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Desharow MermanChapter 29

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Translator: Cheonsa

Editor: Evan pbs7ZH

Chapter 29

  I immediately looked over at Agares and saw three to five men wrapping him up with heavy thick chains from all different directions, to the point where Agares could only move his tail up and down. His two claws grabbed firmly onto the tightening chains, but he was caught in a stalemate, and his mouth couldn’t help but let out a constraining hiss. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

  He had obviously been hit by a bullet, as blue blood flowed down his tail, forming a small pool on the ship’s deck. Although he was in a deadlock with the pirates, he had no intention of launching another vicious attack. Even the once stormy sea filled with dangerous waves and wind seemed to have gradually calmed down, and the fog that had been curtaining around the ship was also ripped apart instantly.

  At once, not far away in the water, the ship that we had mistakenly believed to be in distress finally revealed it’s true colors 2P8dIS

  Many worn out and tattered sailcloths hung on the ship, along with crusted scars scattered all over the hull of the ship. It looked as if it had been strongly damaged by the storm, but however, a massive anti-ship missile launcher was displayed on the three-layer hold of the ship. Not only that, at least 10 pirates stood on the deck, aiming machine guns at us. It was clear that they had twice as much firepower than us.

  Like being struck by lightning, I nearly fainted from shock. I never dreamed that we would encounter such misfortune. How hateful…

  ”Rhine, put down your gun and just obediently surrender. It’s better to be held hostage than to be thrown into the sea for the fish. Look, Desharow is already on the verge of death.” Henry then placed his dagger against my neck. The pain blurred my vision, so I was unable to see if Rhine had dropped his weapon, but I did know that Rhine certainly wouldn’t continue to fire. 

  In such a situation with great disparity between our enemy and us, resistance would only bring nothing but casualties and failure. So being abducted by pirates was a foregone conclusion at this time.  ARkDWa

  Moreover, they needed Agares and me alive. It seemed that the pirates’ purpose wasn’t all about robbing, otherwise, why would there be a traitor like Henry lurking on our ship for such a long time?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

  At least we were given a chance to live, and as long as we were alive, there would always be a chance for us to retaliate.

  The increasing pain and loss of blood was gradually taking away my ability to think. My body was approaching closer to the edge of the deck as Henry carried me. The other ship was already a short distance away before the pirates on the other side slammed a steel bridge onto our deck, creating a harsh impact that even caused water to splash on board.

  The strong metallic smell of blood assaulted my face. My subconsciousness led me to turn my head around to look, but the pain increased the blood flow in my eyes, causing me to see layers of red mist in my retinas. I could only vaguely make out Agares’s figure being slowly pulled forward by several chains that were latched onto him. There were about 10 pirates yelling and huffing like crazy as they finally managed to drag Agares’s heavy long tail across the bridge with teamwork. The merman was treated like an animal held captive in a circus.  mcZSAC

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  But perhaps… even if everything was to rewind and start over, I would have chosen to do the same thing, because people in reality would always instinctively rely on a strong existence when in a crisis, even if they were men.

  I laughed at myself in my mind. With conflicting moods, I clenched my hand into a fist. My brain was in disorder, but the suffering coursing through my body made me care less about it, as even breathing smoothly became a difficult luxury. PBUqgF

     My eyes involuntarily began to slip into the darkness as my consciousness was reduced to fragments. I felt my entire self to be stepping on layers of floating clouds from above, while everything around me became distorted. My ability to hear also seem to have disappeared, by which I became like an audience member watching a black-and-white silent film. 

  I knew I was on the brink of death.

  Then suddenly, the ship shook violently out of nowhere, making Henry release my body. I lost my balance and ended up slamming my head onto the deck. I fought against the pain from the impact, only to open my fuzzy eyes and see several people taking part in tug-a-war against Agares. His fishtail happened to trespass over countless feet to reach in front of me.  

  Perhaps driven by instinct, I stretched out my hand with the last vestige of my strength and tightened my fingers around his tail fin. fTr6 W

  “Let’s throw this monster into the bottom hold of the ship, hurry!” All of a sudden, I could hear voices again. As the pirates were shouting, I saw Agares disappear from the deck. Next, I felt my body being suddenly grabbed and pulled until I fell through a black hole and into waist-deep water. The severe pain caused by the impact on my body left me shaken and dizzy, as small waves of water pushed my body into a corner of the wall.

  The cold water irritated my wound, causing a rush of unbearable pain to travel all over my body. But the strong stimulation did pull me out of the primal chaos of demise. I groped along the wall for support and was barely leaning on it as I looked up. My hazy, disorganized eyes faintly saw several shadows belonging to people.

  “Hey, it wouldn’t be much of a problem to lock them up together, right?“ 

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  “Of course. This little guy is that monster’s caretaker. With him there, it won’t go crazy again. From his appearance, it looks like he’s about to die anyway. Probably won’t even last the next couple hours in this water cell, and better yet, he could be used as food for this monster.  kKB3Z0

  “Hey, hey, let’s go now. Let’s go deal with the rest of the stupid donkeys on the ship!” 

  The hatch of the bottom hold slammed down, and everything fell into complete darkness. Only mottled lights showed through the crevices between the decks, and it took my eyes time to adapt to this environment. I vaguely felt another dark shadow of activity. It was the sound of chains hitting the deck, which was reflected by the ripples in the water.

  I realized that it was Agares. Those pirates actually confined us together.

  “De…sharow…” vgAkiS

  A familiar low voice drifted over as the long shadow of a tail in the darkness churned on the water surface, allowing frequent ripples to hit my body. Before I could even blink, I spotted a large, dark outline resembling a group of seaweed under the water from ahead. Agares’s head emerged from beneath the circling ripples, before his entire body followed suit, rising from the water like a ghost. 

        There were many disturbingly deep marks covering his chest and abdomen, but those iron chains that had confined him were thankfully broken. What was left was an arm-thick chain, from which an iron lock hung, and it was still tied around his waist. However, it was rendered useless, as it didn’t restrict the merman’s movement at all. 

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  I attempted to move my weak body, but even raising my arms felt strenuous and difficult. I simply allowed him to reach out with his webbed hands to support my tottering body up. He then lowered his head to where my wounded ribs were.

       I immediately understood what he was going to do. In the face of approaching death filled with fear and pain, shame seemed to be insignificant. My only thought at this moment was that he could let me live. Agares had the ability to save my life. JqvS9G

  While his lips and teeth bit through my clothes, trying to tear them off, I simultaneously coordinated with him, using my trembling hands to tear open the lapel and exposed my bloodstained chest. At this moment, I gave birth to the illusion of sacrificing myself to a demon in order to obtain another life.

  I felt Agares’s strong hand cling onto my spine, and his thick, flexible tail came out of the water to push my legs apart in order to support my crotch upward, by which my entire upper body was lifted out of the water. I felt like I was riding on a python while trembling in fear. When my buttocks were pushed by his tail to meet the wall, there was no other option but to sit in an intimate position in order to grip onto Agares’s tail tightly.

 Then, without many words being said, Agares lowered his head down to my ribs, and I subconsciously wrapped my arms around his neck as to not lose my balance. I felt his tongue slipping out to slowly lick at my wound that was caused by the dagger. His tongue gently probed into my flesh, brushing over every inch and gap. 

   “Nn…” wT95eJ

  I let out a small groan as my body convulsed in pain, and only by biting my lips could I stop myself from screaming out miserably. But soon, the special elements that were in the merman’s saliva started to have an effect, as the intense pain gradually faded. In place of it was a numbing itch, just like the feeling of a cut scabbing over. It was not at all unpleasant, rather, it was quite a comfortable feeling.  

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  My body slowly relaxed and my eyelids became inconsiderably heavy. I consciously seemed to feel myself soaking in a vast, tranquil ocean, allowing the waves to gently beat against my body, which slowly lulled me into a deep slumber just like that.  


  It seemed like a century had passed before I woke up from my deep rest. Agares, to my surprise, was still immersed in healing my wound. I realized that it was me who had mistaken the time, but my body indeed had recovered back the lost strength as if I had been nursed for several days. Even my mental state was awake and full of vitality, so much so that I couldn’t help but marvel at the merman’s magical healing power.  5q3Mm1

  I looked down at my wound, but I could only see the sharp contours of Agares’s eyebrows and the bridge of his nose. I looked at him from this angle. Under those long eyelashes supposedly resided two intimidating eyes that could scare anyone shitless. However, under his eyelids, a cloud-like shadow blurred the sharp and stern outline, making his appearance look unexpectedly… gentle.

  It was gentle enough to be deceptive and tempting. I instantly fell into a daze by this.

  But right at this moment, he suddenly raised his head, causing my eyes to instantly collide with his. My heart soared up to my throat as I immediately became horrified at my own thoughts. Damn it, how could I have thought that this vulgar, sinister, and wild beast was… enchanting?

 No, no, this must just be an illusion created by dizziness! 6lSp2V

  Intuitively, I raised my hand, wanting to push him away. Like a caught thief, I became flustered when he looked earnestly at me as if he had seen through the absurd thoughts that I came up with for reassurance. 

 Seeming as if he was proud of his success in baffling me, Agares’s lips became slightly hooked up. He simply moved his head away from my chest, and his lips cracked open into a smiling expression, where the corner of his lip was matted with my blood, making him look extraordinarily handsome and flirtatious. His scarlet tongue was brushing against my ribs, teasingly rubbing against my wound a few times before it retracted back into his mouth. This was an ambiguous action full of sexually suggestive meaning.

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  1. The merman had his big moment to show off, and they all got caught anyway! This is refreshing to see compared to many OP characters elsewhere. These “pirates” sure were prepared. I wonder who they’re working for.

    Hehehe…. Although they have insider information, it doesn’t appear like they have the most important details and only know what Henry has told him. They don’t know about the merman’s special abilities, mating season, lack of interest in food, or the fact that the MC isn’t his “caregiver” but rather his mate.

  2. I feel like Agares just wanted to save Desharow and that he’s going to get pretty murdery soon.

    Thanks for the great translation

  3. I honestly love this story and the dynamics between the main couple (if you can call them that at this point). This is one of my favourite supernatural yaoi novels

  4. I really like this author’s writing style ☺️ something about it is really nice. Especially with Human Panacea book. Thank you for the wonderful translation!

    • Yass, Thank you for enjoying the author’s novels and writing style! I tried to keep it the same style as it was written in, so I am hoping that I am doing an okay job at that. I also have read the Human Panacea and the current translating group are doing an amazing job! I already have another novel picked out to translate and it is also by Mr. DeepSea!!! (I practically made it my life goal to translate all her works including her fanfictions. shhh) 🙃