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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh54 - The New Model


Gilbert certainly knew of Marshal He Yun Chen of the Blue Star Empire, but what Gilbert didn’t expect was that such a cold guy actually has a good friend?

Taking note of Gilbert’s doubtful look, Ruan Tang nodded slightly, confirming He Yun Chen’s “good friend” statement. IsvUCW

Gilbert wasn’t all that concerned about this matter. It was all good as long as Ruan Tang came along. He said cheerfully, “Well, let’s go together!”

When Gilbert and his subordinates stood up, Ruan Tang suddenly felt tremendous pressure. It wasn’t obvious when they were seated, but when they stood up, Ruan Tang discovered that the average height of these Rutes was more than two meters. Especially, Gilbert, their leader, his height was around 2.3 meters. It simply forced people to look up at them.

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Ruan Tang unconsciously took a few steps back, firmly positioning himself next to He Yun Chen. He felt that this was much more comfortable.

Gilbert: “…” 0odHUL

Was it my imagination? Or was I suddenly just avoided?

In any case, after the meal ended, the group went to the military training ground.

“This is the new type of mech that you developed?” Gilbert saw that the eye-catching silver armor standing in the mech training field and he couldn’t move his eyes away. The explosive power of the mech could be sensed from its outer appearance and given that its operating system was designed personally by the Flower of the Empire, its power output was certain to have greatly increased.

“Yes, I upgraded the mech operating system based on the previous C078 series, increasing the sensitivity of thought control by 25%, reducing the reaction time to 0.4 seconds, and increasing the energy conversion rate. In addition, the stealth flight function has been added…” Xia Mi, the protagonist of this event, who had been ignored for most of the night, finally had the opportunity to speak. She talked about the new functions of this new mech, and her whole person exuded a beautiful aura of confidence.

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Although Ruan Tang didn’t understand much, he feel that it should be quite powerful.

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Everyone else obviously understood and they all stared at the mech with their eyes shining, itching to have a try at it themselves.

“Would you like to experience the power of the new mech?” He Yun Chen suddenly asked.

“Of course!” Gilbert replied with great enthusiasm. The Rutes were born warriors, bloody and militant. They couldn’t resist powerful new mechs. rBR0AJ

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Cheng Ji: “…”

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He Yun Chen and Gilbert entered the induction cabin and landed on the virtual battle platform, ready to start the game. qdtukl

The old C087 mechs were familiar to them, so both of them directly chose the new mechs, ready to experience the difference in actual combat.

Once they entered the mech, the two men, without any prior agreement, first tried the functions of the test machines. After familiarizing themselves for a few minutes, they had more or less grasped the mechanics of the new model. Their movements then became focused and a battle as fierce as howling winds and torrential rain started.

After several fierce collisions, the two chose to open stealth mode. For a while, Ruan Tang could only see empty space with the occasional glare of sparks in various places. Then the two mechs appeared again from the right side of the field, suspended in the air. The lightsabers in their hands were almost broken.

The mechs flashed blue underneath and the two mechs started to move at high speed. They used the same mech model and no one could clearly tell who was who. kasqU2

Along with a loud, deafening explosion, the entire field started to fill with thick, dense smoke.

Ruan Tang held his breath nervously, staring at the smoke. He saw an abnormally tall silhouette start to come out, and then a pair of dark blue eyes turned towards the surveillance camera.

It was Gilbert.

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…He Yun Chen lost? v1cLzF

Thinking of this result, Ruan Tang suddenly felt down and he was in no mood to acknowledge Gilbert’s passionate and eager eyes as he came out of the induction cabin. Seeing how the other was covered head to foot in sweat, with several strands of hair sticking messily to his forehead, it looked like he had been through a tough situation. Ruan Tang suddenly thought, ‘Did He Yun Chen sustain an injury?’

Just now they said that the virtual battle would fully replicate a real battle. Even pain could be felt. From Gilbert’s disordered appearance, he must have felt quite a lot of pain. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be sweating so much.

He Yun Chen… What happened to him?

Finally, the door of the other induction cabin opened. He Yun Chen looked much the same as when he first entered. Not even a single strand of hair was out of place. He looked radiant as he stepped down from the mech. The contrast was striking as he stood next to the disheveled Gilbert. FVbcrG

So… In the end, did he win or lose? Ruan Tang was confused as he tilted his head.

All of a sudden, Gilbert hugged He Yun Chen and gave him a few slaps on the back. He said excitedly, “You were awesome! Next time, I definitely won’t lose to you!”

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“You were also quite formidable.” Having just defeated the other party, He Yun Chen didn’t mind offering him some praise, which made Gilbert very happy.

Gilbert had his arm around He Yun Chen as he asked, “Just now, how were you able to launch two attacks in such a short period of time? How did you judge my position at such high speeds?” N5DkAv

Just after their lightsabers were damaged, the two chose to interfere with each other’s line of sight through high-speed movements, and at the same time, preparing for long-range attacks. Gilbert chose a more secure tracking missile, and He Yun Chen chose a nuclear missile that though powerful, lacked an automatic guiding ability and was relatively slow accumulating power.

Under such high-speed movements, if one wanted to hit at an enemy that was also moving at high speed, even Gilbert wasn’t certain he could do it a hundred percent of the time. And yet He Yun Chen, in that short period of time, had just evaded his attack, while still launching two nuclear missiles and accurately judging his position.

The first nuclear blast missile hit his tracking bomb head on. The two collided and set off a great explosion that covered the field in smoke. He Yun Chen quickly used this smoke to hide himself and quickly approached Gilbert, using the other nuclear blast missile to blow up the control center.

Such marksmanship and judgement ability were extremely rare. es21Mr

Gilbert couldn’t help but say, “I feel that we could be kindred spirits, why don’t we…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He Yun Chen said, “Sorry, I have no intention of getting married.”

“…” Gilbert, who just wanted to make a friend, was momentarily rendered mute before he said, “I am not that desperate.”

“Your majesty, are you satisfied with this new mech?” Seeing how Gilbert not only wanted to entice their chef away, but also want to take their marshal, Cheng Ji restlessly called out to the two people. lV84sh

When Gilbert saw him, his eyes shone with even more fervor.

“Yes, yes, yes, this mech is really amazing! The imperial people’s impressive reputation is truly well-deserved! I have seen for myself the functions that Miss Xia Mi mentioned. As expected of the great Master Xia’s daughter! What’s that saying you have in the Empire? Something about blue and fish?” Although his body ached from the simulated feedback from the battle just now, it didn’t prevent him from expressing praise for Xia Mi.

Cheng Ji frowned slightly, “the color blue is made out of indigo but is more vivid than indigo…?”

“Right, right, amazing!” Gilbert was in high spirits was he wandered around the mech, his eyes were full of joy as he admired his treasure. zehnxp

Cheng Hao was speechless once again. This leader was really big-hearted. But anyway, as long as he was happy.

“Your majesty, the hour grows late. I have already arranged for your residences. Allow me to take you there.”

“Okay.” Gilbert agreed easily, but when his eyes swept over to Ruan Tang, he asked, “Excuse me, will the meals tomorrow be made by Mr. Ruan Tang?”

“This…” Cheng Ji didn’t expect Gilbert to ask this, but he still answered his question honestly. “Sorry, Mr. Ruan Tang is not a full-time chef of the Chefs’ Association. I am afraid he can’t be here to provide round the clock service.” LlZ6Fj

Before coming to the Empire, Gilbert had stated that he wished to taste Ruan Tang’s craftsmanship and so, Cheng Ji had President Gu contact Ruan Tang to ask him to lend a hand for the reception banquet. Ruan Tang had readily given them face by agreeing.  However, Ruan Tang had only come over to help. He wasn’t a full-time chef. How could he force other people to continue to cook for the Rutes every day? Aside from the reception banquet, all meals served to the Rutes during their visit would be handled by the full-time chefs of the Chefs’ Association.

“I see…” Gilbert could not help but reveal a disappointed look.

Cheng Ji hesitantly sent a glance at Ruan Tang’s direction. He wanted to ask if Ruan Tang could take the time to continue to cook for them, but he didn’t know how to even begin to ask.

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In the end, it wasn’t good for the leader another country, who had come from so far away, to be so disappointed. Ruan Tang sighed inwardly and then voluntarily said: “Your Majesty, if it’s only a small amount, I could include a few servings for them when I do my live broadcasts.” 9sgIa4

Anyway, the Rutes’ visit this time was at most four or five days. Though it was a bit of hard work, making extra portions wasn’t a very big deal. He would just consider it as his service for the Empire.

“Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Ruan!”

Things were settled satisfactorily to everyone’s delight. The look Cheng Ji directed at Ruan Tang suddenly turned softer.

Sure enough, it was as President Gu said. Ruan Tang truly was an extremely talented person of outstanding character and moral standing. 6cWy0O

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