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Don't You Like MeCh40 - He hated that he could not collapse the Great Wall by crying!


Translator: reiyu, Editor: Pyrrhae

Lin Feiran spent a while teaching the little girl’s ghost the fundamental technique for throwing a ball. While he was happily talking with his hand concealing his mouth, the sound of footsteps suddenly reached his ears. Lin Feiran hurriedly closed his mouth and turned to look, and his gaze crashed into Gu Kaifeng’s. OVJB6e

Gu Kaifeng caught Lin Feiran around the waist and pulled him into his arms. He asked with some dissatisfaction, “Who are you watching over here?”

Lin Feiran replied with perfect sincerity, “No one…”

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Really, aside from the little girl’s ghost, he wasn’t watching anyone!

“Why are your eyes a bit red?” Gu Kaifeng held Lin Feiran’s lower jaw and examined him carefully. “You were crying? Are you unhappy?” rOcos

“What would I be crying about? I’m not little sis Lin.” Lin Feiran guiltily pushed aside Gu Kaifeng’s arms and lowered his eyes. “Just yawned too much.”

Gu Kaifeng wrinkled his brows. He did think it true that Lin Feiran did not have much to cry about, so like a little wolfhound protecting his food, he pressed the back of Lin Feiran’s neck so their foreheads touched. He said very softly, “Then go back and watch me. Just now, I did especially well and you didn’t see it. How are you going to make it up to me, hmm?”

“If you did well, then you did well. What is there for me to compensate for?” Lin Feiran wanted to laugh. It was not that he thought Gu Kaifeng was funny, but he felt like the depths of his heart had been lightly swept over by a brush made of down, and that soft, ticklish feeling caused the corners of his lips to lift.

“I did well to show off to you,” Gu Kaifeng said, and smiled too. He then pulled Lin Feiran by the wrist and started to walk back to his basketball court, saying seriously, “Watch me properly this time. I’ll be observing you. Every time your eyes move away from me, I’ll kiss you once when we get back to the dorm tonight.” XAQPZ4

Lin Feiran was so shocked by these words that his heart skipped a beat. Without really meaning it, he rebuked, “You’re insane, ah.”

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The little girl’s ghost followed them, carrying her ball, but now Lin Feiran could no longer see her. Gu Kaifeng ran back to the court and continued playing basketball. Lin Feiran watched him for five minutes, then resumed instructing the little girl’s ghost while covering his mouth with his hand. The little girl’s ghost tried to do as Lin Feiran said several times. Lin Feiran’s gaze fell on her and he corrected, “Forearm and upper arm at a 90 degree angle. You’re holding it at too small an angle. Do you know what 90 degrees means? My body is at a 90 degree angle to the floor…”

As Lin Feiran spoke, he suddenly felt a chill run down his back. Raising his eyes, he saw Gu Kaifeng eyeing him like a wolf.

Seeing Lin Feiran glance over, Gu Kaifeng indicated a ‘1’ with his hand and one corner of his mouth quirked devilishly. se1Q4d

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He meant that when they returned to the dorm that evening, he would take one kiss!

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Gu Kaifeng and Wang Zhuo laughed out loud, and Wang Zhuo gave He Hao the middle finger back in salute. Gu Kaifeng shot Lin Feiran a meaningful look.

Lin Feiran was driven to frustration and dragged a hand over his face. He really wanted to have a fight with Wang Zhuo, the drama king!

Lin Feiran taught the little girl’s ghost for a bit longer. The little girl must have been a very intelligent child, because she understood everything with only a little prompting. Very soon, she had learned the proper movements and had bounced over to her own hoop to start playing by herself.

Lin Feiran watched her for a moment before hurriedly returning his gaze to Gu Kaifeng. The handsome youth was so radiant as he played on the court that he left people unable to look away. His gym jacket billowed about him as he jumped, carelessly elegant and dashing. Gu Kaifeng looked at Lin Feiran every once in a while; every ten or twenty seconds their gazes would meet, leaving Lin Feiran’s heart racing so fast his head spun. BWD2X

Really, even the straightest of guys wouldn’t be able to withstand this! Lin Feiran thought, despondent.

When the P.E. dismissal bell rang, Wang Zhuo picked up the basketball and called over several other guys to go buy water. Gu Kaifeng did not go. Instead, he walked toward Lin Feiran, brushing shoulders as he passed, making his way to a large tree ahead of him. After several steps, he turned back and beckoned to Lin Feiran with a finger, saying, “Baby, come over here.”

Internally, Lin Feiran had a vague awareness of what Gu Kaifeng was going to do, but his legs would not obey him and he could not control himself from following Gu Kaifeng. The two walked to a large tree by the school’s outer wall. Lin Feiran took a step further so he stood right behind the big tree, ensuring any gazes that might be coming from behind were completely cut off. He thought that his expression was calm, but in reality, nervousness was etched all over his face as he asked, “What are you doing?”

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Gu Kaifeng stuck out the tip of his moist, red tongue and licked the corner of his mouth. “You still have to ask? The way I see it, you seem to know already?” k9mFvn

Lin Feiran stared at Gu Kaifeng in a daze. His mind was blank and, like a newly hatched duckling, he followed Gu Kaifeng’s example and licked the corner of his own mouth.

Gu Kaifeng was so tickled he laughed out loud.

Lin Feiran, who was prepared to be kissed any time, nervously turned his gaze to the side, and found to his horror that the little girl’s ghost had at some point followed him over while holding her ball!

Seeing that Lin Feiran had seen her, the little girl’s ghost blinked her big doe eyes and asked curiously, “Big brother, what are you two doing here?” C075Lq

As Lin Feiran’s gaze met that of the ghost of the little girl, his face went completely red: “……”

Damn it!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Why do I like you so much?” Gu Kaifeng murmured, half to himself. He stepped forward and pressed Lin Feiran, who had been about to flee, firmly against the tree. He bowed his head to kiss him. “The one you owe me from just now.”

“… Don’t!” Lin Feiran could not break free and could only turn his head, making Gu Kaifeng’s lips land on his ear. Lin Feiran’s legs suddenly went weak and gave way. doDxS7

“Don’t, don’t do what?” Gu Kaifeng took advantage of the change of angle to plant two kisses on Lin Feiran’s pale, attractive neck. He said fiercely, “I was right about you. You’re the type who likes playing hard to get. Just now, you knew what I was going to do, but you still followed me here of your own accord, mm?”

“I’m not playing hard to get!” Lin Feiran felt so wronged, he hated that he could not collapse the Great Wall by crying!

There’s a child watching us from the side, alright?!

Actually, the previous few times Gu Kaifeng had kissed him, he knew there had definitely been ghosts around. But knowing was simply knowing, and having just locked eyes with a ghost by his side only a second before being kissed by Gu Kaifeng, the level of shame he felt went far beyond simply ‘knowing’. zYnJZt

“Do you only feel it when you’re being forced?” Gu Kaifeng turned Lin Feiran’s face to him and meticulously licked Lin Feiran’s lips, saying in a hoarse voice, “Surely not?”

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“Cut the bullshit!” Lin Feiran’s face was boiling and he was so anxious he cursed. But at this time, he and Gu Kaifeng were intimately pressed together and a certain part was very unreliably betraying its owner, its excitement expressing to Gu Kaifeng through actions that Lin Feiran was indeed feeling it very much.

Gu Kaifeng obviously noticed it. He gave a low laugh before he kissed Lin Feiran more deeply.

As a result, the matter of Lin Feiran being a ‘little demon who likes to play hard to get and who loves to pretend he doesn’t want it but will only be satisfied if he’s forced’ was now officially confirmed in Gu Kaifeng’s heart… VvXSlZ

The two were entangled with each other behind the tree until the bell signaling the start of class rang, at which point they ran in the direction of the school building.

Lin Feiran touched his lips as he ran, deeply suspicious that his lips were swollen from kissing. But he was too embarrassed to ask Gu Kaifeng, so when he entered the classroom, he lowered his head and covered his mouth, pretending to cough, only removing his hand when he had settled in his seat.

Didn’t we agree to only one kiss? That might have been twenty! And he touched me all over, too! Lin Feiran, who had willingly walked into the trap, thought while half angry and half satisfied.

When the second afternoon period was over, Lin Feiran went again to the second-year faculty office and leaned against the door frame, peeking inside. Y0qVtF

Ms. Zheng was currently discussing the students’ learning situations with one of the other teachers. For some reason, her usually stern face now seemed to emanate a little gentleness. Maybe it was because Lin Feiran learned she was a good mother, so his subjective opinion of her had changed.

Would it be inappropriate to tell her face to face? After telling Ms. Zheng, I would have to see her every day until the university entrance exams are over. At that point, every time she sees me she will think about how her daughter is following her, and even if she wants to let it go she won’t be able to… As Lin Feiran thought, he quietly backed away. He decided to try writing an anonymous letter to Ms. Zheng first, and if she read it and did not believe it, he would come up with another way.

Having made up his mind, Lin Feiran returned to the classroom and opened his notebook. He tore out a page and wrote down in large characters, ‘To the respected Ms. Zheng’, but as these words were finished, he crumpled the sheet and shoved it into his desk compartment, red-faced.

Because he realized that his handwriting was really too ugly, so ugly that he could never write an anonymous letter as it would be recognized in a minute! j9Y8Gn

So, that evening, after the self-study period let out, Lin Feiran used his phone to type out the little ghost girl’s story from the comfort of his dorm room. Since his conversation with the driver uncle about his wife the last time, Lin Feiran had understood his restrictions a little better. He could not directly tell the driver that his wife’s spirit was riding in the passenger seat, but he could describe to the driver his wife’s appearance and convey his wife’s words. After receiving this information, the driver could draw his own conclusion that ‘his wife’s spirit was nearby,’ and the conclusions he drew independently had nothing to do with Lin Feiran.

With this in mind, Lin Feiran wrote in his phone’s notepad various particulars and distinctive characteristics of the little girl’s ghost, and added for proof of veracity some things the little girl’s ghost thought that only she and her mother would know. Having written these down, Lin Feiran went on to convey the little girl’s ghost’s wishes.

“…If there is anything you didn’t have the chance to tell her, you can tell the air around you.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“She will definitely hear it.” hxVrLg

At the end of the letter, Lin Feiran included these two sentences.

He didn’t know Ms. Zheng’s e-mail. After he finished writing, he checked it through once and, feeling there were no issues, saved it to his phone.

The next day, during the midday break, Lin Feiran climbed over the school wall and went to the copy shop outside to print his letter. After printing it, he had Ms. Zheng’s name printed on another sheet of A4 paper and used this sheet to enclose the letter.

That afternoon, Lin Feiran picked a break between classes to secretly slip the letter into the crack between the door and the frame while the second-year faculty office was closed. 4eJhgU

After the break, Ms. Zheng did not show up. Ms. Zheng was supposed to oversee the self-study period that evening, but the physics teacher was standing in for her.

During evening self-study, Lin Feiran opened his Yin-Yang eyes and looked all around, but he did not see any sign of the little girl’s ghost. Maybe she had followed Ms. Zheng home.

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Ms. Zheng must have received it… Lin Feiran thought, and only did not know whether or not she believed it. But the way things were, she most likely had believed it. If she thought it was only a prank, surely she would not have missed evening self-study?


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