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Desharow MermanCh6 - Emergencies

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Translator: Cheonsa

Editor: Rega QF1OAl


I quickly returned from the bottom compartment to my private cabin, and before Rhine could catch up to me, I stuffed everything under the bed, shed off the drenched clothes, and rushed into the bathroom.

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This way when he asks, I could say that I was taking a bath and thus I didn’t hear him, even though this excuse may be somewhat unlikely.

I listened to any sign of activity fro outside with fear and trepidation before I turned on the shower tap. With hot water gushing down from the sprinkler, I quickly rinsed myself, but no matter what it was still hard for me to calm down. 5plgby

It seemed that the strange scent of the merman that remained on my body was unable to be washed off, it made one dizzy when smelled. Besides that, there seemed to be an unimaginable aftermath that caused me to lean against the wall and looked down.

The thing between my legs, I do not know when it had stood up, furthermore it also became very hard.

This came at the wrong time.

While frowning helplessly, I reached out and grasped the restless thing below. I leaned against the wall and changed into a comfortable position before kneading and rubbing in a light and shallow way. w5 GkL

I’ve always had the habit of addressing my physical needs in the shower, which is normal for a 20-year-old man. But this time it seemed that the desire is much more intense. I felt overwhelmed with pleasure with every little move I made, even causing my thighs to quiver and soften. My throat overflowed with humiliating moans, only by biting down my lips could I restrain myself.

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The surging pleasure soon overwhelmed my brain. I lifted my neck and let the water pour on my face as my consciousness seemed to follow the rising vapor up into the air and then to the sea. The dark blue water was deep and shallow before me as I sank deeper and deeper into the deep sea beyond the reach of light.

Then, a long and slender silhouette appeared behind me from the dark recesses, separating the water flow as it approached me. Its outline became clearer as it neared me.

After that, something wet seemed to be wrapped around my legs, coiling them together, with a deep and low voice bewitching my ear , “A… ga… res…” i7tcHJ

Agares… what language did this string of phonetic symbols come from and what did it mean?

I seemed to have heard this just last night. I tried hard to recall it, but I always felt that there was a slice of memory that could not be pieced together. That feeling was very strange, as if someone had cut out a part of the videotape deliberately before gluing the rest of it back together again.

The water splattering on my forehead seemed to only make my disorderly mind even more chaotic. Only the idea of chasing my pleasure to the peak was clear. I obeyed my instincts and began to rub impatiently for a few times. In the middle of my voice sounding unconstrainedly in my own ear drum, I reached my climax and released onto my hands.

After releasing, there would always be a temporary state of bleariness, but I sobered up particularly slowly, after awhile, I was still feeling dizzy and my legs were unstable yzKjV

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It must have to do with not sleeping at all last night.

I turned off the sprinkler and shook my wet head before turning around to prop myself vertically on the slippery wall trying to sober myself up with the cold. Residual water trickled down my neck, following a line downward with a pitter-patter noise. It was a disturbing sight, like water plants that reminded me of the thick long hair of the merman. I also couldn’t help but think of the feeling of being stared at by those dark, beastly pupils, I immediately got goosebumps.

Just a few minutes ago, I actually had a sexual fantasy about that merman.

I actually went as far as to have a sexual impulse to a non-human creature! rmsiS

For Goodness sake. Did you drive yourself crazy by doing all those research, Desharow?

I put my fist against my lips, opened my mouth and bit hard on the back of my hand, but it wasn’t enough, so I hit it hard against the wall.

Blood slowly trickled down my fingers, but the pain did sobered me up a lot, however the sense of shame grew stronger and stronger. My mind even recalled my imagination just now: I was entangled with the merman’s naked skin with his tail swaying between the roots of my legs as if we were doing….

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Sexual intercourse. Zk1dzi

How come I thought of such a thing!

I devoted myself to biological research and never had any sexual experience. But from my own biological knowledge, I was aware of how men could have sex with each other. The body structure of merfolk were so similar to that of humans which would make their sexual behavior alike too. After a moment of reflection, I felt very embarrassed, even my ears started to heat up. I couldn’t help but be glad that this was just an absurd imagination since such a thing was impossible to happen in reality.

I must be too tired. I patted my forehead and reassured myself in my heart. I picked up the bath towel beside me and as I was wrapping it around my lower body, I suddenly heard a click from behind me. The once locked door somehow suddenly opened.

My heart became alarmed as a familiar voice sounded behind me, “Wallace, why are you here?” YUniWw

Rhine’s voice was full of irreproachable anger.

I can’t let Rhine see the blood on my hand. As I thought this, I leaned against the wall like before to project a lazy demeanor after taking a shower with my face turned sideways, “Hey, what’s the matter, man? What’s with the big hurry so early in the morning?”

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In the mist, I saw Rhine’s gloomy face, looking practically ashen. However, I could feel his eyes scraping down my back like a sharp blade before stopping at the edge of the bath towel wrapped around my lower body. I couldn’t help feeling a burst of tightening in my spine along with an ominous feeling rising up from the bottom of my heart.

How I hated not having the time to bring in my bathrobe after becoming aware of Rhine’s improper thoughts towards me! 6Yo5tj

I felt extremely uncomfortable and anxious. I began to fan my neck as I hurried to the door trying to bypass him. “Hey, buddy, it’s hot in here. If you have something to say, how about we go out and talk?”

As I was persuading him, I went to grab the bathroom door beside Rhine with swift and big strides, but he was still one step faster than I was. His much taller body turned around and blocked my way before locking the door with a click.

My eyes trailed up his exposed blue-veined wrist until they met the sharp, scorching brown eyes. The threat he once said came to mind and I subconsciously stepped back and grabbed hold of the bath towel that was about to slide down.

“Rhine, I…” Rx1Aq

I swallowed my saliva, and tried to explain something, but before I could even speak a sentence, my body was dragged forward a few steps with great force, Rhine’s body pressing me against the door from behind. His hard chest pressed firmly against my back, and I immediately felt an overwhelming pressure, making it hard to breathe.

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“What did I say last night, Desharow? Hmm?”

His hand slid down my waist to grab hold the edge of my bath towel. I didn’t expect Rhine to suddenly become so frightening, because unless something important happened, he always seemed gentle and witty, like a typical professor and scholar, which was definitely a different personality from last night to the current present time. I even suspected that he had a Dissociative personality disorder.[1]

[1]Dissociative identity disorder, previously called multiple personality disorder, is usually a reaction to trauma as a way to help a person avoid bad memories. Dissociative identity disorder is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality identities. Each may have a unique name, personal history, and characteristics.] AdraLh

At that point, I had to admit I was frightened because I was caught off guard.

I really believed that his intimidation was not a joke.

My back broke out in a cold sweat: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Rhine, you calm down a bit!”

Rhine let out a snort, though the laughter sounded horrifying to me: “You forgot? Then, would you like me to use force to help you remember? I warned you not to approach the merman, that dangerous creature, but who left behind the fluorescent stick in the water compartment at the end?” 6xn8Rf

My breath suddenly tightened. I became so angry towards my own negligence that I felt the urge to hit a wall and commit suicide. Quibbling was futile, but it was hard for me to back down, “Maybe, maybe it fell from the deck today, I swear I didn’t go there!”

“I won’t believe your promises. Desharow, you’re through and through…. a little liar.” Rhine suddenly called me by my real name in such a calm way that it cut deeply into my back, causing it to grow numb. The way he concluded this made it seem as if he were making a factual biological identification.

His right arm looped around both sides of my body, confining me firmly around my arm, while his other hand grabbed my bath towel and jerked off the only thing covering my body.

I am definitely certain that Rhine was being serious. No one on this boat would come and save me! toVKE3

“Rhine, don’t act recklessly, I’m your student!”

I let out a howl and began to jump and struggle like a rabbit, but there was so much difference in muscle strength that every inch of my mobility was limited to an insignificant degree, except for my bare buttocks which could still twist and turn. But I would rather not move it around because there’s no use to it beside further provoking Rhine.

“If you agree, Desharow… I’ve been holding back for a long time,” Rhine said in a semi-threatening, semi-negotiable tone.

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Like a police officer arresting a criminal, he placed my hands behind my back, and drew his hand out to swept away the hair on the back of my neck. “From the day you chose me as your mentor, I’ve liked you. If you obey me, I can get the government to support your merfolk research project, and you will become world-wide famous… and even become a biologist that’s more outstanding than Wallace and Darwin.” IsPk6M

I stayed there silently for a few seconds after hearing that sentence. But not because I was tempted, but because I had never thought that my excellent mentor and partner, a person I had looked up to, would plainly use bribery as a bait. Ironically, what he wanted in exchange was me, his student, a male body.

I have been living in a world of academics so it caused me to neglect the dirty and cruel reality.

“Do you acquiesce, Desharow?” Rhine touched my naked chest, his voice tinged with a sense of success. He bowed his head and kissed my neck before sighing, “You smell so fragrant to the point that I couldn’t even bear to sully you.”

I turned my head away as if I was electrocuted. A sense of humiliated disgust made me tower in anger, causing me to struggle harder: “I refuse! Rhine, I refuse this dirty deal, and I refuse to continue to be your student! I would rather quit school! You shameless bastard!” BcqOur

“But now, did I give you any room to refuse?”

Rhine burst out laughing. He grabbed my arm to turn me around, and wrapped his big hand around the back of my neck and skull, forcing me to raise my head to face him. I did not shy away from looking directly at him. I grit my teeth together and made my face look more tough and firm so he could understand thoroughly that I was not a weak person.

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On a level of spiritual and moral ethics, this kind of behavior was enough for me to overlook his bachelor degree.

“I refuse. Rhine. Don’t let me despise you.” oGmzQ9

His encroaching and threatening smile slowly faded under my forceful eyes, leaving forbearance and restraint in his expression. His eyebrows twitched as he leaned toward my ear to whisper, “Desharow, you are too pure and simple. Someday, the kind of integrity you think of will collapse before the cruelty of reality, and you will submit to me. As for myself, I will be waiting for that day. This adorable look of yours practically made me fall in love with you…..”

Rhine turned his face as if to kiss my lips.

I flung my head aside to dodge, but accidentally spent too much force, causing my head to slam itself against the door panel behind me. My head burst into pain soon after, leaving me dizzy. Just at that moment, the ground below my feet began to shake violently, a strange sense of déjà vu drifted through the air and unexpectedly, the bathroom turned pitch-black.

I couldn’t see anything clearly, but I did felt’s Rhine’s weight leaving my body so suddenly as if being pulled away by force. Immediately after that, he let out a muffled groan in the dark, as if he had been frightened by something. NI0qdf

“Storm! Storm!”

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From outside came the distant shouts of sailors.

I couldn’t care less about what was going on and quickly burst open the door of the bathroom. It was too late to even pick up the bath towel, I just ran out butt naked back to my cabin in a rush before locking the door behind me.

Outside the window, the wind and rain began to pick up their pace, the sudden arising storm caused the whole ship to shake violently. The glass was soon covered with mottled rain lines, and nothing could be seen clearly. n0chjl

I sat down on the bed and picked out some clean clothes to wear. However, just as I was putting on my coat, I suddenly saw a dark shadow passing quickly through the rain and mist outside the window. It went by so fast that I thought it was probably something on the ship that had been blown away by the wind. I quickly put my clothes on in less than a few seconds. And in just those few seconds I came to realize that there was a strange change of scene on the window

A blurred outline was printed on the condensed water of the window.

A person’s fingerprints, but the narrow slit between each finger were connected together.

It was a merman’s webbed claws. 7XolzL

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