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Discussing The Correct Posture To Enjoy Dog FoodCh3 - Strawberry Flavored Scholar Gong (3): The Strawberry Scholar, really want to bite him~


“Qin Cheng, you make me sick!”


When he said this, Gou Liang’s eyes suddenly became wide.


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At this moment, in the system space where Qi Cheng had been frozen and sealed, both Gou Liang and the system felt the soul force of Qi Cheng tremoring violently in the system space.


But right now they weren’t in the mood to pay attention to this, Gou Liang continued to ask the system what was the situation with the match search. The system who was doing his best to scan the entire area was too busy to reply back to him.


Zhan Yongzhe pushed aside the crowding spectators and left in a fit of rage, Gou Liang was caught off guard and was beaten by Zhan Yongzhe’s close friend, Chen LiBai. The other cursed at him: “Qi Cheng you fucko, you’re sick but don’t spread it to Ah Zhe! Being fancied by you, Ah Zhe must have been met with eight generations of rotten luck! You damned gay, don’t let me see you again, if I see you once then I’ll immediately beat you once!”


Gou Liang was like a gorilla on display, everyone used a strange expression to look at him. The gazes look especially evil, filled with disgust but also excitement.

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He used a hand to cover the corner of his mouth that had been split apart and stood blankly in the same spot. The voices of people talking sounded close yet distant.


“So he’s Qi Cheng, he looks like this?”


“My god, he still has the face to come to school? So disgusting!”


“I can’t believe I go to the same school as him, vomit, disgusting gays! Really unbearable!”


“Get lost scum, get out of YuLe City!”


“Haha, the unlucky one is top student Zhan, ok, unexpectedly being fancied by Qi Cheng. Look at what he wrote, what is ‘the only ray of light in my life, when I think of you I would unconsciously smile’. Haha, what a joke, are you the heroine of an idol drama? Zhan Yongzhe is really pitiful, he’s going to end up having nightmares at night ba!”


The spectators spiritedly discussed among themselves, the person with the large lung capacity who had infuriated Zhan Yongzhe from before made a grab at Gou Liang’s school bag. Gou Liang was pulled jerkily along with it as they arrived in front of the announcement board—Gou Liang recognized this person, he was the original’s classmate, Wu Yong. His family was pretty well-off but his grades were terrible and he has a deep personal grudge against the original’s secret crush, Zhan Yongzhe. A point that’s even more noteworthy was that his relationship with Ye Hui wasn’t bad. The spectators dodged him like they were avoiding a plague and Gou Liang very smoothly entered the center of the crowd.

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Everything that happened so far was within Gou Liang’s expectations.


Behind the glass panels of the announcement board, it was covered with the diary entries that the original host had written. The diary recorded the start of his new life. The original host treasured it and it was originally kept locked up in the bottom of his drawer.


But now, it had been ripped apart page by page by someone and was generously exposed onto the announcement board without any privacy at all.


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Stunned, Gou Liang revealed a blank look but in his heart, he was laughing.


Gou Liang: Beautifully done, I was just looking for an excuse to beat them ne.


The busy system was scared by the maliciousness that it felt in its Master’s consciousness, it anxiously reminded him: Master think thrice ahhh!! Think about your spirit coins, as the bigger person you shouldn’t argue with a bunch of small fries ah!!


Gou Liang: Don’t be afraid, I know my limits, I won’t harm their souls.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


System: _(:зゝ∠)_


These people all have weak interrelation with the original host, however, this was because the original host was someone that’s timid, reclusive, and afraid of trouble. This was the reason why Gou Liang was unable to teach them a lesson right from the get-go, otherwise, they might suspect that he’s not the original host. But now was different, even a clay doll could get angry much less Qi Cheng. Faced with this kind of scenario, even if he acted somewhat drastic, this group of adorable cubs would still be able to understand.


On the surface, Gou Liang allowed tears to stream down his face.


His entire body was shaking, surrounded by the phantom-like sounds of mockery and ridicule, he seemed to have suddenly realized what was going on. He let out a panicked scream and picked up his schoolbag from the ground to viciously strike at the glass surface of the announcement board. The glass panel broke and he made a grab for the diary pages that had been posted up on the board.


Wu Yong who was standing closest to him was startled at first but he soon recovered and snatched his schoolbag before tossing it onto the floor. He laughed loudly: “What are you afraid of ah, Qi Cheng don’t you write pretty well? Your writing is so good, why don’t you show it to us so we can properly admire it? Everyone, come take a look at a real gay in the flesh, and the person he likes is actually our year two’s top student, Zhan Yongzhe ne!”


“You shut up! Shut up!”


“Aiyo, he’s yelling at me. Everyone come and listen, this pervert actually still has the face to yell at someone ne.”

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“I, I’m not…”


“If you’re not a pervert then what are you? Didn’t you hear what the person you like just called you? Zhan Yongzhe said that you are disgusting, when he looks at you it’s like he’s looking at a shit eating fly.” Wu Yong had a despising look all over his face.


Gou Liang took a staggering step back as if he was robbed of his last stalk of life-saving grass, he collapsed and screamed: “I didn’t! It’s not like that…”


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Wu Yong still felt that he wasn’t simulated enough, he added in a jeering tone: “If you’re not gay then why do you like Zhan Yongzhe? You’re just a fucking pervert, you’re mother giving birth to you is really a sin! Back then your dad should’ve shot you onto the wall instead!.



The crowd was roused upon hearing these words and once again became noisy.


“Ai, I’m going to post this on my friend circle. I can’t believe there’s actually this kind of person at our school. Someone like him actually wants to like Zhan Yongzhe, he should go find a mirror and take a good look at himself first.” 1VcyX5


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I’m also posting this!”


“Oh my god, he wouldn’t have AIDS ba?” fET4Db


“Probably not, didn’t he say that he wants to leave his body for Zhan Yongzhe?”


“Vomit, Zhan Yongzhe is so pitiful, he is actually fancied by someone like this.” qLNSAR


“So disgusting!”


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“Get out of the school you pervert!” NwWYLr


“Xb vlf qfgnfga!”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

…… 5YTe7m


Xbe Oljcu’r akb fsfr kfgf yegclcu, tlr cbraglir lctjifv jcv fztjifv nlbifcais. Llr ygfjatlcu kjr gbeut ogbw gfmflnlcu abb wemt ralweijalbc ja bcmf. Lf vjrtfv abkjgvr atf mibrfra qfgrbc cfjg tlw jcv rdejgfis ujnf Qe Tbcu j qecmt ab atf wbeat!


“Vtea eq! Tbe rtea eq! P’w cba, P’w cba!!” AXJkUp


He yelled and hit at the same time with the attitude of his life being on the line. Unexpectedly, Wu Yong was beaten and was completely unable to retaliate at all.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


His crazed appearance scared everyone back, these little greenhouse flowers and grasses are all just talks when it comes to doing it for real, however, Gou Liang didn’t plan to let any of them off. 5 points were enough to exchange for a gold type ability prop that lasts for 30 seconds, he quickly locked onto Ye Hui’s lackeys that had beaten up the original host from last time and a few people that had bullied the original host before according to the original host’s memory. He launched his attack. J0faQc


Gold abilities penetrated their body, the amount of pain it caused was enough for a person to go crazy.


In an instance the scene became chaotic, what was originally a one on one fight had turned into a group fight, Gou Liang jumped forward to beat Wu Yong a few more times in order to vent before taking advantage of the confusion to slip out of the crowd–forgive the instincts of a former soul force user whose melee skills haven’t been maxed out yet: Running after muddling the waters!  zHIC81


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Before leaving, he didn’t forget to exchange for some bad luck talismans that cost 1 point each and was effective for 60 seconds. He stuck them onto Wu Yong and the three lackeys who caused the fatal wounds on the original host the other day.


The intense pain caused these people to sink into a rage, everyone around them became the suspect for hurting them, the innocent people who were hit for no reason also fought back angrily. IMcF i


“What’s going on? Hey! What are you doing!”


“Ah, the teachers are coming!” g7SoEj


“It’s the headmaster!”


Gou Liang hid off to the side, he wrapped his head and pretended to be afraid while admiring this play that he had directed himself. He glanced back at the chaotic scene that he had created and at the same time, the system was finally done with the match scan. He first heard an annoying prompting sound. Z3UMCF


Ding, ding ding, ding, ding ding ding, ding…


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Gou Liang: Little Wanton, what’s the result of the match scan? xmrdSI


System: M-master, masterrr! S-something big happened!!!


Gou Liang: Calm your data down first, my ears are hurting. So0LtG


The system calmed down for a second and switched to a dead monotoned prompting voice to say: Ding, dearest master, the mission target has been located! The soul’s match rate: 99.9%!! Starting the scan of the target’s soul right now!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Gou Liang: !!!!! WzKpV0


He suddenly raised his head and skillfully dodged to the side. He was almost hit by a person who had been sent flying his way.


Gou Liang: What did you say?! Where is he! OZv69L


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He followed the system’s instructions and headed out. As he went, he didn’t forget to make himself look scared out of his mind.


The system who had seen everything from start to end: … TVXwMI


In his rush, Gou Liang almost carelessly ran into the headmaster and the PE teacher that had come over to mediate the situation. He dodged and hid in alarm but he collided into a male student who was carrying an armful of books.


Ding, target’s basic information scan have been completed. Yom40d


Tumbling forward, Gou Liang followed the direction that the system scan had pinpointed. He looked towards the male student whoi had been bumped a step back by him.


It was this person…en, he is pretty tall for a highschool student. yH6IBD


Rao Gou Liang was also surprised by this sudden blessing that had fallen out of the sky, he fell onto the floor and stared blankly for two seconds before awkwardly standing up. He hastily helped the other person pick up the books while reading the information that the system had given him.


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Name: Shi Yu M0F6Rt


Gender: Male


Age: 17 ZwrKyV


Height: 185 cm

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Appearance: ★★★★☆ Mm6oQt


Intelligence: ★★★★★


Strength: ★★★★★ qJ4RPD


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Health: ★★★★★


Potential: Grade S iOQDWr


Current favorability value: Data is unstable, is currently calculating.


“Sorry, sorry, I wasn’t looking and bumped into you…” jWcLaD


His voice choked with a hint of sob as he apologized sincerely, his eyes were teary with a layer of mist as he secretly looked up and down at the person in front of him.


A tall build with a handsome appearance. uMIAFq


Compared with the original host’s delicate features, he still preferred people with Shi Yu’s appearance more–brows like daunting swords, profound star-like eyes, pronounced five features, and thin lips, his aura was heroic and domineering.


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The other party had an extremely good upbringing, even if he had been offended he would still keep up a gentle look, he gives off the feeling of being a gentleman with an elegant temperament, he cast him a smile—although he didn’t say anything, this expression alone was enough to calm anyone who was in panicked state—one look and you could tell that his background wasn’t ordinary. i7cfCY


The system’s basic information also told him this.


Shi Yu was born into wealth and honor, his grandparents and parents were all alive and well and their soul interrelation degree with him was all very high showing that their family is very harmonious. By virtue of his outstanding intelligence,  he had already long reached the peak of this world’s academic knowledge. The only reason that he’s still attending high school was because his parents were worried about him maturing too fast. They didn’t want him to miss out on the beautiful years of youth that a teenager should experience and later on cherish. EdBafs


During high school, Shi Yu was ranked first in the entire city and was recruited by the top high school of City A but later on due to personal reasons, he had paused his schooling for a year. When he returned, he didn’t go back to Zhanzhi City where students go on to attend famous colleges and instead came to YuLe.

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The reason that he would appear here at this time was because he had just transferred and needed to get his study materials. 37ebNz


【Gou Liang wasn’t very satisfied with these superficial information that only scratched the surface: Little Wanton, give me another one-time-use mirror extracting prop.】


The system cheerfully placed the order but soon Gou Liang discovered disappointingly that the prop has lost its effectiveness. S5 oXm


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【Gou Liang glared fiercely: What’s going on! The shop actually provides this kind of cheap goods, I’m going to give a bad review!】


【System: Master, please wait a moment, don’t be rash ah!】 vhW90e


After a short while, the system came ying ying ying running back.


【System: Master, due time an unknown reason the props are unable to be used on the mission target. I have already sent this information to the mainframe, please wait patiently.】 fiWvT6


【Gou Liang: …Refund or bad review?】


【The system shivered: M-master don’t be like this ah, I’ll immediately talk to the shop.】 a3CkLJ


This is the correct attitude.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As Gou Liang haggled with the system and successfully defeated the system’s small spirit, all the books on the floor had been picked up. EidlUH


Gou Liang: “I’m really sorry, you didn’t get hurt ba?”


Shi Yu smiled faintly and interrupted the flustered person in front of him: “It’s fine, no need to apologize. I’m not hurt but…this classmate are you alright, you’re bleeding here.” He pointed to the corner of Gou Liang’s mouth and unhurriedly picked up the books that were stacked on the floor. He remained crouching and gently looked at Gou Liang, asking with deep concern: “Can you stand up? Do you need me to send you to the infirmary?” PASVg


Gou Liang spaced out.

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【Gou Liang: A good person will have a lifetime of peace. Little Wanton, the target is this little cutie?】 WcN0Ka


【Ding, target’s current favorability value: -5.】


【Gou Liang: ……】 OZAbzw


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【System: …………】


【Gou Liang: Little Wanton, can I bite him can I bite him can I bite him! (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻】 8ODT4d


【System: Master, you must calm down ah! This is a 99.9% match!  Think about it, endure it if only for this point! Ok? Be good. You can’t can’t can’t drop the favorability value again!】


【Gou Liang: I’ll reluctantly tolerate him. It’s not too late for a nobleman to take revenge ten years later, wait until I retrieve the fragment, I’ll definitely tear off that hypocritical smiley face JPG! o( ̄ヘ ̄*o)】 9cdqCu


System: …As expected of a soul from a transitional world, violence MAX, grudge-holding MAX, yingying, meeting this kind of Master its life was also tough.


Gou Liang cuts a sorry figure as he wiped away his tears, he said embarrassingly: “Thank you, I’m alright—” avhBOd


He didn’t get finish speaking when the Headmaster and PE teacher got the fighting students under control and scattered the crowd. The big-bellied Head of Education was a step behind, he slammed his hand against the announcement board and yelled: “Offending public morals! Preposterous! Where’s Qi Cheng? Which one of you is Qi Cheng?”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The students who were involved in the brawl were detained by the headmaster. One by one they identified Gou Liang. AlNPC2


The Head of Education exasperatedly grabbed Gou Liang over. Subsequently, the Headmaster saw the content of the diary and frowned. He immediately had the PE teacher go get the keys for the announcement boards so they can take down the jumbled pages of the diary and take it back to his office. He also scolded the Head of Education for publicly yelling at Qi Cheng.


They were just about to bring the students who’ve created trouble to the deans when out of nowhere, a big and strong PE student suddenly fainted onto the floor. Right after, three people also followed suit, collapsing one by one. dr9zbB


The Headmaster was shocked, on one hand he called the ambulance and on the other he checked everyone else’s condition, he discovered that a lot of people didn’t even have the strength to stand up anymore.

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In an instance, the Headmaster’s face turned black. Q5cwkV


Such a big school accident…if he mishandled this, then he can say goodbye to his rice bowl


The Headmaster clenched his teeth and said: “Call the police, notify the parents of these students!” Ew6HFl


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Head of Education was alarmed: “Headmaster you can’t ah, if this blows up into something big–”


Blow up into something big? Even if this accident doesn’t blow up it’s already big enough! He can’t cover this up at all! ICbJ2r


The Headmaster shook his head and told him to do as he says, since things have already progressed to this point, no matter what kind of consequence there are it can not be avoided. What they have to do right now is to keep the damage to the minimum. Moreover, suppose if someone died, who is going to be responsible for the loss of a human life? Him?


He can’t afford it! tDs Zg


Everyone that had participated in the fight was brought to the hospital by the ambulance including Gou Liang.


Getting onto the car, the youth who was in the same car as him suddenly burst out into tears–he had just snapped back from the uncontrollable state of rage that he was in a moment ago, his whole face was frightened and at a loss. He was already aware that he committed a crime and that he might not be able to bear with the consequences. He was still young and didn’t have any methods to solve the situation before him, he could only abide by his instinct and helplessly cry in bitterness. d8UNp


His state of mind was like a virus and it soon affected the other people around him, high and low weeping sounds flooded the entire ambulance scaring the nurses who promptly went to comfort them right after.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As for Gou Liang, from start to end he hugged his knees and buried his head while shrinking into a corner.  YKaO9R


【Gou Liang: Little Wanton, could it be that the system is broken? Are you sure that it’s him??】


【System: Yes Master, I have already conducted the match scans three times and the results are: match rate 99.9%.】 g2f3Xd


But Gou Liang still didn’t dare to believe it.

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His system 004, like him was the fourth team to be sent to this particular world in order to complete the mission–this meant that before them there were already three mission undertakers and systems that had failed this world. m83IXA


Records of the previous three failures ↓↓


The first team had spent 10 years before finding a person with a 60% match rate, the second team spent 13 years before finding a target with an 80% match rate but even after persistently trying for their entire life, they still failed to complete the mission. The mainframe later on judged that they had found the wrong person. The third team was even more miserable, they wandered in this world for nearly 60 years but still failed to find someone with a match rate of over 50%. CEhaXd


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This is Gou Liang’s first mission world, before coming here he had already made the mental preparation for a mission failure. 


But now, it had barely been three days since he came into this world but he had already found a target with a skyrocket high match rate of 99.9%. This couldn’t be considered as surprising anymore but instead frightening! PgiU04


【The system was equally as excited but it couldn’t help but warn: Master, the -5 favorability value isn’t good for the mission, asking Master to redeem it as soon as possible.】


【Gou Liang: …humph, Laozi has lived for close to a thousand years but this is the first time that I have ever seen such a hypocritical creature.】 6miALs


Actually being able to trick him, this was the real reason that Gou Laing was dissatisfied. He prides in himself in having rich experience in judging people but he was actually fooled by a 17 year old hairy brat, the more he thought about it the angrier he gets.


【System: Master, the mission is most important! The mission above all! Wiping sweat.JPG】 9QjsHD


Of course, Gou Liang knew the importance of the mission.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Gou Liang muttered something to himself before saying: Little Wanton, check if he’s still at YuLe City, check what he is doing and what class he is in.】 zOAJKj


The system quickly replied with an affirmative sound but soon it brought over a very unfortunate piece of news.


【System: Master, something is interfering with the tracking function, I can only confirm the target’s location but I can’t monitor what he is doing, all space within a meter of him are all blind spots. The cause is unknown, I have already reported this situation to the mainframe, may Master please wait patiently.】 MdXHSr


【Gou Liang furrowed his brows and impatiently said: Wait what, in the end, aren’t you just going to give me an official statement that will say something like an unknown power source from the fragment holder is interfering with the system’s function causing it to lose effectiveness like the mirror image extracting prop? If you can’t offer a solution then don’t waste my time.】

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【System: Yes, Master T_T.】 s2rm0a


Gou Liang looked at the radar screen that the system had given him. Sure enough, like the system said there was a huge blind spot that was currently leaving YuLe City High School.


【Gou Liang: Follow him closely, don’t lose track of him. Also, show me the monitor for Ye Hui, Ye Chao, and Cheng Li–what are you waiting for, don’t tell me that your functions are also useless against them?】 hogd37


Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

【Seeing that Gou Liang’s expression wasn’t too pretty, the system hurriedly said: N-no, I’ll get it for you right away. …It’s just that, Master, we have already confirmed the target, the other things, why don’t you put them down first for later? Otherwise if when the mainframe submits the information on your daily mission progress…the higher ups won’t be pleased.】


【Gou Liang smiled and said: So what if they investigate, if I had done something that was against the rules then you would’ve directly punished me instead of reminding me like this. Relax, my memory is better than yours, I won’t make this kind of low level mistakes. As for why I’m doing things like this…ai, I’m afraid that your intelligence programming isn’t sufficient enough to understand such complicated things. You just have to follow my words and closely monitor them at all times, if there’s a situation then report it to me.】 9unpoH


System: _(:зゝ∠)_ Sorry, I can tell that you’re insulting my IQ. Heh.


Gou Liang didn’t pay attention to its sulking, he focused on the monitors of the three Ye family members. wX9QoC


Ye Hui was very well behaved and was the very image of a model student as he sat in class and listened to the lesson. What made Gou Liang surprised was that Ye Chao and Cheng Li were in the car discussing the matter of the school calling them and asking them to head to the hospital. Cheng Li was unable to understand what problems could there be with her son’s body, Ye Chao was gently comforting her, telling her not to worry and that they’ll naturally know when they reach the hospital.


Obviously they were heading towards the direction of the hospital. VTUcfu


Gou Liang lifted the corner of his mouth, he lowered his eyes and revealed a hint of a dark smile.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

–They came at just the right time. Qi Cheng ah Qi Cheng, this first meeting gift that I have prepared for you, I hope you will like it. pLfWiz

Translator’s little corner:

KunLin: So guys I’ve been thinking, instead of “Space-Time Administration Department” should I change the department part into Bureau instead? Since like there are departments within the department? Please let me know which you prefer. Thanks.



Translator's Note

Related image

Translator's Note

Ahem…this insult basically means that your father never should’ve had you with your mother. That he should’ve just masturbated you onto the wall instead…

Translator's Note

A Chinese surname that means wealth and prosperity

Translator's Note

he’ll lose his job which is his bread and butter.

Translator's Note

Ye Chao= stepfather Ye. Cheng Li= Qi Cheng’s mother.

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