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Don't You Like MeCh37 - Husband, make some space for me, okay?


Translator: TeaAddict, Editor: Pyrrhae

Lin Feiran carried the three bags with him as he ran into the utility room, locked the door, and opened the window. He neatly arranged the offerings for the ghost of the girl on the floor, then laid out the incense burner, incense, and yellow paper for the ritual… XdocFI

Focus on the ritual!

He had just been kissed by Gu Kaifeng at the school gate, so he was fully charged with Yang energy and unafraid. It’s just that once he recalled what happened at the school gate, he could not keep his heart from thumping. Today, because he needed a favor from Gu Kaifeng, he was forced to verbally acknowledge the other as his “husband.” However, what caused Lin Feiran to be exceedingly alarmed was his realization that, deep inside, he felt no aversion. Not to mention that when he was kissed three consecutive times by Gu Kaifeng, his instinctive response was merely “don’t be seen by others” and nothing else. Not only was he truly not angry, he actually somewhat enjoyed being kissed!

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No, I cannot be like this… Lin Feiran’s expression was initially calm as he burned the yellow paper. After burning the paper for some time, he suddenly jerked up his head and stared in wide-eyed terror at the utility room door.

I couldn’t have been bent this quickly, right?!


Lin Feiran slapped his face heavily a couple of times and redirected his thoughts back to the little ghost. In accordance with what was stated in his grandpa’s notebook and with some apprehension, he recalled the image of the ghost girl in his mind and thought about the offerings that were meant to be given to her.

The tasks were completed quickly and only spanned the burning of a stick of incense. Lin Feiran tidied up the utility room and repacked the offerings for the ghost girl into the bags,  closing them tightly. He planned to hide them temporarily in his cupboard in his room, then dispose of them after confirming that the ghost of the girl had received them.

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Tonight, the seven-year-old little girl who had died from a malignant disease received her very first “express delivery.”  The contents included a ball, a plushie, a Barbie doll, snacks, accessories — the things she was deprived of because her childhood had ended prematurely.

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He could not accumulate dirty clothes anymore. No socks, no trousers, no clothing could be accumulated, period! He must wash them immediately after taking them off, Young Master Lin thought with some bitterness.

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Actually, he was unprepared to change his bad habit of accumulating dirty laundry…

“RanRan, want to work on some homework together?” Gu Kaifeng, who was sitting in front of his desk, waved the physics workbook in his hand while enthusiastically inviting Lin Feiran on a study date.

Washing his roommate’s socks and underwear without permission. Making a perfectly “straight male” bent. The chief culprit, Gu Kaifeng, did not have even a speck of guilt on his face. It was very vexing! EKZoLe

“I will do mine by myself!” Lin Feiran exuded bloodthirst as he stalked to his desk and sat down on his chair with all the power of ten thousand peals of thunder. He spread out the same physics workbook as Gu Kaifeng and performed calculations at lightning speed. Out of all the subjects, the one in which Lin Feiran was the most proficient was precisely physics. Therefore, not only did he catch up to Gu Kaifeng very quickly, he also smoothly took the lead.

Lin Feiran’s little tail perked up steadily. Casting a sidelong glance at Gu Kaifeng, he sneered, “Tch. You are really slow.”

He mainly wanted to vent some of his anger!

“Mmm—” Gu Kaifeng was beyond charmed by Lin Feiran’s cute little act of gloating. With a face full of endearment, he replied with undulating and drawn out words, “I am naturally not as fast as RanRan. My baby RanRan is extremely clever.” 54qMJf

I will not be defeated by a sugar-coated missile! Lin Feiran thought, but he could not keep the corners of his mouth from raising. He immediately suppressed his smile heavily, as if his lips were filled with lead.

The duo completed problems until it was time for lights out. Lin Feiran, whose anger had not completely abated, snatched up his washbasin aggressively and went to brush his teeth and wash his face in the water room. As he closed the door behind him, he deliberately slammed it shut. When Gu Kaifeng stood next to him as he washed up, Lin Feiran very naughtily turned the tap on to its max and seized the opportunity to spray Gu Kaifeng with water… He was employing all kinds of provocations!

Gu Kaifeng looked mockingly at the grouchy cub-like Lin Feiran, but did not say a word.

When the pair was done brushing their teeth and washing their faces, they returned to their room. Gu Kaifeng changed into his pajamas and lay on his bed. Lin Feiran also changed into his pajamas, using the wardrobe door as a screen. With his head held high and his chest puffed out like a little fighting cock, Lin Feiran walked over to Gu Kaifeng’s bedside. Looking at Gu Kaifeng, who was lying on his back with his limbs deliberately splayed in a “spread eagle” position, he ordered in a cold tone, “Retract your arms and legs. I want to lie down.” PswEQd

Gu Kaifeng gave nasty laugh and said, “Ask more nicely or you will sleep by yourself tonight.”

Dead silence ensued for a full five seconds…

Lin Feiran whispered weakly,  “Make some space for me, okay?”

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Gu Kaifeng looked displeased and did not respond. b8roIw

Lin Feiran spoke again with hidden bitterness, “… Husband, make some space for me, okay?”

Gu Kaifeng immediately shifted to one side of the bed and lay in a straight military posture, his arms and legs kept close to his body. One side of his body was flush with the edge of the bed, effectively freeing more than half the bed for Lin Feiran.

Lin Feiran struggled to suppress a smile and strove to keep his grudges from collapsing.

Gu Kaifeng beckoned Lin Feiran with his finger and softly said, “So well-behaved.  Come on. For calling me ‘husband,’ I would even be okay if you asked me to sleep on the desk, let alone making some space for you.” mYIg0X

Lin Feiran snorted. He felt his way onto the bed and squeezed beneath the covers.

Gu Kaifeng continued to tease him. “I spoke the truth. If you don’t believe me, you can test it out. I will sleep on whatever you point at.”

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Lin Feiran gave him a sidelong look. “Just sleep here. You are not allowed to go anywhere.”

Gu Kaifeng’s lips curved upwards. He turned over and embraced Lin Feiran. “I know. You like it when I hold you.” Oo0tv

Lin Feiran: “……”

Nonsense! I just want Yang energy!

Translator's Note

An expression that describes something powerful and unstoppable.

Translator's Note

The author actually used the “太” character here there is an “extra” appendage.

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  1. Gu Kaifeng is using every little trick he knows to get benefits from his wife haha!

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕

    Side note, what does the pink flower next to some usernames mean?

  2. –Gu Kaifeng immediately shifted to one side of the bed and lay in a straight military posture, his arms and legs kept close to his body.

    That’s 100% trap right? I’m sure he will curl his limbs like an octopus. Thanks for the translation.

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