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Don't You Like MeCh53 - He was at the age when his blood ran hot!


Translator: Reiyu; Editor: fraise

Lin Feiran wiped his mouth and smiled. “I’m done drinking. I’ll take him home, you all have fun.” 4Hx8S3

He stood up. Gu Kaifeng hugged him from behind, and, like a living coat, plastered his body to Lin Feiran’s, leaving no space between them.

Lin Feiran wanted to be angry but he also wanted to laugh. He turned and patted Gu Kaifeng’s face. “Can you walk on your own? I can’t carry you.”

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When Gu Kaifeng heard that Lin Feiran could not carry him, he immediately stood up straight, staggering slightly. His eyes, clouded with drunkenness, watched Lin Feiran with longing, the way a puppy might look at its owner; Lin Feiran’s heart fluttered. He held on to Gu Kaifeng, helping him out of the room. He opened his rideshare app and called a ride. Gu Kaifeng kept turning to stare at him as if he did not recognize Lin Feiran the entire time.

After Lin Feiran had called a ride, he laughed as he met Gu Kaifeng’s eyes and asked, “What are you staring at me for? Do you not know me anymore?” n3INGr

“I know you,” Gu Kaifeng grabbed Lin Feiran’s shoulders and his expression was as serious as if he were reciting the Constitution. “You’re Lin Feiran and I especially like you.”

Lin Feiran was both moved and amused. Seeing that there was no one else around, and Gu Kaifeng had had a little too much to drink, he plucked up his courage and boldly responded, “Gu Kaifeng, I especially like you too.”

Lin Feiran helped Gu Kaifeng out the doors of the KTV to wait by the curb for their ride.

The snow had stopped. The snow had left the air especially cold and bracing. A gust of chilly wind swept by and energized Lin Feiran, who had been feeling a little sleepy.


“RanRan.” Gu Kaifeng was unusually clingy when he was drunk. He leaned in and rubbed Lin Feiran’s neck with his face. In a low voice, he murmured,“Call me husband. I want to hear you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It is said that drunk people do not remember things that happened while they were drunk once they sober up the next day, so Lin Feiran put his lips by Gu Kaifeng’ ear without a care. He deliberately lowered his voice and called in a soft and flirtatious voice, “Husband.”

Gu Kaifeng raised a hand and rubbed at his ear, urging: “Call me that again. You’re so sweet I might die.”

Lin Feiran was amused and kept calling: “Husband, husband…” IxRmLZ

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Gu Kaifeng tightened his arms around Lin Feiran’s waist and squeezed him tightly. Drunkenly he said, “Damn, you made me hard.”

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“Do you like taking care of it?” Gu Kaifeng bit at Lin Feiran’s earlobe, neither too gentle nor too hard, and the warm smell of alcohol drifted from his lips.

“I like it, and I like it when you take care of me too…” Lin Feiran said honestly, his face reddening. Since Gu Kaifeng was out of it, he even complained a little: “Once a day is too little. I want to… in the morning too, or maybe twice at night, but if you don’t initiate I’m too shy.” pc9HB4

Lin Feiran remembered the first time he went to Gu Kaifeng’s house and they discussed astrological signs. At that time, Gu Kaifeng had said that Scorpios had strong desires and Lin Feiran had refuted him. Now it looked like Gu Kaifeng was right after all!

Ever since he had had intimate contact with Gu Kaifeng at his house, Lin Feiran felt that a switch had been flipped in his body. The moment he saw Gu Kaifeng he would think about these things, unable to control himself.

“Baby, remember that you were the one who said this.” Gu Kaifeng was silent for a moment, and his voice became very calm all of a sudden!

“……” Mechanically, Lin Feiran slowly turned to look at Gu Kaifeng. He could almost hear the tick-tick of his neck turning. 5pgE9N

That was when the car Lin Feiran had called arrived.

Lin Feiran was so embarrassed he thought he was about to explode. He pulled open the back door and pushed Gu Kaifeng in, not listening to any protests. He was about to close the door and get in the passenger seat, but Gu Kaifeng stopped the back door from closing and pulled Lin Feiran inside. Lin Feiran worried that the driver would be disturbed, so he did not fight, and had to sit in the backseat with Gu Kaifeng, his face red. The car was blasting music but the sound of Gu Kaifeng’s heavy breathing was still clear to Lin Feiran’s ears. Lin Feiran looked stiffly out of the window, and heard the sound of Gu Kaifeng laughing quietly behind him.

Lin Feiran’s mind, already on the edge, now snapped at this laughter. With a red face, he whirled around and asked, like a prosecutor pressing his case,“You were pretending to be drunk?”

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“No, in the beginning I really was drunk.” Gu Kaifeng had an expression of complete sincerity. “But when we got out of the KTV it was so cold I sobered up.” 9WneCG

Lin Feiran thought back: he had felt that after coming outside Gu Kaifeng’s drunkenness was somewhat forced, but he had not thought anything of it.

Gu Kaifeng squeezed Lin Feiran’s waist through the thick jacket: “RanRan, what you said just now…”

Embarrassed, Lin Feiran said, “Shut up.”

Gu Kaifeng said roguishly: “I’m not shutting up, I’m talking.” ondBUD

Lin Feiran stuck a hand out to cover his mouth. “You want me to plug your mouth up?”

Gu Kaifeng caught Lin Feiran’s wrist and glanced downward: “What are you going to plug it with?”

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Lin Feiran thought about that and fire ran up his back. He wanted it very much but he would never ask.

Gu Kaifeng grinned wickedly, leaned over, and bit Lin Feiran’s ear. “Baby, I think you want it quite a lot.” IuQ9eg

Lin Feiran shrank back and rewound his scarf around his neck, hiding the bottom of his ears along with his mouth, revealing only the tip of his delicate nose. Aggrieved, he murmured, “I’m a guy too.”

And he was at the age when his blood ran hot!

It was very normal to want it twice a day!

Hmph! Ird6lF

After that day, Little Sticky Cake Lin lived a happy life of doing it twice a day.

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In order to encourage their son to study, Gu Kaifeng’s parents had said that as long as he scores in the top 30 in the upcoming exams, they would provide some money for a vacation so that Gu Kaifeng could have a good time during the winter break. Any place he wanted, in the country or out of it.

Gu Kaifeng told Lin Feiran about. After the semester exams they would have 25 days of winter vacation, with classes resuming after the Lantern Festival. After accounting for 15 days of visiting family and friends, they would still have 10 days of free time. They would have to use them well.

“Our parents will let us go together, right?” Gu Kaifeng said, hugging Lin Feiran. dQT8yG

Lin Feiran hesitated for two seconds before realizing that the words ‘our parents’ referred to his own parents. He did not correct the form of address and replied obediently, “I’ll talk to my parents. As long as my grades don’t get worse it should be fine. They don’t hover over me.” With a pause, Lin Feiran asked uneasily, “But going with me… if Uncle and Aunt find out, will anything happen?”

“What would happen? They’re worried about me travelling on my own, and even said it would be better if I found a classmate to go with me,” Gu Kaifeng said gently. “It’s more reassuring to my parents if you come along. They like you. I’ll ask Wang Zhuo and He Hao if they’ll go, too. They can be our cover. When we go, we’ll split up and have fun.”

Their couples’ world must not be disturbed!

“Where do you want to go, baby? Let’s research it and buy plane tickets ahead of time.” In the dorm, Gu Kaifeng was looking down at his cell phone, searching for cities that were good for winter vacations. “If we want something close by, we can go to Snow World to ski and go in the hot springs. There’s a lot to do there. If we want to go south, it’s not bad. It’s 20 C (68 F) in H City, very comfortable, but there aren’t many things to see. If we go, it’d be to spend the vacation at the beach. There’s a mountain we can climb too.” QxUJdD

The word ‘beach’ touched a sensitive place in Lin Feiran’s mind. He could not help imagining Gu Kaifeng wearing swimming trunks, revealing his chest and long legs. Lin Feiran had seen his fill of Gu Kaifeng showering and changing his clothes, but wearing swimming trunks would definitely be a different feeling, and he would be able to look at him in the open and for a long time.

When did I become so vulgar?! Lin Feiran harshly scolded himself while answering seriously, “I want to go to the beach. What about you?”

“Anything’s fine with me.” Gu Kaifeng seemed to have noticed something, and narrowed his eyes. “RanRan, you like looking at the sea?”

I like looking at you by the seaside! Lin Feiran blinked and obediently sat up straight. Innocently, he said, “Mm, I haven’t seen the sea in years and I want to go.” 7VSpHd

Gu Kaifeng smiled and asked suggestively, “If we go down to the beach we’ll have to go in the sea. Baby, can you swim?”

“Of course I know…” Lin Feiran answered sincerely first, then the moment it left his mouth he realized that this answer would deprive him of a chance to be close to Gu Kaifeng. So, with a sidelong glance, he strategically added, “But I only know the breaststroke and I don’t like it. I want to learn something else.”

Gu Kaifeng watched his expression and casually said, “How about freestyle? I’ll teach you.”

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Lin Feiran pretended to think about it, as if really considering learning to swim, then he said coyly, “Freestyle, then.” bzH5pJ

Gu Kaifeng glanced at him and smiled. He did not say anything more, lowering his head to his books, and starting to flip through.

After flipping through several pages, Gu Kaifeng suddenly looked up, grabbed Lin Feiran, and pulled him into his arms. He asked, a little hoarsely, “You don’t want to learn to swim, you want me to touch you, right?”

“What, no!” Lin Feiran denied it but his lips curved upwards truthfully. In the end, he could not hold back his laughter. Gu Kaifeng was also roused, and the two playfully fell onto the bottom bunk together, and did things that should not be described!

With such a tempting reward, both of them worked especially hard before the end of the semester. Every day, after lights-out in the dorm, they kept their table lamps on until 11:30 at night. When Lin Feiran’s Yin-Yang eyes were open, he felt that the old principal looked upon him more favorably than before. Perhaps the old principal had seen him working much harder than before. ITBgLv

The end-of-semester exams quickly arrived. Before the tests, Lin Feiran privately imagined opening his Yin-Yang eyes during the exam and bribing a ghost to bring him the answers of the top student… but he only thought about it. If he actually did it, he would be scolded to death by the old principal patrolling the exam halls!

In order to stay focused, Lin Feiran asked Gu Kaifeng if he could borrow the school uniform he had worn.

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