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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh115 - Searching for Ingredients


Ruan Tang followed Shi Mingxu to their lakeside camp. From afar, they could see the crocodiles lurking in the lake and some water birds waiting to catch some fish.

“Every afternoon, there will be a lot of large animals coming to drink water by the lake, and things would become very chaotic.” This was what Qiu Ming had observed after two days. x2yeTI

Ruan Tang nodded slightly. This ecological area was completely restored according to the specifications of a virgin forest on Ancient Earth. This lake was an important source of water in this ecological area. Many large animals would come here to drink water. Camping in the rocky area, far away from this lake was the right choice.

For safety’s sake, the group climbed up to a nearby hill and watched the situation on the lake from their high vantage point. There were many animals drinking water by the lake. There were jackals, tigers, leopards, goats, bison, deer, wild boars and many other. Not only were they diverse, there were also a lot of them. In Ruan Tang’s eyes, these animals were simply delicious dishes.

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“Start hunting tomorrow. I need an adult bison, two goats, two young deer, and three wild boars.” Ruan Tang’s eyes swept across the water fowl dotted across the lake. “And try to get as many eggs as possible.”

“No problem, please leave it to me.” Qiu Ming promised with a clap his chest. Although the animals to be caught were all large animals, it didn’t pose any threat to a battle-hardened warrior like him. XtP10H

In this way, most of the meat could be secured. Now they needed to find some vegetables and fruits to match with it.

Ruan Tang followed Cao Jun and to the neighboring grasslands and found some sweet potatoes and potatoes. In addition to the peppers and strawberries they found before, the results were not bad. Ruan Tang asked Chen Ye and Cao Jun to collect some ingredients and prepare them for the banquet the day after tomorrow.

Next, they went to the dense forest where Chen Yuanwu and Gu Yan lived. There were towering trees everywhere, there was little light, and the ground was muddy and wet. But this kind of place was perfect for mushrooms. He searched around carefully, and sure enough, under the big trees, he found large mushrooms.

It was probably because the animals and plants in this ecological area were restored by the Academy of Sciences but the mushrooms growing here were almost the same as the one they usually eat. There were no colorful poisonous mushrooms. No wonder the program team could swear that all the plants and animals here were safe to eat. i W6YG

“That’s where you live?” Ruan Tang looked curiously at the tree house they built in the canopy of a big tree.

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The tree house, in addition to being reinforced with rope, was wrapped in green leaves. It looked small and delicate. If you didn’t look closely, you would have missed it.

“Tfr, Xe Tjc jcv P yelia la.” Jtfc Tejcke rjlv klat j rwlif. Lf tjv cb batfg jvnjcajufr rjnf obg tjnlcu j yla wbgf ragfcuat. Lf kjr nfgs tjqqs ab yf jyif ab ifcv j tjcv ab Xe Tjc.

“Tbe ilxf atf agff tberf?” Lf Tec Jtfc jrxfv lc j ibk nblmf. 42vNon

“No, our wooden house is very good. I just haven’t seen a tree house. I’m just curious.” Ruan Tang quickly shifted the topic and asked Chen Yuanwu and Gu Yan to pick some mushrooms for future use.

At this moment, a dark shadow suddenly fell from the tree, and fell straight towards Ruan Tang’s head. Ruan Tang was shocked, and before he could react, He Yun Chen had already stood in front of Ruan Tang to block it. At the same time, he pulled out his light blade, and swung it fiercely towards the shadow.

With a flash of white light, the black shadow was sharply cut in half, and the smelly blood spilled on Ruan Tang and Chen Yuanwu beside him.

Ruan Tang, with a grim expression, looked in the direction of the fallen shadow, only to discover that it was a teal snake. It was about as thick as a woman’s arm. They didn’t know what could have caused it to fall out of the trees. Now, it met its end with its head separated from its body. LwUTd8

Since this snake had come to their door looking for a snack, of course, it could not be wasted. So, Ruan Tang asked Gu Yan to collect the snake carcass.

[White Dream Forest: Damn, this thing looks too disgusting. Will Tang Tang really use it for cooking?]

[Dan Gu: My face still hurts a bit. I think Tang Tang will eat whatever can be eaten! 】

[Fengjiang Wanyin: I’ve studied Ancient Earth history and this animal is called a snake and it really is edible. I heard that its meat is particularly delicious. But I don’t know whether that’s true or not …] sk7ery

[Graceful Immortal Orchid: I have also read an ancient book, it seems that snakes can cultivate and become great beauties!]

[Ma Ma loves to Eat Corn: To the commenter above… you must have been reading a novel …]

The audience were having a lively discussion, but Ruan Tang and Chen Yuanwu who were sprayed with smelly blood all over their head and face weren’t feeling so wonderful. The difference between day and night temperatures in the Aquamarine planet was huge. It was very hot in the morning and this smelly snake blood was unbearable.

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Originally, they should be headed to where Zha Panpan and Wu Shasha lived, but this slimy feeling was too uncomfortable. Ruan Tang decided to go back and take a bath. oOzyBf

“Panpan, you and Shasha should try and catch some small game like rabbits and pheasants. Try and fetch some honey and bee pupa too.”

Although there weren’t any large animals near their residence, there were still some small animals such as rabbits and pheasants, so Ruan Tang assigned them tasks based on their previous descriptions. “The bees are swarm animals, when provoked, they will attack. You must make sure to be completely covered up and use fire to drive them out before taking the honeycomb. ”

Zha Panpan and Wu Shasha nodded. “Okay.”

After having solved the problem of ingredients, Ruan Tang returned to their camp with He Yun Chen and was ready to wash up. 9Ub4vS

He Yun Chen originally intended to get some water with the plastic basin and let Ruan Tang wash up in the wooden cabin. But Ruan Tang thought it would be too troublesome and he wouldn’t be able to clean up completely. He thought it would be better to just wash up in the stream.

He Yun Chen had no choice but to agree with his request and he pressed the switch on the communicator to make the flying cameras leave.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Ruan Tang took off his shirt and happily plunged into the stream. The cool stream easily extinguished the heat of the day and washed away the stench of snake blood, which made him feel refreshed.

When He Yun Chen came out of the cabin with Ruan Tang’s change of clothes, he saw Ruan Tang taking off his blood-stained undershirt.  He stood in the stream, wearing only a pair of shorts. Porcelain-white skin shone glitteringly in the sunlight. Soft strands of hair stuck to his forehead and two shallow dimples appeared on his cheeks. A man who looked pure and gentle suddenly looked quite child-like, making He Yun Chen unable to look away. lc1KtB

“Chen Ge, I remember that you also got some snake blood on you. Should we wash together?” Ruan Tang saw He Yun Chen with his change of clothes, and smiled as he called him over to come wash.

He Yun Chen watched a drop of crystal-clear water drip down from his hair to his chest, lingering at his white collarbones. His eyes couldn’t help but darken, he said deeply, “You still have some snake blood on your back. Should I help you wash it off? ”

“Okay!” Ruan Tang was guileless and immediately agreed.


“Hey! (#` O ‘) Where are you touching, Chen Ge?! ”

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“It was an accident……”

“Hey! (#` O ‘) again, why are you …”

“Shh, stay focused!” He Yun Chen kissed his lover’s chattering lips. o5lGqB

For a while, ambiguous sounds were mixed with the sound of the gurgling water.

The audience in the live broadcast room originally thought that they were in for a treat and would see the male gods undressing. As a result, they could only watch the distant mountains and rivers silently come together. The live chat was suddenly filled with pitiful wails.

[Dan Moran: Ah, ah, ah, let me out! !! I want to see the male gods take a bath! !! !! ]

[Gold coins fall: I want to see the male gods play in the water! If you cut off the critical parts, you’ll lose ratings! This trashy program team!!] y1X9n

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