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Everyone Knows I'm a Good PersonChapter 49.2


Editors: SimoB, yummers

The school bully apparently didn’t notice what his captive trophy was thinking. After eating together as usual, the two of them walked back to their dorm room. RFnTAJ


He asked Zhuo Junli who was reading at the desk beside the bed, “You’re not going home again this time?”

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“En. I’m not going back.”

“Tsk.” I1nlep

Shi Qing pouted scornfully. “You’re going to work part-time at a bar again aren’t you.”

In an indescribably sour tone, he said, “Dressing so tightly. Do you really think your customers are there for the alcohol? They’re all after you.”

Zhuo Junli paused from reading.

Before, Shi Qing had come to his workplace to cause trouble.


Besides deliberately tormenting him, he also caused a big enough fuss for the bar owner to fire him.

He would be lying if he said he wasn’t angry then.

But now, there was a possible explanation brewing in his mind.

The youth suddenly lifted his head and turned to look at Shi Qing who was on the bed. “Why did you cause trouble at my workplace before?” jrpJWa

“What do you mean why?”

The school bully was visibly caught off guard by Zhuo Junli’s question. His handsome face showed a panicked expression for a moment before calming down.

He lifted his chin like he was silently expressing that Laozi is above heaven and hell, “I don’t need to explain myself to you.”

Zhuo Junli, however, continued to question him. u4ZFtM

“You haven’t used the bathtub a lot either, so why did you install one?”

Shi Qing frowned impatiently.

“Do you think everyone is as poor as you? I just wanted to for no particular reason. I’m loaded so I can do what I want.”

Zhuo Junli relentlessly pressed on. OgrU0L

“Also, my bed’s dried already. I think we can sleep separately again…”

The school bully who had been lying good naturedly on the bed while gaming suddenly got up violently. Shi Qing yanked Zhuo Junli over and crushed the youth underneath his body.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously at Zhuo Junli’s slightly dilated pupils and the momentary flash of panic across his face.

He braced one hand on the surface beside Zhuo Junli’s body while patting the youth’s face with the other. Z6Yj0V

“I see you’re feeling quite chatty today.”

The two of them were way too close. So close that Zhuo Junli could clearly see every single hair follicle on Shi Qing’s face, from where he was forcefully pressed against the bed.

Zhuo Junli had discovered long ago that Shi Qing was rather good looking, if you looked past his bad temperament.

He had narrow phoenix eyes, a high and lifted nose, and ruddy lips. But since he always acted like an evil tyrant, no one ever described Shi Qing as handsome. Instead, they all said that he was ill-tempered and mean. ZUOHwo

Now, this bad-tempered and fierce person was staring at him with narrowed phoenix eyes filled with unknown meaning.

The hand that was resting on his face began to, ever so slowly, move downwards.

Below Zhuo Junli’s chin was one of the three bones of the shoulder blade. At the moment, it had a beautiful curve due to the deep breaths he was taking.

Slender white fingers hovered over the bone, as if to measure something. iaTuRv

The owner of the hand also came closer and closer to Zhuo Junli. They were close enough that their breaths began to intermingle.

They stared straight into each other’s eyes. Even though they weren’t touching, the air around them seemed to heat up.

No one said a word. Then Zhuo Junli shifted uncomfortably. His fingertips accidentally brushed against Shi Qing’s face.

The school bully’s face was much more tender than it looked. It was smooth and silky. a W1pl

Zhuo Junli stiffened and apologized instinctively.


The school bully also stiffened, but he managed to put on a ‘Laozi doesn’t care at all’ look.

“We’re two grown men. There’s nothing wrong with touching someone’s face.” SrbYyd

However, Zhuo Junli still blushed and gently lowered his long eyelashes. “I didn’t mean to do that. You should get off.”

“No way.”

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“Xlnf wf j ragjluta jcrkfg olgra. Cgf sbe riffqlcu klat wf abcluta bg cba?” F6eS B

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The person in question hadn’t even noticed that he had been exposed. He blinked guiltily while explaining himself.

“I got used to sleeping next to you these days. If you don’t cooperate, I’ll have to resort to more drastic measures.”

Zhuo Junli could still feel the soft sensation of Shi Qing’s cheek against his fingertips. For some reason, he was panicking a little on the inside. He looked down and whispered, “I’ll cooperate. Now get off me.” 4XWVlF

Only then was Shi Qing satisfied. His eyebrows rose smugly.

“That’s more like it.”

Saying that, he rolled over and let go of Zhuo Junli.

Zhuo Junli was still blushing. His collar had just been ripped down by a certain someone. He hadn’t recovered from the ordeal yet, so his chest was still heaving while his bright eyes glistened with tears. XyQzKC

There was no way to deny it. Zhuo Junli was a big beauty.

Shi Qing almost couldn’t hold back the urge to jump him again.

It was a good thing that his rationality prevailed in the end. He felt under his pillow until he found the buddhist pendant Lu Tao gave him last time, and threw it at Zhuo Junli.

The dark coloured buddhist pendant hit his collarbone. It contrasted sharply against his fair and flawless skin. x0YeMk

The owner of the collarbone pushed himself up and grabbed the buddhist pendant. His eyes, which were still a little excited from just now, shone as he looked at Shi Qing.

“What’s this?”

“Oh…I picked it up somewhere, but it’s way too ugly for me. It wouldn’t look half bad around your neck so I’ll give it to you.”

The school bully threw up his hands, looking particularly impatient. sH8kor

Zhuo Junli looked at the buddhist pendant in his hand, then looked at the school bully, who feigned casualness with bleeding red ears. His eyes glittered even more.

[Ding! Zhuo Junli’s animosity value: 85/100]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The air in the house seemed to become humid.

Perhaps feeling uncomfortable, Shi Qing leapt to his feet. “I’m going home.” Bqg9Qy

Zhuo Junli also stood up, still holding on to the buddhist pendant, “Do you want me to send you off?”

“What’s there to send off between two grown men.”

The school bully stormed out with red ear tips.

Only Zhuo Junli was left in the dorm room. gsaVAH

He looked at the buddhist pendant in his hand and carefully hung it around his neck.

When he was sure it was properly situated, the youth touched it. This was the first time in his life that someone had given him a gift that was meant to bring luck.

On the other hand, Shi Qing walked towards East Street with a clear goal in mind.

The System hadn’t dared to look since a moment ago. Now that it could see Shi Qing again, it quickly popped out: [Host, your house is west of here.] Jzd37I

[I know.]

Shi Qing strutted along the road: [It’s time to do some good deeds.]

System: [?]

[In the original storyline, didn’t Tong Xinyu run into a gang of hoodlums on her way home? Zhuo Junli happened to pass by and even broke his arm to help her. fSCM6g

Now that Zhuo Junli was staying in the dormitory, who’s going to help her?]

It dawned on the System: [Is the Host going to help her?]


*** KkEgdJ

She didn’t know why, but Tong Xinyu felt more and more uneasy as she walked home today.

She blamed it on her recent loss against Shi Qing.

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Shi Qing!

What a brat! UqRY9z

She hates him so much!

Why was he so persistent even after she rejected him?!

More than that, why was he stalking her male god instead of her?!

She felt like it would be easier to ascend to heaven than to find an opportunity to talk to her male god without him around. It was so frustrating! WRfeQc

Tong Xinyu stewed in her thoughts as she walked on autopilot. Her feet took her into a small alleyway. The alley wasn’t very long. It could be crossed in just a few minutes, and she had to go through it to get home.

But she felt something was wrong when she was about half way through. She turned around to discover that a group of high school students had been quietly trailing her. Judging by their uniforms, they were from a different school.

Tong Xinyu was frightened. She sped up her steps.

She moved fast, but so did those boys. 1pmzVu

Little meimei, why are you walking so fast, ah.”

The boy had a nasty smirk on his face as he ran over to grab Tong Xinyu.

The others immediately followed and soon surrounded Tong Xinyu.

“Little meimei is very pretty.” gnfNp7

“Chang Yin High School? That’s one of the best schools in our area!”

“What are you shaking for? Can’t we talk with you?”

Tong Xinyu was about to be scared to death.

In an instant, countless news stories flashed through her mind. XxyuOh

‘The tragic death of a girl that had just bloomed’, ‘a girl in high school who was sexually assaulted’, ‘bodies found in alleyways’…

She shrieked and dropped to the ground, curling herself into a tight little ball.

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Her high pitched scream was enough to make their ears ring. The boy closest to Tong Xinyu immediately covered his ears. fdBi F

“What are you screaming for?! Take your money out already!”

Tong Xinyu was stunned.

So they weren’t after her body, ah.

She didn’t feel as afraid anymore. She stood up and said while trembling, “I d-didn’t bring any money…” 0Nu81w

“Screw that. Aren’t all of you Chang Yin students loaded? Quit joking around and take it out already.”

“Hey, you’re not trying to mess with us because we look nice right.”

“I re-really didn’t bring any…”

The boys exchanged a few hesitant glances, “Should we pat her down?” J6cCd1


Their leader slapped him across the face. “Are you stupid?! She’s a girl! The last time I checked, we’re all boys! How can we pat her down?!!”

“Just do it with your eyes closed. This little girl’s as flat as a board. Ge, are you afraid that we’ll take advantage of her?”

“I can do it. I’ll close my eyes and wear gloves.” Voq4d5

“Are you stupid?! Can you feel where the money is if you wear gloves?!!”

“Oh, look at Mr. Brainiac over here. If you’re so smart then you think of something. I told you guys we should’ve recruited a girl into our gang earlier. Would’ve really come in handy right about now.”

Tong Xinyu watched as their argument grew more and more heated. They even started getting physical with each other. One boy was shoved in her direction and bumped into her.

Tong Xinyu screamed again. Z5czGA

Then Shi Qing appeared.

He didn’t waste any time getting started. While they continued to argue, he headed straight for the one nearest to him.

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The guy fell down. His expression instantly soured as he realized who was responsible. Y4yFRh

“Shi Qing! What the fuck man?! You transferred so we’re in different schools now, why are you still messing with us?!!”

The school bully tilted his chin at Tong Xinyu who was on the ground. “She’s my classmate.”

That guy: “……”

He recalled the horrifying experience of being dominated by this school bully before. GfjlNK

“…Then, since she’s your classmate, we’ll release her for your sake…”

Shi Qing threw his bag down.

“Stop blabbering and come at me already!”

The boys: “???” Udxv3N

But they don’t want to fight, ah.

Their leader: “Actually, why don’t we talk this out-”


Shi Qing kicked him into submission. bCLz9a

The others: “……”

“Holy shit man, you crazy-”


Another one bites the dust. RN uwk

“We really didn’t do anything to her! We were just scaring- fuck you went for the face!”

“You’ve gone too far this time!!!”

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Ten minutes later, Shi Qing picked up his backpack and dusted it off.

Tong Xinyu was staring at him blankly from the side. ozwcna

She got up carefully and ran to Shi Qing. “Shi Qing, you’re so cool!”

The school bully threw his bag over his shoulder with a pleased look on his face.

“It’s nothing really. They were just too weak.”

“I don’t know why they thought they could rob people with their level of strength. We were schoolmates before, so I wanted to play nice and settle this with words for old times sake. Who could’ve expected them to insist on fighting me instead? JFGhKo

Tong Xinyu’s eyes were glittering. She nodded her head enthusiastically to Shi Qing’s words.

“That’s right, that’s right! They’re the worst!!”

The battered and bruised boys: “…”

Who the hell wanted to fight you! YKEd9k

Unfortunately, the only witness to this, Tong Xinyu, was willingly blind.

To her, there was a radiant rainbow halo around Shi Qing, who had swooped in to save her like a hero just now.

Shi Qing was more shocking than electricity!

Shi Qing was faster than light! j52hoQ

Shi Qing was the only real legend!

Her male god?

Just changed!!

*** IEHlwh

School started again on Monday.

Tong Xinyu blushed as she took a small, exquisite gift box to a pair of desks in the third row.

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Zhuo Junli was reading when the school bully beside him suddenly swung an arm over his shoulders.

He had long since gotten used to these sudden movements, so he put his book down and patiently waited for Tong Xinyu to arrive. 7tHIXU

Shi Qing kept his arm where it was and said self-righteously, “Zhuo Junli’s busy helping me with a question right now.”

He also casually grabbed Zhuo Junli’s arm and threw it over his own shoulders. “His hands aren’t free either, so he can’t take your gift.”

Tong Xinyu’s eyes were full of bright sparkles, “I’m not here for Zhuo Junli.”

She shyly placed her gift on the table. 3edj4z

“Shi Qing, this is for you! I baked these little cookies myself. They’re pretty tasty.”

“For me?”

Zhuo Junli’s originally peaceful demeanor cracked violently. He looked at the rather surprised school bully, and then at Tong Xinyu, who was peeking at Shi Qing shyly.

The youth’s eyes darkened. dYcZhW

He clutched at the buddhist pendant around his neck.

Translator's Note

小妹妹 – lit. ‘little sister’. Something like ‘hey girl’, flirtatious

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