his long arms to block the crowds on either side.

He explained, “There are too many people in the Star Harbor. It will be easier if you hold my hand while we walk.” kLW32w

Ruan Tang nodded, not a trace of doubt in his heart. He allowed He Yun Chen to lead him by the hand. The hand holding his was dry and warm. He Yun Chen’s hand was bigger than his. His fingers were long — his thumb and ring finger completely encircled his hand. It made one feel very much at ease.

They changed directions and so He Yun Chen had to pull him by the hand again. Someone next to them quietly looked at them. The girls pointed at them and giggled. Ruan Tang felt a little embarrassed but looking at He Yun Chen’s calm and composed expression, he felt that he was being a bit unreasonable. Ruan Tang had no choice but to pretend not to mind. He schooled his expression and walked hand in hand with He Yun Chen until they got on the spaceship.

Along with the floating nebulas viewed from the portholes, two days later, they finally safely landed on the 19th planet.

——————->>>>>>>>>>> laKYwj


Scallion Pancake: Link

Fried Prawn Dumplings on Eggs: Link No English subtitles but it looks easy enough to follow

Strawberry Milk: Link lab6CM

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