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The Film Emperor's Daily Live Cooking BroadcastCh110 - The First Night


Everyone was busy all afternoon setting up their temporary residence and they had no time to have lunch. By this time, their stomachs were already rumbling with hunger.

However, apart from Ruan Tang and He Yun Chen, only Chen Yuanwu and Gu Yan who got the lighter managed to eat a hot meal. They made a bonfire and boiled some hot water. They caught a rabbit, which they removed the fur off with the light blade. After cutting it into small pieces, they put some salt, scallions and ginger, and cooked a hot pot of soup. It was barely enough to fill their stomachs but the taste was definitely not too good. After all, it was Chen Yuanwu’s first time coming in contact with this animal. He didn’t know the correct way to cook it and there weren’t any accompanying ingredients that he could use. He could only try using the simplest method first. rYiz4d

[A’fluttering: Ah, this white fluffy animal! so cute!]

[ID30557334: Killing and eating such a cute animal, so cruel QAQ]

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[Let me fly: based on popular science regarding Earth’s history, this cute little thing is called a rabbit, and it is said that the head is delicious …]

[Fu Susu Su: What? The rabbit is so cute! How could you eat it? And you even want to eat its head? !! Too cruel!] TuHkdV

No matter how fierce the audience’s discussions were, Chen Yuanwu and Gu Yan were completely ignorant of it. After eating the rabbit soup, they went back to the tree house to sleep.

It’s going to turn dark soon. Everyone knew that the forest was the most dangerous at night. Who knew how many weird things might come out in the dark, not to mention that they have no light.

But just when they were about to put out the bonfire, Zha Panpan and Wu Shasha ran over. They called out from a distance, “Don’t put out the fire!”

Chen Yuanwu and Gu Yan 😕 ? ? gfz6cO

Zha Panpan and Wu Shasha rushed forward and immediately explained what they wanted. They knew that Chen Yuanwu and Gu Yan got the lighter and wanted to come over to borrow a spark. They also brought a few pieces of black bear meat and were ready to trade with them.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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Chen Yuanwu and Gu Yan simply let them take a few of burning firewood directly from the bonfire. They didn’t want their bear meat though. They were full, and they didn’t know what that meat covered in black bristles were so they just let it be.

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In short, when ensuring your survival, safety was the most important. ecS276

When they saw Ruan Tang’s stone stove and the fire inside, they both displayed surprise and admiration. Sure enough, these two were the most powerful. Not only were they able to produce the fire themselves, but they also managed to make a cooktop.

Ruan Tang saw the meat they brought, and was surprised to find that it was black bear meat. They brought several pieces and there was actually bear paw inside, presumably because it was easier to cut.

Bear paw was a very hard to come by delicacy. Others may not know how to cook it, but Ruan Tang wasn’t just anybody.

In any case, there were two kitchen knives and he could use just one of them, so he happily exchanged the other with Zha Panpan. 7Of52X

In this way, Zha Panpan and Wu Shasha, after being tormented by the stench all afternoon, finally had a fire starter and a kitchen knife. They could go back and find some hot food to eat.

[Feng Xiang: My Tang’s so nice. He didn’t know what kind of meat it was but he was willing to exchange with them!]

[The master is a fat black cat: Yeah, a few pieces of meat was traded for a kitchen knife. No matter how you think about it, Panpan won this trade. But Panpan and Shasha are girls, so you need to show them some consideration!]

Qiu Ming and Shi Mingxu were fortunate to have found some apple trees.  They ate a few apples to pad their stomachs and then returned to the cabin to rest. hJz410

Chen Ye and Cao Jun were probably the worst off. They lived too far away. After a busy afternoon, they only got towels and gloves. Although they caught two rabbits before, they didn’t have a kitchen knife and it would be difficult to process them. It was too late in the day to find a means to deal with them, so they could only go hungry. Tomorrow, they’ll go look for the other teams to trade the rabbit meat.

All afternoon, everyone had been busy building their temporary shelter. Although it wasn’t comfortable, they were able to shelter from the wind and rain and they had a place to sleep.

When they were about to go to sleep that night, He Yun Chen roasted the ground with a fire, and then spread a layer of soft grass leaves so that they would not feel cold when they slept. He then took out a square box. This was one of the three items he brought with him. Ruan Tang looked at it curiously, wondering what it was for.

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Then, when He Yun Chen opened the box, the contents swelled immediately, becoming a soft and light sleeping bag. S4sldO

“This is a portable sleeping bag made of special materials. We can sleep here tonight and it will be more comfortable.” He Yun Chen told him.

“Chen Ge is really thoughtful!” Ruan Tang gave the compliment without the slightest hesitation.  When he touched the sleeping bag, he found that although the material was thin and light, it felt soft and had an inner lining. Sleeping in it will surely be warm and comfortable. His eyes couldn’t help but brighten.

“En.” He Yun Chen reservedly accepted the compliment from his boyfriend. After rolling out the sleeping bag, he climbed in with Ruan Tang.

He Yun Chen stealthily pressed a button on the communicator, and the floating cameras that had been following them slowly exited the wooden house, ending today’s live broadcast. kHTdA0

[Utopia in the mirror: Hey, hey, hey! Why is it suddenly over! Just when my cute CP got in bed together!]

[The “Lotus Pond” banner will never fall: ah ah ah ah! They were shrouded in darkness before the pink bubbles managed to appear!]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

To say that the viewers weren’t disappointed would definitely be a lie. But they also knew that the guests would now be resting and that they also needed their privacy. So, with a feeling of not having had enough, the viewers left the broadcast room, one after the other.

Other spectators soon devoted themselves to other entertainments. Only a handful of fans of the CP known as “Lotus Pond” secretly began the food production operation. JdC8rf

That night, an update appeared on the CP’s homepage.

— “Episode 28 Travel, sleeping together, thump thump goes in the night! 》

He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang didn’t know that the two of them actually had so many CP fans. If they knew … He Yun Chen might have enthusiastically followed their activities.

Because there was only one sleeping bag, the two of them had no choice but to sleep holding each other. The space in the sleeping bag was relatively small. With two grown men in it, there was only a little gap left. The two intimately cuddled together, feeling each other’s heartbeat. Soft moonlight shone through the small window and this tranquil night brought out a romantic atmosphere. fmJVau

With his beloved in his arms, He Yun Chen brought their glittering eyes together. Lowering his head as though bewitched, he gently nipped Ruan Tang’s lips. The two exchanged a lingering kiss.

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“Chen Ge, what’s the third item you brought?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ruan Tang felt He Yun Chen’s muscles tense, and then He Yun Chen kissed him again. Under He Yun Chen’s strong and enthusiastic offensive all of Ruan Tang’s doubts just now were quickly thrown to the back of his mind.

The semi-closed sleeping bag rolled around the room a few times. The movements were quite energetic.  From time to time, some words could be heard from between them. NT4bco

“No, the place is too small …”

“So we’ll have to move a little less …”

No one knew how long it took before the wooden cabin finally quieted down, the ambiguous smell in the air was wrapped in the night breeze and quickly dissipated into the tranquil night.


Translator's Note

Lotus Pond is read as He Tang in Chinese. It uses different characters than He Yun Chen and Ruan Tang’s names though.

Translator's Note

Dog food, maybe? =)

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