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Everyone Knows I'm a Good PersonChapter 22.2


The youth who was bored out of his mind playing with buttons shot up with glittering eyes.

“Yes, yes ah.” swDzac

Yin Mingzheng’s body completely relaxed.

The hero of humanity showed a somewhat shy smile as he gently held the youth in his arms.

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Shi Qing lowered his weight and nuzzled against his coat happily.

[System, don’t come out.] cQd 1e

The System cautiously poked its head out: [Host, you……should be more gentle. Last time when he woke up after being drugged, he was rubbing his waist all day.]

Since then, although the Host insisted they really didn’t do anything, the System had remaining doubts in its data.

It obediently went to read its mantras afterwards.

After an hour or so, it thought that they should be done. It carefully poked its head out.


Everything was covered by mosaics.

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It was so scared that it buried its head back into its book.

In the third hour, the System that was reading ‘A Hundred Common Homemade Recipes’ prepared to put down its book.

Three hours should be enough for humans, right? PM6iwb

It poked its head out.

Then it was jump scared by mosaics again.

Finally, after five hours, the System had its sight restored.

It went out to see Shi Qing lying in Yin Mingzheng’s arms. The man had tenderness and guilt written all over his face. He was carefully massaging Shi Qing’s sore legs. 9 3feH

The scene seemed very harmonious. Yin Mingzheng’s ears were even bright red due to feeling anxious.

The System didn’t know why Shi Qing’s legs were sore though.

The System looked at the Host that seemed to be in a trance. It called out to him hesitantly: [Host?]

It only heard Shi Qing’s feeble response almost a minute or two later: [En……] G2BHYe

[Um. Are you tired? Do you need something for your kidneys? I just read about a recipe for silky chicken and magnolia soup. It’s very nourishing.]

Shi Qing: [……]

[How about stewing it for Yin Mingzheng then?]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Shi Qing: [……] q09RQv

Shi Qing: [No. He’s strong enough.]

Shi Qing: [Any more nourishment and even someone of the Mechanical race like me wouldn’t be able to handle him.]

System: [What? What did he do?]

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Shi Qing: [I finally understand why Yin Mingzheng was single in the original storyline.] wQWdL1


[Because no one could handle it.]

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The simple-minded little System was confused: [Host, be more clear. What couldn’t they handle?]

Shi Qing was still muttering to himself: [Thank god I’m not human. If I was, it wouldn’t be strange for me to die right here and now. By the way, when you showed me the files from before, there was a previous Host that died on the bed right?] Y0ZStd

The System finally understood what was being implied once the files were brought up. Its data quickly heated up to a molten red. It said in a hushed voice: [That Host left the world because they finished the task. It’s not what you’re thinking.]

[That’s just speculation on your part. Don’t bother me for a bit. I need to rest.]

Vb atf Vsrafw byfvlfcais rtgjcx yjmx jujlc.

Ca atlr wbwfca, lar ujhf abkjgvr Tlc Zlcuhtfcu kjr oliifv klat jvwlgjalbc. 14CW3X

Lf gfjiis kjr atf rbc bo ojaf ab bnfgktfiw atf Lbra ilxf atlr.

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Pc ojma, batfg atjc bnfgvblcu la atf olgra alwf bea bo fzmlafwfca, Tlc Zlcuhtfcu kjr jc fzmfiifca qjgacfg.

He was gentle and considerate, never becoming jealous about physical contact with people of either gender. He accepted every part of Shi Qing. hub4nZ

Of course, other than his powerful fighting and leadership abilities, the hero of humanity did have one flaw.

He was too easily moved and indecisive. He was too good for this world.

For example, after the two were together, Yin Mingzheng always felt a sense of guilt towards their unborn children.

According to Shi Qing, the lifespan of a Machine was adjusted to fit their companion’s (100% a lie). However long an ability user from Earth could live was how long they would live. Qc3Zha

In other words, when Yin Mingzheng’s life ends, Shi Qing’s would too.

This was good in some ways. After all, Yin Mingzheng wouldn’t feel right no matter who stayed behind. If he died, he worried that no one could protect Shi Qing. If Shi Qing left first, he would definitely follow within a day.

But it still made his heart hurt to think about how their child would be born all alone two hundred years later with only emotionless androids to keep them company.

This was their child they were talking about. AEkyXl

Yin Mingzheng was different for Shi Qing who could go off to play after casually state that it was fine because the child would inherit some of his memories and androids to keep them safe. He had the heart of a traditional and caring father.

Although he couldn’t accompany them, he insisted on writing a letter every year to express how much he and Shi Qing loved their child. He also apologized for not being able to stay by his side and wished them a long and happy life.

After that, Yin Mingzheng also wanted to record a video. The man who was a deity-like figure for the human race would always greet the camera with a smile:

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“Hi baby. Papa here.” THxnZg

Then the camera would turn to Shi Qing who was always busy playing games, eating fruits or watching TV: “This is your dad.”

He continued to make a long speech about what they had done recently, what they had played with and what they had eaten.

The hero of humanity carefully recorded the videos so that their child could know that he was loved and wanted even after his parents were gone.

This could be considered Yin Mingzheng’s way of atoning. T0v1ga

In the year 3001, President Yin Mingzheng retired.

In 3130, Yin Mingzheng, the first head of state after the invasion of the Insects, breathed his last together with Shi Qing, his lover from the royal family of the Mechanical race.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

According to their will, they were cremated together. It was a little difficult due to Shi Qing’s mechanical heart, but fortunately the most powerful fire ability user, Le Youyuan, was able to finish the task.

The textbooks forever recorded the Mechanical race as peacekeepers who offered aid in Earth’s darkest time. It was also written that their King fell in love with the first president, and remained on Earth to this day. GbAVsa

Le Youyuan, the elder who has been haunted by Yin Mingzheng taking away his first love for all his life, broke down after he cremated said first love and his rival. With a face filled with wrinkles, he cursed out Yin Mingzheng for messing with him even from beyond the grave. This matter was left out of the books.

On the Mechanical planet far, far away, the Mother Tree sensed the departure of Shi Qing and soon created a new life.

The new Mechanical King laid under the tree with closed eyes to accept the inheritance of memory.

He was of the Mechanical race. ThqNpu

He was the King.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Mechanical race was a race that strived towards peace.

The Mechanical race could self-replicate. He had no relatives.

He should immediately create androids after he woke up. After all, his predecessor would not leave him anything. g1c8lI

The new King opened his silver eyes.

Then he immediately caught sight of the mountains of envelopes, gifts and videos surrounding him.

He stood up from the pile of gifts with a befuddled expression as he glanced at the androids standing around. They had balloons tied to their heads and were waving the glow sticks in their hands to celebrate his birth.

There was also a large banner pulled by two robots facing him, it shook as if it was afraid he couldn’t see it. FvQlVu

It said: Congratulations on your birth. Papa and dad will always love you.

There was even a little heart drawn on the back.

The new King who just inherited memories: ……

Was he somehow born in the wrong place? 8gGEJV

Meanwhile, Shi Qing returned to the space between worlds.

The System started reading excitedly: [Congratulations Host for successfully completing the task! Please choose to either: 1. Continue on to the next task or 2. Rest for a while]

Shi Qing: [1111.]

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[Ding! Please prepare yourself. We will immediately jump to a new world.] yE2MTf


When Shi Qing opened his eyes again, he found himself seated in front of a make-up mirror with someone whispering to him: “Shi-ge, I’ve added that to Jing Yuanqi’s meal.”


Shi Qing answers casually as he skimmed through his short-term memory. mpCA5U

This body used to belong to a film emperor. He usually just looked somewhat gloomy when in fact, he has always been envious of those who were both talented and younger than him. He would spare no expense to suppress such people if they were to appear.

Jing Yuanqi, an upcoming artist, came to mind.

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Due to a combination of his outstanding appearance and solid acting skills, he has already received a lot of good exposure and fans right after debuting.

The original owner was always jealous of him, but he could only pull off a few small and disgusting schemes because there was a formidable force behind Jing Yuanqi. 3Q8ahZ

This time, the two just happened to be in the same production crew. Knowing that the director despised those that dropped the ball the most and that Jing Yuanqi liked spicy food despite always getting a stomachache afterwards, the original owner came up with a plan. He bought Jing Yuanqi a meal while instructing his assistant to put an extra sauce in. It was made from devil’s pepper, and just one bite was enough to burn a hole in your intestines.

It might be impossible to see if it’s there, but the taste was unmistakable. Even if Jing Yuanqi notices something was wrong while he ate, there was nothing he could do about it. The dish was called spicy chicken after all. It was normal for it to have a little heat.

It might be a small scheme, but it sure was disgusting.

The System also saw the memory. It began to panic: [Host! Hurry up and stop this or Jing Yuanqi’s animosity value will soar to 100 after this meal!] paAQnf

Shi Qing was in no rush. He leaned back: [Check how much it is right now first.]

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System: [……Jing Yuanqi’s animosity value: 100/100]

Shi Qing wasn’t surprised.

According to the memories of the original owner, Jing Yuanqi seemed very shameless and disrespectful towards his elders. But Shi Qing could see that Jing Yuanqi had a bad attitude towards the original owner because he knew the other man was bent on suppressing him. ap GRl

[Just wait and see. He’s coming here any minute now. Come on, we have points to spend. Go to the mall and change my taste…… Ah, okay. Let’s go with this one.]

Within seconds, the door of the dressing room was pushed open.

A young man strode in. He was very good-looking, with peach blossom eyes and a high nose. However, his face was chilly at the moment. He came over to Shi Qing and all but threw the carton in his hand in front of him.

His voice was hard: “Eat it.” Z3VNuF

The assistant beside Shi Qing was stunned before getting angry, “What do you think you’re doing?! How dare you treat my Shi-ge this way?!! Why must he eat your leftovers?!!!”

Jing Yuanqi scoffed. He crossed his arms while looking down at Shi Qing who was silently staring at him: “He knows what he did.”

He thought that Shi Qing would stand up and berate him for being disrespectful to his elders or tattle to the director again.

But the good-looking man in the chair only shot him an aloof look before quietly digging into the meal. cE e69

One minute passed. Then two. Then three.

Ten minutes later, Shi Qing finished off the lunchbox in a slow and methodical fashion.

He even took out a handkerchief to wipe his mouth. He looked at Jing Yuanqi, whose expression gradually became a little confused. His tone was freezing:

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Now get out.” BmDG5W

That’s a wrap for arc 1!

Please note the revised schedule for this novel is Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. While I will try my best to keep up my current pace, updates are only guaranteed on those days of the week.

Thanks for all your support thus far. I really appreciate it. 😊

Now, onwards to the gloomy film emperor! zUmiEK

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