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Desharow MermanCh5 - Dangerous Violation

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Translator: Cheonsa

Editor: Rega ukM2aX

Warning: This Chapter Contains Sexual Content.


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I waited for his breathing to calm down, after he was in a paralyzed state, only then did I dare to reach out my hand toward the medicine box thrown to the side, found the disinfectant, cleaned, and examined his wound.

The wound on the mermaid’s shoulder was very large, and the exposed muscles were covered with translucent mucosa, which effectively prevented blood loss, but unfortunately it also delayed his healing. Moreover, there was a strange bulge found under the membrane. I carefully anesthetized him and gently cut open the mucosa. Sure enough, I had pulled a broken shark tooth from his wound, it was half as big as my thumbnail, and the edges were jagged. Xzpd0n

That thing belonged to an adult tiger shark. The merman must had a violent encounter with an adult tiger shark either yesterday or a couple of hours ago. Judging from his current health condition and the severity of the broken shark teeth, the fate of this shark must be much more tragic than the merman himself.

Or maybe…

To verify my assumption, I couldn’t help myself but to feel around the merman’s stomach. Sure enough it was full and bulging, the food was still undigested. He might had been competing with that shark for food, or that shark itself was his prey.

I couldn’t help but click my tongue in wonder at the merman’s attack power, imagining him fighting with sharks in the deep sea. It must be a very thrilling scene. xumgD0

The merman didn’t know what I was thinking at that moment, he only squinted his eyes and remained silent, watching my every move like an attentive observer. Slightly raising an eyebrow, he looked down at my hand on his stomach, and revealed an interesting expression.

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As if he only saw everything I did for him as nothing more than some kind of joke.

That idea caused me to feel a strong sense of discomfort, so I quickly pulled my hand away to stitch up his wound. However, my wrist was held tightly by another one of his webbed claws.

I immediately grabbed the anesthesia gun and put it on his forehead as a warning. The merman raised his eyelids and glanced at the muzzle of my gun, seemingly unconcerned, neither fearful nor showing any intention of retaliating. He was still lounging on the ground lazily, like a seal under the sun, even the strength of his hold on my wrist was very light. xkEqt

My tense nerves relaxed slightly. The back of my hand was grabbed by one of merman’s moist and cold hands, my palm was then pressed onto his rock-hard muscle, and was rubbed against his abdomen, causing friction, his tail gently swayed under me, seemingly comfortable. His eyes were also focused on me, there seemed to be a hidden undercurrent in the quiet water inside his eyes, they’re expecting something, implying something,as if trying to express a complex demand.

Since we wanted to better understand merfolk, these mysterious creatures, we might as well try to live in peace with him from now on, and perhaps it would work better than trying to tame him. Thinking about it this way, I boldly complied to his gesture. I calmly spread my palm open on his abdomen, and gently caressed and stroked along his muscle line, just like treating a dolphin with gentleness and friendliness.

As I had previously guessed, the merman’s skin was as smooth and as delicate as fine silk, and much thicker and supple than human’s skin.Touching him was like touching a giant tiger shark passing downstream from under my hand. Inexplicably, a vague excitement stirred up from the bottom of my heart.

The merman seemed to enjoy human touch as much as dolphins do. He moved his slender and powerful neck in a pleased way, the hand that was placed behind my back snaked around my waist, and in the same way I did to him, he caressed my back with his thick, satiny palm. The tail of the merman undulated beneath me in a swimming motion, he lifted me by my buttocks and gently began to move them against him. 0oQ3Z8

The discomfort almost overwhelmed me in a split second.

Shame, the feeling of betraying my morals and fear invaded my nerves at the same time. I not only had the impression that I was having sex with him, but also the illusion of becoming a mermaid that was being assaulted by him.

What kind of nightmarish experience is this!

My nerves were all balled up together. At the same time, the merman came even closer, to the point where we could be grinding against each other. The hot breath from his mouth was exhaled against my neck like a yearning desire that would invade my body at any time, turning into an invisible undercurrent that could penetrate deep into my neck. jliemK

The uncontrollable heat breaking out of my body caused me to turn over to support myself with the fishtail that was below my buttocks. He, who was a head taller than my half crouching figure, used his arms to surround me. I happened to see him swallowing due to the desire that was yet to be satisfied, his thin lips opened into what could be called a sexual yet demonic grin with his sharp teeth showing.


The merman whispered into my ear in a low moan, his voice deep and hoarse, resembling the sound of flowing waves echoing in the deep sea trenches.

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These strings of intermittent whispers reminded me of Agares, the Spirit of Lust in “Keys of Solomon.”[1] The merman’s voice also seemed to have a devil-like nature of evil spirits. I felt like I was put under a spell, even the strength in my neck was lost momentarily, allowing him to bite onto my ear with his lips, letting his tongue curl around and suck greedily. dGtaNr

[1: Agares (also Agarat, Agaros, or Agarus) is a demon described in demonological grimoires and is part of the of the 72 spirits of Soloman.  ]

The sequence of those low-pitched whispers still lingered deep inside my eardrums, my mind was like a whirlpool, heavy and dizzy, causing me to rock and sway against the merman’s body. His sharp webbed claws ripped through the fabric on my back, a chill trailed along my spine and straight down to my lower body, while at the same time, the wet and coarse fishtail squeezed itself between the roots of my legs, separating them.

In my muddled state of mind, I was aware of everything that was happening, but I was still powerless to resist. As if in a nightmare, everything around us were covered with an illusory black mist, making the world seem distorted. Only the increasingly heavy lust below my abdomen was so tangible that it was irresistible.

It was when I was gradually losing my consciousness that I suddenly heard a cry in the distance, “Desharow!” 28 MNu


The shouting became clearer the more it approached, piercing through the mist and clearing my mental state at once. I woke up abruptly from my obsessed state, and the pressure on my body suddenly loosened up. Before I could see clearly, the merman already coiled up from the ground, turned himself into a slender dark shadow, jumped into the tank of water, and gradually vanished into a cluster of water plants.

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I spent a second or two in panic, only then discovering that I didn’t know when or why my body was drenched, clothes on my upper body badly torn, and why there was a big gaping hole on my back as water dripped one by one into puddles below me.

What just happened? Yv4TwJ

My brain appeared to have been formatted into a blank sheet, I couldn’t seem to remember what happened a few seconds ago, I was only able to recall myself trying to get the merman’s semen.

My attempt was obviously unsuccessful. Perhaps it was my behavior that frightened the merman that made him run away so quickly.

I looked at the tranquil water, feeling a little dejected because of that thought.

“Desharow, where are you?” v6cguZ

That’s Rhine’s voice! He seemed to be on the deck above my head. As soon as I felt a strange numbness on my scalp, I quickly went to pick up the scattered medicine box and the DV camera before running out of the bottom compartment in a panic.

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