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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh60 - Chicken Braised in Brown Sauce and Sweet and Sour Ribs


Since they’ve already decided to go back, they must do so as soon as possible. However, the 19th planet where Ruan Tang’s hometown was located was very far from the capital planet. Even on the fastest passenger ship, the journey would take two full days. Aside from that, there are very few roundtrip spacecrafts on either side — there was only one trip per week.

If you wanted a direct flight, the soonest trip was three days later. Because of the fear that something might arise if they were late, He Yun Chen ordered via the light brain two passenger ship tickets for the 13th planet leaving tomorrow at noon. From the 13th planet, they would transfer to a spacecraft that heads directly to the 19th planet. Because the distance was quite far, plus the need to transfer ships, the fare was very expensive. One person will need to spend almost 45,000 GM coins. 0YkWeB

However, this price was still affordable for Ruan Tang and He Yun Chen.

“Thank you very much, it’s already so late, won’t you stay and have something to eat?” Before they knew it, it was almost seven o’clock in the evening, night had already fallen. The two brothers who stayed over for the entire afternoon must be hungry already. Ruan Tang happy invited the He brothers to eat. If it weren’t for their help, it wouldn’t have been so easy to clarify the facts by himself. The previous unmasking incident was also resolved thanks to the help of both of them. He wanted to make a meal to show his appreciation.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Then we would be more than happy to accept.” The two readily agreed.

Since it is for the sake of appreciation, Ruan Tang naturally want to make a sumptuous meal. Coincidentally, he intended to make a sweet and sour ribs tonight, so he had prepared a few ribs in the freshness cabinet in advance, and there were also several chicken legs. With the vegetables kept on hand in his house, it was just enough to make two big dishes. NJ5nBo

Since he was going to cook anyways, He Yun Yi let Ruan Tang continue to do the live broadcast so as to not let this matter affect his life. Ruan Tang felt that what He Yun Yi said was reasonable. He went to the kitchen to wash the rice, and after cooking a large pot of white rice, he opened the live broadcast.

The audience originally thought that since Ruan Tang had encountered such an incident, he would certainly be in no mood to do a live broadcast. They did not expect to receive a live broadcast notification all of a sudden. They all rushed in with excitement and madly sent gifts to Ruan Tang. In their view, Ruan Tang was a complete victim, and you don’t know that it’s a bloody mold that has been dumped for a few years.

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: the anchor is actually doing a live broadcast! ! ! Super love you! ]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: anchor anchor we love you! ! ! ]


[Salted fish was originally fish: sending crystal flowers, don’t be sad! ]

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Seeing these lovely audiences, Ruan Tang’s heart felt touched, and his face could not help but reveal an attractive smile. “Thank you for your support and trust, I love you too.”

[Madam Qu: God, The anchor’s smile is so charming, I’m going to faint! ]

[Flowers in chaos: Anchor! Mwah! =3=] AGX4Kd

“Hello everyone, I am the anchor, Ruan Tang, and today I want to bring you Chicken braised with Brown Sauce and sweet and sour ribs.” After his routine opening amidst the audiences’ excitement, he started cooking immediately.

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He heated oil in a pan and sautéed minced garlic, ginger slices and dried chilies until it turned fragrant. The spicy, stimulating scent spread in the live room, and the delicious garlicky fragrance made the audience swallow reflexively.

At this point, Ruan Tang poured the just cut chicken leg meat into it, then stared to stir-fry it using high heat. He seasoned it with salt and soy sauce, sweet bean sauce, onion, ginger and garlic. The white chicken legs were quickly dyed reddish brown. When the chicken had completely changed color, he added water in to the pan until it covered the chicken, then added the other ingredients such as sliced ​​mushrooms, cabbage, green pepper and enoki mushroom. Finally he added pepper and a little sugar, covered the lid, and simmered on low temperature. After 20 minutes it would be done.

“The chicken needs to be simmered for twenty minutes. Now let’s make the sweet and sour ribs.”

The sweet and sour ribs was considered as a very quick dish. Ruan Tang chose whole ribs that had relatively more meat on it. After washing the ribs, he blanched it to remove the floating scum and blood. After removing it and letting it, he cut into three or four centimeters long pieces. mozS1t

Next, Ruan Tang poured a little oil in a pan and, fried the small pieces of ribs using medium-low heat. When the ribs had turned a golden yellow color, he fished it out and put it in a large bowl. Some in the audience couldn’t wait to have a taste of it. Although Ruan Tang hadn’t seasoned it yet, they could already smell the enticing meaty aroma.

[Jiang Ben Liu Mo: Can we already eat the ribs in this bowl?]

[Jjjjjjjing Dou: Of course not! It hasn’t been seasoned yet!]

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Ruan Tang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He said, “You can’t eat it yet. The fried pork ribs are only half-cooked. You’ll need to wait a little longer.” w7XqQL

As he said that he took out another oil pan and poured cooking oil in it. He put in two tablespoons of white sugar and ket stirring it over low heat. The sugar gradually dissolved and turned into a brownish syrup. When the syrup in the pan slowly boiled with small bubbles. He poured the salt, soy sauce, and aromatic vinegar. After they blended into a sweet and sour sauce, he put them into small ribs and stir fried until the small ribs were completely dyed with the sauce’s color. Immediately after, it could already be plated.

The reddish brown sweet and sour ribs were carefully arranged into a neat square, sprinkled with chopped green onion, surrounded by carrot-carved flowers and a few decorative green leaves. The brown sauce in the white porcelain bowl created a smooth and lustrous half-ring. It was truly a sight to warm the heart and delight the eyes!

[I don’t want to pay off: It’s my favorite sweet and sour dish! Sending crystal flowers to the anchor!]

[Moon Mingya: It’s so beautiful, I don’t know how I can eat this!] Uf0I9O

[Weak-hearted fool: It’s beautiful, it has to enter my stomach! Oh… it seems so good…]

[Follow the main broadcast to learn to cook: This dish has a moderate sour and sweet taste. It’s not oily nor greasy. Its texture is crisp on the outside and tender inside, really delicious! I have to remember to try and make this at home! ]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[A lot of plums: To the commenter above, just how many dishes have you already learned?]

The pork ribs were succulent and tender. Because they are fried first, and they are a bit crispy outside, but the inside was very tender. You could taste the rich, meaty juices together with the rich sweet and sour sauce wrapped completely around it. It made people’s mouths fill with saliva. Once you eat it, you just can’t stop. 8V5aFu

At this time, the chicken braised in brown sauce that Ruan Tang made before was almost done. He opened the lid and a fragrant aroma immediately hit them in the face. It immediately attracted the attention of the entire audience. This dish was not only abundant in ingredients, but the matching of these ingredients also created a unique appearance. It was not bright like the sweet and sour pork ribs. On the contrary, it was somewhat dark. From the meat to side dishes, it all seemed to be covered with a layer of yellow fog. It looked like some dark cuisine. But because of their trust in Ruan Tang’s skills, the audience in the live room couldn’t help but become more curious about its taste.

Ruan Tang took out a large bowl of chicken braised in brown sauce to let the audience taste it.

The braised chicken was cooked slowly over a low temperature and the result was a chicken that was stewed tender and delicious. It almost melts in your mouth. The garnishes all absorbed the savory taste of the chicken and the sauce. It all tasted very delicious, especially the enoki mushrooms which easily absorbed all the flavors and the soft cabbage and potatoes, which taste just as good as the chicken. You can’t stop eating.

[Little Swallows fly and fly: If there was white rice, with then these two dishes, I could finish off three bowls! ] 7QzNEq

[52yx (~O~): I can eat four bowls! ]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Because no phase: then I can eat five bowls! ]

[Fang Yifang: Aren’t you being naive? You can’t eat it at all! The only thing I care about is if the anchor will have a lottery today?]

[Soft Flower Dumpling: Right! I want to eat, I want to eat! Anchor, please give me a prize! Asking the anchor for an under the table deal!] KArWdC

“I’m sorry, I have guests with me today, and the amount of food prepared is relatively small. I’m afraid I can’t draw a lottery. I will make two dishes for you tomorrow morning.” Ruan Tang felt a bit embarassed to tell them.

[Salted fish was originally fish: Oh? Why does the anchor have guests again today?]

[Save the buns: It might be a lawyer. After all, there were quite a few things happening today.]

[ID24513916: What you say makes sense. Anchor, refuel!] xg 2UZ

[Miao Miao loves to eat all the dishes of the anchor: Though I’m still a little disappointment, but since there will be a lucky draw tomorrow, I forgive you~]

[Can’t stop hugging trees: As long as they aren’t those two lucky bastards who got to eat hot pot last time, my heart can rest easy.]

Ruan Tang: “…”

Unfortunately, it is those two lucky ones… S56qyU

“Thank you for your support. Today’s live broadcast ends here, see you all tomorrow.” When he finished speaking, he closed the live broadcast and shouted in the direction of the living room. “We can eat!”

The smart butler Xiaobai helped him to bring out the two dishes. He took three bowls of rice from the rice cooker and brought them out.

“Sorry, time was limited. I could only make two dishes.”

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“It’s enough. You’ve worked hard. Sit down.” wjrumD

He Yun Chen and He Yun Yi didn’t care about this. They picked up their bowls and chopsticks and ate. The sweet and sour sweet and sour pork ribs and savory chicken braised in brown sauce went extremely well with rice.

Seeing the two of them eat with such relish, Ruan Tang was very pleased. “Eat as much as you like. There’s still more in the pan.”

The two dishes tasted so good with rice. The three big men not only ate all the dishes, but even the sauce of the braised chicken was mixed with rice and finished off by the two brothers. By the end, not even a single grain of rice was left.

“It’s getting late. We’ll go first. You should pack your things, I will pick you up at noon tomorrow.” He Yun Chen told him. xsCuko

After all, no one knew how long they would need to stay there. It was better to bring too much than too little.

“Okay, thank you, Chen Ge.” He smiled and his eyes turned into curved crescents.

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Chicken Braised in Brown Sauce: Uh….none. Because this is basically another Soy-braised chicken except with more veggies. And I couldn’t find a recipe close enough to the one described that it would be different enough from other soy-braised chicken recipes to include here. L4Znki

Sweet and Sour Ribs: Link

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