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Exclusive Rights to An Online Voice Actor

Exclusive Rights to An Online Voice Actor 网配之独家授权

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Author: 荷尖角(焱蕖)He Jian Jiao (Yan Qiu)
Total Chapters: 152
Genre: Doting Love Interest, Entertainment Industry, Modern, Romance
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Translators: lilies
Release Schedule: Sporadic, Monday


To Producers, the two of them couldn’t be more drastically different voice actors.

One of them had an easy-going personality, was eloquent with his way of words and hard to pin down.
While the other was aloof, hiding in the safety of the tall walls he built and was difficult to read.

In a clash of voices, the real interaction between them had only just begun.

“Can… I have the exclusive rights to you?”


Author’s friendly note: Due to the author’s extreme attention to detail, this story is meant for slow consumption. For those who go through books like fast food, please take caution. Additionally, this story doesn’t aim to be realistic, but instead goes for a sweet and silly style. Readers who cannot stand this style, please quietly click off. 

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    • Same!! Seeing ‘doting love interest’ tag has my immediate attention <3

      I wonder how slow or detail the story will be, but the tag has convinced me!Let us try the first chapter <3

  1. I can’t wait, I love sweet and silly~! I’m also willing to enjoy it slowly, even though I like to speed through everything so please bless us with a chapter soon Translator-sama!

    (P.S. I love your profile pic! Iruma is such a cutie and Kalego-sensei needs a break!)

  2. Wait, WAIT! I was triggered because I saw the word voice actor in the title! Does the voice actor here mean seiyuu like in Japan??😱