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Don't You Like MeCh19 - Do Your Fangirls Know Just How Vulgar You Are?


Translator: reiyu, Editors: Pyrrhae, XD

Gu Kaifeng peeled several more grapes and fed them to Lin Feiran, intentionally touching Lin Feiran’s lips multiple times. His lips were soft, smooth, and moist, making Gu Kaifeng almost forget himself. He gradually stopped hiding his furtive movements, so when he peeled another grape and brought it over, Lin Feiran suddenly stuck out his neck and bit down on Gu Kaifeng’s finger. lhvfGT

Gu Kaifeng was startled and took a moment to react before pulling back his hand with a laugh. In a soft voice, he admonished, “Little dog Lin.”

Lin Feiran turned his head to glare at him, baring a row of small white teeth. “I think you were asking to be bit.”

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“Can’t do the last question?” Seeing that he had ruffled Lin Feiran’s feathers, Gu Kaifeng calmly changed the topic. He scooted over to look at Lin Feiran’s workbook.

“Nn—” Lin Feiran dragged out his reply in his dissatisfaction. “I could do the first and second sub-questions, but the third… I need to think about it more. I already have some ideas.” XzMTNQ

He had been ahead of Gu Kaifeng the whole time, but who knew he’d get stuck on the last question? Lin Feiran wasn’t very happy and his little tail couldn’t stick up in pride anymore. Instead, it drooped with disappointment.

“Want a hint?” Gu Kaifeng asked.

Lin Feiran resolutely declined, “Don’t want one. I can definitely solve it myself.”

Gu Kaifeng glanced at the clock and said, “It’s too late. Let’s sleep first; you can take your time and think about it when you get up tomorrow morning.”


Lin Feiran firmly refused once more. “Not going to sleep. I want to cultivate.”

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He wanted to cultivate in the Sect of Mathematics!

Gu Kaifeng picked up the soundly sleeping Xia Xia from Lin Feiran’s lap, walked out of the study, and placed him on his dog bed. When he returned, he closed Lin Feiran’s workbook in a way that did not abide refusal. He wanted to laugh when he saw how Lin Feiran was so sleepy his eyes were glazing over. “You almost can’t keep your eyes open, yet you’re still being stubborn. Be good and go to sleep. Just get up at seven tomorrow and do it then, wouldn’t that be okay?”

“Not okay. You’ve solved it…” Lin Feiran wasn’t content with losing and tried to flip open his workbook again when suddenly his whole body grew light. By the time he reacted, Gu Kaifeng had already picked him up from the swivel chair. What’s more, Gu Kaifeng was holding him with one arm against Lin Feiran’s back and the other beneath the crook of his knees. Directly carrying him in his arms, Gu Kaifeng strode towards the bedroom. DJ2bNn

Lin Feiran struggled a bit, protesting, “Hey!”

“Rest first. I’ll wake you up bright and early tomorrow.” Gu Kaifeng kicked open the partially ajar bedroom door and put Lin Feiran down on the legendary three-person bed. Instead of pulling himself back up, Gu Kaifeng took advantage of this motion to prop himself up with his arms on either side of Lin Feiran. He closed the gap between them and lightly pressed down on Lin Feiran’s whole body with his own. With a chuckle in his voice, he whispered, “Do what you’re told.”

The distance between the two was neither close nor far, but just right to be able to feel each other’s breaths. It was also just the right distance to see every minute expression on each other’s faces.

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“… That’s enough, I got it, good night.” Lin Feiran was stunned at first, and then his heart inexplicably started to pound violently. His response was to ignore it and he hurriedly turn onto his side, closing his eyes to indicate he was about to sleep. Gu Kaifeng was in very high spirits and tugged on Lin Feiran’s suddenly reddened earlobes before pushing himself off of him. He pulled the blankets up to cover Lin Feiran then got up from the bed to turn off the light. DTOcpa

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Xe Bjlofcu’r ojmf kjr fzqgfrrlbcifrr. “Rba jiibkfv.”

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Gu Kaifeng replied lightly, “No one’s stayed in the guest room for a long time. There’s a layer of dust over everything. Are you going to clean it?”

“Then never mind.” Young Master Lin, whose ability to do housework was limited to washing his own socks and underwear, despondently curled back into the blankets. After a thought, he asked again, “Then can I hug Xia Xia while sleeping on your bed?”

Gu Kaifeng nestled beneath the blankets and lay next to Lin Feiran. He refused, “I don’t let the dog on my bed.”

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Lin Feiran gave a muffled reply. He turned over so his back was facing Gu Kaifeng, as if he had not been the one thinking about how to secretly touch Gu Kaifeng in his sleep for the last few days. 7Em635

“What’s gotten into you tonight?” Gu Kaifeng poked Lin Feiran’s waist; he remembered that Lin Feiran was ticklish there.

“Hahaha, stop it!” Lin Feiran was tickled to the point of laughing before he batted away Gu Kaifeng’s wandering hand in annoyance. Maintaining his position with his back to Gu Kaifeng, he said, “Nothing’s gotten into me.”

As he spoke, Lin Feiran stuck his hand in his pants and felt around a bit, his heart fracturing.

The ‘little Lin Feiran’ who had not been satisfied by his owner for a long time was currently standing up spiritedly, a single pillar that could hold up the sky! YM427e

Indeed, just after Gu Kaifeng had taken him in a princess carry all the way from the study to the bedroom and then pressed him onto the bed, Lin Feiran had unexpectedly and shamefully gotten hard.

Little Lin Feiran, have you gone mad! This is Gu Kaifeng! What are you getting hard for? Are you so hungry and thirsty because it’s been too long since I have taken care of you? Why didn’t you harden when you saw sexy women a few days ago? Tell me! Tell me!

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——Lin Feiran was internally angrily reprimanding his distractingly hard manhood!

“What is your hand doing there?” Gu Kaifeng set his shoulders, flipped the strangely-behaving Lin Feiran over, and lifted the blanket to look inside. NTvCw4

“Doing nothing.” Lin Feiran jumped from fright and snatched his hand out of his underpants. He pressed the blanket back down, his face as red as a monkey’s butt. Thankfully the lights weren’t on in the room and nothing could be seen. “Go to sleep, go to sleep.”

Though his reddened face couldn’t be seen, the motion of snatching his hand out of his underpants was still very obvious. Gu Kaifeng’s heart jolted and he said suggestively, “Were you…”

Lin Feiran clamped his legs together and swiftly cut him off — “No!”

Gu Kaifeng leaned closer, lowered his voice, and said, “I have some movies. Do you want to watch them?” dw2Hkn

Lin Feiran’s heart was pounding anxiously and he blurted out, “Not watching! Do your fangirls know how vulgar you are?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As if he were selling X-rated discs on an overpass!

Gu Kaifeng was delighted. “What’s so vulgar about it? What guy doesn’t watch this sort of thing? It can’t be that you’ve never seen any, right?”

Lin Feiran turned over and showed Gu Kaifeng his back again, saying in frustration, “I’ve seen them before. Don’t like watching them.” RcH1x0

Lin Feiran had indeed seen these sorts of movies before, mainly out of curiosity, but after watching them he hadn’t found there to be anything interesting about them. Not only were they ineffective in arousing desire, but he even found them a bit funny. Lin Feiran had attributed this to a naturally low sex drive and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

This was too much fun. Gu Kaifeng couldn’t resist teasing Lin Feiran some more. He pressed even closer and said in a husky voice, “My movies are different from the ones you’ve seen.”

A man and a woman, compared to two men, were indeed quite different.

“I don’t watch those either.” Lin Feiran turned around, red-faced, and pushed at Gu Kaifeng’s chest as he said, “Go, go, go. Get further away from me. The bed’s so big.” kbFdM3

A smile hung at the corner of Gu Kaifeng’s lips as he obediently moved away from Lin Feiran. Through the obscure moonlight, he kept watch of the small head that was keeping perfectly still out of nervousness.

Under the double pressures of nervousness and awkwardness, Lin Feiran’s reaction gradually subsided. His priorities shifted from ‘embarrassing biological reaction’ back to ‘seeing ghosts’. Lin Feiran, who just a few minutes ago was asking Gu Kaifeng to get away from him, had now apprehensively turned over to face him. Seeing that Gu Kaifeng had already fallen asleep, he very carefully slid his foot over and gently laid it against Gu Kaifeng’s calf.

“…” Gu Kaifeng’s eyes were shut, but the corners of his lips twitched up at a very unnoticeable angle.

Seeing no reaction from Gu Kaifeng, Lin Feiran thickened his skin and scooted closer to his side, then fell asleep with a calm heart. P7oi4q

The next day, Lin Feiran got up very early to match wits with that math problem. The housekeeping auntie came and made breakfast, and Gu Kaifeng even brought it to the study for Lin Feiran.

Gu Kaifeng used the serving knife to cut the fried eggs, breakfast sausage, and buttered toast into small pieces. He speared them with a fork and put it to Lin Feiran’s mouth, saying, “Open up.”

Lin Feiran was concentrating on solving the math problem and didn’t even glance over; he just opened his mouth and readily ate it in one bite.

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After Gu Kaifeng had fed him five or six bites, Lin Feiran tossed his pen down onto the table and said confidently, “The answer to the third sub-question is 6. Right?” grCPDv

Gu Kaifeng gave a small smile. “Right.”

Lin Feiran snapped his fingers in self-satisfaction and whistled.

Gu Kaifeng deliberately praised, “I’ve seen this type of question before or else I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it. Still, you’re smarter.”

“Heh heh, not at all. You’re very good too.” Lin Feiran modestly lowered his head and scratched the tip of his nose, but he couldn’t conceal his smile. His little tail was sticking up high. 0rQa1Z

“Let’s eat first.” Gu Kaifeng was finding it painful to hold back his smile. With his eyes lowered, he asked, “Or shall I feed you?”

“I’ll eat on my own.” Lin Feiran speared a piece of golden fried egg and ate it, saying happily, “After we’ve eaten, let’s work on physics. Let’s see who does it faster.”

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Gu Kaifeng nodded, “OK.”

Lin Feiran rolled and folded up his sleeves, announcing proudly, “Since it’s physics, I’ll definitely trounce you soundly!” SotryI

Gu Kaifeng laughed out loud. He tilted his head up as he collapsed against the back of the swivel chair, opening his arms wide in invitation and saying, “Then trounce me. Use force.”

“Are you out of your mind,” Lin Feiran muttered softly and gave Gu Kaifeng a light kick.

All of Sunday passed with them competing in this way over their homework.

Lin Feiran stuck to Xia Xia all day today too. Xia Xia’s character was also sticky, so these two little pieces of sticky cake, one human and one dog, stuck to each other like glue and couldn’t be torn apart. Consequently, Lin Feiran didn’t take the initiative to touch Gu Kaifeng all day. Instead, he would once in a while touch and kiss Xia Xia or put Xia Xia on his knees and hold him. Xia Xia was very pleased by this ardent human and later simply put his small head on Lin Feiran’s foot, lying obediently on the floor as he waited for Lin Feiran to play with him. He even ignored Gu Kaifeng! y2CU0W

Now that the human and dog who were usually especially sticky to him had both abandoned him to stick to each other, Gu Kaifeng was both mad and wanting to laugh. He was even a little jealous of Xia Xia. He dragged Lin Feiran’s swivel chair to his side, but it didn’t assuage his frustration. Once in a while he would put his arm around Lin Feiran, touch their knees together, touch their forearms together, or ruffle his hair.

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Lin Feiran was thoroughly speechless: “……”

I touch you so I can stop seeing ghosts! What are you touching me for!

It was evening by the time they finished all their homework. The two ate their fill of the big meal prepared by the housekeeping auntie then packed up their things and prepared to go back to school. After they tidied the study and packed their school bags, Gu Kaifeng went to fill Xia Xia’s food and water bowls. Lin Feiran stood in front of the ancestral dagger and put his hands together in a sincere prayer. In a soft and halting voice, he said, “We’re going back to school. Great-granddad, goodbye. Great-great-granddad, goodbye…” As Lin Feiran spoke, he was worried he would get the generations wrong, so he changed his form of address: “Dear ancestors, goodbye.” i7yKw3

He had met them after all! If he left without saying goodbye to the elders, it would be rude!

At this time, Gu Kaifeng came back into the study to pick up his bag. He asked in amusement, “Who are you praying to?”

Lin Feiran hurriedly hid his hands behind his back and said calmly, “I’m not praying to anyone.”


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