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Ex-Husband’s Call

Ex-Husband’s Call 前夫来电

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Author: 秦三见
Total Chapters: 63 (55 + extras), completed
Genre: Comedy, Doting Love Interest, Fluffy, Romance, Slice of Life
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Translators: maunnieh
Release Schedule: Sporadic


After the legalization of same-s*x marriage, Tong Qiu didn’t expect to be part of the first batch of people shoved onto the marriage market. A relative set him up on a blind date with a man who had a handsome face and a great body – a police officer who used to work for the criminal investigation unit but became a uniformed officer after suffering an injury. Tong Qiu had a uniform fetish and the two of them got along well enough and so, under the excessive urging of both of their families, they decided to tie the knot.

Before their wedding, they agreed that if they were incompatible after a year of marriage, they would get divorced and part amicably.

A year later, Tong Qiu said, “Huo Zhixing, let’s file for a divorce.”

Huo Zhixing’s friend asked him, “He said he wanted a divorce and you just agreed?”

Huo Zhixing: “Of course I agreed. We have to respect other people’s decisions. If he wants a divorce, then he can have a divorce. All I have to do is win him back.”


[A cute romance between a teacher and police officer with plenty of fluff and humour.]

Link to the equally adorable audio drama: https://www.missevan.com/mdrama/drama/24913

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  1. 👀👀 MC has an uniform fetish, I have a fetish for characters with an uniform fetish, a fetish for doting ML’s and a fetish for stories where both sides know their orientation from the start, instead of “discovering” it after being slept for 7th time.

    I can already see myself MTL-ing this for the next 3 nights and then slowly reading the translated version ☺

  2. Hellooo,

    I really enjoyed this novel❤❤

    May I ask for a permission to translate it in my language (Thai)?

    I will looking forward to hear back from you.


    p style=”margin-bottom: 0px;”>Thank you in advance😁😁

    • Hey Sasha, thanks so much for asking. I would prefer that my translations not be re-translated as they may not be a 100% accurate portrayal of the author’s work (because of changes I made regarding things like English idoms and flow). It would probably be better to translate directly from the Chinese raws, if that’s possible. I really appreciate that you enjoy the English translation and thanks again for asking permission!

  3. The flow of it and the translation is wonderful. But I honestly appreciate how it picks up a theme between the lines about honesty. It’s really hard sometimes between couples when they might be in a closest relationship, but they don’t open up about things they want from relationship and intimate relationship. Things could have been different if one was just honest about his preference and other didn’t comply with this facade play.

    Guys, ask your partners what they want to try and what they like, there’s nothing shameful about it, it might save a relationship.