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Discussing The Correct Posture To Enjoy Dog FoodCh26 - Lemon Flavored Film Emperor Gong (5): He seems to have seen this target somewhere before Σ( ° △ °|||)


Translator: KunLin

Editors: Amaris, Grump VEv8hY

It was three o’clock in the afternoon, the shadows cast by Streamer Gou and Film Emperor He stretched out long.

The two of them were still as they stared fixedly at each other with complex emotions, as if someone had hit the pause button… 

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This went on until Gou Liang smelled the aroma of the lemon chicken and was struck out of his stupor. He moved his mouth and continued to chew chew chew, before swallowing the food in his mouth and passing over the bowl of lemon chicken.

He ChongFeng raised his brow. While he was surprised that the other was still willing to share his food, he acted very naturally as he reached out to take a piece of lemon chicken. Gou Liang glared at him: “Who told you to eat? I’m telling you to hold it for me!” HpGN6u

He ChongFeng: “…Oh.”

As expected.

Film Emperor He was denied of his wishful thinking as he held the bowl of lemon chicken that was emitting an alluring fragrance. A hint of grievances flashed through his eyes.

Gou Liang searched himself while smiling gleefully, revealing a pair of dimples. He asked He ChongFeng: “Male God, do you have a tissue?”


He ChongFeng was dazzled by that smile, he subconsciously took out the hand that was hidden behind his back to get a tissue for him but at that moment—!!

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Gou Liang moved fast as lightning, he snatched the phone in his hand, turned around, and dashed away! 

The cold and aloof film emperor: “…”

He took a wide stride with his long legs and hurriedly chased after Gou Liang! Thinking of the soft and meng cutie crying out “Male God~” in a milky voice that was based on Gou Liang’s, He ChongFeng immediately hastened his stepsthe phone that belonged in his garden of secrets. He couldn’t let it fall into the little dimple’s hands!!! P9sJdI

Thus, in the 《Agent of War》production set.

A gust of wind blew by.

Another gust of wind blew by.

There was a thud as the film emperor’s resting lounge was locked from the inside. Film Emperor He was locked outside as he stood there holding a bowl of lemon chicken. ndCx g

The crew’s gossipy nature was ignited. Director, is this also part of the script?!

Inside the resting lounge.

Having effortlessly exchanged a bowl of lemon chicken for the Film Emperor’s secret garden, Gou Liang excitedly placed the phone onto his palm.

Because it had been coldly ignored, the ‘miniature Gou Liang’ was greatly saddened and had hugged itself into a ball as it laid on top of the phone screen while crying in a soft and sticky voice: “Male God, male god. Hug, want a hug~” jOkmwo

Gou Liang looked at it with amusement.

No doubt, this was a 360-degree angle perfect holographic projection baby.

As a product made by He ChongFeng, the Technology King, it was superior to even the current most advanced holographic projection. Just looking at it with the naked eye alone, no matter if it were the five features, its skin, or its exterior appearance and voice, they were all full of realism.

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Gou Liang curiously poked at the ‘miniature Gou Liang’ who was dressed in a suit and a little bow tie. The holographic baby that was only as big as the phone even when lying down immediately hugged onto his finger. It rubbed intimately against it while casting a teary gaze towards Gou Liang hoOfgc

“Too cute!!!”

【System: …Ying, baby is unhappy.】

However, its Master’s attention was already completely occupied by another family’s vixen!

When the ‘eyes’ of the holographic baby landed on Gou Liang, it seemed to have received a great shock as it widened its eyes. It abruptly released Gou Liang’s finger and concealed its dimples. As if in fear, it fled to a corner of the phone and huddled there, saying: “Want Male God, want Male God, don’t want you~” fdRPBD

“Why don’t you want me?”

The intelligence of this holographic baby had already surpassed the level Gou Liang thought possible. Having heard what he said, the holographic baby lifted its head and puffed out its chest as it said: “Little Fool belongs to Male God only~”

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“Your male god has some really questionable taste” as he said this, Gou Liang’s laughter suddenly came to a stop. “What did you say you are called?!”

The holographic baby was frightened by him, there were two large drops of ‘tears’ in its peach blossom eyes as it said: “Wuwu, fierce. Want Male God~” c9LT2t

Gou Liang’s face was rigid as he pressed down the turbulent emotions in his heart. He gritted his teeth and asked it again: “He calls you Little Fool?”

Holographic baby: “Ying, want Male God, Little Fool is Male God’s only~~”

At this moment, the door to the lounge was opened. Holding a bowl of lemon chicken, the cold and aloof film emperor walked in with large strides as he casually tossed aside the key. He snatched back the miniature person who was ying ying ying crying in Gou Liang’s hand. In a stern voice he said to Gou Liang: “Don’t bully him.”

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Gou Liang: “…” l4knPD

Llr ojmf kjr yijcx jr tf kjamtfv Lf JtbcuMfcu vlragfrrfvis oerr bnfg atf tbibugjqtlm yjys ktb kjr erlcu lar tbibugjqtlm mtffx ab gey jujlcra tlr olcufgalq. Lf JtbcuMfcu’r fzqgfrrlbc kjr fzmfqalbcjiis ufcaif jcv rboa. Xbe Oljcu ujqfv tlr wbeat jcv olcjiis obecv tlr nblmf klat wemt vloolmeias: “Tbe mjii wf Olaaif Mbbi?”

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He ChongFeng froze, his first reaction was to deny it.

As far as he was concerned, Little Fool was a holographic baby that he had molded according to Gou Liang’s image, but he had always thought of them as two separate beings. Just now when Little Fool and his… happy playing time got interrupted, he realized that this might not necessarily be the case.

Silently turning off the ‘Little Fool’ program, He ChongFeng put the phone away in his pocket. He lowered his head and looked at Gou Liang. 4Whqpn

Like he had done something wrong, the ten-thousand-year cold-and-aloof.jpg expression was also smashed into pieces. His gaze was evasive and there was an obvious blush on his face—at this moment, the little person inside his inner heart whom he had always kept deeply hidden away had completely replaced the cold and aloof face, revealing the most sincere part of his heart.

Gou Liang clenched his fist and pretended to casually ask: “Why did you give me such a weird fucking nickname?

He ChengFeng stared at the pair of dimples that appeared when he was talking and said in a low voice: “I think it’s good, ah… it suits you very well.”

Three days since the ‘Little Fool’ incident. nfUvWS

After snatching the holographic baby from He ChongFeng, it had already been three days since Gou Liang last spoke to him.

As for the holographic baby called Little Fool, after its program was reluctantly shared with Gou Liang by He ChongFeng, Streamer Gou similarly hadn’t opened his broadcast channel for three days. Other than filming, all his free time would be spent on eating and examining the soft and meng cutie.

Ge-Ge, want Male God~”

The holographic baby with its chibi peach blossom eyes and dimples hugged Gou Liang’s finger in a favor-currying fashion. Gou Liang poked its cheekshe didn’t know how He ChongFeng did it, although there was no sensation upon contact, its cheeks would squish around according to his actions. It made it look especially easy to bully. 6OvRIe

Gou Liang understood firsthand the ‘evil intentions’ that Film Emperor He had when making it.

The System evaluated: This holographic baby is the only one of its kind in this world and its existence in the current mission world is the same as black technology. Not to mention that the date of its ‘birth’ was the same day when the favorability value had suddenly updated to +31.

Gou Liang also finally understood the true reason why Technology King He ChongFeng had originally made it—it was to poke dimples…such beautiful dimples, even now Gou Liang couldn’t bear to look straight at it.

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The reality was, the holographic baby’s initial program was to just smile brilliantly and when one side of its cheek is being poked, it would take the initiative to send over the other side so you can poke at its dimple. 7yemhX

When Gou Liang learned this truth, his expression was truly hard to describe with words.

The soft and cute AI’s language and conversational ability as well as its personality were all added later onthis set of programs also had another name: The Thought Process Of The Cold and Aloof Film Emperor That You Don’t Know. (/ω\)

However, the information that Gou Liang truly had a hard time digesting was something else entirely.

He had come to the realization of a truth, something crucial that he had long been aware of but had ignored ↓↓ cv 7xZ

He is capturing the target and not just one person.

He is capturing the fragment carrier, and not an ordinary soul with an independent existence.

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He’s retrieving the fragments; every fragment belongs to a whole entity; they are a part of ‘something’.

He dated the fragment carrier for two years in the previous mission world. 0Kfxd4

In this mission world, he also has to date the fragment carrier!

During the processing of this logic, the sea of consciousness that had been covered in a layer of mist this entire time suddenly cleared! Streamer Gou who was full of enthusiasm expressedEn, the weather was so beautiful today with warm wind and sun, he should make a dessert livestream!

However, before he could put his plans into action, Lu Liu came to the 《Agent of War》 production set to visit.

During this period of time, it could be said that she had suffered. 09kyNU

Half a month ago at a charity event, a female star had approached her family’s teddy to rub off on some of his popularity. In response, her family’s teddy had stretched out his evil legand tripped her. Let’s not talk about how the female star had fallen face first and was humiliated in public, but her nose which had undergone plastic surgery became crooked in front of the entire crowd.

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Like so, the female star got her wish and made it onto the headlines.

Although Ming Xing was known to be an impetuous character, there was a reason this time as to why he had extended his leg to hurt the other.This female star had bothered him on more than one public occasion to ride on the coattails of his popularity and would repeatedly hint to others that they had an affair between themwhen in reality, the only time they interacted with each other was during a partnership where they had shot a commercial together. However, Ming Xing had long forgotten about it.

The actions of the green tea female star was disgusting. Based on Ming Xing’s personality he definitely wouldn’t tolerate it. gaEn u

However, the way he handled things was really none too prettyalthough the intention was nothing more than a mischievous prank, it had already escalated to abuse towards women. For a male star, an image like this could cripple his career. Although majority of the fans treated Ming Xing as a child who would never grow up, this time a portion of the rational fans wanted him to give an apology towards the person he hurtthis was like an attitude a parent would have towards their family’s own child. If the bear child had done something wrong, as long as he apologized, bygones should be bygones. If the other party refused the apology, then it was the other party’s fault for not being understanding.

As expected, Ming Xing delivered a public apology. His exact words were: “Sorry. Before I extended my legs, I should have considered the fact that your high heels wouldn’t be able support the weight of your heavy body, as well as the fragility of your fake face.”

The female star was thoroughly angered, she posted examination reports of her injuries onto Weibo and threatened to take him to court.

Because of this matter, Lu Liu was practically driven mad. Thankfully, the female star’s side was finally willing to settle. Although Ming Xing had to pay some money because of this incident, at least it was all over. W3fpIV

After Lu Liu finally freed up some time, the first thing she did was to come find Streamer Gou, who had neglected to stream for three days already.

Urging him to stream was second priority, more importantly was that when Gou Liang had asked her for a favor to audition for 《Agent of War》, he had clearly expressed his interest to sign with WE Entertainment.

In addition, she had brought another person along.

When Niu Qing saw the other party, she was extremely shocked. Although she was He ChongFeng’s manager, at this moment she also obediently stood up and greeted the other in a respectful manner as a younger generation: “Wen Wu-Ge.” 7xeZv1

Wen Wu-Ge.

His real name is Zhao Bin and he was known as Wen WuZhao. He was one of WE’s gold-plate managers.

The person himself was capable in many areas and later on he even brought up a purple list film emperor who specialized in Peking opera, earning him his current moniker.

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However, his luck wasn’t too good. Five years ago, the Peking opera film emperor passed away in a car accident and, not long afterward, the film empress in his care got married and retired from the circle, turning him into an empty general with no soldiers to command. Zhao Bin had a hard-to-please temper and his standards were also very high. On one hand, he didn’t want to take over artists who had already gone through other people’s hands, believing it was a waste of his abilities, but he also couldn’t bother with the newly recruited interns. He had not taken anyone in for three years already. nV52tU

However, his abilities stood true for anyone to see. No matter if it was personal capability or network connections, there was nothing to pick on.

As for why he would appear here… Niu Qing glanced at Gou Liang whose attention was wholeheartedly devoted to eating and shot an inquiring look at Lu Liu. The latter nodded her head.

While the two were exchanging glances, Zhao Bin had already lifted his legs in a carefree manner and walked in front of Gou Liang and He ChongFeng. He reached out and took a slice of watermelon, eating as he said: “So you’re Mai Tao? …Eh, why are you looking at me like that?”

Gou Liang’s eyes carried killing intent as he glared at Zhao Binhe stared at the hands that were holding his watermelon. rPGf4I

Gou Liang put on a shallow smile and said: “This gentleman, are you often disliked by those around you?” 

Zhao Bin: “…”

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He ChongFeng: “…Cough, cough.”

The little person in his heart who was holding his stomach and rolling around laughing hysterically almost slipped through his cold and aloof expression. He managed to suppress it in time. ezFbv1

Lu Liu’s entire face was a shocked.jpgDid Mai Mai eat some gunpowder? She only managed to invite Wen Wu-Ge here after much difficulty, ah!

Niu Qing, after interacting with Gou Liang during this period of time, was already used to his food aggression. She awkwardly stepped up to mediate the situation: “Mai Mai, this is Mr. WenWu. He is a gold-plate manager and has always been a walking representative for our We Entertainment, ne.”

She tossed Gou Liang a “stop quibbling over your watermelon, quickly hug the big thigh” expression.

Gou Liang unhappily pouted his lips… he lowered his head and took another bite of his watermelon. xCWR2B

The corner of He ChongFeng’s mouth turned upward faintly. He said to Zhao Bin: “Apologies, Mai Tao has just entered the circle and is still new to the rules. I hope that Zhao-Ge will not take offense.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhao Bin vented on the watermelon in his hand. He took a large bite as if looking to provoke a certain someone, but Gou Liang didn’t spare him another glance. Zhao Bin hmphed and looked towards He ChongFeng: “Ah Feng is quite close with this little child?”

He ChongFeng nodded his head: “He’s a friend of mine.”

Gou Liang puffed his cheeks: A friend with only +50 favorability value… Fine, currently they really are just friends. glMZIm

Zhao Bin nodded his head. Although on the surface his expression remained unchanged, because of He ChongFeng’s words that displayed his attitude, Zhao Bin began to attach a little more importance to Gou LiangHe ChongFeng had formed his own studio two years after he started his career, although he still operated under WE’s name, the public were already referring to WE as an ex-landlord. Also, Zhao Bin was one of the few people who knew that He ChongFeng was the chief engineer of VR technology and possessed more than 67% of WE’s share. The Boss’s will was naturally more important than his own personal feelings.

Thus he asked Gou Liang: “Since you want to join the circle, why don’t you sign a contract with me?”

The reason he came here today was because Lu Liu had shown him a holo video of Gou Liang when he was auditioning for the role of Yu Gao. At first glance, he was convinced that this was the person he had waited three years for!

—It wasn’t because of how attractive Gou Liang’s appearance was, but because there was an aura about him that just drew people in. No matter what, such a person was destined to shine from the time they were born; no matter where they go, they would stand out. OZwnvX

However, unexpectedly, although Lu Liu told him that there was a promising newbie who wanted to become famous quickly, who knew that the person would be an even more arrogant creature than him!

Tch, was this how a newbie tried to further their career!

But no matter how much he ridiculed in his heart, Zhao Bin liked talents and didn’t plan to pass up on him.

Originally, he thought more negotiations would be needed before the other agreed but who knew, the stinky brat that didn’t give him any face earlier consented to it happily just like that. IJf6CV

“Okay, ah.”

Gou Liang wiped away the watermelon juice on his hands. Before Zhao Bin could say anything, he continued saying: “But I have a condition.”

Zhao Bin: “…What condition?” Was he an old wave who had already died on the beach?  This little brat’s attitude was really cocky, huh?! He didn’t anticipate that Gou Liang’s next sentence would be even more cocky.

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He said: “I want to work together with Male God.” fWrYTj

Zhao Bin hadn’t managed to react in time: “What?”

Gou Liang very considerately repeated himself: “I want to work together with He ChongFeng.”

Zhao Bin: “What!!” Is this newbie’s brain made of strawberries? It’s full of holes! A newbie who has never even entered the white list wants to stand on equal grounds with the number 9 on the purple list?

Zhao Bin couldn’t help but sneer: “What qualifications do you have to work with Film Emperor He?”  nesXjq

“I like him, ah.”

Gou Liang spoke without hesitation: “I joined this circle because of him, if I can’t be together with him, will there still be any meaning to life?”

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Zhao Bin: …Did I pick up a big, big, big trouble for myself?

Niu Qing & Lu Liu: A male god’s love for another male god, it’s just this refreshing and sincere! FnbHOp

Gou Liang was extremely calm, so much that none of them thought much about this matter. Instead it was He ChongFeng who suddenly… blushed red.

The little person trapped underneath the cold and aloof facade was already bright red like a boiled shrimp: He said he likes me, he said he likes me, he said he likes me~~~

The little person sent its usual upright film emperor image flying and let out a sigh in relief: He’s finally not angry at me anymore?

# WE Headline: Newbie, newbie, how can you be so cute!! 【Heavily recommended ♂】# pcVrLQ

WE Entertainment Media V: Newbie star report, asking for fellow fans’ support yo! 

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【Holo Video】//@Mai Tao V: First time meeting, pleased to make your acquaintance. [Shy]

In the video, Gou Liang was making sweets.

The cream was skillfully manipulated to form a gorgeous rose on the cake. Gou Liang took a bite and his eyes curved in happiness. dgXzNC

He smiled while saying: “Hello everyone, I’m Mai Tao.”

The video abruptly came to an end like this but the melon-seed-eating audience had already been KO-ed by the cream on his lips and his electrifying peach blossom eyes. They rampaged on the bullet screen ↓↓

“Too cute!”

“The newbie is very good looking, right click to save!” Ztf9PL

“Congratulations on the start of your career!”

“Mai Mai, do you still remember your broadcast channel sitting by the side of Daming lake, ma!!!”


However, what pushed this newbie directly onto WE’s hot search was– XNwnmZ

He ChongFeng V: # WE Headline: Newbie newbie how can you be so cute!! # 【Holo Video】// @WE Entertainment Media V: Newbie star report…

LIke bees attracted to honey, people clicked on it and thenwent crazy.

In the video, He ChongFeng was in pajamas and was gently enshrouded by the morning light. His phone screen displayed WE’s newbie recommendation page and it twirled once on his finger as he said: “Like the headline said, very cute.”

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“Ah, ah, ah!” 6EpZPF

“Ah ah ah ah ah”

“My Feng, my Feng, ah ah ah!!!”

“Quiet down you guys, I can’t hear my Feng talk!”

“My Feng just said… the newbie star is very cute?” 87tj5i

“Which newbie, where?!”

“My Feng, how could he be so handsome!”

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“The newbie my Feng said is cute, even if I nosebleed to death I will watch all of his works.”

Thus, half an hour later. 8ujfNC

Mai Tao’s Weibo’s homepage.

Date of registration: Three minutes ago.

Profile: Mai Tao, 21 years old, WE contracted artist, well-known WE streamer 

Sample work: 《Agent of War》 Yu Gao… 9YQXFL

White list: No.142331

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

 Number of followers:7393562

Translator's Note

Wen means literature and Wu means martial arts. Wenwu put together can refer to how he’s talented in all areas but also refers to peking opera.

Translator's Note

Grump: “Food aggression is a territorial reaction a dog experiences when eating meals or treats, in which they use hostile behavior to guard their food.” ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ amiwrong?

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